Police officer observes unknown craft

Report from the witness (no location is provided for this sighting):
I’m a police officer on the midnight shift. I also hold a commercial pilot’s license, and have extensive military experience regarding flight training at night (aided and unaided).
October 27, 1997 at 3:40 am, I was standing outside my patrol car in an unlit parking lot facing west. A flickering movement in the night sky drew my attention skyward. I observed an aircraft, approx. 150-200ft above ground level and approx 300-500ft slant range from my location. It was rolling out of a right bank and the streetlights were illuminating it enough so that I could see a distinct silhouette of the fuselage and the underbelly.
This object appeared to be the same color as the night sky, flat black or dark gray. There were no lights, no exhaust flames and no engine noise… just absolute silence! There were numerous circular protrusions spread symmetrically across the bottom. I estimated the craft to be approx 70ft long, 30ft wide and 10ft high.
When it rolled out of its bank, it disappeared southbound no faster than 100 knots. The total time of this sighting was approx 10-15 seconds. Afterward, I was left with an ominous feeling one would get from such a portentous presence.

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