Police & NORAD investigating UFO activity over Colorado – October 2014 + Update

The objects forming a triangle were seen in the sky above Breckenridge in US state Colorado.
This UFO sighting was seen by many witnesses and police and NORAD are already investigating the reports.
More info in the video below:

People working at the Breckenridge Police Department and Summit County Sheriff’s Office saw unknown objects in the sky on Friday, October 3 over Breckenridge.
The sheriff’s office spokeswoman Taneil Ilano said that they have no clue about what that things were. She described the objects as difficult to see three tiny dots and looked shiny or white because of the sun. They observed the objects for a little while before they disappeared.
The police department spokeswoman Colleen Goettelman said that the mysterious dots vanished by around 1 pm Friday.
However, contrary to what was previously reported, she said that neither they nor the sheriff’s office are investigating the strange sighting, unless investigating means they went outside to witness the activity at the sky on Friday.
Goettelman revealed that they received more calls about the unusual aerial phenomenon from the news media than from members of the general public.
Major Beth Smith of the North American Aerospace Defense Command or NORAD said that they are not tracking any strange phenomenon and generally does not do such thing.
Smith told reporter to contact the Federal Aviation Administration to know the explanation of such objects as they at the military defense agency don’t know what the phenomenon is all about.
On Monday, FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer said that he has been trying to refer people to the National UFO Reporting Center since they aren’t a UFO tracking agency but an aviation safety agency.
The website of National UFO Reporting Center includes a reporting about the sighting on October 3. The website says that some of the witnesses have claimed that they have spotted military fighter aircraft flying towards the objects. The same objects were also seen on Thursday morning, October 2 over Bluffdale, Utah.
The Mutual UFO Network online database shows a report from October 3 at around 8 am that says three orbs of light were spotted by hundreds of witnesses in the town of Alma, Colorado.

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