Possible Reasons Why Aliens Visit Earth For Many Decades

While many believe in the existence of extraterrestrials here on Earth, they cannot explain clearly why ETs visit this world. Knowing the primary motive for space alien visits would help humanity to understand the UFO phenomena.
Monitoring the progress and behavior of mankind could be the reason extraterrestrials visit Earth-like what most people have believed. This may be true to some degree, but it could be more likely they are coming to Earth periodically to check planet Earth’s health. After all, even scientists are beginning to believe that our planet is a living being.
Extraterrestrial and Human life may be relatively common in the greater cosmos. On the flip side, our little knowledge about the universe and other planets may indicate that Earth is an exceptionally rare occurrence and desirable within the cosmos.
Many people have questioned why ETs have not made their presence known to mankind if humanity is the primary reason they are visiting Earth. Perhaps, the existence of mankind is not in their priorities. Maybe planet Earth has more value to ETs if no humans are living the world.
Everything, human needs to live, has been given on Earth, such as water, air, sunshine, land, and food. Humans share the planet with millions of species of animal, plant and insect life; each is vital in the ecosystem. This alone makes Earth an incredible place, an extremely rare gem among the stars.
The largest number of reports about UFO sightings coincided with the discovery of manipulating nuclear energy during World War II.
United States and Russia share the most number of well-documented cases of unidentified flying objects hovering above military facilities. Many reliable witnesses say that unknown aerial objects were altering with the control systems of the nuclear armament. This particular UFO behavior may not be an accident, but a message to mankind.
Some people speculate that if ever Word War III happens, extraterrestrials will come to help save the planet, but have only little to no time for species that never appreciate how fortunate they are in the first place.
Earth’s forest, oceans, plants, and animals may be worth saving than mankind who destroys the planet. The core mission of these extraterrestrials visiting Earth is to save the breathing, living, self-regulating being.
Unidentified flying objects have long been documented to appear after natural or man-made catastrophic events. There’s little doubt that they are monitoring on the gem we call Earth.

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