Pyramid Made By a Mexican Farmer Was an Order from Alien

Whether you believe in them or not, there have been too many sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects, Flying Saucers, or whatever you wish them to be like, that have been ignored. Among the most common stories were the spotted strange shaped object hovering in the sky, with or without bright lights. Around 1984, a 33-year old farmer claims that the alien visited him, and requested him to build a pyramid. The man asked the alien why it had to be a pyramid; the latter relate it to faith. Although the rationale is vague, he connects it to the winds and storms that were always pointing upwards.
Recalling the moment, Herulayka warned him of the possible consequences that would take place when he will begin building the pyramid. First, it would appear an embarrassment on his part for building something without a clear explanation. Second, people will laugh at him because it seems an act of insanity. His alien visitor came from a place called Nefilin, the constellation of Orion which is about 20 times bigger than Earth. It was contended that people living in Nefilin look similar to human beings. His visitor has white hair with honey-colored eyes with tunic tied rope and barefoot. Before they met in person, Mr. Corona had seen aliens in his dreams. According to his visitor, humans were destroying the alien’s planet. As a result, humans should look after it like a child running for their survival. Monclova is more or less 600 miles from the most popular Roswell located in New Mexico, where the balloon of US Air Force surveillance crashed in 1947, hitting rumors of an alien spacecraft existence. Mexico is not only a good destination for travelers but has also become the most active country for alien sightings in the world.
You are not bound to believe that there could be bigger and better planet than earth because the statements were still a speculation as it has not been concluded at the point of human beings.

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