Jul., 1868 Copiago (Chile). A strange "aerial construction"
               bearing lights and making engine noises flew low
               over this town. Local people also described it as a
               giant bird covered with large scales producing a me-
               tallic noise. Although not an actual landing, this is
               the first instance of close observation of an unknown
               object at low altitude in the nineteenth century.
               (Fort 638; Anatomy 11)
Dec. 07, 1872  Banbury (Great Britain). At King's Sutton an object
0100 hours  resembling a haystack flew on an irregular course.
               Sometimes high, sometimes very low it was accom-
               panied by fire and dense smoke. It produced the same
               effect as a tornado, felling trees and walls. It sud-
               denly vanished. (Fort 189)
1880           Aldershot (Great Britain). A strange being dressed in
               tight-fitting clothes and shining helmet soared over
               the heads of two sentries, who fired without result.
               The apparition stunned them with something de-
               scribed as "blue fire." (FSR 61, 3; Magonia)
May. 15, 1879  Persian Gulf. Two very large "wheels" were seen
2140           spinning in the air and slowly coming to the surface
               of the sea. Estimated diameter: 40 m. Distance be-
               tween the objects: 150 m. Speed: 80 km/h/ Duration:
               35 min. Witnesses aboard the ship "Vultur" (Round
               up 17; Anatomy 12)
1880           Eastern Venezuela. A 14-year-old boy saw a luminous
               ball descending from the sky and hovering near him.
               He felt somehow "drawn" to it, but succeeded in
               backing away in spite of his terror. (Lor. III 2O6)
Mar. 26, 1880  Lamy (New Mexico). Four men walking near Galis-
evening        teo Junction were surprised as they heard voices com-
               ing from a "strange balloon," which flew over them.
               It was shaped like a fish and seemed to be guided by
               a large fanlike device. There were eight to ten figures
               aboard. Their language was not understood. The ob-
               ject flew low over Galisteo Junction and rose rapidly
               toward the east. (FSR 65, 3)
Jun. 11, 1881  Between Melbourne and Sydney at sea (Australia).
0400           The two sons of the Prince of Wales, one of them
               the future king of England, were cruising aboard "La
               Bacchante" when an object resembling a fully lighted
               ship was seen ("a phantom vessel all aglow"). (Fort
               637; Anatomy 12)
Nov. 02, 1885  Scutari (Turkey). A luminous object circled the har-
dawn           bor. Altitude: 5-6 m. Illuminated the whole town.
               Duration: 1 1/2 min, as a bluish-green flame. Then
               plunged into the sea. Made several circles above the
               ferry-boat pier. (LDLN 48; Anatomy 14)
Nov. 12, 1887  Cape Race (Atlantic Ocean). A huge sphere of fire
2400           was observed rising out of the ocean by witnesses
               aboard the "Siberian." It rose to an altitude of 16 m,
               flew against the wind, and came close to the ship,
               then "dashed oft" toward the southeast. Duration:
               5 min. (LDLN 48; Anatomy 14)
1896           Arolla, near Zermatt (Swiss Alps). Author Aleister
               Crowley was walking in the mountains when he sud-
               denly saw two little men. He made a gesture to them,
               but they did not seem to pay attention and disap-
               peared among the rocks. (Magic Without Tears, by
               A. Crowley)
Mar. 26, 1897  Sioux City (Iowa). Approximate date. Robert Hib-
night          bard was caught by an anchor dropped from an un-
               known flying machine 22 km north of the town. He
               was dragged over 10 m and fell as his clothes were
               torn. (FSR 66, 4)
Mar. 28, 1897  Omaha (Nebraska). The majority of the population
2230           observed an object arriving from the southeast. It
               looked like a huge light, flew northwestward slowly,
               came to low altitude. A crowd gathered at a street
               corner to watch it. (185)
Apr. 01, 1897  Everest (Kansas). The whole town saw an object fly
2100           under the cloud ceiling. It came down slowly, then
               flew away very fast to the southeast. When directly
               over the town it swept the ground with its powerful
               light. It was seen to rise up at fantastic speed until
               barely discernible, then to come down again and
               sweep low over the witnesses. At one point it re-
               mained stationary for 5 min at the edge of a low
               cloud, which it illuminated. All could clearly see the
               silhouette of the craft. (FSR 66, 4)
Apr. 12, 1897  Nilwood (Illinois). On the property of Z. Thacker, 19
1430           km north of Carlinville, an unknown object landed.
               Before the three witnesses could reach it, the craft,
               which was shaped like a cigar with a dome, rose slowly
               and left majestically toward the north. Witnesses:
               Edward Teeples, William Street and Franklin Met-
               calf. (186; Anatomy 12)
Apr. 12, 1897  Girard, near Green Ridge (Illinois). A large crowd of
1800           miners saw an unknown object land 3 km north of
               Green Ridge and 4 km south of Girard. The night
               operator of the Chicago-and-Alton Railroad, Paul Mc-
               Cramer, stated that he came sufficiently close to the
               craft to see a man emerge from it to repair the ma-
               chinery. Traces were found over a large area. The
               object itself was elongated like a ship with a roof and
               a double canopy. It left toward the north. (186,187)
Apr. 14, 1897  Gas City (Indiana). An object landed 2 km south of
1500           Gas City on the property of John Roush, terrifying
               the farmers and causing the horses and cattle to
               stampede. Six occupants of the ship came out and
               seemed to make some repairs. Before the crowd could
               approach the object, it rose rapidly and flew toward
               the east. (188)
Apr. 14, 1897  Cleveland (Ohio). Joseph Singler, captain of the
               "Sea Wing," was fishing with S. H. Davis, of Detroit,
               when they saw on the lake what they thought was a
               ship, about 13 m long, with a canopy. A man, about
               25 years old, wearing a hunting jacket and a cap, was
               fishing from the deck of the object. Near him were a
               woman and a 10-year old child. When the "Sea
               Wing" came close to the craft, a large, colored bal-
               loon rose from the object, which flew up with it to an
               altitude of about 150 m and circled "like a hawk"
               before flying away. (189)
Apr. 15, 1897  Linn Grove (Iowa). A large object was seen to fly
morning        slowly toward the north. It seemed ready to land and
               five men (F. G. Ellis, James Evans, David Evans, Joe
               Croaskey, Benjamin Buland) drove toward it. About
               7 km north of Linn Grove, they found the craft on
               the ground, came within 700 m of it but it "spread
               its four giant wings and rose towards the North." Two
               strange figures aboard the craft made efforts to con-
               ceal themselves. Witnesses were surprised at the
               length of their hair. Most residents of Linn Grove
               saw the craft in flight. (190)
Apr. 15, 1897  Howard-Artesian (South Dakota). A flying object
nightfall      coming closer and closer to the ground followed a
               train, as reported by the engineer, Joe Wright (FSR
Apr. 15, 1897  Perry Springs (Missouri). A passenger train on the
2100           Wabash line, going toward Quincy, was followed by
               a low-flying object for 15 min between Perry Springs
               and Hersman. All the passengers saw the craft, which
               had a red and white light. After Hersman it flew ahead
               of the train and disappeared rapidly, although the
               train was then running at 65 km/h. (190)
Apr. 15, 1897  Springfield (Illinois). Two farm workers, Adolph
               Winkle and John Hulle, saw a strange craft in a field.
               They had a discussion with its occupants, a woman
               and two men, and were told the ship-had flown from
               Quincy to Springfield in 30 min and that the crew.
               was making electrical repairs. (FSR 65,1)
Apr. 16, 1897  Downs Township (Illinois). Approximate date. While
               working in his field, Haney Savidge saw an aerial
               craft land near him. Six people emerged from it and
               spoke to him for a few minutes before leaving again.
Apr. 17, 1897  Williamston (Michigan). At least a dozen farmers
morning        saw an object maneuver in the sky for an hour before
               it landed. A strange man near 3 m tall, almost naked
               and suffering from the heat, was the pilot of the
               craft. "His talk, while musical, seemed to be a repeti-
               tion of bellowings." One farmer went near him and
               received a blow that broke his hip. (196)
Apr. 19, 1897  Leroy (Kansas). Alexander Hamilton was awakened
2230           by a noise among the cattle and went out with his
               son and his tenant. They saw an elongated cigar-
               shaped object, about 100 m long with a transparent
               cabin underneath showing narrow reddish bands,
               hovering 10 m above ground. They approached within
               50 m of it. It was illuminated and equipped with a
               searchlight. Inside it were "six of the strangest be-
               ings" the witness had seen, also described as "hid-
               eous." They spoke a language no witness could
               understand. A cow was dragged away by the object
               with the help of a strong red cable; it was found
               butchered in a field the next day. (Anatomy 16; Ma-
Apr. 20, 1897  Homan (Arkansas). Capt. James Hooton was hunt-
1800           ing in the vicinity of Homan when he heard the noise
               of a steam engine and found an object in a clearing.
               It looked like a cylinder with pointed ends, lateral
               wheels, and horizontal blade over it. Hooton spoke
               with a man who wore dark glasses and walked behind
               the craft. There were three or four occupants. The
               witness was told this was indeed "The Airship" and
               that it used compressed air for propulsion. Hooton
               saw the wheels spin as the craft rose and flew away.
               (FSR 66, 4; Magonia)
Apr. 22, 1897  Rockland (Texas). John M. Barclay was intrigued
               when his dog barked furiously and a high-pitched
               noise was heard. He went out, saw a flying object
               circling 5 m above ground. Elongated with protru-
               sions and blinding lights, it went dark when it landed.
               Barclay was met by a man who told him his purpose
               was peaceful and requested some common hardware
               items to repair the craft. He paid with a ten-dollar bill
               and took off "like a bullet out of a gun."  (192;
Apr. 22, 1897  Josserand (Texas). Frank Nichols, who lived 3 km
2400           east of Josserand and was one of its most respected
               citizens, was awakened by a machine noise. Looking
               outside, he saw a heavy, lighted object land in his
               wheat field. He walked toward it, was stopped by two
               men who asked permission to draw water from his
               well. He then had a discussion with a half-dozen men,
               the crew of the strange machine. He was told how it
               worked but could not follow the explanation. (193;
Apr. 23, 1897  McKinney Bayou (Arkansas). Judge Lawrence A.
               Byrne of Texarkana, Arkansas, was surveying a tract
               of land when he saw a peculiar object anchored on
               the ground. "It was manned by three men who spoke
               a foreign language, but judging from their looks one
               would take them to be Japs." (Farish, in Allende
               Letters (Award Special, 1968) )
Apr. 25, 1897  Merkel (Texas). People returning from church ob-
evening        served a heavy object being dragged along the ground
               by a rope attached to a flying craft. The rope got
               caught in a railroad track. The craft was too high for
               its structure to be visible but protrusions and a light
               could be distinguished. After about 10 min a man
               came down along the rope cut the end free, and went
               back aboard the craft, which flew away toward the
               northeast. The man was small and dressed in a light-
               blue uniform. (194; Magonia)
Apr. 26, 1897  Aquila-Hillsboro (Texas). Approximate date. A law-
               yer was surprised to see a lighted object fly over. His
               horse was scared and nearly toppled the carriage.
               When the main light was turned off, a number of
               smaller lights became visible on the underside of the
               dark object, which supported an elongated canopy.
               It went down toward a hill to the south, 5 km from
               Aquila. When the witness was on his way back one
               hour later he saw the object rising. It reached the
               altitude of the cloud ceiling and flew to the northeast
               at a fantastic speed with periodic flashes of light. (195)
May. 06, 1897  Hot Springs (Arkansas). Two policemen, Sumpter
               and McLenore, were riding northwest of Hot Springs
               when they saw a bright light in the sky. About 7 km
               farther they saw the light again coming down to the
               ground. One km farther the horses refused to walk.
               Two men were seen carrying lights. The lawmen took
               their rifles, called the strangers, and were told that
               they crossed the country with a flying craft. The sil-
               houette of the machine, about 2O m long, could be
               seen in the clearing. There was a woman with an um-
               brella nearby. It was raining, and the younger of the
               men was filling a large container with water. The elder
               man had a beard and suggested that the policemen
               fly with them "to a place where it does not rain." The
               same witness went back through the same spot 40
               min later and found nothing. (FSR 66, 4; Magonia)
Oct. 28, 1902  Gulf of Guinea. Three persons aboard the "Fort Salis-
0305           bury," including Second Officer A. H. Raymer, saw a
               huge, dark object bearing lights in the sea ahead. It
               was observed sinking slowly. Estimated length: 200
               m. (Fort 641; Anatomy 20)
1904           Rolling Prairie (Indiana). Tom Darby, with his
               brother and mother, saw two whitish-blue objects
               about 400 m away, from a point situated 3 km north
               of Rolling Prairie. The objects hovered 2 or 3 m above
               ground, flew toward a barn, came closer to each other,
               and were hidden from view by a hill. (Hartle 164)
1908           Coast of Delaware. The English ship "Mohican,"
               piloted by Capt. Urghart, was going to Philadelphia
               when it was surrounded by a thick, luminous cloud
               which "magnetized" everything on board. The com-
               pass was observed to swing wildly. When seamen tried
               to move some chains on the bridge, they found that
               they were glued to the metal floor. Suddenly the cloud
               rose and was seen above the sea for some time. (197)
Jun. 30, 1908  Podkamennaia Toungouska (USSR). Unexplained
               explosion in the taiga, equivalent to a thermonuclear
               blast, sometimes interpreted as the crash of an inter-
               stellar vehicle. (Anatomy 18; Challenge 99)
May. 18, 1909  Caerphilly (Wales). Mr. Lethbridge was walking
2300           along a road near the mountains when he saw on the
               grass a large tubelike machine. Aboard were two men
               wearing furs and talking excitedly in a language the
               witness could not understand. The grass was found
               depressed at the site after the object had flown off.
               (198; Anatomy 21)
Jun. 16, 1909  Donghoi (Annam). An elongated object following a
0410           west to east trajectory flew over the town. It gave off
               a strong light and was seen by two fishermen to
               plunge into the sea 6 km away from the coast, after a
               steady flight of about 9 min. (Anatomy 21)
Jan. 1910      Invercargill (New Zealand). Several witnesses -
2300           among them the vicar, the Mayor, and a policeman
               -saw a cigar-shaped object hovering at 30 m alti-
               tude. A man appeared at a lateral door and was heard
               shouting some words in an unknown language. The
               opening closed, and the object accelerated and was
               lost to sight. (Stuart 24)
Jun., 1914     Hamburg (Germany). Gustav Herwagen opened the
0400           door of his house and saw in a field a shining cigar-
               shaped object with illuminated windows. Near it were
               four or five dwarfs 1.20 m tall, clad in light clothing.
               He approached them, but they went aboard the ob-
               ject as soon as they appeared to be aware of his pres-
               ence. A door closed, and the craft took off silently,
               climbing vertically. (Nachrichten April, 62)
Aug., 1914     Georgian Bay (Canada). William J. Kiehl and seven
               other persons saw a spherical craft on the surface of
               the water. On its deck were two small men wearing
               green-purple clothes. They seemed to be busy with a
               hose, plunging it into the water. On the opposite side
               were three men dressed in light brown, wearing square
               masks down to their shoulders. Seeing the witnesses,
               they reentered the craft except for one dwarf, wearing
               shoes with a curved, pointed tip, who remained out-
               side while the craft rose 3 m above the water and shot
               upward, leaving a short trail. (199)
Aug. 21, 1915  Gallipoli (Turkey). During severe fighting in the
               Dardanelles a peculiar cloud engulfed a British regi-
               ment which was never seen again. This was observed
               by 22 men of the First Field Company, NZ Army
               Corps and stated in an affidavit. (Spaceview 45;
               LDLN 82; Magonia)
Oct., 1917     Youngstown (Pennsylvania). John Boback, 17, was
               walking along the railroad tracks between Youngs-
               town and Mt. Braddock when he saw a saucer-shaped
               object with a platform and rows of lights, sitting in a
               field 30 m to his left. He watched the object for 1-2
               min until it took off with a high-pitched sound, rising
               gradually like a slow plane. Its size was that of an
               average car. The top of the object was a dome with
               elongated windows through which figures could be
               seen. (Hartle 157)
1921           Marseilles (France). Undocumented report of an
               "abduction" by two beings. (Quincy)

Feb. 22, 1922  Hubbell (Nebraska). William C. Lamb was follow-
0500           ing strange tracks when he heard a high-pitched sound
               and saw a circular object intercepting starlight. It
               became brilliantly lighted and landed in a hollow.
               Soon afterword, a creature over 2.4 m tall was seen
               flying from the direction where the object had landed.
               It left tracks in the snow, which Lamb followed with-
               out results. (Anatomy 22)
Sep. 09, 1922  Barmouth (Wales). John Morris and William James
               saw an object fall into the ocean so slowly that it was
               thought to be a plane. A boat was sent out, but
               nothing was found. (Fort 639)
Jun. 12, 1929  Fermeneuve (Canada). Levis Brosseau, 2O was re-
2300           turning home when he saw a dark object with a yellow
               light and his horse became very nervous. Within 6 m
               of the object four or five dwarfish figures were running
               back and forth. He heard their pointed, childlike
               voices, then saw the dark object take off with a ma-
               chinelike sound and a rush of air. Estimated size of
               object: 15 m diameter, 5 m high. (GEPA Dec., 68)
Jul., 1929     Robsart (Canada). Five persons among them Einar
               Rostivold, saw a huge ball of light giving off fiery
               colors, 25 km from Robsart. It landed slowly, van-
               ished gradually after illuminating the whole country-
               side for 30 min. (Fate Jan., 58)
Summer, 1933   Chrysville (Pennsylvania). A man observed a faint
Morning        violet light in a field between this town and Morres-
               town. Walking to it, he found an ovoid object 3 m in
               diameter and 2 m thick with a circular opening similar
               to a vault door. Pushing it, he found the room full of
               violet light and observed many instruments, no oc-
               cupant. Smell of ammonia. (APRO Jul., 64)
Fall, 1938     (or following year) Juminda (Estonian coast). Two
               persons saw a strange "frog-man" 1 m tall with a
               round head, no neck, and a hump in front of the body.
               The mouth was a large, straight slit, the eyes were like
               smaller slits. The skin was brown-green, compared to
               pegamoid, hands normal. The creature walked in a
               peculiar "but elegant" fashion, the head waving up
               and down while the legs moved "carefully." When
               pursued, the creature accelerated very fast, with feet
               "fluttering." About 100 m away it vanished com-
               pletely'. (Personal)
Sep., 1943     Oncativo (Argentina). Navarro Ocampo, driving be-
0400           tween Rosario and Cordoba, saw a large, saucer-shaped
               object on the ground 500 m to the left of the road. It
               glowed with a bluish-green light, made a whistling
               sound, rose to 100 m altitude, then left at fantastic
               speed. A strange metal block is said to have been
               found at the spot. (GEPA Dec., 68)
End Aug., 1944
               Mattoon (Illinois). A mysterious man appeared at
               windows, as if in search of someone. He stunned wit-
               nesses by pointing at them a device that "made con-
               sciousness dissolve" and left a strange cloying smell
               behind (FSR 61, 3; Magonia)
1945           Habbebishopsheim (Germany). An American soldier
               saw a disk-shaped object come down rapidly, oscillate,
               and land. The site could not be found in the dark.
               The event took place 35 km northwest of the town.
Mar., 1945     Belfast (Maine). A man out hunting observed an
               elongated object flying very slowly, tilted toward the
               earth. It crashed into some trees at the end of a clear-
               ing. The enormous craft seemed undamaged as it
               rested briefly on the ground, then lifted again with a
               humming sound, started to spin, released a shower
               of fine silvery threads, and rose straight up, disap-
               pearing in seconds. (FS May., 59)
Mar., 1945     Aleutian Islands. Aboard the US attack transport
               "Delarof," 14 sailors saw a dark sphere rise out of the
               ocean, follow a curved trajectory, and fly away after
               circling their ship. (Evidence 30)
Jun. 10, 1947  Douglas (Arizona). Coral Lorenzen saw a light rise
2300           from the ground in Mexican territory. It took a defin-
               ite spherical shape and vanished in less than ten sec-
               onds among the stars. (Lor. I 4)
Jun. 21, 1947  Maury Island, near Tacoma (Washington). Harold
               A. Dahl and others allegedly saw six tire-shaped ob-
               jects, 30 m in diameter, metallic with dark openings,
               over Puget Sound. One of the objects exploded,
               showering the witnesses with metal. Officially re-
               garded as hoax. (Ruppelt)
Jun. 21, 1947  Spokane (Washington). Eight disk-shaped objects
1150           the size of a house, were seen flying at 1000 km/h. A
               civilian woman stated that the objects fell with a dead-
               leaf motion and landed before ten witnesses on the
               shore of the Saint Joe River, in Idaho. (Atic)
Jun. 17, 1947  Bisbee (Arizona). John A. Petsche, electrical worker
1030           and another witness independently saw a disk-shaped
               object, which seemed to land near Tintown. (Lor. I 6)
Jun. 30, 1947  Grand Canyon, near Williams Field (Arizona). A
0910           Navy lieutenant was flying at 9000 m toward the
               south when he saw two circular objects diving at "un-
               conceivable" speed. They were gray, about 3 m in
               diameter, and appeared to land 40 km south of the
               Grand Canyon. (Atic)
Jul. 08, 1947  Muroc Air Field (California). An Air Force major
1200           observed a metallic object, reflecting sunlight oscil-
               late, go down to ground level, and rise again. Simul-
               taneously it was observed by a captain in Rodgers Dry
               Lake. (Atic)
Jul. 23, 1947  Bauru, near Pitanga (Brazil). A group of survey
               workers ran away as they heard a hissing noise and
               saw a disk land 50 m away. Jose C. Higgins saw two
               figures through, a window. Later three beings in shiny
               clothes and translucent suits, with oversized bald
               heads, huge round eyes, no eyelashes or eyebrows, and
               a metal box on their back, emerged from the craft.
               They were over 2 m. tall. They drew the solar system
               and pointed to Uranus as if to suggest that was their
               point of origin. (Round-up 163; FSR 61, 6)
Aug. 13, 1947  Twin Falls, Smoke River Canyon (Idaho). Two boys
1300           and their father saw a sky-blue object 100 m away and
               25 m above ground. Treetops under it were spinning
               wildly, although the object itself did not spin. It made
               a swishing sound. Shape: inverted plate, 7 m diameter
               and 3.5 m thick. There was a red flame on one side of
               the top. (Atic)
Aug. 14, 1947  Raveo (Italy). R. L. Johannis saw a disk on the ground
0900           and two dwarfs less than 1 m tall, wearing dark blue
               coveralls with red collars and belts. They had over-
               sized heads, greenish faces, huge, salient dark eyes
               without eyelashes or eyebrows, but surrounded by a
               ringlike muscle. They wore something similar to crash
               helmets. The center of their belts projected a "vapor,"
               and the witness suffocated, feeling a strong electrical
               discharge. The creature had greenish hands with
               eight talonlike fingers. (Humanoids 2; Magonia; FRS
               67, 1)
1948           Swastika (Canada). Mr. Galbraith twice saw an ob-
               ject land. The first time, it was a disk-shaped craft
               with a humanoid figure-the second time, cigar
               shape with three figures. (Quincy)
Jul. 29, 1948  Indianapolis (Indiana). An object swept over a road
               at 10 m altitude. (Atic)
Aug. 11, 1948  Hamel (Minnesota). Two boys were playing outside
1200           when a round dull gray object 70 cm in diameter, 30
               cm thick, landed near them like a balloon with a
               metallic noise. It spun, went up, hovered, maneuvered
               to avoid Phone lines and trees, and flew away to
               the northeast. An FBI man from St. Paul found an
               area 70 cm in diameter where the ground showed signs
               of extreme pressure. (Atic)
Aug. 29, 1948  Maplewood (Ohio). A farmer observed a silvery
0503           sphere of large dimension rise from a wooded area and
               hover above his farm, dropping a silvery substance
               that disintegrated before touching the ground. (Atic)
Feb., 1949     Pucusana (Peru). C. A. V. an oil company employee,
1630           30, was driving to Lima when he saw a shiny disk at
               ground level. He walked toward it for 10 min. Three
               figures came out as he was 20 m away. They looked
               like mummies, had joined legs and one large foot.
               They "slid" along the ground. They were covered
               with a strange "towely" skin, asked the witness where
               they were, had a lengthy discussion with him, and
               took him for a trip in their craft. (Lor. III 122)
Feb. 17, 1949  France (exact location unknown). Alain Berard saw
night          a large, bright object land near his farm with a green
               lightning flash. It became dark. As he approached the
               craft, the witness saw three figures with stocky short
               legs, apparently without heads. Frightened, he fired
               at them three times. A moment later the object took
               off vertically. (Oltre il Cielo, Vol. I)
Aug. 19, 1949  Death Valley (California). Two prospectors are said
               to have observed a disk-shaped object land. Two
               dwarfs emerged but were lost in the sand dunes when
               pursued. The object disappeared. (Humanoids 52)
Fall, 1949     Tulsa (Oklahoma). Don Bushnell, plant superin-
               tendent with Southwestern Porcelain Steel Corp., saw
               an object fall in front of his car as his radio was
               blocked. He applied the brakes; object vanished.
Jan. 29, 1950  South Table Mountain (Colorado). Mr. Quintana
               of Denver saw a silvery-green ovoid object hovering
               about 15 m above a slope and landing slowly in a
               small ravine. Then it shot upward at very high speed.
               Its diameter was about 20 m, and it had a revolving
               middle band. A greenish light flashed under it, and
               the witness felt a rush of air and a pungent smell.
               (FS Jul., 59)
Mar. 18, 1950  Lago Argentino (Argentina). A rancher, Wilfredo H.
1830           Arevalo, saw two objects, one of which landed. He
               walked within 150 m of the aluminum-looking craft
               which gave off a greenish-blue vapor and "an intense
               smell of burning benzine." A large, flat section on
               top was revolving above a glass cabin in which could
               be seen four tall men, dressed in something like
               cellophane, working at various instruments. They saw
               him and shone a light in his direction while a blue
               light illuminated the craft; the vapor increased and
               flames (alternately reddish and greenish) shot out of
               the base while the object rose with a faint hum. Both
               craft flew away toward Chile, leaving bluish trails.
               (Humanoids 32)
Apr., 1950     Juneau (Alaska). Mikel Konrad made a movie of
               eight disks he saw landing and taking off 60 km north
               of (Quincy)
Apr. 08, 1950  Kokomo (Indiana). A metal worker was awakened
0200           by his dog and observed an object 60 m away at low
               altitude. It was a gray metal disk, 5 m in diameter,  
               shaped like a top with a kind of turret. It was oscil-
               lating, spinning slowly, and had three portholes shin-
               ing with a blue-white light. It hovered for about 2  
               min, left toward the north, very fast. (Atic)
Apr. 08, 1950  River Road near Amarillo (Texas). David, 12, and
afternoon      Charles, 9, Lightfoot saw a disk land behind a hill   
               and touched it. It was the size of a car tire, about 30   
               cm high, with a rounded top that rotated and a pivot 
               between the base and the top. It took off very fast.     
               The faces and arms of the boys later became red.
Apr. 20, 1950  Lufkin (Texas). Jack Robertson was driviug about
night          13 km west of town when he saw a round object about
               3 m in diameter hovering about 7 m above him with
               a dull red glow. It took off with a "swooshing roar"
               as sparks flew from a slot under it. Minutes later the
               witness feIt a burning sensation on his face. (FS
               Jul., 59)
Apr. 24, 1950  Abbiate Guazzone (Italy). Bruno Facchini heard and
2200           saw sparks coming from a dark, hovering object, near
               which a man dressed in tight-fitting clothes and wear-
               ing a helmet seemed to be making repairs. Three
               other men were seen near the craft. When the work
               was finished, a trap through which light had been
               shining was closed and the thing took off. The witness
               had the time to note many details of the machine and
               its occupants. (FSR 63, 2; Magonia)
May. 07, 1950  Ely (Nevada). A couple and their grandson were re-
1845           turning from a picnic when, about 14 km south of
               Ely, they saw a silvery-white object at treetop level.
               It hovered for 10 min, then oscillated "as if attempt-
               ing to rise" and suddenly flew out of sight at high
               speed. (Atic)
Jul. 02, 1950  Steep Rock Lake (Canada). In a story strangely sim-
               ilar to that of Mr. Kiehl (Aug., 1914) (Case 40) a
               man and his wife saw a double saucer with portholes
               and a rotating antenna come to rest on the surface of
               the lake. Ten figures, 1.20 m tall, dressed in shiny
               clothing, emerged and walked on deck like robots
               "changing direction without turning their bodies."
               Their faces could not be seen. One of them wore a
               red cap, had darker arms and legs and "seemed to be   
               their chief." They immersed a hose in the lake, then
               took off. Fishermen later reported a green moss form-
               ing on the lake. (Wilkins U)
Jul. 20, 1950  Porto Novo (Brazil). Mr. Campello and several
               others in a car saw two large, silvery objects by the
               side of the road, one on a hillock, the other on flat
               ground, about 50 m away from each other. They came
               within 600 m of the objects, which went away at "an
               incredible speed," causing a rush of air that rocked
               the car. (SBEDV 30)
Jun. 19, 1951  Sonderborg (Denmark). Joseph Matiszewski, a me-
1200           chanic, heard a whistling sound and saw an object
               land in a meadow. Approaching within 50 m, he
               found himself paralyzed and observed that birds had
               stopped singing and cows seemed to be similarly un-
               able to move. From the object emerged four hand-
               some men who had brown skin and wore black shiny
               suits and translucent helmets. Eight objects also
               emerged from the craft and hovered above it. Other
               men inside the craft and on its deck appeared to be
               making repairs, then the objects flew to about 100 m
               altitude and climbed rapidly out of sight. Only then
               did the paralysis subside. (Nachrichten May., 59)
Sep. , 1951    Central Australia. A group of Unmatjera aborigines
               observed a shiny circular object land near a similar
               craft, about 12 m in diameter. Several min later, a
               dwarf dressed in a shiny suit and having "a round,
               shiny head" came out of one craft and entered the
               other; both took off with a buzzing sound. (Edwards
Oct. 26, 1951  Australia. The driver of a transcontinental train on
0400           the east-west line saw an object that illuminated the
               countryside like the full moon. It flew very fast, came
               close to the train, appeared ready to land in the
               desert, then took off and disappeared. (Wilkins A
Nov. 2, 1951   Mojave (California). Two forest observers were in a
2300           canyon 50 km north of the Mojave when they saw a
               disk-shaped flying object in the southwest; 10 m esti-
               mated diameter, 3 m thick, blue-green, well-defined,
               surrounded with a glow of same color. Stopping their
               jeep, they signaled to the object, which approached
               within a few meters, flew away, seemed to play with
               them. Eventually it vanished "like a magician's
               trick." (Atic)
Dec., 1951     Peru (Nebraska). A man from Lincoln was driving to
0300           Indiana when he saw a blue light in the northwest
               sky. It vanished to the southeast. The witness missed
               a turn, had to go back toward Auburn, and had
               reached a point northwest of Peru when he saw an
               orange glow in the sky. Coming near, he observed
               the glow came from a cauldron-shaped object on the
               ground, about 12 m from the road. He stopped to
               examine the object, which measured about 10 m
               diameter and seemed to be made of cast iron. Thirty
               cm from the top was a row of windows, 25 cm in
               diameter, from which the orange light was coming.
               On the other side was a blue flamelike glow. There
               was no noise, no sign of life or activity, and no an-
               tenna or protrusion. The witness drove away. (Atic)
Dec., 1951     Red Springs (North Carolina). Sam Coley and his
               two children saw an object with a human-looking
               occupant. (Humanoids 52)
Jan., 1952     Weston (Wyoming). A 38-year-old rancher saw a
2230           "shooting star" that suddenly stopped in mid-air be-
               tween him and a mountain. It was seen spinning in a
               clockwise direction. It had one red window period-
               ially facing the observer. It went down toward the
               Little Powder River and came up again. The witness
               turned his car to send light signals, to which the object
               seemed to respond by stopping its red window facing
               the witness's location. Spinning resumed, the object
               rose and came down. A similar craft arrived and both
               went into the deep valley, out of sight. (Atic)
Early 1952     Goose Bay (Labrador). A fiery, spherical object made
2242           a right-angle turn during an observation by a C-54
               crew flying from Westover to Goose Bay. It was also
               seen from the ground by the control tower and by two
               men who plunged to the earth when the object made
               a low pass at them. It went away at 2247. (Quincy)
Summer, 1952   Itenhaem (Brazil). A woman was awakened by a
0300           thunderclap and a strong bluish light. As she got out,
               she saw a large number of hovering disk-shaped ma-
               chines resembling "inverted soup plates" 200 m away
               at an altitude of about 1 m. She observed them for
               30 min, saw two figures standing on one of the craft
               and looking at the sky. They went back inside, and
               shortly thereafter the "fleet" took off, one object at a
               time. (FSR 68,1)
Summer, 1952   Martin County (Texas). Mrs. Rogers saw an object
               descend slowly and pass across a pasture at 7 m alti-
               tude. She stopped her car and observed it was "wob-
               bling" in mid-air, was shaped like a turtle, and showed
               three oarlike protrusions that moved slowly. Esti-
               mated dimensions:  5 by 4 m, 1 m thick. It was
               greenish-gray in color, emitted a blue flame, but
               showed no other light. (Barker 78)
Jun. 15, 1952  Magneville (France). Men at work in the forest saw
               large, circular objects similar to parachutes coming
               down. Half a dozen witnesses. (France-Soir Jun. 18,
Jul. 11, 1952  Hasselbach (Germany). Oscar Linke, former Wehr-
               macht major, and his daughter Gabrielle, 11, had to
               leave their motorcycle when they had a flat tire. In-
               side the woods the girl noticed two men in silvery
               suits examining the ground in a clearing near a pink
               disk-shaped object, 8 m in diameter, showing a double
               row of openings around the rim and a black turret on
               top. One of the men had a flashing box. Both men
               went inside, and the disk vibrated, rose along the
               turretlike cylinder, then spun faster and rose out of
               sight. (Guieu 52)
Jul. 20, 1952  Dai-el-Aouagri (Morocco). Approximate date. R.
0030           Petijean saw a luminous object, 20 m diameter, on the
               ground. It gave off bluish flashes as it took off, leaving
               a smell of burning sulphur. (Quincy)
Jul. 24, 1952  Vico (Italy). A man who was fishing in the Serchio
night          River saw a disk hovering for 10 min. From it hung
               a hose that plunged into the water. The object was
               20 m in diameter, with five propellers in the rear and
               a dome with something like blades on top. An orange
               glow could be seen through slits along the deck. A
               man wearing a diving helmet looked at the witness
               through a window, and he received a kind of electric
               shock as a "green ray" hit him. He looked up with
               difficulty, in time to see the object fly away toward
               the east. Six days later a stranger with a foreign accent
               contacted the witness and intimidated him. (FSR
Jul. 29, 1952  Enid (Oklahoma). Sidney Eubank went to the Enid
               police station and told Sergeant Vern Bennell that
               an enormous disk had buzzed his car as he drove be-
               tween Bison and Waukonis on Highway 81. The rush
               of air made the car leave the road while the object
               flew west very fast. (Anatomy 134)
Aug. 19, 1952  West Palm Beach (Florida). Ronny Desvergers saw
evening        a large, round, dark object above him in a clearing. It
               had a turret on top. Red balls of light were emitted
               by the object and burned him. He also observed a
               "hideous" creature aboard the craft. Grass roots were
               scorched at the site. (Ruppelt 222; Magonia)
Aug. 24, 1952  Frontenac (Kansas). A man driving through a wood
0600           encountred a strange object and stopped to observe
               it. It looked like two turtle shells glued together, about
               25 m long, with a humanoid creature in what ap-
               peared to be a control cabin in front. Windows lighted
               by an intense blue light and a throbbing sound were
               also reported. The object was oscillating and suddenly
               flew straight up with a strong humming noise. The
               middle section supported what looked like propellers.
               The object hovered 3 m above ground. (Atic)
Aug. 27, 1952  Lamberton (North Carolina). A saucer-shaped craft,
               3 by 2 m, landed on the witness's property after hitting
               a chimney. A little man, about 70 cm tall, emerged
               and was asked whether he was hurt, but he did not
               answer. The craft took off with a whistling sound.
               (Wilkins A 268)
Aug. 31, 1952  Pennsylvania, exact location unknown. Herbert Long
               saw an object land 15 m away from the road. He made
               a drawing of it. (Wilkins A 257)
Sep. 12, 1952  Flatwoods (West Virginia). A group of young
sunset         people saw a "meteor" land on top of a hill and went
               to the site with Kathleen Hill and three men. They
               observed a globe as large as a house making a throb-
               bing or hissing sound and a huge figure with glowing
               orange eyes nearby. About 4 m tall, the figure had a
               red face and "floated" toward the witnesses, who fled
               in terror. A lingering smell and skid marks were
               found. (Humanoids 52)
Sep. 13, 1952  Frametown (West Virginia). Mr. and Mrs. George
               Snitowski and their little girl suddenly found their
               car stalled, and an unpleasant smell (ether mixed with
               sulphurous smoke) filled the air. Mr. Snitowski
               thought a chemical plant might be burning in the area
               and walked toward a strong light visible in the woods,
               in spite of the nauseous smell. Coming near it, he felt
               pricklings throughout his body, had to stop, lost his
               balance several times as he returned to the car-
               where he found his wife terrified, pointing to a giant
               creature (3 m tall), human-shaped, 10 m away. They
               locked the car as "it" inspected the vehicle, glided
               away and went into the woods. Soon afterward, the
               sphere of light was observed to rise gradually, to swing
               like a pendulum, and to leave a luminous trail. (Paul
Oct. 15, 1952  Le Vigan (France). Approximate date. Figures with
1910           helmets and masks were seen through lighted windows
               inside a bright yellow, cigar-shaped object on the
               ground. Length 30 m, diameter 6 m. Forward section
               was rounded, and a sort of fog was noted at both ends
               of object. (Quincy; Anatomy 62)
Oct. 27, 1952  Marignane Airport (France). Customs officer Ga-
0203           briel Gachignard observed a cigar-shaped object land
               briefly on the airfield 100 m away, producing a dull
               sound. The object was dark with four lighted win-
               dows. It took off with a "swish" and a shower of
               sparks when the witness ran toward it. (Challenge 6)
Nov., 1952     Dublin (Ireland). A child was burned when a strange
               disk, 25 cm in diameter, landed near Dublin. (Per-
Nov. 18, 1952  Castelfranco (Italy). Nello Ferrari, 41, a farmer,
               found himself flooded with a reddish light and saw
               a large plate 10 m above him, between gold and cop-
               per in color. At the center of the bottom surface, 20 m
               in diameter, was a cylinder of 5 m diameter made of
               rapidly rotating parts, producing a noise similar to
               that of an electric motor. On the upper surface was a
               turret inside which three occupants were visible, look-
               ing directly at the witness. They looked perfectly
               human, wore rubber coveralls and transparent face
               masks. They spoke a few words, which were not
               understood; a loud metallic noise was heard; and the
               top part of the object lowered itself toward the lower
               plate. The sound gained intensity, and the craft flew
               vertically at very high speed. (102)
Nov. 21, 1952  Belle-Ile (France). At a place alled "La Butte" a
               luminous sphere, which seemed to spin, its color
               changing from orange to white, was seen at low alti-
               tude. It oscillated left and right, then took off toward
               the southwest, according to the witness, Mr. Gauci.
               (Challenge 56)
Jan. 29, 1953  Conway (South Carolina). Hearing a commotion in
               his barn, a farmer observed an object about 7 m long
               and 4 m wide at treetop level. It was light gray in
               color and lit up inside. It resembled a half egg. The
               witness fired his gun at the object. Numerous livestock
               died "mysteriously" in the area after the sighting.
May. 20, 1953  Brush Creek (California). Two miners, John Q.
1830           Black, 48, and John Van Allen, reported that an
               object, silvery, 2.5 m in diameter, 2 m thick, with a
               tripod landing gear, landed on a sand bar 50 m away
               from  them. An  occupant described  as  a broad-
               shouldered dwarf wearing clothing that covered the
               head and the trunk was also seen. His arms and legs
               were covered with  tweedlike cloth fastened at the
               wrists and ankle. He filled a shiny pail with water
               and handed it to someone inside the craft. He then
               appeared to notice Black and jumped into the craft,
               which made a hissing sound and departed. (Human-
               oids 53)
Jun. 18, 1953  Houston (Texas). Howard Phillips, Hilda Walker
0230           and Judy Meyers saw in a garden at 118 East Third
               Street a strange "shadow" on the lawn which re-
               sembled a "flying man," and they watched it take off.
               (Wilkins A 261)
Jun. 20, 1953  Brush Creek (California). John Q. Black, witness of
1830           the May. 20 incident, observed an exact repetition of
               the scene, including the "little man." Van Allen saw
               only the landing marks, about 30 cm wide and re
               sembling elephant tracks. (Humanoids 53)
Jun. 24, 1953  Hampton Bay (Long Island). A civilian woman saw
0018           something like "a large aircraft" flying very slowly
               and low. It had a lighted red band around the middle
               and was coming straight toward her house with an
               oscillating motion. She still thought it was an aircraft
               of some new design when it stopped near her, 25 m
               above ground. Then it flew backward over the water
               and hovered, making the same noise as a swarm of
               bees. The top section supported a series of red lights
               and a cabin with four portholes through which a con-
               trol panel was visible. No occupant was seen. The
               cabin rose above the object, rotated, then glided back.
               The object tilted toward the west and rose toward the
               southeast, disappearing within 3 sec at an 80 degree angle
               of climb after the 3-min sighting. Diameter: 30 m.
               Two days later a yellowish moss was observed at the
               site. (Atic)
Jul. 02, 1953  Villares des Saz (Spain). Approximate date. An il-
1300           literate boy cowherd, Maximo Munos Olivares, 14,
               saw a "big balloon" on the ground behind him when
               a faint whistling attracted his attention. Shaped like
               a water jug, it was metallic. Through an opening came
               three dwarfs 60 cm tall, with yellow faces, narrow
               eyes, and oriental features. They spoke in a language
               he could not understand. They were dressed in blue,
               had a sort of flat hat with a visor in front and a metal
               sheet on their arms. One of them smacked the boy's
               face, then they reentered the machine, which glowed
               very brightly, made a soft whistling sound and went
               off "like a rocket." Footprints and four holes 5 cm
               deep forming a perfect square 36 cm in side were
               found by police. (Humanoids 29)
Jul. 31, 1953  Wolin (Poland). A metallic object 30 m in diameter
1900           was observed by five Polish and two German workers
               as it landed in a field close to a railway. It was shaped
               like a sphere with a flat disk around it, showing
               numerous openings at the periphery. (Intelligence
               Digest Nov., 53)
Aug. 16, 1953  Tours (France). Claude Pasquier saw two disks flying
2030           very low, quite slowly, along a straight course, with a
               "hard" sound. (Anatomy 65, 141)
Aug. 18, 1953  Ciudad Valleys (Mexico). Approximate date. Cab
evening        driver Salvador Villanueva, 40, observed two creatures
               1.2 m tall wearing coveralls with wide, shiny, per-
               forated belts, metal collars, and small, black, shiny
               boxes on their backs. They had helmets under their
               arms. The witness thought they were pilots of Indian
               race. One of them spoke to him in Spanish, "stringing
               the words together" in a strange accent. Trivial mat-
               ters were discussed until dawn, when they returned to
               their craft, 13 m in diameter, through a staircase under
               the lower disk. The witness ran away when invited to
               follow them. The object rose with a pendulum mo-
               tion and shot up vertically. (Humanoids 32; FSR 56, 2)
Sep. 04, 1953  Tonnerre (France). A woman saw two objects on the
2130           ground and three 1.5-m-tall men running toward the
               craft. They had oversized heads and wore helmets
               and boots. One entered the elongated object, 5 m
               long, 1.5 m wide, which spread "wings" that made it
               look like a butterfly. It then took a vertical position,
               resting on a tripod, and took off with the spherical
               object into which the other two creatures had gone.
               Traces were found at the spot. (GEPA 68, 1)
Sep. 12, 1953  Brovst (Denmark). Brovst was the scene of an at-
               tempted abduction of a girl by two humanoids emit-
               ting a golden light. Their hands were rugged and cold
               like a fish. (Guieu)
Oct. 25, 1953  Santa Fe (New Mexico). Jim Milligan, 16, was driv-
2130           ing through a park when he saw something fall in
               front of his car and stopped as the object landed in
               some bushes. He walked toward it, found a craft that
               looked like two ship hulls, about 3 m long, 2 m wide
               glued together. When he tried to touch it, the object
               flew away. (Wilkins A 223)
Nov., 1953     Gjasjoen Bridge (Norway). Mr. Trygve, Mrs. Bufflot
               and a neighbor saw an object rise from behind a hill,
               oscillate over a lake, follow their car, and stop ahead
               of them just above the ground. They stopped, felt
               "pricklings" until the craft took off vertically. A watch
               stopped working, and numerous people vouch for the
               fact that the paint on the car changed from dark
               beige to bright green. (APRO Mar., 62; FSR 56, 5)
Dec., 1953     Sherbrook (Canada). Mrs. Orfei heard a knock at
               the door in the middle of the night and obtained no
               answer when she asked who it was. When more furi-
               ous knocks were heard, her Alsatian dog jumped to-
               ward the door, but suddenly retreated, trembling as
               if terrified and retired to a corner. Mrs. Orfei went
               to an upper door and saw two "indescribable" shadows
               go away from the house. A while later a big, round
               object took off 100 m away with a blue-green lightning.
               The police found broken bushes as evidence of an
               enormous weight. (Oltre il Cielo, Vol. I)
Dec. 31, 1953  Quantico Marine Base (Virginia). Marines observed
               the landing of an unknown round object which
               throbbed and pulsated, emitting red lights. (Wilkins
               U 210)
Jan. 04, 1954  Marignane Airport (France). Mr. Chesneau, fireman,
2100           saw a round luminous object slowly coming down
               and called the control tower to report it. When he
               came out again, the object had disappeared. (Guieu)
Feb., 1954     Todd River Downs (Australia). A native was riding
               a horse over a low ridge when a spherial object about
               13 m in diameter "nearly skittled me off my horse."
               It went up suddenly with a heavy wind, rumbling
               and emitting four columns of smoke. (Wilkins U 211)
Feb., 1954     Peakskill (New York). Mr. and Mrs. Forster stated
               they saw a craft on the ground, with a woman close
               by. She was wearing luminous clothing, a sort of hood,
               and thick glasses and held a tube in one hand and a
               box in the other. Mrs. Forster had to be taken to the
               hospital in a state of shock. (Barker)
Mar., 1954     Santa Maria (Brazil). Rubem Hellwig was driving
1700           when he saw a football-shaped machine, the size of a
               Volkswagen, on the ground. He walked toward it and
               met two men of slim build, normal height, their faces
               brownish, wearing no helmets. One was inside the
               object while the other collected grass samples. They
               spoke to Hellwig in a strange language, and yet he
               said he understood they were asking for ammonia.
               He directed them to a nearby town. The craft van-
               ished silently and instantly with blue and yellow
               flames. (1; Humanoids 33)
Mar., 1954     Santa Maria (Brazil). Rubem Hellwig again saw a
early          strange machine the next day. He observed a tall, fair-
               complexioned man and two women, who had light
               brown skin, long black hair, dark, slanted eyes. All
               three wore one-piece garments of a fabric resembling
               suede, with zippers. They told Hellwig that they were
               scientists, spoke of the natural riches of Brazil, and
               expressed surprise that he did not run away. (1;
               Humanoids 33)
Apr. 22, 1954  San Nicholas Island (California). American military
1400           personnel saw a cigar-shaped object of a gray color
               coming to the ground. Smoke was seen to rise where
               it landed, but a search yielded no results. (Atic)
May. 18, 1954  Cannon Air Force Base (New Mexico). Two persons
1900           witnessed the landing of a lens-shaped object the size
               of a house. It came to the ground near the railroad
               tracks, kicking up a small sand storm in the desert.
               One witness first decided to approach it, then ran
               away in fear. (Binder)
May. 20, 1954  Bruton (Great Britain). Nigel Frapple was cycling
0200           home from a dance in Wincanton. At Redlynch
               crossroads, he saw an orange glow in a field and
               observed it from a hedge. It came from a huge object
               35 m away, less than 7 m above the ground, which
               made a throbbing sound. After 1 min, it moved to-
               ward the northwest, accelerating and climbing. (2;
               Humanoids 3)
Jun. 09, 1954  East Dandenong (Australia). Janet Brown, 16, and a
1820           13-year-old friend heard a loud noise and saw a large,
               dark object that "burst into light" hovering 20 m
               away at the height of a factory gate. It was cylindrical,
               10 m long, 5 m high, with a canopy on top. It flew
               away and was lost to sight behind some trees. (Wil-
               kins U 216)
Jun. 21, 1954  Ridgeway (Canada). Mr. and Mrs. Guy Baker saw a
               disk, about 14 m in diameter, with a dome and several
               rotating lights. They had to push their car, which
               could not be started until the object left the ground.
               They found a large, brown, circular spot in the pasture
               where the disk had been resting. (104)
Jul. 7, 1954   Garson (Canada). A miner saw a landed object and
               a giant man with strange, burning eyes. He fainted.
               When he regained consciousness, object and entity
               had vanished. Investigated by the Royal Canadian
               Air Force. (Keyhoe C 184)
Jul. 20, 1954  Oslo (Norway). Near this city, two men were chased
               by an object and stopped their car to observe it. After
               the sighting, a watch stopped working and the paint
               on the car allegedly changed color. (Challenge 129;
               3; cf. Case 120)
Aug. 10, 1954  Hemmingford (Canada). The Coupal childrm said
2130           that a brightly lighted object followed them to the
               farm. Mr. Coupal and his oldest son went to the field
               where the children had been playing and saw an
               orange object rise and speed off to the west. Grass
               was flattened over 15 m, with two tracks about 5 m
               long. (Wilkins U 237)
Aug. 23, 1954  Varennes, near Diges (France). Approximate date.
               A strange object hovered low over the house of Mr.
               Lucas and left straight up. (4)
Aug. 23, 1954  Lugrin, near Thonon (France). Elise Blanc ap-
               proached an object looking like an aluminum trailer
               with two small beings in silvery dress, grunting like
               pigs, standing close by. The craft took on a fiery color
               and flew away. (Challenge 129)
Aug. 27, 1954  Boston Creek (Canada). A wingless flying object was
2030           seen by Bill Supa, an employee of the Caswell Con-
               struction Co. It landed about 2 km way from the
               witness, who approached within 300 m before it took
               off and flew away. Grass was flattened where it had
               landed. (Wilkins U 227)
Aug. 28, 1954  Quebec (Canada). Two boys saw a craft land and
               two or three men come out. No details given. (Con-
               stance 277)
Aug. 30, 1954  North Bay (Canada). Sgt. Durdle saw a brilliant,
0525           circular object flying across Lake Nipissing toward the
               Royal Canadian Air Force base. An oblong canister
               was hanging down from a central section, which sup-
               ported a long cone with a spinning globe on top.
               When it tilted, the witness was able to observe
               regulatorlike devices inside the machine through a
               vertical lighted slit. Six brilliant appendages, which
               looked like necklaces, were hanging from the craft.
               Durdle woke up four Air Force men, who observed
               the object spiraling away. (Wilkins U 227)
Sep. 03, 1954  Souk-el-Khemis (Tunisia). Many workers in the fields
               12 km south of the town saw an object apparently
               made of transparent plastic fly over the houses, stop
               on edge, and swing like a pendulum a few meters
               above the ground. It made several erratic jumps, then
               resumed its horizontal position and flew away. (5)
Sep. 07, 1954  Harponville (France). Between Harponville and
0715           Contay, two bricklayers, Emile Renard, 27, and Yves
               Degillerboz, 23 saw an object floating in mid-air
               over a field: "It looked like an unfinished haystack,
               with a plate turned upside down on top of it." When
               they approached, it took off. Diameter 10 m, height 3
               m. A kind of door was noticed. The observation lasted
               over 3 min. The object released smoke when it de-
               parted. (6; M 35)
Sep. 10, 1954  Mourieras (France). A farmer, Mr. Mazaud was
2030           walking home when he was suddenly confronted with
               a helmeted being of average height who made friendly
               gestures, then went back into the brush, entered a
               cigar-shaped object about 4 m long, which took off
               toward Limoges. A few minutes later witnesses in
               Limoges reported a disk-shaped, red object leaving a
               bluish trail. (7; M 40)
Sep. 10, 1954  Quarouble (France). A metal worker, Marius De-
2230           wilde, 34, came out of his house as a dog was barking
               and saw a dark object on the railroad tracks, then
               observed two dwarfs walking toward it. When he
               tried to stop them, he found himself paralyzed as a
               strong orange light was projected at him.The creatures
               were under 1 m tall, bulky, and wore dark diving suits.
               No face or arms were visible. Traces made by an
               object of estimated weight 30 tons were noted by
               French Air Force and police on the ballast. (8; M 44;
Sep. 14, 1954  Coldwater (Kansas). John J. Swain, 12, was driving
2200           a tractor back from the fields when he saw a small
               man no bigger than a 5-year-old child a few meters
               away from him. He had a long nose and long ears and
               seemed to "fly" when he moved toward a saucer-
               shaped craft hovering less than 2 m above ground. It
               "opened up" and the creature "popped inside." The
               craft became luminous and went out of sight. Strange
               traces were found by police. The creature was dressed
               in shiny clothes, and his shoes seemed to have "fins."
               He carried two cylinders on his back and had long,
               pointed ears. (9; Humanoids 53; Wilkins U 239)
Sep. 15, 1954  Feyzin (France). A white light suddenly swept the
2320           road in front of Roland M., 19, who observed that it
               came from a large, dark object 10 m above ground. It
               flew away with the noise of a wet firework, throwing
               magnesiumlike sparks. (10; M 49)
Sep. 17, 1954  Cenon (France). Between Cenon and Vouneuil,
2230           Yves David, 28, met a being in a diving suit who made
               friendly gestures. He was very small and had a voice
               "inhuman and incomprehensible." The witness could
               not move throughout the encounter. He saw the crea-
               ture enter an object on the road, about 3 m by 1 m in
               size; it took off "like lightning," throwing a greenish
               light. (11; M 58)
Sep. 18, 1954  Casablanca (Morocco). A small gray disk flew over a
2015           car at very high speed, followed by cold air currents.
               This was reported by Mr. Guitta of Casablana.
Sep. 19, 1954  Oberdorff (France). A bright light was seen in the
2115           east, came to the ground, lost its brightness, remained
               on the spot about 40 sec. It was the size of a small
               bus, and there was a figure in front of it. It rose and
               took on the appearance of a red ball. (12; M 63)
Sep. 20, 1954  Santa Maria Airport (Azores). A guard saw a craft,
2300           3.5 m in diameter and 1.5 m thick, land on the air-
               field. The witness, Vitorino Lourenco Monteiro, said
               a figure emerged from the craft and said something
               he could not understand, before taking off again.
               There were antennalike protrusions on top of the
               object. (Personal)
Sep. 23, 1954  Le Jou (France). The Patient family witnessed the
2100           landing of a bright object giving off a magnesiumlike
               light, a red glow, and a narrow beam of light. It took
               off again a moment later and followed their car until
               they reached Fontland. Policemen in Plombieres and
               several independent witnesses observed the object as
               it flew erratically over the area for 60 min. (13; M 69)
Sep. 23, 1954  Lencouacq (France). Mrs. Vignolles saw a luminous
2100           object come down rapidly, without noise, and land in
               a field near the church. It took off very fast a few
               seconds later. (15; M 77)
Sep. 24, 1954  Becar, near Diges and "Les Michauts" or "Les Joli-
0900           vets" (France). Two women (Widow Geoffroy and
               Miss Gisele Fin) made independent reports of a dark
               gray disk, 6 m in diameter, 1 m high, seen in a clear-
               ing. A man of normal height was standing close to it.
               He wore dark clothes and a kind of cap. Miss Fin
               came within 30 m of the craft and stated the man was
               repairing it. Traces were found on the grass. (14;
               Carrouges 98)
Sep. 24, 1954  Almaseda, near Castelibranco (Portugal). Cesar Car-
1000           doso and three others saw two individuals, 2.5 m tall,
               dressed in shiny clothes, emerge from a landed craft
               and gather flowers, shrubs, and twigs in a shiny box,
               then take off. They seemed to be inviting the wit-
               nesses aboard, but their language was not understood.
               (Wilkins U 55, 245; 24)
Sep. 24, 1954  Farm Lachassagne, near Ussel (France). Mr. Cisterne,
2300           who was coming back with his tractor, saw a luminous
               object fly very low over him. Two other witnesses.
               (16;M 76)
Sep. 26, 1954  Chabeuil (France). Mrs. Leboeuf was suddenly con-
1430           fronted with a creature resembling "a child in a plastic
               bag, with eyes larger than human eyes." This creature
               entered a flat, circular machine, which took off toward
               the northeast with a soft whistling. Traces. Witnesses
               in state of shock. (17; Carrouges 116; Anatomy 70;
Sep. 27, 1954  Foussignargues (France). At "Revety," people in a bus
0230           saw a reddish light coming down. Later Mr. and Mrs.
               Roche noticed an object on the ground, softly glow-
               ing, a short distance from their home, but were afraid
               to approach it. It remained there for several hours. It
               was described as "a sort of glowing tomato, with
               antennae on top." (18; M 84; Anatomy 71)
Sep. 27, 1954  Figeac (France). Children saw "a box" and "an un-
0840           known man" standing nearby. The object took off.
Sep. 27, 1954  Perpignan (France). A college student saw a circular
afternoon      object on the ground. Two beings came out of it, then
               reentered the craft and left. Witness in a state of
               shock. (19;M 88)
Sep. 27, 1954  Premanon (France). Four children came out of their
2030           home as dog barked furiously. They found a large
               object on the ground and a small being they thought
               was a "ghost" in the yard. Raymond Romand, 12,
               threw stones at the intruder. (20; Challenge 170)
Sep. 28, 1954  Froncles (France). Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Lartillot and
2130           Georgette Mongot observed a large, bright object
               oscillate, then land. It changed color and was lost to
               sight behind some trees. (21; M 94)
Sep. 28, 1954  Bouzais (France). At "Le Grand Tertre" Mr. Mercier
2230           observed that someone had stolen grapes from his
               vineyard. He decided to stay late and catch the "rob-
               bers." He was amazed when he saw a luminous mass
               fall from the sky about 50 m away, and found himself
               "paralyzed" as three figures emerged from the light
               and moved about. He lost consciousness. When he
               came to his senses, everything had vanished. (22;
               M 97)
Sep. 28, 1954  Saint Nicolas de Redon (France). At "La Butte
2310           Rouge" two railroad engineers, Bernard and Potraux,
               who were bringing a locomotive from Nantes to
               Auray, saw a dark object take off with a purple glow
               and follow them for 15 sec before veering off. Po-
               traux had to see a doctor. (23; M 95; Anatomy 70)
Sep. 30, 1954  Dearborn (Michigan). While driving to work, Law-
0445           rence Cardenas, 41, a laundry employee, saw 15
               strange men wearing dark green uniforms to his right.
               They had cylinders on their shoulders, tight-fitting
               skull caps with pointed peaks in front, and heavy
               goggles. They were of medium height, and a taller
               man seemed to be giving them instructions. About
               80 m away was a craft 4 m high with colored lights
               flickering on and off. The witness did not wait.
               (Wilkins U 230)
Sep. 30, 1954  Marcilly-sur-Vienne (France). Georges Gatay and
1630           seven construction workers saw a disk at ground level,
               with a humanoid standing close by. Both vanished in
               a very strange manner. Physiological effects in all wit-
               nesses. (25; Magonia)
Sep. 30, 1954  Brest (France). At sea between Brest and Roven,
dusk           the crew of the tanker "Port Lyautey" observed an
               object touch the surface of the sea, then take off
               vertically and give off a red flame before being lost
               to view. (26)
Sep. 30, 1954  Grand-Couronne (France). Jean Andrieux, ferry
2200           operator, saw a large white sphere, with a smaller
               green sphere below, hang motionless above the Seine
               for 20 min. Two witnesses. It eventually flew away to
               the southwest. (27)
Sep. 30, 1954  Isle of Re (France). As he was returning home near
2200           La Flotte-en-Re, Celeste Simonutti saw a bright light
               and, fearing a fire, rushed to the scene. There he
               observed a luminous sphere 12 m in diameter hover-
               ing at 1 m altitude, turning red, blue, and taking off.
               Two other witnesses. (28)
Oct. 01, 1954  Dhubri (India). A woman reported to police she had
               seen a luminous disk leaving a long trail. It landed in
               a field, then took off again. (29; Challenge 132)
Oct. 01, 1954  Blanzy (France). Two bricklayers, Sebastiani and
1300           Buratto, approached a cigar-shaped object 3 m long,
               80 cm wide, which took off from the ground with a
               whistling sound. The pointed section of the object
               was yellow, the rest brown. From the fore part, two
               appendages extended to the ground. (30)
Oct. 01, 1954  Bry (France). A man and his dog were "paralyzed"
1600           as a luminous white object dived toward them and
               climbed again. (Personal)
Oct. 01, 1954  Ressons-sur-Matz (France). Approximate date. A
1815           farmer saw a white craft in a field. Flattened grass
               was later found at the site. (Personal)
Oct. 01, 1954  Jussey (France). Two young men saw a luminous
1900           white disk moving in the sky. It dived to the ground
               and two men, described as being very tall and dressed
               in white, emerged from it and made gestures. The
               witnesses ran away in fear. (Personal)
Oct. 01, 1954  La Roulerie (France). Near Saint Jan d'Angely, two
2000           businessmen, Messrs. Estier and Phelippeau, who 
               were driving back from Royan, saw a little man cross
               ing the road in front of their car. Having stopped, they 
               saw the figure disappear into the woods. (28)
Oct. 01, 1954  Branges, near Louhans (France). Coming home at
2200           night, Gilbert Prudent saw a lighted object on the 
               side of the road. It had a flat section and a sort of
               "mushroom" on top. As he approached it, the object
               became dark and took off vertically with a soft
               whistling sound. (Personal)
Oct. 01, 1954  Bergerac (France). Returning home, fireman Jean
2200           Dufix, 26, saw an oval light in the sky and thought it
               was a shooting star. Later he was alarmed when his
               yard seemed to be ablaze. Rushing out again, he saw
               a disk rise from the ground with a whistling sound. It
               flew off, became luminous again, and took off at fan-
               tastic speed. A neighbor, Jean Labonne, 61, saw the
               disk, 3 m in diameter, resting on three legs in the
               yard. (31)
Oct. 02, 1954  Levroux (France). At the Bourg du Cerisier, two
               women (Janiki and Lacotte) independently reported
               to police that a luminous disk about 3 m in diameter
               had flown very low over the village. (32)
Oct. 02, 1954  Jonches (France). Two creatures were seen on the
               ground, and two hours later a luminous red object
               was observed at the same spot, at very low altitude.
Oct. 02, 1954  Louhans (France). In the immediate vicinity of case
0230           175, Mr. Nicolas saw a craft with a dome on top, on
               the ground between the road and the railroad tracks.
               Through some openings a strong yellow light shone.
               (33;M 109)
Oct. 02, 1954  Croix d'Epine (France). A mechanic, Ernest Delat-
2000           tre, 19, was riding home on his motor scooter when an
               egg-shaped object, brilliantly illuminated, landed on
               the left side of the road 15 m away. He saw short,
               dark shapes "like potato bags" moving about the
               object. He sped up, saw the object, the size of a small
               bus, taking off while its color changed from orange to
               blue and then to grayish-blue. The witness fainted
               while telling his story. Two persons in neighboring
               villages independently reported observing the object.
Oct. 02, 1954  Guebling (France). A disk emitting a weak green
2345           glow landed in a field. Witnesses: Messrs. Domant
               and Gilcher. (M 105)
Oct. 03, 1954  Bressuire (France). Angelo Girardo, 55, a stockyard
dawn           employee, was going to work when he saw a circular
               craft 3 m diameter and a small figure wearing a diving
               suit, standing close by. The object took off at a fan-
               tastic speed. (32; M 130)
Oct. 03, 1954  Vron (France). Between Rue and Quend on Road
1845           D27, Rene Coudette and B. Devoisin were riding
               bicycles with a third witness when they saw an orange
               object, shaped like a honeycomb, on the road ahead
               of them. A strange "man" wearing a diving suit was
               standing close to it. When they got within 70 m of
               it, the object took off very fast. (3Z; M 118)
Oct. 03, 1954  Chereng (France). The crowd at a fair saw a luminous
1920           object arrive very fast in the sky, stop in flight, emit
               sparks, and come down to ground level. As witnesses
               rushed to the spot, it took off again. (M 113)
Oct. 03, 1954  Quend (France). Less than 3 hrs after case 183, an
2110           orange object chased a car for 8 km, then flew away
               toward the sea. Witness: Georges Galant, a butcher.
               (35; M 116)
Oct. 03, 1954  Ronsenac (France). A circular craft was seen by Jean
1245           Allary between Montmoreau and Villebois-Lavalette.   
               It seemed to be gliding on the ground. It showed
               luminous spots and became completely illuminated
               when it took off. It was about 1.20 m high. Grass was
               found flattened and scorched over an area 7 m across.
               (36; M 130)
Oct. 03, 1954  Benet (France). Near La Rochelle. Mr. and Mrs.
1300           Guillemoteau saw an object, 2.5 m high, 5 m diam-
               eter, hover for several minutes 1 m above ground,
               then rise vertically. Oily marks were found at the   
               spot. (34; M 131 )
Oct. 04, 1954  Limoges (France). An object was said to have landed
               in the yard of Mr. Montagne, a railroad employee.    
Oct. 04, 1954  Lezignan (France). Andre Garcia and Andre Darzais
               were driving a truck betwem Lagrasse and Villemagne
               when they saw a luminous object coming slowly to
               the ground. It measured about 10 m diameter and
               took off with a burst of light. (35)
Oct. 04, 1954  Chaleix (France). A farmer, Mr. Garreau, saw an
               object the size of a carriage land in his field. Two men
               of normal height emerged through a sliding door.
               They wore khaki overalls and were of European type.
               They shook hands with the witness and said some-
               thing like: "Paris? Nord?"  (According to another
               version they spoke indistinct words.) They gave a pat
               on the back to Mr. Garreau's dog and took off at an
               amazing speed. (37; Magonia)
Oct. 04, 1954  Tregon (France). Several people noticed an object
evening        hovering near a hilltop. They drove to the site, but it
               flew away. What seems to be the same object was
               seen at Megrit, 25 km to the southwest, hovering over
               a farm. It was described as metallic, flat, emitting
               light (38;M 139)
Oct. 04, 1954  Montceau-les-Mines (France). At Les Chavannes,
1830           about 20 people, among them Remy Gaudicourt of
               Sanvignes, saw a circular, luminous object rise from
               the vicinity of the railroad tracks. It took off vertically.
               (M 138)
Oct. 04, 1954  Villers-le-Tilleul (France). Ten-year-old Bertiaux saw
1840           an object "like a tent" and an unknown man near it.
Oct. 04, 1954  Poncey-sur-Lignon (France). Mrs. Fourneret, a house-
2000           wife, ran away as an orange, circular object 3 m in
               diameter swung in mid-air and landed near her farm.
               When Messrs. Girardot and Vincent arrived with
               rifles, they found that the earth had been "sucked
               up" over a quadrilateral area. Francois Bouiller con-
               firmed he had seen a luminous object in flight. Ex-
               tensive investigation by French Air Force and police.
               (37; M 134; Anatomy 71)
Oct. 05, 1954  Roverbello (Italy). A fisherman met with a red-clad
               being who spoke an unknown language. No details.
Oct. 05, 1954  Loctudy (France). A baker, P. Lucas, was draining
0400           water from a well when he noticed an object some
               distance away. It was circular, about 3 m diameter.
               From it emerged a dwarf with an oval face covered
               with hair and eyes "as large as raven eggs" who
               touched him on the shoulder and spoke to him in an
               unknown language. The dwarf went away, and the
               object took off. (34)
Oct. 05, 1954  Le Mans (France). East of Le Mans on Route N23,
0630           Renault employees were going to work when they
               saw near the road a luminous object on the ground
               and felt "pricklings and a sort of paralysis." The ob-
               ject emitted a burst of green light and flew away very
               low over the fields. (42; Vuillequez; M 143)
Oct. 05, 1954  Mertrud (France). A roadmender, Mr. Narcy, saw an
0715           object near the road between Voillecomte and La
               Neuville. In a report to police, he stated he saw a
               hairy dwarf wearing an orange tight-fitting jacket
               climb aboard the craft, which consisted of a cigar-
               shaped section under a flat disk. Between the two
               sections was a kind of porthole through which the
               entity entered the object. Traces were found at the
               spot. (38, 39)
Oct. 05, 1954  Beaumont (France). Ten km from here, several per-
1545           sons saw an object coming toward them and getting
               brighter. When it was about 150 m away, they felt "a
               strange sensation" and found themselves unable to
               move. The object left a smell compared to that of
               nitrobenzine. (34; Challenge 53)
Oct. 06, 1954  Monchamps (France). Mr. and Mrs. Laroche, from
               Paris, saw a fiery sphere landing near Chantonnay.
Oct. 06, 1954  La Fere (France). Near the military barracks, soldiers
2130           saw a strange object on the ground 300 m away. As
               one of them approached the torpedo-shaped object,
               which was about 80 cm high, he found himself
               paralyzed. (Personal)
Oct. 06, 1954  Villers-le-Lac (France). Two women (Mrs. Salabrino
2230           and her daughter) saw a whitish light in the western
               sky. It seemed slowly to come toward the ground,
               and was later seen between the railroad station and
               the bridge 100 m away from their house. When it
               moved, a very bright light was visible under its dark
               mass. It gave off a flow of sparks and rose, hovered for
               a moment and flew away rapidly. (M 138)
Oct. 07, 1954  Hennezis (France). The two Lanssellin children wit-
               nessed the landing of a luminous, red object shaped
               like a half-egg, and saw two occupants who looked like
               normal men. (M 145)
Oct. 07, 1954  Plozevet (France). The crew of several fishing boats
early          saw a luminous, orange-colored object over the coast,
               apparently surrounded by dense smoke. Villagers saw
               the same object and stated independently that it
               came within 10 m of the ground, then flew away to
               the southeast. (41; M 140)
Oct. 07, 1954  Beruges (France). A farmer, Mr. Thebault, saw a
0400           luminous object, 2 or 3 m in diameter, emitting a
               beam of light which swept the countryside. (41; M
Oct. 07, 1954  Jettingen (France). A railroad employee, Rene Ott,
dawn           saw a mushroom-shaped object 3 m in diameter, in a
               field 3 m away from Route N16 and 1 m above
               ground. A luminous rectangle, like a door, was seen
               on the side. It took off and flew about 5 m above the
               witness, following him to the next village. (41; M 143)
Oct. 07, 1954
0620           Saint-Jean-d'Asse (France). On Route N138, a truck-
               driver, Mr. Tremblay, saw an intense, blue light com-
               ing toward him. The object producing it was cigar-
               shaped, red and blue. Engine and headlights died.
               (41;M 143)
Oct. 07, 1954  Monteux (France). R. Margaillan saw an object that
1430           had landed in a field. It was hemispherical, about 2.5
               m in diameter. The witness gasped for air and felt 
               "paralyzed." (M 145; Magonia)
Oct. 07, 1954  St. Etienne-sous-Barbuise (France). Marcel Guyot
1930           was coming from work near this village, and his son
               Jacques followed the same road 10 min later. Both
               saw, at a railroad crossing, three objects on the ground
               that gave a bright white light. One was circular, the
               others cigar-shaped. (42; M 146)
Oct. 07, 1954  Bompas (France). Mr. Sebelli saw an object land in
2400           the village. He called his neighbors, and they observed
               the departure of the craft. (43; M 146)
Oct. 08, 1954  Teheran (Iran). Ghaseme Fili, of Amireah Street,
0230           was on the second floor of his house when he saw a
               luminous, white flying object stop in mid-air 2O m
               away. lights were shining from the rear and the sides
               of the craft, inside which could be seen a small man
               dressed in black, wearing a mask with a trunk like an
               elephant. "I was standing with both hands on the bar
               of my balcony, looking with astonishment at this
               strange object, when I suddenly felt as though I were
               being drawn up toward the object by a magnet." Mr.
               Fili cried out in terror and woke up his neighbors. The
               object shot straight up, emitting sparks, and it was
               lost to sight almost immediately. ( 52, 58)
Oct. 08, 1954  Calais, (France). On the road to Boulogne a bluish
2115           object, clearly seen with a dome on top, dived toward
               the ground, became white and went away. (44, 45;M
Oct. 09, 1954  Huy (Belgium). A mailman saw a cigar-shaped object
               land. Twn silhouettes "approximately human" were
               seen aboard. (45; M 154)
Oct. 09, 1954  Montaren (France). Between Montaren and Ser-
               viers, 1 km from "Le Mas Blanc," Dr. Fabre, Mr.
               Court, and six others saw an orange oval object oscil-
               lating in mid-air. It was very bright and "fiery," and
               it came very low. (Personal)
Oct. 09, 1954  Dreux (France). People out hunting saw a luminous
               sphere take off and fly toward the southwest. (Quincy;
               M 153)
Oct. 09, 1954  Soubran (France). Several local people saw a lumi-
               nous, spherical object land in a pasture. (46; M 154)
Oct. 09, 1954  Rinkerode (Germany). Willi Hoge, a projectionist,
evening        saw four occupants of an object that had come to
               ground level 70 m from the road. He was returning
               home when he observed a blue light and thought an
               airplane had made an emergency landing. The object
               was cigar-shaped, and four men wearing rubber
               coveralls were working under it. They were about 1.2
               m tall and had very large chests and oversized heads;
               their legs were short and thin. (47)
Oct. 09, 1954  Beauvain (France). Near the Landeforet pool, Chris-
evening        tain Carette saw for 10 sec a fiery sphere flying at
               treetop level. Diameter: 4 m. Protuberance on top.
               (48;M 152)
Oct. 09, 1954  Carcassonne (France). As he was driving near Car-
1600           cassonne, Jean Bertrand saw a bright, metallic sphere
               on the road ahead. The top half seemed to be made of
               transparent plastic, and two humanlike figures were
               standing inside. It took off rapidly, flying east. (48;
               M 145)
Oct. 09, 1954  Pournoy-la-Chetive (France). Four children-Gilbert
1830           Calda, 12; Daniel Hirsch, 9; J. P. Hirsch, 5; and Rob-
               ed Maguin 16-were roller-skating when they saw a
               luminous object near the cemetery. It was round,
               about 2.5 m in diameter, standing on three legs. A
               dwarf, about 1.2 m tall, dressed in black, having a face
               covered with hair and large eyes, came out and shone
               a blinding light at them, and said something in an
               unknown language. The children ran away, but looked
               back in time to see the object flying away high in the
               sky. (49; M 154; Magonia)
Oct. 09, 1954  Lavoux (France). Mr. Barrault was riding his bicycle
1900           when he suddenly saw a figure in a diving suit aiming
               a double beam of light at him. The individual had
               boots without heels and very bright eyes, walked on
               the road for one minute and went into the forest. The
               witness was "paralyzed" throughout the incident. The
               entity had a hairy chest and two lights, one above the
               other, in front of him. (45, 48; M 153; Magonia)
Oct. 09, 1954  Briatexte (France). On Route N631 at "La Caiffe,"
2030           a technician, J. P. Mitto, was coming back from
               Toulouse with two other persons when they saw two
               small figures, the height of 11-year-old children, cross
               the road about 5 m in front of the car and jump into
               a pasture. Stopping immediately, the witnesess saw a
               large convex disk take off vertically. It was about 6 m
               in diameter, orange in color and was literally "sucked
               up" into the sky. Brown oily spots were found at the
               site. (43, 50)
Oct. 09, 1954  Beirut (Lebanon). The local representative of a
2215           German firm, Max Favell, saw an object give off a
               white light and land. It took off vertically, with
               a spinning motion, and was lost to sight. (51)
Oct. 10, 1954  Mahallat (Persia). Approximate date. Many farmers
               observed the landing of a "marvelous luminous ob-
               ject," hemispherical in shape, emitting multicolored
               beams. The central part appeared to be metallic. The
               object shot straight up suddenly and vanished while
               the crowd watched. (Creighton; 52)
Oct. 10, 1954  Epoisses (France). Between Epoisses and Toutry,
               Daniel Grapin and Francois Bolatre, topographers
               saw a luminous sphere 3.5 m diameter on the ground
               near Route N454. (Quincy)
Oct. 10, 1954  Quarouble (France). Second landing here, seen by
               Marius Dewilde (cf. Case 144) and his 4-year-old son.
               A disk, 6 m diameter, about 1 m high, landed again
               on the tracks. Seven little men emerged and spoke in
               an unknown language. The craft then vanished with-
               out noise or smoke. Traces larger than the first, and
               symmetrical, were observed. Dewilde refused to re-
               port the case. (Personal; Magonia)
Oct. 10, 1954  Charmes-la-Cote (France). Roger Thiriet, jailer in
0630           Ecouvres detention center, was riding his motorcycle
               when he suddenly saw an aluminum colored object
               shaped like a plate, with a dome and two portholes.
               It was about 2 m in diameter and 1 m high. It took
               off immediately. (54)
Oct. 10, 1954  Saint-Germain-de-Livet (France). A math professor,
1400           Mr. Bon, observed a silvery disk about 7 m in diam-
               eter rise silently from a point about 250 m to the side
               of the road. Spinning, it dived to the ground from an
               altitude of about 800 m, then flew off horizontally at
               a dizzying speed. (55, 57)
Oct. 10, 1954  Saillat-sur-Vienne (France). Roger Gayout and fam-
nightfall      ily saw a very bright object come very close to the
               ground. (56; M 162)
Oct. 11, 1954  Doncourt-Village (France). Farmers awakened by a
0130           whistling sound saw a flat object land near the woods.
               It soon rose very fast, vertically, and flew away. The
               ground was found calcined. Samples were taken by
               police officials for analysis. (56)
Oct. 11, 1954  Acquigny (France). Two men riding motorcycles saw
0300           a bell-shaped craft about 2.5 m high, hovered 1 m
               above the Evreux-Louviers railroad line. The lower
               part was ringlike, and the object gave off reddish and
               greenish sparks. A burst of orange light was seen as it
               jumped about 10 m high, then it remained motion-
               less for about 1 hr, during which time a third witness
               joined the first two. It ultimately turned brighter and
               flew away toward the east. (55; M 162)
Oct. 11, 1954  Fonfrede, near Chambon Feugerolles (France). Bap-
0415           tiste Jourdy, who was making the daily collection of
               milk, was suddenly stopped as the engine and head-
               lights of his truck died. He got out and saw a light
               above him. After it crossed the road, the headlights
               came on again and he was able to restart his truck.
Oct. 11, 1954  Lacanche (France). Mr. Labonde was driving at the
0420           intersection of D14 and D104 when he was followed
               by a sort of luminous globe surrounded with a reddish
               glow, about 2 m in size. It stayed within 25 m of the
               car. (58; M 158)
Oct. 11, 1954  Sassier, near La Carie (France). Messrs. Gallois and
0430           Vigneron who were driving from Clamecy to Cor-
               bigny felt an "electric shock" as the car headlights
               died. They then saw a craft in a pasture 50 m away.
               It was cylindrical, fairly thick, and three dwarfs were
               standing close by. No light was seen, except a small,
               reddish point. Both witnesses were "paralyzed" until
               the craft left. A third witness, Mr. Chaumeau, had
               seen a lighted object fly over the woods at La Carie.
               (57; M 158)
Oct. 11, 1954  Heimersdorf (France). Anny Pracht, her sister Rose-
dawn           lyne, and two other persons saw a luminous object on
               the ground. It became fiery red in color and flew away
               when they came near. (56; M 162)
Oct. 11, 1954  Bauquay (France). A large red object was seen flying
dawn           very fast at treetop level while cattle panicked. Three
               witnesses. (Quincy; M 162)
Oct. 11, 1954  Lavarande (Algeria). A large disk flying very low over
0500           a road scared two truck drivers, Messrs. Gaston Breau
               and Amoura, who stopped their gasoline truck and
               ran away into the fields while the object flew on to-
               ward Medea in silence. (59)
Oct. 11, 1954  Taupignac (France). Three men driving near Tau-
1930           pignac got out of their car to observe an intense red
               sphere in the sky. Then they discovered a round ma-
               chine with a dome, 6 m diameter, giving off a yellow-
               red light, 200 m away at 10 m altitude. It was motion-
               less and silent. It suddenly moved horizontally for a
               short distance and landed behind a woods. Two
               witnesses went closer and saw four dwarfs, 1 m tall,
               who seemed busy with the machine. The creatures
               rushed inside when the witnesses arrived within 15 m.
               The witnesses wae blinded by a sudden burst of light,
               blue, then orange, then red, and the object took off
               vertically at fantastic speed. (Personal)
Oct. 11, 1954  Birac (France). Four persons, among them Julia
2150           Juste, Maria Barbeau, and Marion Le Tanneur, of
               Jarnac, saw two luminous spheres flying in the same
               direction. Having stopped and maneuvered in mid-
               air, the larger one took on a deep red color, turned to
               an intense white light with a red aura, and both
               landed. Witnesses did not wait. (Quincy; M 160)
Oct. 11, 1954  Montbazens (France). A round craft, 4 m diameter,
2200           landed in a pasture. It gave off a powerful red light,
               took off with a formidable acceleration when wit-
               nesses (garage owner Mr. Carriere and son; Mr.
               Gardelle, farmer; Mr. Ginestre, shoemaker; and two
               others) came close to it. Mr. Gardelle felt "an electric
               shock." (60, 61; M 162)
Oct. 12, 1954  Mamora Forest (Morocco). A French engineer driv-
afternoon      ing to Port Lyautey saw a dwarf about 1.2 m in height
               enter an object which soon took off. The little man
               was wearing silver coveralls. (62)
Oct. 12, 1954  Orchamps (France). A farmer, Mr. Beuc, saw a small
2100           pilot enter an object. It glided over the road for 30 m,
               then rose rapidly. (M 167; Carrouges 98)
Oct. 12, 1954  Montlucon (France). A railroad employee,  Mr.
evening        Laugere, saw a torpedo-shaped, metallic craft on the
               ground near a gas-oil tank. An individual covered with
               hair was standing nearby, emitting sounds that were
               not understood. The witness went to get his friends,
               but the thing disappeared in the meantime. (63; M
Oct. 12, 1954  Leguevin (France). Jan Marty, 42, mechanic, was
2230           in his shop when he saw a luminous disk about 6.5 m
               diameter and 2.5 m thick, land. He tried to approach
               it, but the craft rose vertically and silently at an amaz-
               ing speed. (62, 63)
Oct. 12, 1954  Sainte-Marie d'Herblay (France). Gilbert Lelay, 13,
2230           saw a phosphorescent cigar in a pasture and a man
               near it, wearing a gray suit, boots, and a gray hat. He
               held a flashing sphere and told Gilbert in French not
               to touch it. He went back inside the craft, which flew
               in loops and vanished. (Carrouges 103; Magonia)
Oct. 12, 1954  Dompierre-les-Tilleuls (France). A businessman, Mr.
               Vielle, was on Route N471 between Frasnes and
               Pontarlier when he saw a circular flying craft, which
               gave off a yellowish and a purple light. Losing altitude,
               the craft came very close to the ground, changed its
               course to southwest, and rose again in the sky.
               (Quincy; M 167)
Oct. 12, 1954  Vielmur (France). Roger Ramond, a nightwatch-
2330           man saw a great light and noticed an oval object
               which landed 300 m away. It looked like a fiery-
               orange ball, illuminated the vinyard for nearly 3 hrs,
               then assumed a vertical position, rose slowly, hovered
               30 m above ground for a few seconds, and took off at
               fantastic speed. (64; M 168)
Oct. 13, 1954  Crocq (France). At Donjon de Montlaur, five per-
1930           sons, among them J. Dubois, saw a round craft
               maneuver, give off a blinding light. It had some open-
               ings or portholes, and seemed to land far from them.
Oct. 13, 1954  Bourrasole (France). Messrs. Olivier and Perano and
1935           a third man saw a reddish disk about 4 m diameter
               with a small being close by, about 1.2 rn tall, wearing
               a diving suit: "His head was large with respect to the
               rest of the body and he had two enormous eyes. The
               suit was bright and shiny like glass." The craft was
               surrounded by a sort of misty glow. One of the men
               came within 2O m of it and found himself paralyzed.
               The craft took off, throwing him to the ground, and
               rose very fast. (62, 63)
Oct. 14, 1954  Saint-Ambroix (France). Several witnesses saw seven
               small beings flee into a phosphorescent object when
               they were approached. It took off immediately. It is
               claimed that "unknown seeds" were found at the
               site. (62)
Oct. 14, 1954  Shamsabad (Iran). A man coming out of his house
0630           saw a luminous object resembling a bright star. Com-
               ing near, he observed it was an object 5 m long, near
               which a "short young man" was standing on a circular
               piece of metal, laughing at the witness's terrified ex-
               pression. The witness was 20 m away when the craft
               took off at unbelievable speed. (52)
Oct. 14, 1954  Lewarde (France). In Erchin Wood, Casimir Starov-
1530           ski, a miner, met a strange being of small height and
               bulky figure with large slanted eyes. Its body was cov-
               ered with fur. (Anatomy 143; Magonia)
Oct. 14, 1954  Biot (France). A municipal employee, Jose Casella,
1815           was riding home when he suddenly found in front of
               him on the road an oval-shaped aluminum object
               about 5.5 m in diameter, 1 m high. As he applied the
               brakes, the object took off at very high speed. Sev-
               eral persons confirmed the sighting. The disk was
               gray, supported a dome, and emitted a soft whistle.
               It took off when Casella was only 6 m away. (65)
Oct. 14, 1954  Angles (France). A farmer saw a bright object, which
nightfall      came almost to the ground. When he tried to ap-
               proach it the object produced an intense "screen of
               light" and vanished without a noise. Several persons
               in Angles observed the scene. (62)
Oct. 14, 1954  Meral (France). A farmer observed an orange sphere
nightfall      land and went near it. He found it was shaped like a
               flattened dome, 5.5 m in diameter, and gave off a
               blinding light, which illuminated the countryside for
               about 200 m. It was transparent, and a dark figure
               could be seen inside. After remaining at ground level
               for 10 min it flew north, while a bright cloud slowly
               fell to the ground at the site. When the witness ar-
               rived home he found his clothes covered with a white
               film of adhesive substance, not unlike paraffin wax.
               (62; M 174)
Oct. 14, 1954  Saint-Germain-du-Bois (France). Mr. Lonjarret ob-
nightfall      served a luminous orange object on the ground near
               a corn field. (Quincy; M 175)
Oct. 14, 1954  Chazey Wood (France). South of Gueugnon, Messrs.
1930           Jeannet and Garnier saw a reddish fireball fly low over
               their car as their engine and headlights died. (M 175)
               Anatomy 130)
Oct. 14, 1954  Chazey Wood (France). Andre Cognard, coming
nightfall      from Gueugnon, was blinded by a light as a disk-
               shaped object flew low over his car. (Anatomy 130)
Oct. 14, 1954  Saint-Romain (France). Mr. B. saw a circular craft
nightfall      shaped like an upside-down plate. At the same time,
               the engine on his motorcycle stalled. In the same area
               an engineer saw a luminous object coming down
               rapidly. (Anatomy 130)
Oct. 14, 1954  Thieulloy-la-Ville (France). On the road between
2010           Thieulloy-la-Ville and Beauvais, Mr. Covemacker saw
               an object fly over his car as the headlights died. It
               went on toward the north, seemingly following a
               train. (Personal)
Oct. 15, 1954  Perpignan (France). Near the swimming pool in
               Saint-Assiscle, Damien Figueres, 56, was walking
               with his dogs when a reddish, luminous sphere landed
               30 m away and an individual in a diving suit walked
               around it. The dogs barked at him. He boarded the
               machine, and it flew away in silence. (65; Carrouges
Oct. 15, 1954  Boaria (Italy). A farmer leading cows to a pond sud-
               denly saw an object fly over his house. The cows
               panicked and ran away, throwing a girl to the ground,
               while the object emitted a burst of light. The witness
               ran to the house and fainted; three other persons saw
               the craft depart. Dark, surrounded by short blue and
               yellow flames, the object was egg-shaped, flew 15 m
               above the ground, and emitted intense heat. The little
               pond was found desiccated, and haystacks caught fire
               as it flew over, while the cattle suffered burns. (67;
               Plantier 104)
Oct. 15, 1954  Saint-Pierre-Halte (France). A baker saw a brilliant
0340           yellow craft descend rapidly and land on the railroad
               tracks. It was shaped like a mushroom, about 4 m
               diameter, 2 m high. (62; M 180)
Oct. 15, 1954  Luino (Italy). An ovoid object made a pass over a
1300           range of trees; two caught fire. (83)

Oct. 15, 1954  Po-di-Gnocca (Italy). Farmers saw a disk-shaped
afternoon      object land, then take off vertically. At the site was
               found a deep crater about 6 m in diameter. Poplar
               trees were partially burned. Official investigation.
               (65; M 181)
Oct. 15, 1954  Nimes-Courbessac Airfield (France). A yellow, cigar-
1950           shaped object with brilliant portholes, 30 m long, 6 m
               diameter, was seen on the ground. Figures with hel-
               mets covering the head could be seen inside. A sort of
               haze was observed at both ends of the craft. (Quincy)
Oct. 15, 1954  Southend (Great Britain). Pat Hennessey ran away
night          when she saw an object land on the road near Chalk-
               well Park. It had vanished silently when she looked
               back. (M 182; Humanoids 4; FSR 62, 12)
Oct. 15, 1954  Isbergues (France). A steelworker observed a lumi-
night          nous sphere land in the countryside; it then emitted
               lights of various colors. (54, 68; M 181)
Oct. 15, 1954  Fouesnant (France). Truck driver Rene Le Viol saw
night          a flat craft, shaped like an inverted plate, fly very low
               toward the sea. A second disk followed shortly after-
               ward. Both emitted a red glow. (69; M 182)
Oct. 16, 1954  Quasso (Italy). Two objects were seen, one of which
               made a pass at treetop level. It top-shaped, and a
               small, gesticulating human figure was seen under it.
               The witness was a bus driver, Mr. De Rossi. (84)
Oct. 16, 1954  Thin le Moutiers (France). Approximate date. An
               object landed about 30 m away from a woman, who
               fainted. The witness suffered from a skin disease fol-
               lowing the incident. (Challenge 53)
Oct. 16, 1954  Cier-de-Riviere (France). Guy Puyfourcat, 22, who
               was coming back from the fields, leading a mare by
               the bridle, was surprised when the animal became
               restless. Rising from the side of the road, a gray object
               about 1.5 m in diameter flew over them. The mare
               rose about 3 m in the air, and the witness had to re-
               lease the bridle. Then the animal fell like a mass and
               for 10 min was unable to move. At last, it rose and
               attempted to walk, but it was still trembling and
               stumbling with fear. The object had long since flown
               away at high speed. The witness himself had felt
               absolutely nothing. (Personal)
Oct. 16, 1954  Mazaye (France). Mr. Bachelard was driving a light
1730           truck on road D52-E between Chanat and Couhay
               when suddenly the engine seemed to slow down and
               he felt "paralyzed." He then saw in a field near the
               road a brown object about 10 m long, 2.5 m high.
               Silent, it gave off no light and showed no opening.
               (70;M 198)
Oct. 16, 1954  Baillolet (France). Dr. Robert, while driving through
nightfall      this village, saw four objects, at about 300 m altitude,
               flying slowly in echelon formation. Suddenly one of
               them dropped to the ground with a dead-leaf motion,
               100 m away. The witness felt an electric shock as
               engine and headlights died, and the car stopped when
               the object touched the ground. Incapable of moving,
               Dr. Robert saw a figure about 1.2 m tall moving in
               the light of the object, then all went dark. Some time
               later the headlights resumed operation by themselves,
               and Dr. Robert saw the craft take off toward the
               north. (71; M 185)
Oct. 16, 1954  Dompierre (France). Messrs. Deschamp and Laclotre
2145           saw a craft, about 20 m diameter, 2 m high, come
               within 4 m of the ground for 3 or 4 min. It gave off a
               yellowish light and a glow extended for 4 m around.
Oct. 16, 1954  Siena (Italy). Several people saw a landed object in a
2400           meadow. It appeared phosphorescent and of large
               size. It took off very suddenly. (83)
Oct. 17, 1954  Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer (France). Leon B., a city council
               member, saw a circular, orange craft take off from
               the ground. (Quincy)
Oct. 17, 1954  O Alvito (Portugal). A hunter, Manuel Madeira,
               saw an object, which flew away as he approached it,
               rose in the sky, and was lost to sight. (Personal)
Oct. 17, 1954  Cabasson (France). A 65-year-old man was hunting
2030           with his dog, near the junction of the Brillance Canal
               and the Durance River, when he saw a gray object,
               about 4 m long and 1 m high on the ground and 40
               m away. It showed a dome from which two helmeted
               figures emerged. The witness fled, but his dog started
               toward the object. The dog soon retreated, walking
               awkwardly as if partialIy paralyzed. (Personal)
Oct. 17, 1954  Varigney (France). Several witnesses, among them
2030           Mr. Beuclair a policeman, saw a bright red dome-
               shaped object descend to ground level 20 m away.
               The underside showed red and white lights. (M 188)
Oct. 17, 1954  Cape Massulo (Italy). On Capri, an artist Raffael
night          Castelle, saw a disk 5 m in diameter land on the
               property of Curzio Malaparte. Upon approaching it,
               he discovered it was not a helicopter and saw four
               dwarfs wearing coveralIs emerge from it. After 30
               min the craft made a soft whirring sound and rose
               vertically, leaving blue sparks. (72)
Oct. 18, 1954  Cisternes-la-Foret (France). J. Augard and J. Chan-
               zotte saw an oval object with a dome, emitting a
               bright white light, resting in a field. When they ap-
               proached it, the object rose vertically, leaving a red-
               dish trail, and flew to the northeast. (70; M 198)
Oct. 18, 1954  Pont l'Abbe d'Arnoult (France). Mr. Meunier, a
               construction supervisor, was terrified by a strange
               craft, which rose vertically from the ground. He said
               he had never been so afraid, even during the war.
               (73; M 196)
Oct. 18, 1954  Fontenay-Torcy (France). Mr. and Mrs. Lherminier
2040           saw a cigar-shaped red object dive toward them with
               a reddish trail and land near the road. Upon reaching
               the top of the hill, they were confronted with a bulky
               human figure, about 1 m tall. The creature wore a
               helmet and his eyes were glowing with an orange
               light. One witness fainted on the spot. Four others
               saw the object in flight from separate locations. The
               countryside was illuminated over 2 or 3 km. (Per-
               sonal; Magonia)
Oct. 18, 1954  Royan (France). Mr. and Mrs. Labassiere and other
2100           witnesses saw two disks in the sky, one orange and
               the other red, with a sort of luminous "bridge" be-
               tween them. They landed, and one dwarf came out of
               each craft and went into the other without any sign.
               After this exchange of pilots both objects flew away
               with a tremendous flash. (74)
Oct. 18, 1954  Saint-Point Lake (France). Miss Bourriot saw a bright
2245           red light on Route N437 near the old factory. Near it
               were three beings: two, dwarfs, crossed the road ahead
               of her; the third was a man of medium size. The craft
               took off, flying over the lake at high speed. (Quincy;
               M 197; LDLN 97; Magonia)
Oct. 19, 1954  Livorno (Italy). Bruno Senesi saw two shining ob-
               jects emitting smoke land in a field. Out of them
               came small, red, monstrous beings who chased him.
               In a state of great excitement Senesi was brought to
               a hospital, where he tried to hide under a bed, scream-
               ing and trembling in terror. (85)
Oct. 19, 1954  Gorizia (Italy). Filippo Corridoni saw a half-empty
1920           balloon at ground level near the Isonzo River. Near
               it, a disk 10 m in diameter was resting on a strange
               frame. The upper part was white with a black dome-
               like turret, around which was a series of portholes,
               some illuminated with a very bright, bluish-white
               light, which suddenly went out as the object took off
               spinning and rising vertically, pulling the balloon
               with it. (86)
Oct. 19, 1954  Fabriano (Italy). Two men saw a disk-shaped object,
2230           6 m diameter, hovering and emitting small violet
               flashes. On top of it was a very high antenna. Two
               small robotlike beings, 1.2 m tall, descended from it
               on a long ladder. Their eyes were "sharp" and dark
               red. They said something that sounded like "Dbano
               da skigyay o dbano," went back aboard their craft,
               and flew away. (87)
Oct. 20, 1954  Issenheim (France). Lucien Fisch saw an object
               land near Route N83. It was luminous. (Quincy; 75)
Oct. 20, 1954  Raon-l'Etage (France). Forty-year-old Lazlo Ujvari
0230           was suddenly confronted by a man wearing a jacket,
               boots, and cloth headgear (like a pilot's) who pointed
               a gun at him and said something he could not under-
               stand. When Ujvari spoke to him in Russian, the
               man answered in the same language, asked whether
               he was in Spain or Italy, and how far he was from
               Germany. When he asked the time, Ujvari said:
               "2:30." The man took his watch and said "You lie;
               it's 4:00." Then he wanted to know how far and in
               what direction Marseilles was. He made Ujvari walk
               on the road with him, and they came close to a gray
               craft with an antenna on top. When he was about
               200 m away, he heard a soft whistling sound and saw
               it fly straight up, then take an oblique trajectory.
               (Carrouges 99; Magonia)
Oct. 20, 1954  Lusigny Forest (France). Roger Reveille saw an oval
               object, 6 m long, at treetop level, and felt intense
               heat from it. It took off vertically at great speed. In-
               side the woods, the heat had become intolerable and
               a cloud of dense smoke was forming under the rain.
               After 15 min the witness was able to approach the
               site, and he found the trees, grass, and ground per-
               fectly dry. (Quincy; M 204)
Oct. 20, 1954  Saint-Valery (France). Several unknown objects
               maneuvered for 2 hrs near this village. One of them
               was very brilliant and landed in a pasture. Two others
               were seen near the cliff in Mers, and seemed to be in
               communication by means of light signals with objects
               in another group. (75)
Oct. 20, 1954  Turquenstein (France). Mr. Schoubrenner, 25, a
1830           truck driver, saw a bright light in the distance and
               soon found his road blocked by a strange object. The
               engine died, and he felt paralyzed: "My hands were
               as though glued to the wheel." The craft looked like
               an inverted cone, the lower part phosphorescent, the
               middle dull, the top luminous with a yellow or orange
               point. (76; M 204)
Oct. 20, 1954  Panavicino d'Erba (Italy). Renzo Pugina, 37, bad
night          just put his car in the garage when he saw a strange
               being covered with a "scaly" luminous suit, about 1.3
               m tall, standing near a tree. The creature aimed the
               beam from a sort of flashlight at him, and he felt
               paralyzed, until a motion he made when clenching
               his fist on the garage keys seemed to free him. He
               attacked the intruder, who rose and fled with a soft
               whirring sound. An oily spot was found at the site.
Oct. 21, 1954  Pons (France). An egg-shaped object, about 5.5 m
               diameter, hovered and landed near the road. Two
               dwarfs, about 1.25 m tall, emerged from it, and went
               back inside almost immediately. The craft took off
               vertically leaving a red trail. (78)
Oct. 21, 1954  Melito (Italy). A young man walking in a field heard
               a rustling noise and saw a strange craft land nearby.
               Getting closer to investigate, he saw a pilot with a
               diving suit coming out of the craft, which emitted
               bronze-green rays of light, flooding the whole country-
               side. The witness was paralyzed. A dog barking about
               100 m away caused the rapid escape of the pilot into
               the craft, which took off. (88)
Oct. 21, 1954  Ranton (Great Britain). Near Shrewsbury, Jennie
1645           Roestenberg and her two children observed a disk-
               shaped, aluminum object hovering above the house.
               Through two transparent panels they saw two men
               with white skin, long hair to their shoulders, and very
               high foreheads. They wore transparent helmets and
               turquoise-blue clothing, resembling ski suits. The ob-
               ject hovered at a tilted angle while the two occupants
               looked at the scene "sternly, not in an unkind fashion,
               but almost sadly, compassionately." (Humanoids 4)
Oct. 21, 1954  Criteuil-la-Madeleine (France). The car driven by a
2000           bricklayer, Mr. Fillonnau, stoped as a large ball of
               fire flew near it. A violent air displacement was felt.
               "The battery was dead and the headlights were
               burned out." Thorough police investigation failed to
               identify the cause of the phenomenon. (79)
Oct. 21, 1954  Pouzou (France). Between Serifere and Paille, a man
2130           from Cherbonnieres suddenly felt painful pricklings
               similar to electric shocks and his 4-year-old child
               started crying. They felt increasing pain as the car
               went on, and suddenly the engine died and the lights
               went off. They were blinded by a strong red light,
               which turned orange. It came from an object hover-
               ing above the road, and everything returned to normal
               when it went away. (80; M 341 )
Oct. 23, 1954  Saint-Hilaire-des-Loges (France). Mrs. Boeuf was
               coming out of her farmhouse when she saw a lumi-
               nous disk in the sky and alled her family. When
               everyone saw the object come closer, they locked all
               doors and spent a sleepless night. They did not ob-
               serve the object's departure. (81)
Oct. 23, 1954  San Giovanni Vesuviano (Italy). Two persons in a
0100           car saw an object resting by fhe side of the road. They
               stopped and walked toward the craft, 2 m diameter,
               which suddenly changed its clear light into a red glow
               and took off. (89)
Oct. 23, 1954  Tripoli (Libya). A farmer saw a flying craft descend
0300           to ground level about 50 m away, with a sound like
               that of a compressor. It was an egg-shaped machine
               with six wheels and complex machinery. The top half
               was transparent, flooded with bright white light.
               Aboard were six men in yellowish coveralls, having
               human faces and masks. When he touched part of
               the craft, the witness felt a strong electric shock. One
               of the occupants motioned for him to stay away. For
               the next 2O min, the witness was able to observe the
               six men, apparently busy with instruments. Reliable
               investigations were made. (Personal; Magonia)
Oct. 24, 1954  Ain-el-Turck (Algeria). A small man with strange
               glowing eyes was seen on the Mediterranean shore.
Oct. 24, 1954  Les Egots (France). Near Sainte Catherine, a child
1730           saw a man emerge from a strange craft. He was
               "dressed in red, his clothes looked like iron. He walked
               with his legs stiff, had long hair and a hairy face. His
               eyes were large, like those of the cows." (Personal)
Oct. 24, 1954  Biozat (France). Between Biozat and Effiat, on the
2100           road from Clermont to Vichy, the engine of a motor
               scooter died as an egg-shaped object took off from
               the side of the road and rose without noise, leaving a
               bright trail behind. (Personal)
Oct. 25, 1954  Plemet (France). Approximate date. A. Treussard
               and a friend were almost blinded by a luminous disk,
               which landed in a pasture. (Personal)
Oct. 25, 1954  Northern Italy (exact place unknown). Ulderico
0600           Cardinali saw a disk-shaped craft among the reeds of
               a swamp. It was 2 m in diameter, and near it was a
               small being, 1.40 m tall, clad in yellowish-brown
               coveralls. This creature went inside the machine,
               which took off at very high speed, touching the tops
               of the reeds. (90)
Oct. 25, 1954  Arraye-et-Han (France). G. Mahou, municipal mun-
1830           cilor, 30, saw a phosphorescent craft shaped like a
               brooder, about 2 m in diameter, 1 m high, rise ver-
               tically from the road, leaving a luminous trail. (91)
Oct. 26, 1954  Angouleme (France). Vincent Casamajou and his
               wife saw a large cauldron-shaped craft, the size of a
               truck (about 7 m) at 50 m distance, near the road,
               18 km from this town, going toward Paris. It took off
               without noise, leaving a white trail. (9Z)
Oct. 26, 1954  La Madiere (France). Aime Boussard, 47, a farmer,
evening        was suddenly confronted with an individual of normal
               height (1.60 m) wearing a sort of diving suit with a
               pale-green light on either side of the helmet. The
               individual aimed at the witness the beam of two blue
               lights, and he was thrown backward. No craft was
               observed. (92)
Oct. 26, 1954  Les Metairies (France). Approximate date. At this
2030           place situated near Saint Quirin, Mrs. Louis and her
               sons Marc and Yvon observed an orange craft, 6 m
               diameter and 3 m high, fly over them as their tractor
               engine died. The lights also went out, and the battery
               was found dead after the sighting. (Personal)
Oct. 26, 1954  Heiteren (France). Mrs. Spinner and another witness
2130           saw a flying object come from the west and land 1 km
               away. (Personal)
Oct. 27, 1954  Linzeux (France). A shop owner and his employee
               felt an electric shock as a very bright object flying very
               low stopped the engine and turned off the lights on
               their car. (92; M 204)
Oct. 27, 1954  Mezieres (France). Policemen saw a craft, which took
               off from the ground. No details were given. (Personal)
Oct. 27, 1954  Ciolica Alta (Italy). A young man named Fabrizio
1400           Bruni heard a strange hissing sound and saw an object
               in a field. It was stationary, 1 m above the ground,
               seemed transparent and emitted a blinding glare. The
               witness fell on the ground "because of his strong emo-
               tions" at the sight. The object took off vertically and
               suddenly, leaving a trail. Very white, glistening
               threads were found on the ground. (93)  
Oct. 27, 1954  Les-Jonquerets-de-Livet (France). A farmer, Gilbert
1930           Hee, was gathering pears when he suddenly saw an
               elongated object with a light at both ends resting in
               the pasture. He dared not investigate, but he saw
               cows gathering around the object. A minute later, the
               lights went out, and the witness lost interest and went
               home. Two hours later, an 18-year-old man named
               Cheradame fell from his motorcycle as it suddenly
               failed at the same spot, and alerted neighbors saw
               the object again. It had moved only slightly and two
               occupants were seen. They were about 1 m tall, walked
               in stiff fashion, and had clothes resembling bright
               armor. They vanished suddenly, and the craft took off
               without noise. (Personal)
Oct. 27, 1954  Moussey (France). An object was seen on the ground
2030           by a schoolboy and his school director. Triangular
               traces were reported. (53)
Oct. 27, 1954  Oye-Plage (France). On Route N40, the Mayor's
2315           secretary saw for 15 min a bright, cigar-shaped object,
               flying very low and following the turns of the road
               at 20 m altitude. Suddenly it tumed at a right angle
               from the road and flew away. (Personal)
Oct. 27, 1954  Grosseto (Italy). Near Grosseto, Ermellina Lanzillo,
2330           who was looking for her cat, saw from her window
               a strange entity standing in the garden. The being
               appeared fat and had narrow shoulders, apelike eyes,
               and a head like a diving helmet. Paralyzed with terror,
               she regained self-control when called by her niece and
               withdrew from the window. (94)
Oct. 29, 1954  Mesples (France). A 14-year-old child sought asylum
0745           in the farmhouse owned by Mrs. Gentil, crying that
               he had been chased by a saucer. A disk three times as
               large as the sun, red and purple, spinning rapidly, was
               seen descending swiftly toward the ground and then
               it vanished. Investigation by local police. (Personal)
Oct. 30, 1954  Muro Lucano (Italy). Two objects were seen by
0930           hunters. One touched the ground 50 m away. It was
               rhomboidic, and from the bottom a cylinder was
               hanging. A peculiar sound could be heard. The object
               shifted its position and the cylinder hit trees, bounc-
               ing three times. Then the craft gained altitude and
               flew away, leaving a bluish trail. (82)
Oct. 31, 1954  Corrompu (France). Near Long, P. Petit and his em-
               ployee, Mr. Tillier, with a shop owner, Mr. Pecquet,
               saw an oval object on the ground. When it took off,
               the lights of a tractor went out. It measured about
               4.5 m, emitted a bright light similar to a welder's
               torch. It came back, turned, and flew to the south-
               west. It made the same noise as a swarm of bees.
Nov. 01, 1954  Poggio d'Ambra (Italy). A 40-year-old lady going to
0730           a cemetery suddenly observed an object, shaped like
               two cones with a common base, resting on a grassy
               space. Two small seats were visible inside the lower
               cone. From behind the object appared two dwarfs,
               1 m tall, wearing gray coveralls and reddish helmets.
               Speaking words she could not understand, and with
               smiles that showed fine white teeth, they took a pot
               of flowers from the witness and flew away. (Personal;
Nov. 02, 1954  Cremona (Italy). Two students, Pietro Alberini and
1800           Pericle Sacchi, who were hunting, saw a dwarf 1 m
               tall with a "rubber" head and a flexible tube connect-
               ing his face to a cylindrial container on his back.
               When they came close to it, the being wrapped itself
               in a bluish cloud. The witnesses ran away. (90)
Nov. 03, 1954  Oued Beth (Morocco). Maroc-Presse reported that
0700           one of its employees, Mr. E., driver of a delivery truck,
               "a man of sane judgment and excellent eyesight,"
               observed an object flying over the Beth River. "I am
               positive it was not an aircraft or any known machine
               but a circular, flat craft which had the appearance of
               copper. It flew normally for some time, then it sud-
               denly flipped over. Therefore, I was able to see the
               whole disk and was amazed when it came down into a
               field where it landed on edge, very gently. Almost im-
               mediately it rose into the sky at great speed, resumed
               its horizontal position and was soon lost to sight."
Nov. 04, 1954  Pontal (Brazil). Jose Alves was fishing in the Pardo
night          River when he suddenly saw a craft approach with a
               wobbling motion and landing near him. Shaped like
               two washbowls placed together, it was about 4.5 m in
               diameter. Too terrified to move, the witness saw three
               little men, dressed in white, wearing tight-fitting skull
               caps, with dark skin, come out of the craft, gather
               vegetables and water and fly away. (Humanoids 33;
               Lor. I 44)
Nov. 05, 1954  La Coruna (Spain). Gonzalo Rubinos Ramos, whose
               car had broken down, saw a large, shining disk rise 150
               m away with a slight noise like an explosion and fly
               away at fantastic speed. (96)
Nov. 05, 1954  La Roche-en-Brenil (France). Raymond R. saw a
1010           craft, which made a noise like a large transformer and
               gave off an orange light, land in a pasture. Three men
               in dark coveralls were standing nearby. One was hold-
               ing a sort of box, "which emitted a beam of light three
               meters long." The other two were holding objects
               that looked like weapons. Another witness fled and
               felt pricklings on his face as he ran. Four photographs
               of the scene were taken. Traces: a whitish substance
               and a circle 3 m in diameter where the ground had an
               ashlike appearance. (Personal)
Nov. 07, 1954  Monte Ortobene (Sardinia). A motorcyclist saw a
1515           disk-shaped machine land near the road. He tried to
               turn too sharply and fell 50 m away. A taxi driver
               stopped to observe the object, which gave off a soft
               whirring sound and soon took off. Farmers on the
               other side of the mountain saw it fly away. The disk,
               about 15 m in diameter, was made of a silvery, rough
               metal. It supported a dome and showed several port-
               holes. (97; Wilkins U 237)
Nov. 08, 1954  Monza (Italy). A crowd of about 150 people, destroy-
1030           ing barriers to come closer, gathered to observe a lumi-
               nous craft landed in a stadium. The object rested on  
               three legs and had a dome emitting a blinding white
               light and supporting an antenna. Two small figures
               dressed in white and gray, wearing transparent hel-  
               mets, were seen. They spoke with guttural sounds.
               One of them had a black face with sort of trunk.
               When a man sicced a boxer dog onto the dwarfs, the
               animal turned around and bit him. The object rose
               with a shrill sound and vanished rapidly. (Wilkins
               U 238)
Nov. 08, 1954  Voussac (France). In the Vacheresse Forest, reliable
1800           persons reported seeing a luminous sphere land at the
               edge of the forest and become dark. The next morn-
               ing, investigation disclosed that an area 4 or 5 m in
               diameter had no leaves, while the ground elsewhere
               was covered with them. The earth seemed to have
               been dug up. (Personal)
Nov. 08, 1954  La Tessoualle (France). Andre Chaillou felt pricklings
dusk           in his hands, "in spite of his gloves," when a blue disk
               came close to his motorcycle and his electrical system
               failed. He was unable to move or articulate a word
               for several minutes. As soon as the blue light was
               turned off, he started again and went near the light
               when it reappeared 200 m away. He saw the object,
               a cone 5.5 m in size, rise vertically with a soft whistling, 
               then fly horizonally to the north. (98)
Nov. 09, 1954  Bois de Villers (Belgium). Two villagers reported the
               landing of a 2-m-high "flying egg" in a pasture.
               Screams seemed to emanate from it. (Wilkins U 251)
Nov. 10, 1954  Porto Alegre (Brazil). An agronomist and his family
               in their car saw a landed disk from which two men,
               normal in height, with long hair and coverall-like
               clothes, emerged and came toward the car with arms
               raised. As the frightened witnesses sped away, they
               saw the men reenter the disk, which rose and flew off
               at very great speed. (Lor. I 42)
Nov. 13, 1954  Berck (France). Near the local airport, Mr. Davril
0330           saw a craft like a round hut 300 m away. It took off
               without noise. (Personal)
Nov. 13, 1954  Buchy (France). At intersection of Routes N28 and
               N319, Mr. R. L., of Rouen, saw a luminous craft take
               off while he feIt pricklings and was paralyzed. The
               engine of the car slowed down but did not stall.
Nov. 13, 1954  Curitiba (Brazil). A lens-shaped object was seen on
0330           the railroad tracks. Near it, three dwarfs wearing
               tight-fitting suits were looking at the tracks with a
               light. When the witness approached, the machine
               took off very fast. (99; Humanoids 33)
Nov. 14, 1954  Isola (Italy). Amerigo Lorenzini, a farmer, saw a
afternoon      bright, cigar-shaped craft land near him and took
               cover. Out of it came three dwarfs dressed in metallic
               diving suits. They centered their attention on rabbits
               in a cage while speaking among themselves in an un-
               known language. Thinking they were going to steal
               the animals, the farmer aimed a rifle at the intruders,
               but it failed to fire and the witness suddenly felt so
               weak that he had to drop the gun. The dwarfs took
               the rabbits, and their craft departed, leaving a bright
               trail. (100)
Nov. 14, 1954  Wasmes (Belgium). Approximate date. Marcel
night          Pipers a gardener saw a craft resting near the road
               give off a very bright light. His clothing was partially
               burned when he went close to it. (Quincy)
Nov. 14, 1954  Forli (Italy). A shange beam of red light, apparently
night          from some flying source, was reported sweeping the
               countryside. As it illuminated two tractors, one of
               them stalled, but the other, a diesel, continued. The
               beam was seen for about one hour by a large number
               of persons. (M 211)
Nov. 22, 1954  Santa Maria (Brazil). A radio operator at the local
2145           air base saw a huge, dark object about 30 m in diam-
               eter hovering at treetop height. With four other per-
               sons he saw it for several hours, sometimes softly
               glowing, sometimes coming down almost to the
               ground. (Lor. I 4511)
Nov. 25, 1954  Calcerosa (Italy). Two 12-year-old boys, G. Marziano
1700           and P. Santucci, suddenly saw three figures who, as
               soon as they were discovered, entered a small spherical
               craft concealed 10 m away behind some bushes. The
               beings were small, about 35 cm tall, had very large
               heads and lead-gray skin. The craft had two sharp-
               pointed propellers in front, which started spinning.
               The craft took off suddenly with a hissing sound. (90)
Nov. 28, 1954  Caracas (Venezuela). G. Gonzales and Jose Ponce,
0200           truck drivers, found their road blocked by a luminous
               sphere over 3 m diameter, hovering 2 m above ground.
               A small creature with claws and glowing eyes came
               toward them. Gonzales grabbed it, found it strangely
               light (less than 2O kg), and observed its body was
               very hard and covered with fur. But the creature
               pushed him back, while two other dwarfs emerged
               from the bushes and leaped into the sphere, carrying
               stones and other samples. Gonzales was blinded by a
               light from the craft and the strange beings flew away.
               (Lor I 52)
Dec.,  1954    Guanare (Venezuela). Early in December, the di-
               rector of Barquisimeto College was chased by a lumi-
               nous disk as he was driving near Guanare. He fired at
               the object with his revolver, without effect. He
               stopped another car in which a lawyer and two police-
               men were traveling. All four saw the machine fly
               away. (Lor. I 43)
Dec. 01, 1954  Bassoues (France). A 39-year-old civilian saw an oval
0430           light, very bright, illuminating the countryside. After
               some maneuvers and oscillations in mid-air, it landed
               for a couple of minutes less than 3 km away, then flew
               off to the east. (Personal)
Dec. 04, 1954  Zuaga (Spain). Twelve workers saw what they de-
               scribed as a square machine, with a side of 10 m,
               land and take off at great speed, flying toward the
               south. (Personal)
Dec. 04, 1954  Caselle di Nogara (Italy). For several minutes a
night          waiter saw a circular object stationary in a pasture 50
               m away. It was blue with symmetrical openings, from which
               a bright red light was emitted. The witness got a rifle
               and fired twice at the very tall figure who came out of
               the turret on the craft. Immediately a very strong wind
               was felt, and the craft took off amidst a reddish glow.
Dec. 09, 1954  Linha Bela Vista (Brazil). A farmer, O. da Costa e
evening        Rosa, observed a stranger standing near a machine
               shaped like "a tropical helmet," cream-colored, sur-
               rounded with haze, making the same noise as a sew-
               ing machine. Another man was looking at a fence, and
               the head and arms of a third one were visible inside
               the craft. As the witness dropped his hoe, the man
               smiled, picked it up, and gave it back to him, after
               which they motioned him to stay away and took off.
               They were of average height, had broad shoulders,
               long hair, very white skin, and slanted eyes. They
               wore brown coveralls ending with shoes without heels.
               (Lor. I 46; Humanoids  4)
Dec. 09, 1954  Dorf-Gull (Germany). Ernst Jung and his wife saw
1930           an intense red, luminous object descending toward
               them at great speed. It hovered 5 m above ground
               when they stopped their motorcycle. It was cigar-
               shaped, 5 m long, 2 m wide. They saw it turn off its
               lights and fly toward the forest. Other people in a bus
               saw the same thing. (Nachrichten Oct., 56)
Dec. 10, 1954  Floresta (Venezuela). A doctor from Caracas who
1830           was driving with his father near this town stopped his
               car as two little men were running into the bushes.
               Soon thereafter, a luminous disk rose from the side
               of the road with a sizzling sound and flew away.
               (Lor. I 43)
Dec. 10, 1954  Chico (Venezuela). Having seen a bright object land
evening        near the Trans-Andean Highway, two young men ap-
               proached it, found it was shaped like two bowls g]ued
               together, about 3 m diameter. The underside was a
               source of fiery light. Four small beings emerged and
               attacked them, in an apparent kidnapping attempt.
               The dwarfs were extremely strong, their bodies cov-
               ered with hair. They fled into the machine, and it took
               off. (Lor. I 51)
Dec. 11, 1954  Linha Bela Vista (Brazil). Near the site of Case 349,
1700           Pedro Morais saw two human beings dressed in "yel-
               low bags" take a tobacco plant and a chicken, then go
               away. Their craft "had a bottom like an enormous
               polished brass kettle," hovered with an oscillating
               motion, and made a noise like a sewing machine. Its
               upper part resembled a jeep hood. (Lor. I 46; Human-
               oids 34)
Dec. 16, 1954  San Carlos (Venezuela). Three young men saw a
               dwarf, who attacked one of them, Jesus Paz, before
               fleeing into a disk-shaped machine, which flew off
               immediately. It was flat and shiny and had been
               hovering 1 m above ground. (Lor. I 50; Humanoids
Dec. 17, 1954  Bersaillin (France). A woodsman from Poligny saw a
1700           very bright light on the road, first thought it was an
               American car with its headlights on, but soon ob-
               served it came from a dark craft about 80 m away.
               The light turned brighter; the witness felt an intense
               heat wave and thought he was going to die. Finally,
               the light went away. (Personal)
Dec. 19, 1954  Valencia (Venezuela). Jose Parra, an 18-year-old
2300           jockey, saw six small creatures loading stones into a
               disk-shaped machine hovering about 3 m above
               ground. He tried to run away but was paralyzed by a
               violet beam aimed at him by one of the creatures. All
               the creatures entered the craft, and it took off. (Lor.
               I 52)
Dec. 20, 1954  Valencia (Venezuela). An employee of the Barbula
0000           sanatorium saw an object on the ground but did not
               report it. Three hours later, another employee saw
               the craft. It was luminous and took off soon after-
               ward. (Lor. I 52)
Dec. 29, 1954  Bru (France). Near Gardonne, Mr. Gamba saw an
2100           oval red object 50 m away. When he tried to approach
               it, he found he was unable to move. As soon as this
               "paralysis" subsided, he ran to get his brothers and
               came back to the craft, which turned white, then red.
               It rose and flew away toward the east. It had been on
               the ground for at least 15 min. Strange traces were
               found, as if the ground had been dug up. Small trees
               near the river were found damaged, as if they had
               been cut with a knife. (103)
Jan. 03, 1955  Melbourne (Australia). Two persons in a car saw a
0725           flying object come within 70 m of them after their
               vehicle was stopped. (Quincy)
Jan. 05, 1955  San Sebastian (Spain). A red circular object 3 m in
               diameter was observed to land and take off again.
Mar., 1955     Branch Hill (Ohio). Robert Hunnicutt, a business-
0400           man, saw three men kneeling on the side of the road.
               They were about 1 m tall, had gray skin, and wore
               tight-fitting gray clothes. They had froglike face, long
               slender arms, normal eyes, but no eyebrows. One of
               them held a dark object (emitting blue flashes) be-
               tween his raised arms. Hunnicutt tried to go near but
               "must have lost consciousness," because he found
               himself driving to the police station without remem-
               bering what took place in the meantime. (Stringfield;
               FS May., 61; Sanderson 147)
Mar. 02, 1955  Huntley (Illinois). A car was followed for 10 min by
1700           three elongated "balloons," each showing eight red
               lights and about 7 m long. (Atic)
May. 29, 1955  Smithfield, near Cairns (Australia). Approximate
1920           date. Three farmers, among them Thomas Robinson,
               saw a light growing in size for 2 min and flying
               between them and Mt. Williams. Looking like a
               "light airplane on fire," it changed course, losing alti-
               tude and trailing flames. It touched the ground, light-
               ing up the whole area, rose again, and began to "feel
               its way along the crooked edge of the cane field and
               the swamp toward our house." It returned to earth
               four times. The dogs ran out barking as it landed
               within 100 m of the witnesses before taking off again.
               (UFO Bulletin Mar., 58)
May. 31, 1955  Puy-Saint-Gulmier (France). A farmer, 74-year-old
1110           J. B. Collange, was watching his cows on a clear, calm
               morning when he suddenly observed, in an easterly
               direction, a vertical circular object about 3 m away,
               the bottom edge about 30 cm from the ground. It
               measured about 1.10 m in diameter, was very lumi-
               nous, white, but not blinding. Many filaments of
               various colors were radiating from the disk. Their
               length varied between 0.5 and 2 m. The object rose
               over a hedge and was lost to sight behind some woods.
               (Ouranos 14, 15, 22)
Jul. 03, 1955  Stockton (Georgia). Mrs. Wesley Symmonds was
               driving near this town when she saw four "bug-eyed"
               creatures near the road. They were small beings with
               thin arms, large eyes, and pointed chins. Two were
               turned away from the witness; one was bending over
               with something like a stick in its hand; and the fourth
               one was facing her with its right arm raised. It had
               bulging eyes, a sort of cap, no visible mouth, a long
               pointed nose, a chin which came to a sharp point, and
               long thin arms with claws. (Stringfield; Humanoids
Jul. 18, 1955  Plessiel Airfield, near Abbeville (France). Mr. Maupin
0300           and five other witnesses on the airfield were blinded
               by a light from a disk-shaped object 150 m away. It
               left orange glows in its trail. Silent, flying slowly, it
               hovered near the Metro station, close to the ground,
               but did not actually land. It left toward the northwest.
               A woodsman from Mareul-Caubert, Mr. Rolle, saw
               the object half-an-hour earlier. It came from the
               direction of Amiens. (Personal)
Aug. 01, 1955  Salon, near Arles (France). Two persons in a car saw
night          a lighted object dive toward them and hover about
               30 m above the road. A disk, 12 m in diameter, it flew
               around the car and went away without noise. The
               witnesses were tourists, who went straight to the Arles
               police. (105)
Aug. 01, 1955  Chardon Road (Ohio). Mr. Sheneman, who was com-
2100           ing from Willoughby, came out of his car and saw a
               circular object with a red light on it that came down
               fast, hovered, and emitted two beams of light. The
               witness fled toward his house, and the object appeared
               to chase him at less than 70 m altitude. It measured
               about 30 m in diameter and supported a dome. Mr.
               Sheneman, his wife, and their two children saw it fly
               away. (Evidence 114)
Aug. 05, 1955  Buzancy, Ardennes (France). Messrs. Coisin and
1430           Mahieu saw five brown, disk-shaped machines coming
               down and up again at great speed. One of them flew
               under the others, then two disks appeared to land
               300 m away near the German cemetery. The others
               flew away toward the south at tremendous speed.
Aug. 16, 1955  Bradford (England). Mr. Ernest Suddard, 35, and
0400           his 13-year-old son were in a lorry on Roundhill Street
               when they saw what seemed to be a human being
               about 1.20 m tall, dressed in skin-tight black clothes.
               It held its arms close to its sides, its feet close together,
               and walked by a series of jumps. On its chest was a
               silver disk perforated with holes. It turned off sud-
               denly into a passageway and was lost to sight. The
               witnesses were too amazed to follow it. (Constance
Aug. 19, 1955  Bradford (England). About 700 m away from Round-
2330           hill street, Mr. Wood, a warehouseman, saw a bright,
               bullet-shaped, silvery object behind a hillock. It
               measured about 4 m in height, 1.5 m in diameter, had
               a surface similar to chromium and made a high-
               pitched buzzing sound. (Constance 222)
Aug. 21, 1955  Hopkinsville (Kentucky). The Sutton family saw a
2030           light landing near their farmhouse, then several night-
               marish entities about 1 m tall, with glowing silver
               clothing, an oversized round head, huge eyes and
               ears, and a slit-like mouth harassed them for several
               hours, in spite of heavy gunfire. At one point, one of
               the entities was knocked down from the roof by a
               bullet: it "floated down." Running out of ammuni-
               tion, the Suttons got the police, who observed a
               lighted object in the sky, flying very fast. (Atic,
               Anatomy 173; Magonia)
Aug. 22, 1955  Casa Blanca, near Riverside (California). A group of
1400           children was playing in the garden of Mr. and Mrs.
               Douglas when they observed a hovering object which
               disappared and reappeared as a spinning disk with
               curved lines radiating from it. Other objects, silvery
               and semi-transparent, soon appeared and were seen by
               all children. They made musical sounds as they van-
               ished and reappeared. One of them landed, and a
               creature the size of a 4-year-old child, transparent,
               wearing a belt with a bright disk, was seen nearby.
               Another creature appeared and spoke to one of the
               boys. All the children experienced visions of the ob-
               ject and the creatures, as well as "arms" which ap-
               peared to beckon to them. (TSR 67, 5)
Aug. 25, 1955  Greenhills (Ohio). Four adolescents in a car saw a
               creature with a luminous body, standing near a fire-
               plug. (Stringfield 64)
Sep. 16, 1955  Boisseuges (France). A young shepherd heard a
1800           whistling sound as a dark mass appeared to fall from
               the sky and a rush of air swept him from his feet. The
               object looked like a machine with an opening where
               a stairway became visible. Two occupants were seen.
               One was observed to have a reddish face, a bald head
               and very fine teeth. The craft was round, about 3.5 m
               diameter, 2 m high, lighted with neon-like light. The
               occupants gathered some plants and flew away to
               the northwest. (Personal)
Sep. 17, 1955  Bush Pine (New York). Mr. and Mrs. Bordes, of New
night          York City, were fishing when they heard a loud splash
               and a "gurgling sound," saw a pink, iridescent, mush-
               room-shaped object rise about 70 cm above the water,
               and sink into the reservoir. Later, they saw the object
               again, about 5 m long and surrounded with turbu-
               lence. It reversed direction several times without turn-
               ing around and finally flew away very fast. (Constance
               226; FSR 55,5)
Oct. 28, 1955  Galloway (England). A disk with a row of blue lights
               on the periphery slowly maneuvered above a car on a
               deserted road. (Evidence 135, 146)
Nov. 02, 1955  Williston (Florida). Deputy-sheriff A. H. Perkins,
               C. F. Bell, and a dozen other witnesses saw six bell-
               shaped objects moving by successive leaps. One came
               close to a patrol car; the men inside felt that their
               arms and legs "went dead" and that their clothes
               were burning them. (Evidence 64)
Apr. 06, 1956  McKinney (Texas). Two men saw a silvery, balloon-
               shaped craft about 2 m in diameter land in a field
               100 m away from them, about 8 km east of McKinney.
               They stopped their car to investigate, but the object
               took off at fantastic speed. (Atic)
Apr. 08, 1956  Elboeuf (France). Near Exauroux, two brothers, 18
2345           and 20, saw a red ball to their left coming down and
               hovering at tree height. It then left at fantastic speed.
               Three additional witnesses reported it independently.
               The object was a disk about 7.5 m in diameter, with a
               red dome, and rotating fins under it. It emitted a
               yellow-orange glow. (Personal)
Apr. 16, 1956  Henderson (North Carolina). On Route 1, just be-
0500           fore dawn, two government employees saw for a few
               seconds a large, top-shaped object passing over their
               car. It was as large as the road and made no sound.
May. 09, 1956  Jacksonville (Florida). Two girls, Joan Frost and
2300           Gertie Wynn, while waiting for a bus, saw two
               pulsating lights flying horizontally and disappearing.
               15 min later the lights were seen again, stopping at
               the zenith, merging, and diving to 50 m altitude. As
               the bus arrived, it seemed that the objects had sepa-
               rated and were about to abduct the witnesses, and
               they ran to the vehicle in terror. (APRO Mar., 59)
Jun. 06, 1956  Banning (California). An object hovered about 30 m
0430           above and 100 m away from the witness's car. Showing
               something like a dome on top, it crossed the road
               slowly, turned, and crossed the road again behind the
               car, then vanished suddenly. (Atic)
Jul. 20, 1956  Panorama City (California). Three witnesses inde-
               pendently claimed that they observed a huge, ball-
               shaped object from which emerged three beings. They
               were nearly 2 m tall, had long, blond hair, and wore
               tight, green suits. (Hanlon; Humanoids 64)
Sep., 1956     Cabo Frio (Brazil). O. Guarichi was walking on the
2030           beach with his dogs when he saw an object come from
               the sea and land. Two men, 1.80 m tall, wearing
               metallic-looking uniforms, emerged. One of them
               picked up objects from the beach. There was an ex-
               change of gestures with the witness. One of the dogs
               turned away when the witness approached the craft,
               which was 20 m wide 3 m high and showed flashing
               lights as it left. (Nachrichten Mar., 61)
Jan. 15, 1957  Balfour (New Zealand). William West and Wallace
early          Liddell saw an object similar to a shooting star coming
               close to them appearing then as an oval, fluorescent
               craft, about 40 m in diameter, which almost touched
               the grass. They rushed to catch it, but it jumped away,
               turning into a bluish-white sphere with a dark red
               center. Each time they tried to reach it, the craft
               jumped farther away. It cleared a high fence and
               slowly vanished. The Invercargill Weather Bureau
               had no explanation. (107)
Feb. 09, 1957  Georgetown (Connecticut). Approximate date. Ina
2200           Salter was driving on Route 53 in a desolate area when
               she encountered a cigar-shaped objert about 5 m long,
               showing several portholes, which was hovering close
               to the ground to the left of the road. The portholes,
               about 50 cm in diameter, were illuminated with a
               yellowish light, and there were shadows moving be-
               hind. As she passed the object, it took off straight up,
               hovered for a few seconds, then rose out of sight
               (APRO Mar., 62)
Mar. 08, 1957  Baudette (Minnesota). A pilot saw a circular object
night          flying against the wind. It was luminous, about 5.5 m
               in diameter, and flew so low that it appeared to suck
               up the snow. (Keyhoe S)
Apr. 14, 1957  Vins-sur-Caramy (France). At an intersection, two
1500           women, Mrs. Garcin and Mrs. Rami, suddenly heard
               a noise and saw behind them a top-shaped object, 1 m
               high and 1 m wide, nearly touching the ground. It
               made a sudden jump and landed again: There were a
               number of antennalike projections on top of it. The
               noise did not come from the object, but from a
               metallic road sign vibrating in its vicinity. (M 207;
               Challenge 14)
Apr. 19, 1957  Pacific Ocean, near Japan. Japanese fishermen aboard
1152           the "Kitsukawara Maru" saw two metal disks come
               into the sky. This was followed by violent turbulence.
               (Round-up 147)
Apr. 22, 1957  Palalda (France). Mr. and Mrs. Firmin Bason heard
1300           an unusual noise and saw a whirlwind of flames 10 or
               15 m above ground, coming down toward the vine-
               yard. It was red and blue, spinning wildly, flying
               slowly. It hovered for 5 min over plants which moved
               violently, then it flew south with a deafening roar,
               hovered again and departed to the southwest. Diam-
               eter at the top: about 5 m. (Ouranos 21)
May., 1957     Milford (Pennsylvania). Frances Stichler, who lived
               on a farm, was working in her barn when she heard a
               whirring sound and saw a bowl-shaped object, 7 m in
               diameter, with a rim over 1 m wide about 5 m above
               ground. It stopped with one side tilted toward her. A
               man dressed in a loose, shiny, gray suit, wearing a
               tight-fitting helmet, was facing her from inside the
               object. He seemed of average height had deep-set
               eyes, tanned skin, and a long face with a "quizzical"
               expression. Almost immediately the object left toward
               the southeast. (108; Humanoids 57)
May. 01, 1957  Pajasblancas Airport (Argentina). When his motor-
0700           cycle suddenly failed, the driver observed a disk, 2O m
               in diameter and 5 m thick, hovering about 15 m above
               ground. He hid in a ditch and saw the craft come
               down, making a sound similar to air escaping from a
               valve. A sort of lift descended from its base almost to
               the ground. In it was a man of average height, who
               made friendly gestures to the witness. He was dressed
               in a plastic diving suit. The witness entered the ma-
               chine and saw inside several people seated before
               instrument panels, lighted by an extraordinary light.
               He was then escorted out, and the disk rose to the
               northwest. During the next hour, six sightings were
               made along the same course by independent witnesses.
               (Humanoids 35; FSR 65, 1; FSR 65, 4)
May. 10, 1957  Beaucourt-sur-Ancre (France). A Hungarian refugee,
2250           Michel Fekete, was riding his bicycle when he saw an
               object hovering 30 cm above ground and four little
               men nearby. The police found lavalike fragments at
               the site. Six other witnesses vouch for the sighting
               including Messrs. Iklef and Lepot and their wives.
               The craft was luminous, pulsating between red and
               white (remaining red longer). When white, it was
               more blinding than a powerful searchlight. It was 50 m
               away from the group of witnesses. Occupants were
               about 1.30 m tall with a beige-gray body, an ab-
               normally large black head, and a waddling gait. The
               object flew away when a car came into view. (109; M
Jun. 5, 1957   Uriman (Venezuela). Undocumented report of a
               landing and of "bellicose dwarfs." (Quincy)
Jul. 25, 1957  Sao Sebastiao (Brazil). Mr. Joao Guimaraes, who is
1910           a professor at the Catholic Faculty of Law in Santos,
               was sitting near the shore when he saw a hat-shaped,
               luminous craft approach from the sea and land near
               him. From it came a metallic stairway. Two normal
               men with long, fair hair hanging to their shoulders, a
               youthful appearance and wearing one-piece suits,
               came down, gave no verbal answers to his questions,
               but invited him "telepathically" to come aboard the
               craft. Inside the illuminated compartment, he sat on
               a circular seat with the crew. The machine rose for a
               short flight. On his return, Guimaraes found that his
               watch no longer worked. (Humanoids 36; FSR 57, 6
Jul. 30, 1957  Galt, Ontario (Canada). Jack Stephenson was walk-
               ing about 7 km from Galt when he saw a flash in the
               sky. A circular object making a whirring sound came
               down and landed with a throw of flames. It took off
               again 30 min later,leaving the ground blackened and
               branches broken. The craft had a stationary dome,
               but the periphery was spinning. (Round-up 188)
Aug. 20, 1957  Quilino (Argentina). An Air Force man inside a tent
               heard a loud, shrill sound and saw a disk that came
               down as grass and plants fluttered wildly under it. He
               found himself unable to draw his gun, which "seemed
               to be glued in its holster." A voice came from the
               craft, telling him in Spanish that UFO's had a base in
               the Salta area and would soon show themselves to
               warn all people about the dangers of a nuclear
               catastrophe. (Humanoids 36)
Aug. 22, 1957  Cecil Naval Air Station (Florida). A black, bell-
1540           shaped object bearing two bright, white lights at the
               top and maeasuring 15 m in diameter was chased by a
               civilian in a car until the engine stalled. The object
               was then hovering 3 m away. The underside of the
               machine resembled a disk with fins. When a jet air-
               craft took off from the airfield, the object went out of
               sight almost instantaneously. The car battery was
               found completely dead. There was no helicopter in
               the area, although the two witnesses compared the
               noise made by the object to that of a helicopter. (Atic)
Sep., 1957     Campinas (Brazil). A man suddenly fell, as if para-
               lyzed, and his two companions then observed an ob-
               ject shaped like a disk with a dome on top and another
               dome under it, 50 m away. A door opened and three
               men, 1.70 m tall, wearing close-fitting, iridescent
               clothing, and who walked as if on skis, appeared to
               make a check of the craft and the surroundings. They
               gathered samples in a large box. The witnesses saw
               small portholes and a tripod landing gear. The craft
               took off after 20 min. (Nachrichten Jul., 60)
Sep. 10, 1957  Ubatuba (Brazil). Approximate date. Anonymous
               witnesses saw a disk dive down and explode, shower-
               ing the area with flaming fragments. Some samples
               were gathered, sent to a Brazilian newsman, analyzed
               by friends of Dr. Fontes, of Rio, and were found to
               consist of surprisingly pure magnesium. (Lor.l 90; 110)
Sep. 16, 1957  Smithfield (Australia). Les McDonald, 17, and
930            Gladys Smith, 14, saw a red light changing to green,
               spreading around them like a mist and covering an
               area about 100 m diameter. They became nearly
               paralyzed and "felt a warm glow." They had no fear,
               but were "merely cognizant of things as they were
               without being able to react." This sensation lasted
               two min. (UFO Bulletin Dec., 57)
Sep. 19, 1957  Point Pleasant (New Jersey). A boomerang-shaped
1840           object bigger than a house was reported to have
               landed. Grass flattened. (Atic)
Sep. 26, 1957  Yellow Falls (Texas). Three hundred people were
sunset         said to have seen three elongated objects with a series
               of portholes, maneuvering at ground level in an area
               with many empty oil wells. One of these objects, said
               to be 150 m long and 20 m high, pearl-colored, glisten-
               ing under the setting sun and showing a series of
               circles painted on its surface, landed for 20 min. An
               occupant emerged, observed the abandoned derricks
               and took off again. Observed through binoculars, he
               appeared as a "monster," 1 m tall, moving with
               strange jumps. He picked up something from the
               ground. (Perego)
Sep. 29, 1957  Deerwood Nike Base (Maryland). Undocumented
0500           report of a landing observed by missile men. (Keyhoe
Oct., 1957     Niquelandia (Brazil). At the Gabiroba farm, owners
               A. Santinoni and S. de Oliveira were blinded by
               beam from a round object at ground level. The light
               was green and yellow. When they came near, all went
               dark and the object vanished. (Round-up 205)
Oct. 05, 1957  Francisco de Sales (Brazil). Antonio Villas-Boas who
2300           could not sleep because of the heat, opened the
               shutters of his house and saw a silvery glow in the
               yard, but no flying object. The light moved and was
               seen going over the house. (FSR 66, 4; Magonia)
Oct. 08, 1957  Nabouwalu (Fiji Islands). Two couples going from
1500           Nabouwalu to Nawaca in a motor boat saw a white
               object come down from the sky, thought it was a
               plane in trouble and went closer. They found the
               object hovering 7 m above the water, and a figure on
               board the craft aimed at them a beam so bright they
               "felt weak." The figure disappeared suddenly, and
               the object took off vertically at high speed. (Round-up
               202; Challenge 18)
Oct. 10, 1957  Schenectady (New York). Mrs. Edward Yeager who
               lived in a trailer on the Duanesburg-Church Road
               near Mariaville, saw a circular object go down behind
               the hill. Two min later it flew up again, very bright.
               The next day she was feeding animals that ran away
               as the same or a similar object came within 2 m of the
               ground. Two dark, little men came out of the craft
               and went into the woods. The object remained there
               two min, then left. A search for the occupants proved
               futile. A bus driver was said to have seen two craft
               land in a nearby field at the same hour. (FSR 58, 3)
Oct. 10, 1957  Quebracoco (Brazil). Naval officer Miguel Espanhol
night          and another man, traveling to Ceres, saw a bright
               object that illuminated the countryside and came
               down to ground level as the truck stalled. It was oval
               or saucer-shaped, over 150 m in diameter and 40 m
               deep, with a dome supporting a long "aerial" with a
               red light on top. The bright light went off and the
               witnesses saw seven childlike beings, with long hair
               and luminous suits, who looked down at them for
               about 3 min. The craft flew south and released a
               smaller disk, which flew north. (Humanoids 36)
Oct. 11, 1957  Roulon (France). Two witnesses in a car saw some-
2000           thing they described as "a dark, transparent ball"
               about 50 cm in diameter rising from the side of the
               road. It had appendages trailing behind. (111)
Oct. 14, 1957  Francisco de Sales (Brazil). Second observation by
2145           A. Villas-Boas. He was plowing a field with his
               brother when they saw a red light at the edge of the
               field. He went toward it, but it shifted its position
               every time he went close. It vanished on the spot.
               (FSR 66, 4; Magonia)
Oct. 15, 1957  Covington (Indiana). Mr. Moudy, a farmer, observed
daylight       a silvery disk which hovered above his tractor; the
               engine failed when the object rose. (Personal)
Oct. 16, 1957  Francisco de Sales (Brazil). Third observation by A.
0100           Villas-Boas. Alone in the fields on a clear night, he
               saw a big, red star which took the appearance of a
               luminous, egg-shaped object and stopped 50 m above
               his tractor. Its light was brighter than that of the
               headlights as it landed 15 m away. The top part was
               spinning. It became green as it slowed down, was then
               seen as a flattened dome. Three legs emerged from the
               machine as it settled down. The tractor engine stalled,
               and the witness was seized by unknown individuals
               and carried aboard the craft, where he was medically
               examined, then left with a woman of short stature
               with whom he had sexual intercourse. Villas-Boas
               reported that crew members wore tight, white clothes
               with a light on the belt, heelless white shoes, big
               gloves, and opaque helmets with a slit at the level of
               the eyes. Their language was shrill, and he could estab-
               lish no verbal communication with them. (FSR 66,
               4 et seq.)
Oct. 25, 1957  Petropolis (Brazil). A girl suffering from cancer ap-
               peared about to die when the house was suddenly
               illuminated by a strong light, as if a searchlight had
               been aimed at the room. It came from an object whose
               top part was reddish yellow. Two figures emerged
               from it and entered the house. They were about 1.20 m
               tall, had long yellow-red hair, small green, slanted
               eyes, and wore white gloves and glowing white clothes.
               Before the astounded witnesses (the author of the
               report and the family of the girl), they used a device
               producing a bluish-white light and another instu-
               ment, in what appeared to be radiation treatment of
               the patient. After 30 min they went away, leaving
               her completely cured. The report was anonymous.
               (FSR 67, 5)
Oct. 31, 1957  Longchaumois (France). A businessman and his wife
0000           saw a large, lighted object with openings, which hov-
               ered, came to ground level, and took off with a great
               increase in brightness at very high speed, but without
               noise. (Personal)
Nov., 1957     Provencal (Louisiana). Haskell Raper, Jr., was driv-
2300           ing home on a rainy night when he saw a large, lighted
               object on the road ahead, which he thought was a
               truck. Suddenly the object flashed a beam of light
               directly at the car, apparently exerting a strong
               pressure and slowing it to a stop 5 m away. The object
               was then described as oval, 5 m long, 3 m high, army
               green in color. It bore lettering beginning with the
               letters UN, followed by some numbers. A sort of heat
               wave filled the car, and the witness ran out in panic
               as the vehicle caught fire. The object rose with the
               sound of a diesel engine. Raper ran to the town, less
               than 2 km away; and reported the incident. The car,
               a 1956 Ford, was completely destroyed. (FS Oct., 58)
Nov. 02, 1957  Canadian (Texas). 5 km west of this town, military
0330           and civilian witnesses reported a submarine-shaped
               object, red and white, two or three times as long as a
               car and about 3 m high, at ground level. A figure was
               seen near this object, also something compared to a
               white flag. When a car stopped in the vicinity, a
               flash of light from the object coincided with the sud-
               den failure of the headlights. (Atic)
Nov. 02, 1957  Levelland (Texas). A large number of reports from
2250           the Levelland area described a low-flying object, over
               60 m long, equipped with a bright light, and which
               interfered with car ignition. (Anatomy 136; map)
Nov. 03, 1957  White Sands (New Mexico). At Stallion Site, an
0300           army patrol in a jeep saw an orange, "apparently con-
               trolled," luminous object on the ground near the site
               of the first A-bomb explosion. It was first seen as a
               sunlike source 50 m above ground, descending to
               ground level after 3 min, and landing several km away
               at the northern end of the testing grounds. Two wit-
               nesses. (M 238)
Nov. 04, 1957  Elmwood Park (Illinois). Two policemen, Joseph
0315           Lukasek and Clifford Schau, and a third man named
               Daniel De Giovanni, while looking for the cause of a
               headlight failure, observed a fluorescent object 50 to
               100 m away from them, coming down. The car had-
               lights functioned properly again and they drove to-
               ward the object but had to stop at a cemetery wall.
               They turned off all lights and watched the object for
               two min. It played "hide and seek" with them as they
               tried to reach its location. (M 240; 113)
Nov. 05, 1957  New Castle (Indiana). An object looking like "a big
               meat platter" was seen at close range by Mrs. Jasper
               Barlow and her two children, who were inside their
               car. It had a flickering light on the bottom. There was
               no ignition interference noted. (M 245)
Nov. 05, 1957  New York City (New York). In Van Cortland Park,
0430           Frank C. was talking with a bus driver when they saw
               in the park, about 400 m away, a metallic object
               shaped like a disk, spinning with a soft whirring. On
               top was a fixed dome with portholes. The object was
               hovering at tree-height. A yellow light from the craft
               suddenly illuminated the area, and it flew off "like a
               shooting star." (M 241)
Nov. 05, 1957  Scotia (Nebraska). A man heard a noise similar to
1730           that of a helicopter and perceived a "burning" odor.
               He saw a balloon-like, elongated object that came to
               ground level, did not touch the ground, but rose again
               and disappeared. The witness was "paralyzed" during
               the observation. The object appeared to have gener-
               ated thick smoke. (Atic)
Nov. 06, 1957  Santa Fe (New Mexico). J. Martinez and A. Gallegos
0010           saw an egg-shaped object coming toward them at low
               altitude. It moved slowly, illuminating their car and
               producing a humming sound. The car engine, the
               clock and a wristwatch stopped. The object shot away
               toward the southwest. (M 246)
Nov. 06, 1957  Seoul (Korea). North of Seoul a barrel-shaped object,
morning        bluish-white and luminous, was seen close to the
               ground, reflected in a pool of water. It rose and van-
               ished "like a light switched off." (Atic)
Nov. 06, 1957  Playa del Rey (California). Richard Kehoe was driv-
0540           ing near the beach when his engine stopped, and so
               did three other cars. The man got out and observed
               an egg-shaped object wrapped in "a blue haze" on
               the beach. Two men, below average height got out
               of the craft and asked them questions about their
               identity, what time it was, etc. They looked normal
               wore black leather pants, white belts, light-colored
               jerseys, and seemed to have yellowish-green skin. They
               went back inside the craft, which left rapidly, and the
               cars could then be started. (Humanoids 57)
Nov. 06, 1957  Lake County (Ohio). A civilian source reported an
0630           object so bright that his eyes could not sustain it. It
               appeared to land on a ridge, then took off again. It
               was round and much larger than a plane, had an
               "odd color," left no trail and made no noise. (Atic)
Nov. 06, 1957  Knoxville (Tennessee). 12-year-old Everett Clark
0630           saw a strange object on the ground and four occu-
               pants, two men and two women who spoke a lan-
               guage he thought was similar to German. They went
               back to the craft in a manner the witness could not
               understand, for he saw no door. (M 271;114;
Nov. 06, 1957  Everittstown (New Jersey). John Trasco saw a bril-
evening        liant, egg-shaped object hovering in front of a barn
               and was confronted with a being 1 m tall with a
               putty-colored face and frog-like eyes. He thought the
               dwarf said in broken English: "We are peaceful
               people; we only want your dog." The little man, who
               was dressed in a green suit with shiny buttons, a green
               tam-o-shanter-like cap, and gloves with a shiny object
               at the tip of each finger, fled when the witness denied
               his request. (Humanoids 56; Magonia)
Nov. 06, 1957  Boerne (Texas). A civilian source reported an oval
1800           object, about 5 m long, bright orange, similar to
               glowing coals, hovering 4 m above ground. The wit-
               ness went to call his family; the object had vanished
               when he returned. Unidentified. (Atic)

Nov. 06, 1957  Baskatong Lake (Canada). 180 km north of Ottawa
2100           Jacques Jacobson and three of his friends saw a bright,
               yellowish-white sphere hovering over a hilltop about
               4 km away. From top and bottom issued light cones
               that illuminated the countryside and the clouds.
               Radio reception was blocked throughout the obser-
               vation, except for a very powerful signal at one wave-
               length, modulated, but not in Morse code. The object
               rose slowly toward the south. (M 249)
Nov. 06, 1957  Montville (Ohio). Olden Moore, 28, a plasterer was
2330           driving home when he suddenly saw an object look-
               ing like a bright meteor split into two pieces, one of
               which went straight up. The other got larger while
               its color changed from bright white to blue-green. It
               hovered 60 m above a field and came to the ground
               with a soft whirring sound, 150 m away. After observ-
               ing it for 15 min, Moore then walked to the object,
               which he found to be shaped like "a covered dish"
               15 m in diameter, 5 m high, with a cone on top about
               3 m high, surrounded by haze or fog, pulsating slowly.
               Holes, footprints and radioactivity were found at the
               site by Civil Defense Director Kenneth Locke. (M
Nov. 07, 1957  Meridian (Mississippi). Truck driver Malvin Stevens,
0725           48, was driving to Memphis when, about 23 km
               northwest of Meridian, he saw an object which ap-
               peared to have two propellers at either end and a
               third one on top. Getting out of his truck, he saw
               three little men about 1.30 m tall, in gray clothes,
               with "pasty white faces" that seemed friendly and
               willing to talk, but he was unable to understand their
               "chattering." "I stood there for what seemed like an
               eternity." They got back into the machine and it
               took off straight up. There was no ignition inter-
               ference. An 8-year-old girl from Honse independently
               reported a round object crossing the sky toward the
               south. (M 273; 115)
Nov. 08, 1957  Edinburgh (Scotland). Fourteen people, including
               Mrs. Maty Home, reported to police that a disk-
               shaped object followed their truck, dived toward it,
               came within 20 m of them, then left toward the sea,
               leaving a double vapor trail. (Round-up 217; 116)
Nov. 08, 1957  Sloanville (New York). A cigar-shaped object 70 m
0200           long was observed less than 7 m above ground. (M
               264; 117)
Nov. 08, 1957  Holly (West Virginia). Hank Mollohan and eight
1430           other persons saw an elongated object, 12 m long,
               with several portholes from which fire and smoke
               appeared to be coming. It swung at low altitude and
               dropped to the ground. People seemed to be moving
               around it, but the witnesses were driven away by a
               hard rain. (M 265)
Nov. 08, 1957  Waterloo (Iowa). Paul Rutledge saw an object 16 m
night          long flying over his garage. The top part was bright,
               and there were two figures visible inside. (M 266)
Nov. 09, 1957  Lake City (Missouri). A civilian driving his car home
0100           from work observed a hovering object 16 m long. His
               car engine died as he neared the object's position,
               and it started again only after the object's departure.
Nov. 10, 1957  Madison (Ohio). Mrs. Leita Kuhn observed a very
0125           large, lighted object 20 m above ground. It was so
               brilliant that she had to close her eyes. It was over
               10 m wide, 3 to 4 m thick, with a dome on top. The
               witness had to consult a physician several days later
               because of serious eye and skin irritation. (M 267;
Nov. 16, 1957  Bage City (Brazil). A blinding object, red and yellow,
2230           twice landed-first near the Jockey Club, then near
               the Rural Exhibition. (Quincy)
Nov. 18, 1957  Maracaja (Brazil). Farmers Joao Ernani and Pedro
1030           Zilli heard a strange humming sound, then saw two
               aluminum-colored disks 200 m away. Near them were
               six mm of average height, slim build, dressed in "dark
               gray suits glued to their bodies." The disks were
               about 3.5 m wide, hovering 1 m above ground. They
               rose with a sharp whistling sound, while coconut trees
               below them bent double. Three more disks rose from
               behind the trees, and all five flew toward the Atlantic.
               (Humanoids 36)
Nov. 18, 1957  Aston (Great Britain). Mrs. Cynthia Appleton, 27,
1500           mother of two, saw the figure of a man appear near
               her fireplace while a whistling sound was audible.
               He was tall and fair, wore a tight-fitting plastic gar-
               ment, and seemed to communicate with her through
               telepathy, indicating he was looking for titanium and
               was coming from a world of peace and harmony. Sud-
               denly he disappeared. Mrs. Appleton had subsequent
               contacts with similar entities. (Humanoids 4)
Nov. 22, 1957  Gesten (Denmark). A shop owner saw a pyramid-
               shaped, luminous, transparent object fly fast across
               the road. As it was above 250 m away, he clearly saw
               two figures who looked like human beings, sitting
               one behind the other aboard the craft. (Personal)
Nov. 23, 1957  Tonopah (Nevada). Four disk-shaped objects on the
0630           ground were observed for 20 min from a distance of
               15 m. When the witness tried to come closer, they
               took off with an unbearable humming sound. (Atic)
Nov. 25, 1957  Ugines (France). Two engineers were driving about
1430           200 m from the railroad crossing in Faverges when
               they saw a nearly spherical object at ground level,
               performing zig-zags on the road. They stopped and
               were amazed as the object simply vanished, leaving
               no trace. (Personal)
Dec., 1957     El Cajon (California). Edmund Rucker was awak-
night          ened by a roaring noise and saw a strange object land
               near his house. "Its windows were lighted, and I saw
               strange-looking heads there." An opening became
               visible and four creatures emerged. They had large
               heads, dome-like foreheads, and bulging eyeballs.
               They delivered a message to the witness in English,
               stating that they had philanthropic and scientific
               purposes. (FS Jul., 58)
Dec. 08, 1957  Woodward (Oklahoma). Between Woodward and
1750           Seiling, 12 km from the latter, an unknown flying
               object allegedly took complete control of a car with
               three passengers. The driver, an employee of an air-
               craft company, had turned the heater, windshield
               wiper, and radio on. He was nearing a hill in this
               wooded area when a bright light appeared ahead. It
               reminded the witness of the light from a mercury
               lamp. As a crash seemed imminent, the car slowed
               down by itself and stopped, as if the entire electrical
               circuit had failed. Over the vehicle was a disk 16 m in
               diameter with portholes around the periphery, emit-
               ting a current of hot air and a high-pitched sound. It
               had a dome on top and bottom. It rose as the car
               started by itself. The car was a 1954 Dodge Coronet
               without automatic transmission. The witness spent
               four hours with two Kirtland AFB officers who told
               him of similar observations. The case was never re-
               ported to Blue Book. (Personal)
Dec. 11, 1957  Chestnut (Louisiana). Mary Louise Tobin, a school-
               teacher, was driving on State Highway 1 when she saw
               an object that she compared to the rising sun, in the
               vicinity of a smoking car. The driver, an elderly lady,
               came out with a child who seemed to have suffered
               burns. The unknown object went away: The disabled
               car did not catch on fire. (FS Jul., 58)
Dec. 11, 1957  Ellsworth (Wisconsin). Many cars stopped to observe
1600           a silent, reddish, glowing disk, about 15 m in diam-
               eter, which flew 6 m above the ground at about 80
               km/h. A small, windowless cabin was visible on the
               underside of the object. (FS Jul., 58)
Dec. 18, 1957  Old Saybrook (Connecticut). Mary Stan was awak-
night          ened by a brilliant light and saw through her east
               window the fuselage of a craft that hovered in mid-
               air. Aboard were two men, each with his right hand
               raised, wearing yellowish jackets. A third man joined
               the first two, then all lights went off inside the craft
               while it glowed like brass. A spinning antennalike de-
               vice was noted. A few minutes later it flew off. (FSR
Dec. 21, 1957  Ponte Poran (Brazil). Mrs. Mendonca and five other
1830           persons saw a light in the south, which later appeared
               as two spherical objects coming closer to the witnesses
               on an oscillating course. One of them hovered close
               to the car while the other circled. They were shaped
               like a sphere surrounded by a flat ring, and chased the
               car for two hours over the deserted road. Estimated
               diameter: 5 m. (APRO Mar., 59)
Dec. 30, 1957  Drakestown (New Jersey). George Chowanski, an
night          auto mechanic was alerted by the barking of his dog
               and heard a whirring sound similar to that of an elec-
               tric shaver. A lighted object was observed by Chow-
               anski and his wife as it came within 60 cm of the
               ground. Two figures came out of the bottom of the
               object, walked around a clearing, and one picked up
               something before returning to the craft, which then
               took off. Total duration: 2 min. (FS Oct., 58)
Jan., 1958     Depew (New York). A lady who was driving on the
0130           New York State Thruway during a snow storm
               saw a large shape with a tall, luminous pole on the
               side of the road. Her car stalled, and the lights went
               off. Two figures, looking like animals or huge insects
               were observed near the pole. They soon disappared,
               and the object took off spinning. The witness was
               then able to start her car. She noted that the snow at
               the site had been melted and the grass was warm.
               (Binder; Magonia)
Jan. 04, 1958  Stavanger (Norway). A woodcutter reported that he
               saw an object land, and a very tall man with a tanned
               face, wearing a helmet, stepped from the machine.
               He went back in after a few minutes; the craft took
               off "with a noise like a flock of birds." Air Force offi-
               cers and policemen searched the snowcovered hill for
               traces. (FSR 58, 2)
Jan. 07, 1958  Aston (Great Britain). Two figures again appeared to
               Mrs. Appleton and spoke to her in English (see Case
               443). (Humanoids 4)
Jan. 13, 1958  Farm Hill (Australia). Brian Crittendon, 21, was
2345           chased by a dome-shaped object that emitted a nar-
               row light beam toward the ground. He was so fright-
               ened that he drove home on a half-flat tire, followed
               for 5 km by the object, which was about 50 m away
               and 10 m above ground. It overtook his car at a speed
               exceeding 100 km/h. Radio interference was noted,
               but no noise. (UFO Bulletin Mar., 58)
Jan. 26, 1958  Shimada City (Japan). A very bright object landed
1600           before numerous chemical workers; they reported
               beings falling from the sky without parachutes. They
               wore strange suits and spoke an unknown language.
               (FSR 58, 3)
Feb. 02, 1958  Hokkaido (Japan). Farmer Yasukichi Nakaguchi and
1530           his son, and Kametaro Takuma, saw an egg-shaped
               object that landed silently. (FSR 58, 3)
Feb. 24, 1958  Conceicao Almeida (Brazil). Three witnesses, among
0305           them Dr. C. da Costa, decided to sleep in their car
               when the engine stalled and could not be started
               again. Then a very large, blue silvery object appeared
               and came to ground level with a swinging motion.
               was shaped like a sphere surrounded by a flat ring.
               When they tried to approach it, the object maneu-
               vered in a strange "aerial dance." (Lor. I 143)
Mar. 02, 1958  Tampa (Florida). A civilian source was said to have
1945           observed a balloon-shaped object land on the airfield
               then take off slowly and hover at 250 m altitude be-
               fore disappearing. It showed a bright light source.
Mar. 14, 1958  Healdsburg (California). Two persons, in their back-
0845           yard, saw a round object 1 m in diameter come from
               the west and land 15 m away. It took off toward the
               east, turned south, and was lost to sight. (Atic)
Mar. 19, 1958  Moscow (USSR). Near Moscow, a large, disk-shaped
               object was seen on the ground. It rose in a spiral mo-
               tion, then took off and was lost to sight. (Personal)
Apr., 1958     Maceio (Brazil). Near Paripueira, jeweler Wilson
0600           Lustosa and numerous fishermen saw an object hover-
               ing 15 m above the sea, 40 m away. It was lens-shaped,
               about 12 m thick, and showed portholes with a glow-
               ing red light. Below the object the water seemed to be
               "boiling" or attracted upward, while a soft, whirring
               sound was heard. For one hour the object kept going
               up and down. (SBEDV)
Apr. 15, 1958  Tabladitas (Argentina). Approximate date. In the
               mountains, about 14 km from Abra Pampa, a lumi-
               nous object 30 m in diameter came to ground level.
Apr. 17, 1958  Abaatu (Brazil). All night long, three hovering disks
1925           were seen by several witnesses in this area. A railroad
               employee, Mr. Cavalheiro, and the station chief, J.
               Machado, wired the Tupancireta police, and all saw
               the objects coming to ground level about 1 km away.
               At times they appeared to exchange signals. One of
               the disks flew over the station itself, leaving a lumi-
               nous trail and considerable heat. (LDLN)
May. 02, 1958  Bogota (Colombia). Eight people working in a wood
               saw a green creature with scaly skin and very long
               arms. The pointed nails of its long fingers nearly
               touched the ground. (Dischi Volanti, by L. Bul-
May. 27, 1958  Boa del Tigre (Argentina). Remo dell'Armellina was
late           driving a truck toward Santa Fe when he saw a figure,
               3 m tall, blocking the road. He went toward it with an
               iron bar but could not approach because of the stench
               and the blinding phosphorescent light emanating
               from it. It had very long arms, a scaly body, and wore
               a flight coverall. The witness fainted; nothing was left
               to be seen when he regained consciousness. (Perego;
Aug. 16, 1958  Leman Lake (Switzerland). A dozen people out on
1700           the lake in perfect weather saw a bright light coming
               down. They stopped their boat as it came to hover
               about 15 m above them. It was saucer-shaped, 10 m
               in diameter, with a cabin showing several windows
               on top. The outer disk below the cabin was spinning.
               As it came down toward the water, a noticeable cur-
               rent was created. No noise or occupants were noticed.
               After several leaps in mid-air, the craft flew off at
               "unbelievable" speed. (Personal)
Sep. 01, 1958  Laval (France). About 11 km before Laval, a busi-
2130           nessman coming from Paris suddenly saw a motion-
               less object, 10 m above ground, to the left of the road,
               150 m away. It was shaped like two cones with a com-
               mon base and showed two rows of about ten openings
               in the middle section. It seemed about 20 m wide,
               metallic, with a light similar to that of a red traffic
               light shining through the windows. The witness had
               time to stop and maneuvered to get the object in his
               headlight beams. Throughout the observation a
               whistling sound such as that of a jet aircraft was heard.
               The object rose very slowly, flew off faster climbing
               out of sight. (119)
Sep. 21, 1958  Sheffield Lake (Ohio). A circular, flat object, 7 m in
0300           diameter, 2 m thick, hovering 1.5 m above ground,
               and making a jetlike sound was seen from a house by
               a civilian woman. Its color was that of aluminum; it
               had a wobbling motion and emitted gray smoke be-
               fore rising again and taking off. (Atic)
Oct. 27, 1958  Union Dale (Pennsylvania). An object resembling a
               large gray cigar with an assembly tail flew at treetop
               height, making a strong "swishing" sound. (Atic)
Oct. 31, 1958  Caledon East (Canada). A civilian reported an
1550           eliptical, aluminum-colored object at 2 km altitude,
               coming down to 4 m, flying up and down by sudden
               jumps, stopping at ground level less than 200 m away
               for five min. A red light appeared at one end of the
               object, which gradually took a fiery color, then ex-
               ploded. The witness ran away. (Atic)
Nov., 1958     Braemar (Scotland). Two soldiers of the Territorial
0500           Army on an exercise near Ballater heard a "gurgling
               noise" and saw two figures, over 2 m tall, dressed in
               peculiar suits. As they fled, they heard a "swishing"
               noise and saw a large disk flying at ground level, which
               then swooped over their heads and away, pulsating
               and leaving a sparkling trail. Witnesses were in a
               state of shock. (Humanoids 5)
Nov. 17, 1958  Soviet Union, exact location not revealed. A luminous
2203           object, with an apparent diameter greater than that of
               the full moon, was seen coming down from a high
               altitude, hovering at tree height, then landing. It was
               observed for two min. (Atic)
Nov. 23, 1958  Cojutepeque (San Salvador). An engineer, Julio M.
2335           Ladaleto, stopped when his car hit a can rolling on the
               road, then observed an object about 35 m away. It
               was shaped like a lamp shade with an upper trans-
               parent sphere emitting a bluish, pulsating light, 12 m
               diameter, 7 m high, resting on three half-spheres. An
               occupant 2.5 m tall was photographed by the witness
               as he crossed the road and appeared to inspect the
               craft. He wore a blue coverall and luminescent heel-
               less boots, and had a bald head. The observation
               lasted 10 min, after which the object took off with a
               whining sound, sparks and smoke. The following day,
               before he had revaled anything about the case,
               Ladeleto was contacted by strange "newsmen" who
               appeared to know all the details of it. (Settimana
               Incom. Sep. 16, 62)
Dec. 20, 1958  Hoganas (Sweden). Near Domsten, Hans Gustavs-
0255           son, 35, and Stig Rydberg, 30, saw something in the
               woods and stopped their car to observe it. They found
               a disk about 5 m wide set on a tripod. All of a sudden
               they were attacked by four gray-colored creatures de-
               scribed as "fluid," but one witness reached the car and
               blew the horn for help. The beings fled and the craft
               took off, emitting "paralyzing vibrations." (Lor. II 56)
Dec. 20, 1958  Clermont-Ferrand (France). Approximate date. A
1600           disk of 20 m diameter was observed and caused dam-
               age on the ground. (Quincy)
Dec. 28, 1958  Portglenone (Ireland). A black flying object, 2 m
afternoon      wide, cut a tree in two, 3 m above ground, and did
               not stop. The tree in question is 70 cm wide and 13 m
               tall. This event was observed by a farmer named
               Bennett. (FSR 59, 2)
Jan. 1959      Stratford-on-Avon (Great Britain). Leonard Hewins,
1715           of Tredington, saw a fiery, round object come down
               from the east and land 100 m away. While a blue haze
               formed, three figures emerged from the object and
               seemed to sit down with clumsy movements. The wit-
               ness was unable to move until the craft and its occu-
               pants took off swiftly, leaving a trail of stars. (FSR
               67, 5)
Feb., 1959     Umiat (Alaska). 350 km east of Umiat, trappers saw
               a red, disk-shaped object less than 4 km away, going
               up and down, sometimes nearly touching the ground.
               It circled and went away. (FSR 59, 3)
Feb. 28, 1959  Cedar City (Iowa). Private Gerry Irwin stopped his
               car to investigate what he thought was a crashing
               plane. He was later found unconscious. Sequels of the
               incident (fainting, amnesia and his return to the site
               in a trancelike state) are sometimes quoted as evi-
               dence of psychologial experience correlated with the
               observation of the luminous object. Irwin deserted,
               and his subsequent whereabouts are unknown. (121;
               Lorenzen; Magonia)
Mar., 1959     Kolobreg (Poland). On the Polish coast, not far from
               Kolobreg, soldiers saw the sea become turbulent as a
               triangular object, 4 m in size, emerged, circled the
               barracks, and flew away at high speed. (122)
Mar. 13, 1959  Pumong (Australia). Near Claypans, 150 km north-
1410           east of Adelaide, Carl Towill, postmaster, and Percy
               Briggs, mail carrier, saw a dome-shaped object take
               off from a field 400 m away. It resembled a huge, bril-
               liant circus tent, studded with lights that kept chang-
               ing from red to blue. They approached within 200 m,
               then saw it rise, hover, and shoot off at immense
               speed toward the south. They had observed it for 10
               min. Mr. Briggs was questioned by investigators from
               Woomera Rocket range. (FSR 59,5)
Mar. 31, 1959  Port Elliot (Australia). Barry Neale was driving home
1330           to Goolwa when he saw on the ground a glowing,
               reddish-orange object with a row of portholes. It il-
               luminated the trees, was about 5 m wide. He got
               within 300 m of it, and drove around the wooded area
               in time to see it take off. No radioactivity was found
               at the spot. (FSR 59,5)
Apr. 15, 1959  Svendborg (Denmark). Between Svendborg and Ny-
evening        borg, Ove Christensen, coming home after work on
               his bicycle, was stopped on the road by a disk-shaped
               object spinning at ground level. After five minutes it
               began chasing him, flying 6 m above him for 5 m.
               The object was luminous and seemed made of glass.
               (FSR 59, 3)
Apr. 29, 1959  Grassy Plains (Canada). Alex Gillis and Jerry Monk-
2230           man saw from a hilltop an egg-shaped object in the
               middle of the road. It was about 5 m long, the top part
               emitting a bright light. The object went away silently.
               Fearing ridicule, the witnesses reported the incident
               one month later. (FSR 59, 6)
May. 20, 1959  Tres Lomas (Argentina). Two hunters saw a disk-
1730           shaped object resting on the ground 150 m away. It
               looked like an aluminum craft about 2.5 m high, with
               a dome on top. Grass flattened. (Challenge 53)
Jun. 21, 1959  The Willows (South Africa). A civilian woman ob-
2000           served a saucer-shaped object hovering 5 m above
               ground. It was bathed in an orange glow, similar to
               that of a dying fire. It flew away horizontally and was
               lost to sight behind a hill. (FSR 59, 6)
Jun. 26, 1959  Boianai (New Guinea). Many witnesses, among
1845           them Fr. W. B. Gill, head of a local mission, saw an
               orange object that hovered in mid-air. Four engines
               were visible on its "deck" and a beam of blue light
               was emitted upward from it. The object did not come
               to ground level, but its position above the ocean was
               almost on a level with the observers standing on the
               hill. (123; Anatomy 145)
Jul. 13, 1959  Blenheim (New Zealand). Mrs. Moreland saw a disk-
0530           shaped object as she was milking cows. It was about
               10 m diameter, had two intense, green lights and two
               rows of jets around the rim, emitting orange flames.
               Inside a glass dome on top were two men dressed in
               aluminumlike suits. The craft did not land, but took
               off at great speed with a high-pitched sound. Heat
               sensation. (124; Challenge 24)
Jul. 14, 1959  Prince of Wales Island (Australia). Hunters reported
               the landing of a red object on the island. Other hunt-
               ers saw a similar object near Karumba Lodge. (123)
Aug. 09, 1959  Sombrero (Tierra del Fuego). Mr. Uribe, a petroleum
1954           engineer, and two other witnesses had to stop when
               they ran out of fuel; they observed a light swinging
               like a pendulum, coming close to the ground. It ap-
               pared as a large, vertical, egg-shaped object which
               made a "whooshing" sound. Closest approach was
               120 m. Estimated height: 2 m; width, 1.5 m. When
               Uribe aimed a rifle at the object, it went out of sight
               within seconds. (Lor. IlI 14)
Aug. 12, 1959  Brion (Spain). A 60-year-old farmer saw an egg-
               shaped object come down at high speed and land in
               a pasture near a river. Then it took off vertically and
               flew away toward Santiago. Traces. Engine noise, not
               similar to helicopter. (Personal)
Aug. 13, 1959  Freeport (Texas). A bright, flying object passed low
2130           over a car, whose engine stalled, and landed in a
               wooded area. Six witnesses in two separate groups
               observed the object, and the police were called. The
               dense underbrush prevented investigation of the site.
               (APRO Sep., 59)
Aug. 25, 1959  Werdehl-Eveking (Germany). Near Hagen, Lutz
1100           Holtmann went toward a bright object in a forest,
               and fainted when he got close to it. When he re-
               gained consciousness, he saw it take off silently and
               vertically. It was round, had a tripod landing gear,
               two rows of bright openings, and was about 30 m in
               diameter. (Nachrichten Oct., 59)
Sep. 07, 1959  Wallingford (Kentucky). A bluish, disk-shaped object
               was observed at ground level by a mail carrier. It sud-
               denly went away horizonally, leaving a stained ring
               on the ground. (NICAP Nov., 59)
Oct. 02, 1959  Glenora (Canada). Approximate date. Miss G. Wil-
               son, 14, was out riding a horse when a luminous object
               dived toward her, and she rushed home in fear. Her
               father came out and saw the object, which he de-
               scribed as orange and making a "painful" sound. (125)
Oct. 25, 1959  Fort William (Canada). On the Trans-Canada High-
               way west of this town, four hunters (Douglas Robin-
               son, Ray Disguiseppe, Victor Arnone and John De-
               filippo, of Port-Arthur) saw an oval, luminous object
               follow their car about 13 m above them. The object
               was spinning, stopped when they did, was white in
               color and remained with them for nearly 50 km.
               (FSR 60, 1)
Dec. 22, 1959  Oakdale (California). Kenneth Lindsley and several
2350           other witnesses saw a bright, orange object at ground
               level. It was bowl-shaped, as wide as the road, and
               shadows that appeared to be moving could be seen.
               (FSR 60, 3)
Spring, 1960   Syracuse (New York). An electronics engineer was
night          fishing when he heard a shrill, whirring sound and
               saw a round object, with a rotating light on top, land
               on the shore. The sound gradually stopped, an open-
               ing became visible, and two dwarfs with oversized
               heads came out with a hose and pumped water from
               the river. Later they appeared to play like children.
               Their bodies glowed with lights of changing colors.
Apr. 05, 1960  Beira (Mozambique). An orange disk landed with a
               hissing sound, then exploded, while four dwarfish
               figures ran away into the brush. (FSR 60, 5; 126)
Apr. 18, 1960  Lacamp (Louisiana). Mr. Arnold saw a round object,
2100           fiery red in color, arriving at high speed from the
               south. It touched the ground about 300 m away with
               a loud explosion heard by many people, and a flame.
               It bounced in an easterly direction for about 300 m,
               then rose again, turned west and disappeared. The
               ground was scarred in nine places, and a substance
               resembling metallic paint was found. (Science &
               Mechanics Dec., 66)
May. 04, 1960  Sarasota (Florida). A yellow, elliptical object with
0915           four evenly spaced windowlike openings was observed
               at ground level by an architect. (NICAP May., 60)
May. 14, 1960  Paracuru (Brazil). Raimondo dos Santos saw two
0400           craft land on hill near a farm called Capin Acu. He
               went near them and saw several small beings, pale-
               looking, making friendly gestures. He ran away. The
               creatures wore blue uniforms and white helmets. The
               previous day at 1900, over 100 witnesses had observed
               a dark-gray, circular craft, 20 m in diameter with a
               powerful light, maneuvering and hovering. (Human-
               oids 37; LDLN 58)
May. 19, 1960  Siracusa (Italy). Salvatore Cianci, jeweler, and his
night          wife, were driving near this Sicilian town when a
               creature about 1 m tall appeared in the headlights. It
               wore a shining coverall and a diving helmet and had
               two short wings. Mrs. Cianci suffered from shock.
               (FSR 64, 4)
May. 25, 1960  Chinthurst Hill (Great Britain). Vera Bowden, 35,
               saw a gray, elliptical object hovering at tree height
               over Broadwater Lake for 18 min. Then it left toward
               the west. (FSR 60, 5)
Aug., 1960     Hamburg (Germany). Mrs. K. St. Bereits was in her
0920           garden when she saw an object coming down at great
               speed. Arriving at ground level, it came toward her,
               appearing as a disk standing on edge, 7 m in diameter
               with a pulsating halo of yellow light. Three beams of
               light came from a central opening. A sort of haze and
               "gas stream" was also described. (Nachrichten Jan.,
               61; FSR 61, 4)
Sep. 23, 1960  Labrador. A Canadian ship reported that a cylindrical
2135           object with lighted portholes came down, hit the
               ocean, and sank off the northcoast of Labrador. (Atic)

Oct., 1960     Yariguarenda Jungle (Argentina). New apparitions
               of a monstrous "cyclops." (129)

Nov. 11, 1960  Warminster (Great Britain). Four witnesses, among
night          them three military men, saw an object that seemed
               about to land, then took off again toward the north,
               leaving a trail of sparks and blinding them. (130; FSR
Nov. 13, 1960  La Londe (France). Remi Carbonnier, 45, was
0245           awakened by a green light illuminating his room. He
               went to the window and saw a bright, round object,
               6 m in diameter, resting on three legs on the railroad
               tracks 300 m away. It was emitting orange flashes. A
               dome on top of the object started spinning, the legs
               disappeared, and the object rose vertically above the
               trees, without noise. Less than 20 sec later, it had
               cleared the hill and was lost to sight in the southwest.
               The next day the witness went to the site and found
               no trace, but his dog turned around and ran away,
Dec. 09, 1960  Carignan (France). A dog barking at a glowing object
2030           resting in a park. Three witnesses observed it from
               separate locations. It appeared as an oval, luminous
               craft, 4 m in diameter, inside which vague shadows
               were seen. It took off toward the north. A circle of
               yellowed grass was found at the site. (Ouranos 27)

Jan. 01, 1961  La Victoria (Venezuela). A government topographer,
               Adolfo P. Pisani, was passed by a truck as he was
               driving on the Andean Highway. A brilliant disk with
               the appearance of blue steel swooped down very close
               to the hood of the truck and then flew away. The truck
               was pulled up nearly 1 m above the road and over-
               turned in a sandbank. The driver escaped with minor
               injuries. (Lor.I 250)
Jan. 22, 1961  Cestas-Gazinet (France). An electronics professor at
1830           Bordeaux University and three school teachers ob-
               served an elongated, glowing, orange object. Inter-
               ference with car ignition was noted. One witness was
               said to have felt a slight indisposition and to have
               heard or somehow perceived the word "ZEMU" re-
               peated twice. (Ouranos 26)
Mar. 10, 1961  Bowna (Australia). F. Reynolds and his son were
2045           camping near the water. They observed an object on
               the ground with four windows in it. There was a fire
               nearby, and four figures could be seen between it and
               the object. At 2130 it had disappeared. Witnesses in
               Wodonga, West Albury, Wangaratta and Tallangatta
               independently observed an unknown object in flight.
               (Austr. FSR 5)
Apr. 18, 1961  Eagle River (Wisconsin). J. Simonton heard a whin-
1100           ing sound and saw an object, 10 m in diameter, 4 m
               high, with exhaust pipes around the periphery, land
               near his house. A door was opened and a man ap-
               peared. About 1.50 m tall, he wore a black, turtle-neck
               pullover with a white band at the belt, and black
               trousers with a vertical white band along the side.
               Two figures were visible inside the object. Simonton
               filled a jug with water, returned it to the man, who
               gave him three ordinary pancakes, and the craft took
               off. (Atic; Magonia)
May. 03, 1961  Union Mills (Indiana). Approximate date. A hemi-
2200           spherical craft with portholes, resting on a road, took
               off when a car came near it. Estimated diameter was
               4 m, height 2.5 m, bearing "fluorescent lights." (Evi-
               dence 139, 147)
Jun. 03, 1961  Savona (Italy). Off this town, four people in a boat
0635           were suddenly shaken by growing waves and saw the
               sea swelling like an enormous bubble 1 km away. An
               object emerged, hovering at 10 m altitude for a brief
               time, its underside glowing, and it left obliquely at
               high speed toward the northeast. Its shape was similar
               to a cone resting on a disk. (Settimana Incom. Jan.
Jul. 03, 1961  Ryde (Great Britain). An object resembling a hover-
0015           craft, having five windows through which an orange
               light was shining, hovered about 20 m above the trees.
               It left suddenly at high speed. (FSR 61, 6)
Jul. 17, 1961  Las Vegas (Nevada). One mile north of Bonny
0200           Spring Ranch, on U.S. Highway 91, two civilians in a
               car observed in the rear-view mirror a low-flying object
               that overtook their car, followed by a rush of cold air.
               It stopped, circled the vehicle, flew off and was lost
               to sight behind the mountains, where it may have
               landed. In the course of an exceptionally complete
               investigation by military authorities, however, no evi-
               dence of a landing was discovered. (Atic)
Aug. 12, 1961  Kansas City (Kansas). Two Drake University stu-
2100           dents saw a large object shaped like an oval with
               "running boards" bearing a series of lights. It hovered
               for about 4 min at tree-height, shot straight up,
               climbed away toward the east, then disappeared from
               view in five sec or so. (Atic)
Aug. 25, 1961  Toulouse (France). Approximate date. Five persons
               observed a luminous, yellow sphere, 8 m in diameter,
               flying about 10 m above the road. Horizontal and
               vertical bands of darker tone gave the impression of
               "windows." The object flew up very fast when the
               car reached town. (LDLN)
Sep. 19, 1961  Indian Head (New Hampshire). Mr. and Mrs. Hill
2200           saw a lenticular object with a double row of portholes
               and half-a-dozen dark figures working at control
               panels inside, when they stopped to investigate a light
               following their car. They became afraid and drove
               away. A "beeping sound" enveloped the car, and they
               felt a prickling sensation before losing consciousness.
               When they came to, they were driving near Ashland.
               A series of nightmares and medically controlled hyp-
               nosis brought back what apparently was the memory
               of their abduction by the occupants of the object.
               (Fuller; Magonia)
Sep. 30, 1961  La Porte (Indiana). Eight km south of La Porte, 16-
2200           year-old Dennis Bealor saw a large sphere of orange
               light rise ahead of him on the road. He was so fright-
               ened that he lost control of his bike and left the road.
               (Hartle 158)
Dec. 21, 1961  Lafayette (Indiana). Jerry Hislope, 20, was driving
2145           to Kentland when he saw a glowing white object, 3 m
               in diameter, 1 m thick, dive at him, flying 3 m above
               the ground. He stopped to observe it, but the object
               flew away. (APRO Mar., 62)
Jan. 08, 1962  Catamarca (Argentina). A truck driver and two other
night          men observed two powerful lights lost sight of thern,
               but later saw a craft on the ground 150 m to the side
               of the road. It took off at high speed when illuminated
               by the headlights. Farther away, two objects ma-
               neuvered above the road leading to La Bajada. As the
               police were driving to the scene, they saw one of the
               craft on the ground near Loma Brava. (CODOVNI
Feb. 09, 1962  Aston Clinton (Great Britain). Mr. Wildam, of
0330           Luton, noticed that his car was gradually losing speed
               as he approached a bright, oval thing hovering 10 m
               above the road. The object was surrounded by a glow,
               and left at high speed very suddenly. (FSR 62, 2)
Apr. 10, 1962  San Casciano (Italy). Mario Zuccula, 27, was walk-
evening        ing home when he suddenly felt a current of cold air.
               He was paralyzed with fear when he saw a white ob-
               ject, 10 m in diameter, metallic in appearance which
               hovered close to the ground. A metallic cylinder was
               lowered from the craft, and two little men about 1.30
               m tall, came out through a door lighted by a source
               inside the cylinder. A low voice similar to the sound
               of an electronic device told him they would return at
               the end of the fourth moon, one hour before dawn,
               with a message. The beings had their heads covered
               with a hood. (FSR 62, 4)
Apr. 11, 1962  Sarouno (Italy). Between Saronno and Legnano,
evening        Benazzi and three other witnesses saw a peculiar craft
               fly above them and land on the road. It was intensely
               luminous. (APRO Sep., 62)
Apr. 30, 1962  Mount Eba (Italy). Eugenio Siragusa, 43, claimed
night          to have met two men of normal height, clad in diving
               suits, with belts emitting intermittent yellow-green
               blue light, who delivered to him a peace message in
               Italian. The voice had a metallic tone. Also observed
               was a very dazzling object, 15 m in diameter. (FSR
               63, 1)
May., 1962     Jujuy (Argentina). Approximate date. Four people
0400           whose car had run out of gas, were waiting in a driz-
               zling rain when a bright light, first thought to be from
               a car, approached them. It turned out to be a low-
               flying object that landed. It was round with a blink-
               ing light, and stayed there about one hour before
               taking off at high speed (APRO Jul., 63)
May. 12, 1962  Pampa Province (Argentina). V. and G. Tomasini
0410           and H. Zenobi saw an object on the ground 100 m
               away from the road. It looked like a railroad car and
               was illuminated. As they came close to it, the object
               took off, crossed the road at low altitude, rose with a
               flame, and separated into two sections that flew away
               in different directions. It made a humming noise and
               was seen on the ground for one min. Within a circle
               60 m in radius, grass was burned, insects were carbon-
               ized, and the ground was "petrified." Sample analysis
               was done by the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base.
               (SBEDV 30; 132; CODOVNI 1962)
May. 13, 1962  Uncativo (Argentina). Dozens of witnesses in Un-
0400           cativo, Cordoba, Carranza, and Los Molinos Dam
               observed a very luminous, elongated object with a
               bright trail. Soon thereafter, fog filled a wooded sec-
               tion near Uncativo, and a landed object resembling
               a small house was observed. (133; CODOVNI 1962)
May. 22, 1962  Winifreda (Argentina). A woman was hospitalized
               after her observation of a strange object that landed,
               and of the "ugly" giant beings who emerged from it.
               Approximate date. (135)
Jun. 16, 1962  Prince of Wales Island (Australia). Four persons
               from Thursday Island, among them E. Thorpe, were
               climbing a hill when they observed a silvery object on
               a nearby hillside, less than 2 km away. It could not be
               located again when they reached the other side of
               the hill. (FSR 62,5)
Jun. 26, 1962  Verona (Italy). For about one hour, 20-year-old
evening        Roberto Poregozzo, his mother, Maria, and his 25-
               year-old sister, Luisa, observed a silvery disk, the ap-
               parent diameter of the moon, maneuvering in the sky
               near Santa Anastasia church. They finally went home.
               About 0300, one of them was awakened by a feeling
               of intense cold and perceived a greenish light in the
               room. In the window a sharply defined human shape,
               delineating a semi-transparent body, was visible. The
               apparition had a huge bald head. The witness
               screamed, awakening the two others, and they saw
               the apparition shrink and vanish "like a TV image
               when one turns off the set." (FSR 63, 2)
Jul. 30, 1962  Pasnembi (Brazil). A man driving near Pasnembi
               stopped when his engine failed and observed a
               cylindrial object, described as "a bottle with two
               necks," about 40 m long, 15 m high, which had landed
               on the road. Two men (one at either end of the craft),
               appeared to be changing some luminous signals. This
               lasted 10 min and the craft took off at high speed. In
               Alta, a number of people reported a bright object
               moving at high altitude. (136; FSR 62, 6)
Jul. 30, 1962  Bajeola Grande (Argentina). Roberto Mievres, 17,
               was riding his motorcycle when a tall being, with a
               head like a watermelon and three eyes, appeared as
               the engine stalled. The apparition snatched the boy's
               scarf, but he ran away and came back with a group of
               people, who found the scarf on the ground, discovered
               some traces and observed an unknown craft flying
               away. (CODOVNI 1962)
Aug. 02, 1962  Camba Punat Airport (Argentina). Luis Harvey, air-
               port manager, and his staff thought that an un-
               announced aircraft was about to land, as they saw a
               luminous object circling at high speed. It came down
               to hover about 1 m above the runway for some four
               min. It was spherical, spinning, and emitted flashes
               of blue, green and orange. When approached, it took
               off at very high speed. (FSR 64, 4)
Aug. 17, 1962  Duas Pontes (Brazil). Rivalino da Silva, a diamond
evening        prospector, told his associates that he had seen two
               strange dwarfs digging a hole near his house. They
               ran away as he came near them, and moments later
               an object took off from behind the bushes. It was
               shaped like a hat and surrounded with a red glow.
               (APRO Sep.,62)
Aug. 19, 1962  Duas Pontes (Brazil). Raimundo, the son of Rivalino
night          da Silva (see previous case), was awakened by the
               sound of steps and saw "a weird shadow" in the room.
               It was small and not human in shape. Voices were
               heard saying, "This one looks like Rivalino," and later
               that they would kill him. The family stayed on the
               alert all night. (APRO Sep., 62)
Aug. 20, 1962  Duas Pontes (Brazil). Raimundo da Silva (see previ-
               ous cases) testified before the police that while work-
               ing in a field, he saw two spherical objects hovering
               2 m above ground, a few meters from the house. One
               was black with an antenna-like protrusion and a small
               tail; the other was black and white. Both emitted a
               humming sound and a flickering fire through an open-
               ing. The boy's father warned him to stay away as
               Rivalino walked toward the objects, praying. When
               he was 2 m away, the two spheres merged into one,
               raising dust from the ground and spreading a yellow
               mist that enveloped the man. The boy ran after his
               father, noting that the cloud had "an acrid smell."
               As it dissolved, everything had vanished. Police in-
               vestigation, headed by Lieutenant Lisboa, failed to
               reveal any clue. Many terrified people left the area.
               (APRO Sep., 62)
Sep., 1962     Orland (California). A. T. Gray, a dairy rancher,
2145           thought some lights in a field were those of a car.
               When coming nearer, he realized the object was ob-
               long with blunt edges and hovered about 7 m above
               the ground, making no noise. When Gray was 50 m
               away, the object came toward him, rose, and took off
               toward the southwest. (APRO Jul., 63)
Sep. 05, 1962  Mount Manfre (Italy). Second observation by Mr.
night          Siragusa (Case 531), who saw two figures over 2.10 m
               tall. The light from their belts prevented him from
               seeing them in detail. A large, spinning object, 25 m
               wide, top-shaped, hovered nearby. "From the under
               part, a metallic cylinder over 3 m long reached down
               almost to touch the road, with a small door, a sort of
               lift." (FSR 62, 6)
Sep. 13, 1962  Overfield (Great Britain). Myra Jones was driving
2320           between Overfield and Norris Hill when she saw a
               luminous, gray object, larger than a car with a dome
               on top. It was flying at the altitude of the Phone
               poles, slowly spinning. Dark spots were visible on the
               underside. It nearly touched the car, then gave a
               whistling sound and flew away. (137; FSR 62, 6)
Sep. 15, 1962  Oradell (New Jersey). Two bright disks were first seen
1700           at 1700, then were seen again at 1800, at the state
               line. Two witnesses saw one round object with a fin
               on top and another under it at 1950, and reported
               that it was going down toward the Oradell reservoir.
               Three young men saw and heard the object as it
               touched the water. Another witness called police. The
               luminous object took off a few minutes later. Official
               investigation described it as bright, surrounded with a
               glow, the apparent size of a small plane 1 km away. It
               left toward the south. (Atic)
Sep. 18, 1962  Barcelos (Brazil). Three men working in a rubber
               plantation saw a large, disk-shaped object hover above
               the river. It emitted sparks, was of silvery color, and
               very brilliant. It eventually rose straight up at high
               speed. Disappearance of cattle was noticed in the area
               during that period and blamed on the same cause.
               (APRO Jan., 63)
Oct. 24, 1962  Horsetooth Reservoir (Colorado). Undocumented
               claim that a landing took place. No traces. (NICAP
               Oct., 62)
Oct. 28, 1962  Norwood (Australia). Mrs. E. D. Silvester was driv-
1930           ing with her three children when an illuminated oval
               object landed near the road. She watched it for 40
               min, and reported seeing a man wearing a helmet and
               gas mask in the vicinity of the object. (FSR 63, 4)
Nov., 1962     Var (France). A garage owner was driving through a
evening        rainstorm when he suddenly saw a group of figures
               80 m away. He slowed down as they went away
               jerkily, and observed that they were bizarre, birdlike
               creatures. As they rushed toward the car, he drove past
               them in terror and saw them going back toward a
               luminous, blue object hovering in a field. They en-
               tered it as if "sucked into it," and a dull sound was
               heard before the object flew off. (FSR 68, 6)
Dec. 09, 1962  Bologna (Italy). Antonio Candau saw a circular ob-
2200           ject land in Cadivilla, 9 m away from him. It was
               about 5.5 m m diameter, and two men emerged from
               it, approaching within 2 m, and spoke incompre-
               hensible words. They wore yellow coveralls and a wide
               belt. Noting that the witness was afraid, one of them
               made a reassuring gesture with his hand, and the craft
               departed with a strange sound. (Settimana Incom.
               Dec. 30, 62)
Dec. 11, 1962  Chumbicha (Argentina). G. L. Colodrero and the di-
dawn           rector of the Cordoba Historial Museum were driv-
               ing from Catamarca to Cordoba when, 7 km away
               from Chumbicha, they saw seven objects on the
               ground of a mountain slope. They were bright and
               spherical, rose straight up and flew away with a very
               bright trail. (CODOVNI 1962)
Dec. 17, 1962  Milan (Italy). Francesco Rizzi, night watchman, was
dawn           crossing the factory yard when he heard a whistling
               sound and observed an object hovering 1 m above
               ground. It was a silvery disk, about 5 m in diameter,
               with lighted windows. The noise stopped, a door be-
               came visible, and a small being appeared and made a
               gesture. A second figure was also seen. The craft took
               off with a puff of white smoke and a whistling sound.
Dec. 19, 1962  Verbania (Italy). Three sailors on a ship observed
               two gray, helmet-shaped objects hovering 1 km away
               at 20 m altitude above Lake Major. Diameter: about
               15 m. After 5 min one object started moving rapidly,
               gaining height with an undulating movement. It was
               soon joined by the second object, and both disap-
               pered together at the horizon. (139)
Dec. 21, 1962  Buenos Aires Airport (Argentina). A large, fiery disk
0215           was observed on the runway by Horado Alora and
               Mario Pezzuto, the two control tower operators, and
               by the crews of two aircraft. It rose to 10 m altitude,
               hovered, and flew away to the northeast. (CODO-
               VNI 1962)
Jan. 04, 1963  Rome (Italy). A well-known psychiatrist saw an ob-
1900           ject on the ground in a deserted city park. Shape: a
               dome upon a cylinder, bearing a series of round
               apertures and surrounded by a thick, roundish ring,
               set on a tripod landing gear supporting the base of
               the cylinder 1 m above the ground. Diameter: 5 m.
               Suddenly the ring started spinning rapidly, and a gust
               of air was felt as the craft rose a few m above ground,
               then disappeared in a split second. (142)
Jan. 11, 1963  San Pietro (Italy). A 43-year-old farmer was awakened
2300           by restless animals and went out to calm them. Fifteen
               min later he saw an object land in a small square in
               the village, went toward it, was "paralyzed" when
               10 m away. Two min later the craft, 4.5 m long, 1.5
               m high, with a translucent upper dome showing two
               dark, moving figures, ascended in the direction of
               Brindisi, emitted a vertical beam of green light. (143)
Jan. 28, 1963  Shilton (Great Britain). Mary Sharp and Mrs. E. L.
1720           Sharp saw an object on the ground. It had four win-
               dows, emitted a yellow-orange light, and eventually
               left toward Rugby. (Atic)
Jan. 28, 1963  Mamina (Chile). A former Chilean Air Force officer,
night          who was driving a truck, observed two disk-shaped
               objects that followed him for over ten min. (Atic)
Jan. 31, 1963  Ganada de Algosaray (Argentina). An object was re-
               ported to have landed. The Lopez brothers found
               traces in the grass and evidence of intense heat. Police
               investigation. A whitish powder was also found at the
               site. (FSR 66, 1)
Feb. 05, 1963  Ascension (Paraguay). Approximate date. A student,
               Anastasio Lenven, saw an object land on the school
               grounds. In a different observation, several residents,
               including an official of the Ministry of the Interior,
               saw an object flying at very high speed over Ascension.
Feb. 15, 1963  Willow Grove (Australia). A civilian observed an
0710           object arriving from the east. It stopped at 15 m alti-
               tude over his farmhouse. The object made a swishing
               sound, and measured about 8 m in diameter, 3 m in
               height. The underside was spinning in a counter-
               clockwise direction, had a blue color and no light. It
               took off faster than a jet, after hovering about five sec.
               The witness suffered from a strong headache all day.
Feb. 20, 1963  Lecce (Italy). A young man saw from a window ,a
1730           slowly spinning object, almost stationary, 500 m away.
               It appeared as a disk having a central upper dome,
               with a total diameter of 3 m. The object had a brilliant
               yellow red halo, but its dome was much more brilliant.
               The witness observed it through binoculars, reported
               seeing a "particle" leave the object, after which it
               stopped spinning, gained altitude with a vertical shift-
               ing, and left toward the northeast. (144)
Feb. 21, 1963  Belgrade (Montana). A strange globe of fire hit a car
0230           driven by a civilian man. Several people called author-
               ities to report that they had been awakened by a
               peculiar object. (Atic)
Mar. 09, 1963  Crystal Lake (Montana). Amos Biggs observed a sil-
               ver, saucer-shaped craft, with an oval dome, which
               landed on the frozen lake for 10 min. A "door" was
               opened and then shut, and the craft took off with a
               buzzing sound. (FS Jul., 64)
Mar. 12, 1963  Colonia Yerua (Argentina). After an intense rainfall
0532           Pablo Michalowski and Roberto Jorge Martinez ob-
               served and photographed a luminous object that rose
               from a forest preserve about 2 km from Colonia
               Yerua. (CODOVNI 1963)
Mar. 13, 1963  Richards Bay (South Africa). Fred White was fish-
2230           ing when he heard a high-pitched whine coming from
               the east and saw an object come in his direction and
               land 15 m away, scattering sand. It was at least 30 m
               in diameter, and was shaped like two plates glued
               together. Through several oval portholes he could see
               light inside. A man with a fair complexion, wearing a
               metallic helmet, looked at the witness. He wore a
               sky-blue, one-piece coverall with no visible buttons
               or fasteners, and gloves made of shiny mesh. Warm
               air was felt as the craft took off about six min later,
               and radio interference was noted. (FSR 63, 5)
May. 07, 1963  Kirkby (Great Britain). Margaret McCutcheon and
evening        her 13-year-old son reported to the police that, after
               the house lights blacked out while watching television,
               they saw an object about 6 m in diameter, with two
               aerials and a red light flashing, emitting a low buzz,
               near the house. After one minute, it flew away. (FSR
               63, 4)
May. 15, 1963  Yvrac-Maille (France). Mr. and Mrs. D., of Carig-
               nan, saw an object on the ground to the left of the
               road as they were driving between Bergerac and Bor-
               deaux, beyond the Yvrac intersection, 2.5 km from
               Maille. They stopped to observe it, and the object
               then followed them for part of their trip. (LDLN 71)
May. 20, 1963  Glencoe (Australia). A 17-year-old witness, who
evening        wishes anonymity for fear of ridicule, saw what he
               first thought was a bulldozer by the side of the road.
               He came within 20 m of it, then was blinded by a
               strong light as his car suddenly stopped. The object
               crossed the road and flew away. The light was as
               intense as that of a welder's torch. The witness's father
               testified that his son came home white and visibly
               terrified. (APRO Nov., 63)
Jun. 04, 1963  Lyle (Minnesota). A multicolored object, the size of
               a light truck, was reported to have landed in the
               vicinity of Lyle. Police searched an area over 3 km
               wide on both sides of the Iowa-Minnesota border,
               with no results. (Personal)
Jun. 28, 1963  Sandy Creek (Australia). A fiery red object, 8 m wide
2130           4 m high, with a concave top and flat bottom, was
               seen on the road by a Willaston resident who stopped
               his car 4 m away. The object rose, tipped to one side
               and flew away at fantastic speed. (141; FSR 64, 1)
Jul. 15, 1963  Charlton (Great Britain). A farmer discovered
               strange crater 2.5 m wide and 2.5 m deep. Vegetation
               around it was burned and there were four holes in the
               ground around the crater itself. (FSR 63, 5; Magonia)
Jul.  22, 1963 Parr (Great Britain). William Holland, 12, and two
2030           other persons saw a hovering, silvery object with a
               flashing red light on top, at 20 m altitude. It had three
               "legs" and a periscope underneath that pointed at
               the witnesses. The object went up into a cloud of un-
               usual color, which flew against the wind. (FSR 64, 3)
Aug. 07, 1963  Centralia (Illinois). Five persons observed a luminous
night          source flying slowly over the railroad tracks. Direction
               of travel: west, then north. It appeared ready to land
               in a wooded area. Its luminosity was variable. (Atic)
Aug. 8, 1963   Mount Vernon (Illinois). An oval, luminous object
2210           coming from the north dived toward Centralia Road,
               followed a car, flying around it. Then it went away
               toward the west, disappeared like a bulb turned off,
               and was seen again in the west flying very fast. It was
               observed by numerous people. Total duration: 15 min.
Aug. 13, 1963  Ellsworth (Maine). An elliptical object with lights
               on its entire length and occasional flashes at both
               ends was seen at ground level for over one hour by an
               entire family. (Evidence 141)
Aug. 20, 1963  Rome (Italy). In a wooded area near Rome, a man in
2132           a car observed an object resembling a plate turned
               upside down, with a central turret, flying low over his
               vehicle. (Atic)
Aug. 28, 1963  Sagrada Famila (Brazil). Two brothers, F. and R.
1915           Eustagio, 11 and 9, saw a luminous sphere at treetop
               level. Through an opening they observed "several rows
               of people inside" and a thin, 3 m tall being, whho
               glided down to the ground along two vertical beams
               of light. He walked with a strange, swinging motion,
               then sat down. He wore a transparent helmet, had
               one eye in the middle of his forehead, wore high boots
               that left a triangular imprint, and carried a box emit-
               ting flashes. He made a threatening gesture and flew
               up to the sphere, which left. The chlldren somehow
               became convinced that the being was "good" and
               would return. (Humanoids 37; Magonia)
Sep. 19, 1963  Saskatoon (Canada). Four children saw a bright oval
2000           object hover in a field and drop something. Approach-
               ing the site, they were confronted with a 3 m tall man,
               dressed in "a white monklike suit," who held out his
               hands and made unintelligible sounds. The children
               fled in panic, and one girl was admitted to the hos-
               pital in shock. (Personal)
Oct. 1963      Whidbey Island (Washington). A middle-aged
0900           woman, who had seen a strange craft hovering near
               her house the previous Jul., observed a gray-colored
               object, 3.5 m long, hovering less than 2 m above
               ground. Through the transparent front part she could
               see three figures. Suddenly one of the occupants was
               standing on the grass. He was clothed in "asbestos-
               textured coveralls" and neither the face, nor the
               hands, nor the feet was visible. When she asked,
               "What do you want?" the answer, in English, was:
               "One of our party knows you; we will return." The
               object then decreased in size, tilted, partially sank
               into the ground, grew to its previous size, and de-
               parted to the east, producing steam, a flash, and a
               noise. (FSR 64, 6)
Oct. 12, 1963  Monte Maiz (Argentina). E. Douglas, while driv-
0330           ing a truck through,a violent rainstorm, had to stop
               when he encountered a large, blinding object, 35 m
               high, from which three giants, 3 m tall, wearing
               luminous clothes and strange helmets, emerged.
               Douglas fired at them, as a red beam burned him. He
               ran away and found shelter in Monte Maiz. He suf-
               fered burns similar to ultraviolet exposure. Footprints
               of large dimension were found at the site. (COD-
               OVNI 1963; Austr; FSR 8; Magonia)
Oct. 21, 1963  Trancas (Argentina). Six strange objects were ob-
2130           served for 40 min causing a local panic. One was
               hovering at ground level above some railroad tracks,
               while another, showing a dome and portholes, was
               nea a house. When witneses flashed a light, the
               house was flooded with a strong beam. Temperature
               rose and a sulphurous odor was noted. Figures were
               seen in the vicinity of the first disks. All six objects
               had a white and a red light beam, measured 8 m in
               diameter, and left a cloud of white smoke. (145;
               LDLN 66)
Oct. 31, 1963  Daylston (Australia). Jim Davidson saw an object
0415           about 3 m long, bearing orange and red lights, which
               came close to his light truck, flew ahead of him, then
               departed and appeared to land behind a hill. Two
               witnesses independently reported a maneuvering
               light. (Austr. FSR May., 64)
Oct. 31, 1963  Peropava River (Brazil). A farmer, Issuo Oikiti, and
1400           two other witnesses saw a luminous object, resembling
               a huge, aluminum ball, which hit the river, changed
               direction while spinning, crossed to the other side
               and plunged into the water, which appeared to boil.
Nov. 15, 1963  Bloomingdale (New Jersey). Peter Valko and Jim
               Keosian ran toward a strange object that appeared
               about to land, but it "vanished." (Binder)
Nov. 16, 1963  Saltwood (Great Britain). Four teenagers, among
evening        them painter John Flaxton, while walking on a
               country road, saw a moving star turn into a reddish
               glow coming toward them, then disappearing behind
               some trees. Shortly thereafter, a bright, golden light
               was seen 80 m away, floating 3 m above ground, and
               a dark figure the size of a man, with wings like a bat,
               came toward them. They fled in terror. (FSR 64, 2;
Dec., 1963     Japan (exact location unknown). A Japanese man re-
               ported the landing of an object, from which emerged
               a being who spoke to him in a language he could not
               understand, climbed aboard again, and flew away.
Dec. 10, 1963  Cosford (Great Britain). At the RAF camp, two air-
2330           men observed a dome-shaped object that landed be-
               hind a hangar. It gave out a bright glow, and the
               witnesses fled when an opening became visible. (FSR
               64, 2)
Dec. 14, 1963  Vereeniging (South Africa). Messrs. Muller and
0100           Immelman suddenly found the countryside illumi-
               nated and saw an object, 15 m in diameter, with in-
               tense orange and blue lights, emitting sparks, flying
               toward their car. They stopped and jumped out as it
               dived five or six times, at one point hovering for two
               min 15 m above them, making a humming sound, be-
               fore flying away. (146; FSR 64, 3)
Dec. 25, 1963  Libreville (Gabon). A fisherman witnessed the land-
night          ing of a craft, from which a terrifying creature
               emerged. It was humanoid in shape, spoke sounds he
               could not understand, left footprints on the sand, and
               went back to the machine and flew off. (147;LDLN
Dec. 27, 1963  Epping (Great Britain). A shiny white object was
1600           seen on the ground at Bank's Stables. It was about
               3.5 m long, 1 m high, and had something like a wind-
               shield more brilliant than the rest of the craft. It took
               off, flew horizontally for 30 m, and was hidden from
               view. Grass was flattened over a circular area, and
               four traces were found. (BUFORA 1)
Apr. 03, 1964  Monticello (Wisconsin). Four people in a car ob-
2100           served a rigid configuration of intense red and white
               lights, apparently attached to a large object that came
               to ground level, hovered, and flew off very fast as
               they were driving about 2 km west of Monticello.
               (Atic; Challenge 31)
Apr. 22, 1964  Lordsbury (New Mexico). Marie Morrow and two
2100           other persons were driving west, about 2O km east of
               Lordsbury when the entire area was illuminated by a
               bluish light "as bright as day," and a round object
               flew about 3 m above the car, making a whining sound,
               then went north. (APRO May., 64)
Apr. 24, 1964  Tioga City (New York). Dairy farmer Gary T. Wil-
1000           cox saw a shiny, egg-shaped object, about 8 m long
               and 6 m wide, in his field. He spoke in English to two
               dwarfs, 1.2 m tall, wearing seamless clothing and
               hoods, and carrying trays. (Humanoids 59; Magonia)
Apr. 24, 1964  Socorro (New Mexico). Policeman Lonnie Zamora
1745           observed the landing of a white craft, resting on four
               legs, in a depression 4 km outside Socorro. Near it
               were standing two figures, below average height,
               dressed in white. Within 30 m of the object, he saw
               a red insignia on its aluminumlike surface. It rose to
               4 m with a strong roar, became silent, hovered and
               flew away. Traces. (Atic; Challenge 34; Humanoids
               47; Magonia)
Apr. 26, 1964  La Madera (New Mexico). Orlando Gallegos ob-
1230           served a bright, metallic, egg-shaped object about
               70 m away, on the ground, north of La Madera. Blue
               flames appeared to circle the base of the machine,
               which was silent and about the length of a Phone
               pole. Scorch marks and four imprints were found,
               according to Police Capt. Martin Vigil. (Personal)
Apr. 28, 1964  Anthony (New Mexico). Numerous witnesses, among
morning        them policeman Paul Arteche, saw a reddish, round
               object hover at low level, then take off very rapidly
               toward the west. (NICAP Jul., 64)
Apr. 30, 1964  Baker (California). Gloria Biggs, her husband, and
               her mother observed a brown, dome-shaped object on
               a hilltop about 17 km west of Baker on U.S. Highway
               91. They lost sight of it a moment, could not see it
               again, and found only a depression in the ground.
               (FSR 64, 5; Anatomy 75)
Apr. 30, 1964  Canyon Ferry (Montana). Several anonymous adults
2230           observed an elongated, glowing object. Two children
               saw a lighted craft land and take off, leaving four
               rectangular indentations. (APRO Jul., 64)
May. 05, 1964  Comstock (Minnesota). A farmer, Alfred Ernst, saw
0830           an object rise from a field and fly rapidly into the cloud
               bank. It was described as oval, and it left a depression
               and imprints in the ground. (FS Jun., 65)
May. 09, 1964  Mogadore (Ohio). Three children, John Owens,
1100           Cheryl Glunt, and Bernie Montello, saw a silvery,
               dome-shaped object arrive from the south and land
               in a field 150 m away. Estimated diameter: 3 m. (FS
               Jun., 65)
May. 13, 1964  Rio Vista (California). A woman saw two objects,
               one of which landed in a field. It was round and
               luminous. (NICAP Jul., 64)
May. 17, 1964  Massillon (Ohio). A fiery object, maneuvering at low
2100           altitude, was seen from Wooster and Smithville at
               2110. then from Lawrence and Burbank between
               2125 and 2130. It flew erratically with a whirring
               sound and changes of color, apparently interfering
               with police radio. lt went down toward the northwest,
               seemingly ready to land. Abnormal radioactivity al-
               legedly was found at the site. (Akron UFO Res. Soc.)
May. 18, 1964  Hubbard (Oregon). A bright, silvery object, 3 m long,
               1.5 m high, with a cone-shaped front part, resting on
               four legs, was seen in a wheat field by 10-year-old
               Mike Bizon. It made a beeping noise, rose first to the
               altitude of the Phone poles, then took off ver-
               tically. Wheat was found flattened in all directions.
               (NICAP Jul., 64)
May. 24, 1964  Millinocket (Maine). A man driving on Millinocket
2100           Lake Road saw a fiery, spherical object to the side.
               He stopped and left his car with a friend to ob-
               serve it better. When they became afraid and walked
               back to the car, the sphere followed them; the engine
               could not be started as long as the sphere remained
               within 2 or 3 m of the car. It flew away after five min.
               It was described as a ball of fire without structure,
               about 75 cm in diameter. (Atic)
Jun. 02, 1964  Hobbs (New Mexico). A "black object with flames"
1600           is blamed for burns suffered by an 8-year-old child,
               who said he saw the object coming from the sky. His
               grandmother, Mrs. Frank Smith, who was standing
               nearby, heard a sound similar to that of a bullet, but
               saw nothing. The child suffered second-degree burns
               on his face, and lost part of his hair. (Saucer News
               Mar., 65)
Jun. 02, 1964  Leam Lane (England). David Wilson, 14, was going
1730           to get some straw for his rabbits when he stopped
               with other children to observe half-a-dozen dwarfs,
               about 80 cm tall, dressed in bright green, and having
               hands lighted "like electric bulbs," who seemed to
               be searching for something. Another child later re-
               ported that she had seen a silvery disk-shaped object,
               the size of a car, take off from the same location. (FS
Jun. 05, 1964  Pajasblancas (Argentina). A 42-year-old doctor and
               his wife were 30 km away from the airport when an
               intensely bright object appeared on the road ahead.
               They drove very close to it and saw three men dressed
               in gray, one of whom told him in Spanish that "they
               had a mission on Earth." (Humanoids 39)
Jun. 08, 1964  Lawrenceville (Illinois). Helen Reed observed a spin-
2230           ning object 5 m above ground,less than 20 m away,
               coming and going with right-angle turns. It had a
               dome from which colored light emanated (blue turn-
               ing to red) and bands of yellow light. The object was
               lost to sight behind trees in the north. (NICAP
               Jul., 64)
Jun. 13, 1964  Penberville (Ohio). Karen Fahle saw a bright object
2100           coming to the ground about 200 m away. While ap-
               proaching its lights blinked and turned to dark red.
               Five min later it went away slowly. (AMUFO Sep.,
Jun. 14, 1964  Dale (Indiana). Charles Englebrecht went outside
2100           when his TV set and all house lights suddenly failed
               and saw a glowing blue-white object, about 30 nn in
               diameter, land about 18 m away in the field. He felt a
               mild electric shock when he tried to approach it and
               was unable to move forward. (NICAP Jul., 64)
Jun. 15, 1964  Aria (Chile). A miner, R. A. Donoso, observed a
               strange machine land. From it emerged two fair-
               skinned men who asked for water in a language which
               appeared to be a mixture of English and Spanish.
               Donoso took some water from his car radiator for
               them and they left. Their craft was about 3 m long
               and 1 m wide. (FSR 65; 2)
Jul. 07, 1964  Tallulah Falls (Georgia). Nine persons from three
2100           different houses, including J. Ivester, described an
               object like "a flying top." TV interference was associ-
               ated with the object's presence. It flew silently at tree
               height and hovered over the vard of Mrs. Russell
               Mickinan's house. The lower part was bright red,
               with three lights on the upper part. As it left, a green
               light illuminated the countryside. A powerful odor
               similar to "embalming fluid" was noticeable when
               police arrived. The next day, witnesses felt a burning
               sensation on their faces and arms. (Challenge 39)
Jul. 14, 1964  Tallulah Falls (Georgia). Miss P. Upton came run-
evening        ning home nearly hysterical. While riding bicycles,
               she and a friend saw a low-flying object that terrified
               them. A strong unpleasant smell also was reported.
               (Fate Nov., 64)
Jul. 16, 1964  Conklin (New York). Edmund Travis, 9, Randy
1500           Travis, 7 Floyd Moore, 10, and two other boys, saw
               a dwarf dressed in a black suit and a helmet, with a
               glass section in front of his face, which looked human.
               He appeared to request some water in a strange tone,
               which sounded "as if it came from a pipe." He then
               walked to a shiny machine partially hidden in the
               brush, as the boys ran home. (Humanoids 59)
Jul. 27, 1964  Sherburne (New York). An engineer stopped his car
2100           when he saw an aluminum-looking object, stationary,
               about 15 m above ground. The edge of the craft
               seemed fluorescent, and three beams of very bright
               light were emitted before it flew off at high speed.
               Total duration: 6 min. (Atic)
Jul. 28, 1964  Lake Chelan (Washington). A former Navy pilot
2230           and another man, both regarded as trustworthy, were
               at work in a field when they saw an intense light,
               cone-shaped, emitted from the ground. A similar light
               was observed in the sky when the one on ground was
               turned off, then the reverse took place. A round,
               aluminum-looking object, about 10 m in diameter,
               with one red and one white light, then appeared and
               descended to ground level with a strong whistling
               sound similar to a small jet. Piercing and high-pitched
               voices similar to those of children playing were heard.
               After 40 min the craft took off. Before it did so, a jet
               aircraft flying at low altitude circled its position. On
               Jul. 31 and August 1, the densely wooded area was
               explored from a helicopter and on foot by Sheriff
               Nickell and a U.S. Air Force officer, but nothing was
               found. (Atic)
Jul. 30, 1964  Flemington (New Jersey). A whitish, elliptical object
               followed a car, then landed in a field. The driver got
               out to observe it, but when the object started in his
               direction he became afraid and drove off. (NICAP
               Sep., 64)
Aug. 12, 1964  Brekkens Corner (Montana). Witnesses got out of
2200           their car to watch an object resembling a "burning
               haystack," oval or crescent-shaped, which rose from
               the ground, crossed the sky, and was lost to sight in
               the south. (Personal)
Aug. 25, 1964  Lynn (Massachusetts). Richard Pratt, 17, heard a
2230           whistling noise and saw a silvery, oval object sur-
               rounded with a soft white glow, supporting a dome,
               which went down to ground level. A similar object
               had been observed one hour earlier at Littleton, about
               50 km west, by four boys. It was described as silvery
               gray, with three blinking red lights and a white light.
               (NICAP Sep., 64)
Sep. 05, 1964  Cofico (Argentina). Chafredo Dagota observed a
2100           circular object that came to the ground briefly. It
               stood on a sort of pillar and emitted a blinding light.
               He caught sight of two figures moving near it. (FSR
               66, 3)
Sep. 05, 1964  Cisco Grove (California). A hunter, who had lost
2200           his way in the mountains, observed approaching lights
               that seemed to land. From a vantage point in a tree,
               he saw a dome-shaped object at ground level, about
               500 m away. Several creatures, one of them a robot-
               like figure with "eyes" about 10 cm in diameter, came
               near, apparently trying to dislodge the witness from
               his tree. The creatures appeared to fear the light from
               flaming objects thrown at them. The witness fell
               asleep after an exhausting series of attempts to keep
               the creatures away. At dawn there was nothing to
               be seen. (Atic; Magonia)
Sep. 11, 1964  Ulysses (Oklahoma). Karen Campbell was scared by
0600           an oval, dull copper object that flew low over her car.
               It measured about 1.2 m in height, had a dome on
               top, made a "rushing" noise, and seemed to "float"
               over the car. (148)
Sep. 15, 1964  Core Lane (Louisiana). James Warren was awakened
               by a noise, and saw an object bearing blinking red
               and green lights fly over his house at treetop level. He
               called the police, who also reported seeing the object.
               (Fate Jan., 65)
Nov., 1964     Saint-Alexis de Montcalm (Canada). Mr. Lehel ob-
2300           served a lighted object at hilltop level, about 700 m
               away. At the site, a wide circle of crushed vegetation
               was found, three branches were broken, and a pole
               was calcined. (LDLN 76)
Dec. 21, 1964  Harrisonburg (Viginia). Mr. Burns saw a huge ob-
1700           ject cross the road, hover at ground level in a field for
               less than one min, then take off vertically. There
               were other witnesses in the area. (Atic)
Dec. 28, 1964  Auckland (New Zealand). Two young girls, R. Bender
               and J. Quinn, observed an object flying 17 m above
               the ground. It was shaped like two plates glued to-
               gether, with two rows of intense lights, and a turret
               with a green light on top. When an opening became
               visible, the witnesses thought the thing was about to
               land, and they fled. (Spaceview)
Jan. 12, 1965  Blaine Air Force Base (Washington). A member of a
night          federal agency, who was driving toward the base, saw
               a low-flying object, 10 m in diameter, which avoided
               collision at the last moment. He got out of the car
               and observed it hovering for one min, then it flew off.
               at high speed. The object was tracked on radar. The
               same night, a round, glowing object with a dome on
               top landed on a nearby farm, melting snow in a 10 m
               diameter urcle. (NICAP Mar., 65)
Jan. 14, 1965  Norfolk (Virginia). James Myers saw an object rise
2400           from the ground, appearing as a bright, circular silvery
               craft. (Fate Jul., 65)
Jan. 19, 1965  Brands Flat (Virginia). A workman cutting wood on
1815           the Augusta archery range saw two saucer-shaped ob-
               jects, 30 m and 6 m in diameter, hovering in the sky.
               The smaller one landed, a door opened, and three
               pilots emerged. They looked human, but had a red-
               dish-orange skin and staring eyes. One of them had
               "a long finger on his left hand." Their clothes were
               the same color as the craft, whose open door showed
               a strange light inside. The object was so highly pol-
               ished that "I would bet on a clear day you could not
               see it at five thousand feet." The occupants spoke
               sounds that were not understood and reentered the
               object. The door outline could not be seen when it
               was closed. (Personal)
Jan. 23, 1965  Williamsburg (Virginia). A 31-year-old man driving
0840           a '64 Cadillac was at the intersection of U.S. Highway
               60 and State Route 14 when the engine failed, and he
               had to stop by the side of the road. He then observed
               an object about 1.2 m above ground. It was shaped
               like a mushroom or an electric bulb, 25 m high, 8 m
               in diameter made noise similar to a vacuum cleaner
               had a metallic gray coIor, a red-orange light on one
               side, and a blue one on the other. It took off against
               the wind toward the west, at high speed. (Atic)
Jan. 25, 1965  Marion (Virginia). Woody Darnell, policeman, his
night          family, and several neighbors saw a stationary object
               on the ground. It took off with a shower of sparks.
               Several trees were found uprooted or calcined at the
               site. (Fate Jul., 65)
Feb. 03, 1965  South Brighton (New Zealand). A man saw a light
2045           on the beach near Penguin Street and got out of his
               car to observe it. He then heard a modulated whistling
               sound and saw an object, 7 m wide, rise from the
               beach to an altitude of about 20 m. He came back to
               the site with other persons, and a dog that became
               restless at a spot where grass was found flattened.
               Another witness, driving near Humphrey Ave., saw
               the object as it rose over South Brighton. (149)
Feb. 04, 1965  Torrent (Argentina). Several persons observed five
               luminous objects in flight. A transparent craft landed,
               and five creatures, about 2 m high, with one eye on
               the forehead and flashing helmets, emerged and tried
               to abduct a villager. Approximate date. (Humanoids
Feb. 21, 1965  Chalac (Argentina). About 50 Toba Indians, includ-
2100           ing policemen, saw three little men with luminous
               glows emerge from an object that had made several
               low passes over the village with other flying craft. A
               photographer took several pictures and noted that
               the creatures feared the light from his flash camera.
               The object increased in luminosity as it took off. 
               (CODOVNI; FSR 65, 4)
Mar. 02, 1965  Brooksville (Florida). John F. Reeves, 65, retired, was
1355           walking in the woods when he observed an object
               10 m in diameter, 2m thick, saucer-shaped with an
               outer rim and a stairway. After watching it for 10 min,
               he saw a robotlike being, about 1.30m tall, wearing a
               silver uniform, glass headgear, and then returned with a
               The being walked walked to the craft, then returned with a
               box that emitted a flash when pointed at the witness.
               The object subsequently took off with a whistling
               sound. (Atic)
Mar. 04, 1965  Corvallis (Oregon). A farmer and his employee saw
1830           from their car three yellow-orange spheres rapidly
               rising. Oily spots were found in the field. (Atic)
Mar. 08, 1965  Mount Airy (Maryland). Three persons saw a cigar-
1940           shaped object with two fixed red lights, which flew
               above them, avoided hitting the house at the last
               moment, and was lost to sight in the northeast. (Per-
Mar. 15, 1965  Fort Myers (Florida). In the Everglades, 30 km east of
0100           Big Cypress, James Flynn, 45, who was hunting, saw
               a huge, lighted object 1 m above the swamp surface.
               He watched it for 40 min, observing that it was con-
               ical, twice as wide as it was high, and seemed built
               from metal sections over one square m each. It
               showed four rows of square windows, 70 cm wide.
               Estimated diameter: 25 m. A yellow light shone
               through the windows, and the object made a sound
               of a transformer and wind. Flynn got within 2 m of
               it and made a gesture. A beam of light from the
               underside of the object struck him between the eyes
               and he lost consciousness for 24 hours. He had lost
               vision in the right eye, saw poorly with the left, went
               to a doctor in Fort Myers, and spent five days in the
               hospital. (Fate Sep.,65)
Apr., 1965     Monte Grande (Argentina). Felipe Martinez, 37,
               reported that he was paralyzed during the landing of
               a silent, large, egg-shaped object, from which emerged
               a small man, about 1 m tall, wearing a helmet linked
               to the object by three cables. The being spoke slowly
               and with difficulty in, Spanish. (Humanoids 40)
Apr. 08, 1965  Kindrae (Minnesota). A 60-year-old man saw an
2130           object 200 m away, in the northwest at 30 m altitude.
               It turned east, then left toward the south. First seen
               as a single, bright light, then two luminous sources
               were visible through a "door" in the object, which
               appeared metallic. Radio interference was noted.
Apr. 23, 1965  Rivesville (West Virginia). A woman observed an
0800           object land near her house while she was working in
               her kitchen. It was shaped like a disk, showed port-
               holes and a cylinder about 1 m high, with a sliding
               door from which a small creature, about 1 m tall,
               emerged and jumped to the ground. Its face was not
               clearly visible but it had pointed ears, a sort of tail,
               and was linked to the main object by a cable. It wore
               white clothing, appeared to pick up something from
               the ground, and reentered the cylinder, which then
               slid up into the larger white disk. The outside rim
               started spinning in a counterclockwise motion with
               a soft whistling sound and the object rose straight
               up, out of view. Estimated diameter of the disk: 7m.
Apr. 26, 1965  New London (Minnesota). Gary X., 9, saw an object
1700           which came down silently and hovered at ground
               level 60 m away. A sort of periscope emerged from it,
               and a strange noise (also heard by the boy's father)
               was noted. After 1-2 min the "periscope" disappeared,
               the object rose, and then dashed up at unbelievable
               speed. (Personal)
May. 23, 1965  Eton Range (Australia). About 70 km from Mackay,
2100           Jim Tilse, Eric Judin, and John Burgess saw a cir-
               cular object, 10 m in diameter, flying erratically, mak-
               ing a buzzing sound. It had headlights, a tripod
               landing gear, and supported another disk-shaped de-
               vice. Police investigation disclosed damaged trees and
               other landing traces. (FSR 65, 5)
May. 24, 1965  Geradton (Australia). Mr. and Mrs. French observed
0130           an object in a field at 4 m altitude. It had blinding
               white lights, caused radio interference, and made a
               high-pitched sound. (Spaceview 44; LDLN 80)
May. 24, 1965  Paso de las Carretas (Argentina). Hunters saw through
1840           binoculars an object resembling an upside-down plate,
               very luminous, with a red light on top, flying in circles
               and landing on a hilltop. The Lujan police sent a
               patrol, under Comm. Osvaldo Pagella, which found
               a large, metallic object resting on the hill, but they
               could not approach the object before it took off, be-
               cause of the difficult terrain. (Personal)
Jun. 02, 1965  Kuranda (Australia). Mr. D. Armstrong, a former
2000           airman, was called outside by his sons and saw a
               spherical object with flashing lights that appeared to
               land silently on a hillside situated on Mr. Watson's
               property. (FSR 65, 5)
Jul. 01, 1965  Valensole (France). Farmer Maurice Masse, 41,
0500           heard a strange noise and saw an egg-shaped object
               30 m away in a lavender field. The craft was set on a
               central pivot with six legs, was about 5 m long, and
               had a door showing two seats back to back. Near it
               were two dwarfs the size of 8-year-old children, with
               heads, normal human eyes, fine hands with five
               fingers, and no hair. They seemed surprised when the
               witness came near, and stopped their examination of
               a plant to aim a small device at him, causing inhibi-
               tion of movement. They spoke among themselves in
               shrill sounds similar to a gargle. The craft took off
               and "vanished." Traces. (FSR 65, 5; Magonia)
Jul. 06, 1965  Puerto La Cruz (Portugal). The commander and
night          crew of the Norwegian tanker "Jawesta" observed a
               lighted object flying out of the sea. First Officer
               Toronin Lien first saw a large, blue, intense flame be-
               hind the ship at high speed. He called the captain and
               tracked the object with binoculors as its altitude
               reached about 300m. Its shape was that of a cigar,
               with a row of lighted portholes showing a clear yel-
               low glow, and it left a bluish trail. (150)
Jul. 09, 1965  Moyeuvre (France). At the Cote-de-Thermont, 30-
1230           year-old Mrs. Zielonka saw a metallic object rise at
               high speed and fly away toward Metz. Estimated
               diameter: 3 m. (152)
Jul. 12, 1965  Bairio Paraiso dos Barbeiros (Brazil). Student Hum-
               berto Aranjo da Silva nearly hit a saucer-shaped craft,
               6 m in diameter, with two V-shaped landing pads
               and a dome, which had landed on the road. It made
               a whirring noise. (LDLN 84; SBEDV 51, 53)
Jul. 15, 1965  Loretami Valley (Argentina). Mr. and Mrs. Bosquets
               and their family observed a luminous object, its color
               changing from blue to orange, about 12 m in diam-
               eter, and showing several portholes. The object left
               traces on the ground. (CODOVNI 1965)
Jul. 17, 1965  Colonia (Uruguay). A blinding object, smaller than
               an airplane and having metallic legs, was seen on the
               bank of the Rio de la Plata River by two workers and
               four young men. White smoke emerged from the
               craft, which remained on the sand for two min, leav-
               ing X-shaped traces. It flew up to about 10 m altitude,
               then went away. The craft showed a round central
               section with two oval ends and looked somewhat
               similar to an egg. (153)
Jul. 19, 1965  Villas Rosas (Argentina). Maria Andres, teacher,
1930           Mr. Gomez, Mrs. Goicoecha, and others saw a small
               object leave a larger one, land, and burn a spot on the
               ground before going back to the main object. It
               emitted a blinding light. (Asi Jul. 30, 1965)
Jul. 19, 1965  Vancluse (Australia). Mr. Crowe was attracted by a
2130           strong light on the beach, and walked within 20 m
               of the craft producing it, which took off with a yellow-
               orange light. Estimated diameter: 7 m, height, 3 m,
               with blue-green edges. (Spaceview 44)
Jul. 19, 1965  Chanaral (Chile). Carlos Videla Zamudio saw a
night          "strange machine" land on an isolated beach. It was
               shaped like a mushroom or a top, was lighted from
               inside, rested on the ground silently, flew up to 30 m,
               and disappeared at fantastic speed. This was the third
               landing on a beach reported in Jul.. (155; LDLN 78;
               APRO Jan., 66)
Jul. 20, 1965  Quilmes (Argentina). R. Pereyra was driving near
0800           Monte de los Curas when he saw a parachutelike ob-
               ject land. Going near, he observed a chromium-
               looking, egg-shaped craft standing on metal legs, with
               a transparent upper part. A blond-haired pilot, wear-
               ing plastic coveralls and small boots, seemed to study
               a piece of paper. Inside the craft was another man
               seated before an instrument panel. Shortly thereafter
               the object took off. (Humanoids 40)
Jul. 23, 1965  Lima (Peru). An object was observed to land on
               ranch 45 km north of this town by a chemical engi-
               neer, his wife, and several farmers. It remained on
               the ground for 45 min, leaving traces. (Saucer News
Jul. 25, 1965  Chosica Power Plant (Peru). Mr. Alva was awakened
night          by a strange sound and saw an object on the ground
               emitting green light flashes. He woke up other em-
               ployees, who had time to note that the object was               
               about 3 m in diameter, had small windows in its upper
               part, and a revolving telescopic appendage. The in-
               vestigating commission found dark, triangular traces
               on the ground. (FSR 67, 6)
Jul. 26, 1965  Carazinho (Brazil). A teenager, Adilon Azevedo, a
2000           others who fled, saw two objects at ground level, about
               3 m in diameter, 1.5 m high, with five occupants,
               wearing luminous helmets, speaking among the-
               selves, in unfamiliar language. One of the beings had
               a bright object in his hand. The witness experienced
               headaches for five days. (Humanoids 41)
Jul. 29, 1965  Grouzies (France). Alain Bressol observed a large,
2300           disk-shaped object in a field near Monsempron-Libos.
               It flew at high speed toward the south. Official report.
               (156;LDLN 78)
Jul. 30, 1965  Puerto Monte (Chile). Hundreds of people in two
               separate spots observed an object that landed for five
               min. It emitted a blinding purple light. (157; LDLN
Jul. 30, 1965  Goonumbla (Australia). Two children attracted by
0500           the barking of a dog saw a luminous object resting on
               a tripod landing gear, and observed it for one hour.
Jul. 31, 1965  Belluco (Chile). A woman in a car saw an object on
               the road. It took off, then landed again in Belluco
               where it was seen by several people. The object
               emitted a bright, purple light and a green beam.
Aug. 02, 1965  Justin (Texas). Two deputy sheriffs of Tarrant
               County saw an object as bright as burning magnesium,
               which landed as they were on a patrol near Wagle
               Mountain Lake. Extensive investigation by the police
               led to negative results. (Atic)
Aug. 02, 1965  Oklahoma City (Oklahoma). Five children saw a
               brilliant, round object without wings, close to the
               ground, in the 600 block on Northwest 63. (Atic)
Aug. 03, 1965  Lake Hefner (Oklahoma). A young man saw an
               object rise from the lake area. (Atic)
Aug. 03, 1965  Carnarvon (Australia). Approximate date. Dr. An-
2000           tonin Kukla and Mrs. Audrey Lawrence saw an object
               dive toward them. They switched off the car head-
               lights and got out of the vehicle to observe the oval
               object, which hovered at ground level, its color chang-
               ing from orange to fluorescent green, before it took
               off at high speed. (NICAP)
Aug. 04, 1965  Chena (Chile). A bright, silvery object landed on a
               hill for 45 min. There were numerous witnesses,
               among them military men. Official investigation.
               (Nachrichten Oct., 65)
Aug. 04, 1965  Dallas (Texas). A man in a car observed a red and
0130           blue light thought it came from a police car, then
               was passed by a huge, orange object flying at ground
               level. (Atic)
Aug. 04, 1965  Abilene (Kansas). Truck driver Don Tenopir had
0130           reached a point 35 km from Abilene, going toward
               Lincoln, when his headlights blinked and failed. An
               object then dived toward the truck and stopped on
               the road 30 m ahead causing a car coming in the op-
               posite direction to leave the road in order to avoid it.
               The object was orange, 5 m in diameter, 1.5 m high,
               with a dome and a "black spot." It took off toward
               the west, then turned south. (LDLN 82)
Aug. 04, 1965  Trapua (Brazil). Joao Erondo dos Santos saw a disk
2200           50 m in diameter land with a distinct sound, although
               no traces were found afterward. The object illumi-
               nated a wide area. (LDLN 84)
Aug. 05, 1965  Cherry Creek (New York). Several children saw an
2030           object shaped like two saucers glued together come
               to ground level several times on the farm of William
               Butcher. It was chromelike, measured about 16 m in
               diameter, took off with green and yellow flames, and
               illuminated the clouds when it flew into them. Capt.
               James Dorsey and four technicians from Niagara
               Falls AFB investigated the case. They found no trace,
               concluding, however, that the witnesses were not
               lying. (Personal)
Aug. 09, 1965  Grand Forks (North Dakota). Three girls driving a
2330           car observed what they first thought was the rising
               moon. It was a circular, pale-yellow object, with a
               silhouette moving inside the glow. There were five
               other witnesses one of whom stated that as he ap-
               proached the object, it appeared to "blow up" with a
               bang. (FSR 66, 2)
Aug. 13, 1965  Baden (Pennsylvania). A 37-year-old civilian had just
               put his car in the garage when he saw an object about
               100 m in diameter, shaped like a disk, which flew in
               front of the moon in a northerly direction at about
               80 km/h. It was surrounded with orange lights that
               weakened as a blue source came on, very intense for
               about 3 sec then all lights disappeared as the object
               was about 700 m away. This was followed by a sort
               of "shock-wave" effect, and tree leaves were shaken.
               The witness entered his house and called the Air
               Force. Twenty minutes later his vision became hazy
               and his eyes were painful. He gradually lost vision in
               both eyes, and his entire body was "sunburned." Med-
               ical examination compared the symptoms to ultra-
               violet exposure. His vision came back gradually over
               a period of several days. (Atic)
Aug. 13, 1965  Renton (Washington). Ellen G. Ryerson, 16, and
0700           her sister, Laura, were going to work in a bean field
               when they observed three creatures about 1.60 m tall,
               with bulging eyes, expressionless faces, white crani-
               ums, large pores, and a protrusion at the back of their
               heads. They wore purple jerseys and white shirts.
               They had disappeared when the running girls looked
               back. (FSR 66, 2)
Aug. 14, 1965  Stranraer (Scotland). Patrick Nash and his family
0200           were awaiting a ferry boat when a brilliant, orange-red
               object shaped like a large soup plate appeared 50 m
               away, rose from the ground, flew low over the car,
               landed 20m away on the other side, vanishing sud-
               denly. (FSR 65,6)
Aug. 15, 1965  Nablus (Jordan). A guard saw a boatlike object flying
0200           at high speed, with red flames on its sides. It circled
               and came low over a farm. In fear, the man fired at
               it with his rifle. (FSR 66, 1)
Aug. 15, 1965  Salto (Uruguay). Five persons in a car heard a hum-
2300           ming sound, and an object with changing colored
               lights landed and blocked the road while the car
               engine stalled. The object was as wide as the road,
               and 3 m high. Before it took off, three human beings
               were seen inside. (Humanoids 42)
Aug. 20, 1965  Mount Airy (North Carolina). Mrs. T. E. Schumaker
0300           was awakened by a loud humming sound and found
               she could not speak or move for a while. When she
               finally reached her window, she saw a vertical, cigar-
               shaped, luminous object. It moved right and left,
               then back, etc. Ultimately it disappeared behind
               some trees. The next morning a circle of crushed
               grass, 4 m in diameter, was found in the yard. (FSR
Aug. 20, 1965  Cuzco (Peru). Several tourists, including Alberto
1150           Ugarte and Elwin Voter, observed a strange craft
               landing near the Inca ruins that they were visiting.
               Two creatures described as luminous dwarfs, who
               seemed to have "vertical mouths," were seen briefly.
               (Humanoids 43)
Aug. 20, 1965  Cherry Creek (New York). Four students working
1820           on a farm noted radio interference and a peculiar
               "beeping sound," then saw an object at low altitude
               on the farm of William Butcher. It was shaped like
               two saucers glued together, had a shiny chromelike sur-
               face, diameter of 15 m, height of 6 m, and left a trail
               and smell of burned gasoline. It rose straight up into
               the clouds, which were illuminated with green light.
               Five min later it came down again over a woods, rose,
               and finally flew off to the southwest. Effects were
               noted on animals: milk production decreased from
               2 1/2 barrels to one; a dog barked, and other animals
               were terrified. (Atic)
Aug. 20, 1965  Mar del Plata (Argentina). Mr. and Mrs. Yacobi
2300           heard a loud humming sound and saw a glowing, oval,
               flashing object land 200 m away. Figures moved
               around it, as if examining the craft, which took off
               again. (Humanoids 42)
Aug. 21, 1965  Bury's Bridge (Eire). A man was repairing the broken
1530           chain of his motorbike when an object shaped like a
               top, gray, spinning, 1.8 m high, same diameter, sud-
               denly appeared 5 m away, 1.5 m above the road. It
               shot off toward the northeast. (FSR 65,6)
Aug. 23, 1965  Apostoles (Argentina). Casimiro Zuk was riding his
0100           bicycle near a railroad crossing when he saw a lumi-
               nous object above him that circled, then landed near
               the tracks. It was round, 5 m in diameter, and 2.5 m
               high. A door opened, and a man dressed like a pilot
               emerged, walked around, and reentered the object,
               which flew off in a spiral. (158)
Aug. 25, 1965  Terreon (Mexico). Zoilo Campos Aguilar observed
0300           an object very close to the ground for 38 min. It was
               semi-oval, with a powerful yellow-orange light and
               left rapidly toward the south with a double trail. Ap-
               parent diameter was that of the full moon. The wit-
               ness was a night watchman. (Binder)
Aug. 25, 1965  Callao (Peru). A red object shaped like a plate, emitt-
1010           ting fire and smoke through two openings in its lower
               section, shook a school building as it allegedly landed
               on the roof. Faculty and students at the Santa Leonor
               College observed the craft, which had two antennae
               on top, rise spinning and emitting red light beams
               It flew off to the northeast. (FSR 67, 6)
Aug. 30, 1965  La Blanquilla (Venezuela). A spinning, top-shaped
               object with openings through which an orange light
               was visible was observed taking off with a "foggy"
               trail. (APRO Jan., 66)
Sep. 01, 1965  Huanuco (Peru). A worker observed the landing of
0500           an oval object on an airfield where he had gone
               "drawn by a strange feeling." Four other persons also
               saw the object, from which a dwarfish creature, 85 cm
               tall, emerged. The entity had a head double the size of
               a normal human head, and made gestures that were
               not understood. He reentered the machine, which
               became illuminated and took off, first vertically, then
               toward the west. (Personal)
Sep. 3, 1965   San Justo (Argentina). J. Fernandez was awakened
0120           by a humming sound and saw a luminous, oval object
               rising from the roof of his house. Its color varied from
               white to red, and it left marks on the roof. (Human-
               oids 41)
Sep. 03, 1965  Exeter (New Hampshire). A young man and two
0200           Police officers observed five lights in a rigid configura-
               tion moving over a field, sometimes fluttering to low
               altitude with a falling-leaf motion. The lights illumi-
               nated the countryside and flashed in sequence. (Fuller)
Sep. 03, 1965  Damon (Texas). Two Angleton sheriffs, McCoy and
evening        Robert Goode saw from their car a huge object 70 m
               long, 15 m high, with a bright, violet light at one end
               and a pale-blue light at the other. They stopped to
               watch it and saw the craft fly within 30 m, casting a
               huge shadow when it intercepted the moonlight.
               They felt a heat wave and drove away in fear, but
               returned to the site a second time, only to turn
               around when they found the object was still there.
               Goode had been bitten by an animal before the sight-
               ing, and his left index finger swelled and bled freely.
               After exposure to the light from the object, the pain
               was gone, and the wound cured unnaturally. Later
               that evening, two men found him at a restaurant and
               described the object in detail, adding he should keep
               future encounters to himself. (NICAP Aug.,65)
Sep. 05, 1965  Santa Barbara (Peru). Governor Sebastian Macha
0500           saw two dwarfish creatures, 80 cm tall, on the snow
               near Ceulacocha. They entered a craft, which left
               with a thundering noise. (FSR 66, 2)
Sep. 07, 1965  San Joaquin (Peru). More than 200 witnesses saw
2100           two objects come to ground level, leaving crater-like
               depressions. (Personal)
Sep. 08, 1965  Alto Purus (Brazil). After work, latex collectors saw
evening        an object resembling a huge wheel, intensely bright,
               with two flaming openings in front, about to land
               near them. They went into hiding, and observed the
               craft as it flew away. (LDLN 84)
Sep. 08, 1965  Puno (Peru). A child reported the observation of a
2200           luminous object from which seven creatures, 80 cm
               tall, with only one eye, emerged. The same day a
               newsman was said to have seen an object land in the
               vicinity of Puno, and to have made an unsuccesful
               attempt at communication. (Personal)
Sep. 10, 1965  Jalapa (Mexico). Four persons saw a creature with
               glowing catlike eyes, dressed in black, walking in a
               street. The entity was holding a metallic tube, was
               pursued, and vanished suddenly. (159; Magonia)
Sep. 10, 1965  Mexico City (Mexico). Three women were said to
               have observed a group of beings, 3 m tall, without
               noses or mouths with red, bright eyes, wearing gray
               clothing and boots. No object was described. Ap-
               proximate date. (159)
Sep. 11, 1965  Guarulhos (Brazil). Antonio Pau Ferro saw two ob-
0800           jects land. Two dwarfish beings emerged, 70 cm tall,
               dressed like humans, with "ugly" skin. They appeared
               to examine some tomato plants, reentered their craft,
               6 m in diameter, and flew off. They spoke in a lan-
               guage which was not understood. (LDLN 84)
Sep. 15, 1965  Silverton (South Africa). Two policemen, John
2400           Lockem and Koos de Klerk, were on a patrol of the
               Pretoria-Bronkhorstspruit Road when their headlights
               illuminated a disk 10 m in diameter, copper-colored,
               resting on the road. Ten sec later it took off in a pool
               of flames, at high speed. The tar on the road kept
               burning for some time. (Humanoids 71)
Sep. 20, 1965  Pichaca (Peru). A farm woman saw an object land,
1630           and six dwarfs, 80 cm tall, emerged from it. They
               wore very shiny white clothes and "walked like ducks."
               She hid during the observation, and noted that they
               spoke in a language she could not understand. After
               their departure, a liquid resembling vinegar was
               found on the ground. (Personal)
Sep. 27, 1965  Fredonia (New York). Addie Jones, 61, saw a silvery
0815           object, 10 m in diameter, rise from a wooded area and
               hover silently before leaving toward the west. Under
               the object was a boxlike device. Distance to witness:
               400 m. No light. (160)
Sep. 29, 1965  Arequipa (Peru). Two men in a car, Julio L. de
               Romana and Antonio Chavez Bedoya, saw a strange
               being, 80 cm tall, by the side of the road. The creature
               had only one eye, and gold and silver stripes over its
               entire body. Soon afterward a craft flew over their car.
               Several persons living 20 km away also reported an
               unidentified object within min of this sighting. (Per-
Oct. 01, 1965  Aguas Blancas (Argentina). Three students, Santos
               Vallejos, Antonia Aparti, and Adela Sanchez, who
               were walking to General San Martin School, were
               attacked by small creatures with greenish skin. The
               children ran away, and arrived at the school in a state
               of terror. (CODOVNI)
Oct. 04, 1965  Southington (Connecticut). An object was said to
               have landed near Southington. No details. (NICAP)
Oct. 04, 1965  Rio Vista (California). Betty Valine and her 12-year-
evening        old son Robbie observed a large, plate-shaped machine
               with a dome on top, inside which three creatures were
               clearly visible. The witnesses did not see the object
               touch down. (FSR 66, 3)
Oct. 13, 1965  Minot (North Dakota). Two adolescent girls, Marg
               Gudajtes and Judy Norlock, saw a large, metallic, oval
               object with bluish lights land in a park at the edge of
               town. It had left by the time they returned with
               help. An oval area of crushed grass was observed.
               (FSR 66, 3)
Oct. 18, 1965  Ponte Praia (Brazil). Thousands of persons saw a
               circular object that flew over the beach, circling. Later
               two witnesses saw it land in an isolated spot between
               Cuaranga and the Santos Air Base. (Ouranos 32;
               LDLN 84)
Oct. 22, 1965  Canhotinho (Brazil). Approximate date. Jose Camilo
               Filho saw two creatures near a landed object. (LDLN
Oct. 23, 1965  Long Prairie (Minnesota). James Townsend, 19, was
1915           driving on Highway 27 when his engine, lights, and
               radio stopped operating. He then observed an object
               10 m tall, about 3 m in diameter, shaped somewhat
               like a rocket, sitting on fins on the road. Three
               creatures with "tripod legs and matchstick arms,"
               brownish-black in color, having no eyes or facial
               features, stood in a large, lighted circle under it,
               facing the witness for a few moments before disappearing
               in the intense light. The object rose straight up for
               400 m, with a high-pitched humming sound, stopped
               and vanished. The car then resumed normal operation
               by itself. (FSR 66, 3)
Oct. 30, 1965  Pinhal (Brazil). Witnesses in a Volkswagen en-
night          countered a strong light on the road. A truck and
               another Volkswagen arrived and went near the object,
               which took off suddenly and flew over them. It was
               also observed by dozens of witnesses at the Pinhal
               Junction. (APRO Sep., 66)
Nov., 1965     Broken Hill (Zambia). Eric Williams saw a large ob-
dusk           ject, 30 m in diameter, 15 m high, about 75 m away.
               He reported seeing clearly a row of portholes illumi-
               nated with a greenish light. (FSR 66, 4)
Nov. 09, 1965  New York City (New York). During the great power
dawn           blackout, actor Stuart Whitman was startled to hear
               a whistling sound outside his 12th floor window and
               to observe two hovering objects, one orange and the
               other blue giving off a luminescent light. He then
               heard an English message indicating that the black-
               out was a "demonstration." (FSR 66, 6)
Nov. 13, 1965  Mogi-Guassu (Brazil). Dario Filho, his wife, his
               grandson, and a bank director saw an object land
               100 m away, flashing a beam of light toward the sky.
               Two policemen on the scene also observed the inci-
               dent. Near the object were two dwarfs. One of them
               wore coveralls, the other had a gray shirt and brown
               trousers. By what seemed an optical effect, a third
               being with a flat, squarish head, wearing something
               like a surgeon's apron, was also seen near them. The
               object and the creatures were very bright. (APRO
               Sep., 66)
Nov. 16, 1965  Cyrus (Minnesota). T. Untiedt was driving on High-
               way 28 about 5 km west of Cyprus when he saw a red
               flourescent, cylindrical object with a cone on top, 4 km
               long and 2 m in diameter, surrounded with a white
               glow. The car slowed down as the observer was 400 km
               away from the object, which took off toward the
               northeast. (FSR 66, 6)
Nov. 29, 1965  Springhill (Nova Scotia). Kevin Davis, 12, and Gary
evening        Jardine, 10, saw an object with a blinking red dome
               fly over the Cooper Creek area and come to ground
               level. They observed portholes and a long bar with
               fingerlike devices emerging from an opening. Snow
               was blown away and bushes were flattened. (NICAP
               Jan., 66)
Dec. 16, 1965  Sauce Viejo (Argentina). A railroad worker, Cesar T.
               Gallardo, was surprised when his carbide lamp and
               his radio stopped working. He saw strange lights out-
               side the sleeping coach where he was reading, and a
               luminous being whose legs were clad in shiny dark
               cloth came in, tore up his newspaper, poured the con-
               tents of an oil can into a small bottle and went away,
               leaving the witness amazed. Other people saw "a
               luminous man" walking along the tracks. Police re-
               port. (FSR 66, 1)
Dec. 20, 1965  Herman (Minnesota). Edward Burnd, 15, was driv-
               ing west in a farm truck when he saw an object 2 m
               above the road about 30 m away. As the engine died,
               the object glowed red and the witness lost conscious-
               ness. When he awoke, the truck was facing east and
               rested in a ditch. (FSR 66, 6)
Jan. 07, 1966  Wilmer (Alabama). A civilian had to stop his car
15l7           when an object he first thought was a helicopter
               landed on the road about 5 km southwest of George-
               town. The craft was about 8 m in diameter, supported
               a cone with a flashing green light, made a loud
               whirring sound. It appeared to hover, then left at high
               speed. The witness could then restart his engine,
               which had died during the close approach. Sulphur or
               a "rotten egg" smell was noted. (Atic)
Jan. 16, 1966  Bolazec (France). On the Morlaix-Callac Road, 23-
0400           year-old Eugene Coquil was driving his Renault
               Dauphine when he saw headlights in a field and
               observed an object come over his car and land on the
               other side of the road. It was square with four vertical
               lights resembling lamps. The witness drove away and
               did not see the object leave. (Personal; 161)
Jan. 19, 1966  Horseshoe Lagoon, near Tully (Australia). George
0900           Pedley, 27, was driving his tractor when he heard a
               high-pitched sound and saw a strange gray-blue craft,
               8 m in diameter, 3 m high, rise from the lagoon 25 m
               away. It was spinning like a top, rose to 20 m, and
               flew to the southwest on a fast, oblique course. Flat-
               tened reeds were found in several places. (FSR 66,2;
Jan. 29, 1966  Rexburg (Idaho). Two civilians returning from a
0010           sporting event observed what they first thought was
               the moon. After driving for about 1 km, they saw that
               it was a flat, well-defined object, which had blocked
               the road. The object was the size of a truck and cast
               an intense yellow-orange light on the ground. The
               witnesses turned around and drove back to Rexburg.
Feb. 06, 1966  Aluche (Spain). Vicente Ortuno and another man
2000           observed a bright orange disk, about 11 m in diameter,
               with three legs, which came down, landed, and took
               off again at high speed on the "El Relajal" estate.
               (FSR 63, 3)
Feb. 16, 1966  Brunswick Naval Air Station (Maine). A luminous
2030           object was said to have landed in the woods. It showed
               flashing red, blue, and green lights. A second object
               was later seen to join the first one. (Atic)

727            Hanna City (Illinois). A civilian witness was driving
Feb. 26, 1966  8 km east of Farmington when a flying oval object,
               the size of a car, came within 3 m of him, then circled
               twice and left toward the north. It emitted a bright
               red glow, supported a sort of dome with a green light
               on top, produced radio interference, and made a
               strange "signallike noise." (Atic)
Mar. 03, 1966  Oswego (New York). Several civilians reported an
1920           object that flew slowly toward the south, hovered,
               came within 15 m of them, and finally flew off toward
               the southwest. (Atic)
Mar. 17, 1966  Harrow (Canada). Mr. Ward saw an object 12 m in
               diameter and 7 m high, emitting a pulsating white
               light, in a field. It had a revolving section with port-
               holes. (FS Aug., 66)
Mar. 17, 1966  Milan (Michigan). A police officer observed an object
0000           in the southwest. He thought it was a plane about to
               crash, although no sound was audible. He tried to
               contact the police headquarters, but his radio trans-
               mitter did not work properly. The object, which now
               colored lights spinning at the periphery, and a diam-
               eter of 16 m, came within 25 m of the patrol car,
               following it for 1 km, then flew off toward the north-
               west. The witness had been a policeman for 10 years,
               and had never seen anything like that object. (Atic)
Mar. 20, 1966  Dexter (Michigan). Frank Mannor and his son,
2000           Ronald, saw a luminous object hovering over a swamp.
               It was described as brown, with a "scaly" surface, cone-
               shaped, and showing bluish lights that turned red.
               Then the whole object lighted up with a yellowish
               glow and flew away at high speed with a whistling
               sound. (Atic)
Mar. 21, 1966  Hillsdale (Michigan). William Van Horn, Civil De-
               fense Director, and a group of students observed a
               pattern of lights on the ground. The source of the
               light appeared to manuever for about two hours.
Mar. 23, 1966  Fort Pierce (Florida). Two young men were walking
               through a wooded area when they saw a bright object
               that they thought was a balloon covered with fluores-
               cent paint but it became so intensely bright that they
               could not look directly at it. As they walked closer, it
               exploded, leaving no trace. (Atic)
Mar. 23, 1966  Temple (Oklahoma). An electronics instructor, who
0505           was driving to work at a local Air Force Base, observed
               an object blocking the road. It was shaped like an air-
               plane fuselage, 25 m long, with a "bubble" on top
               resembling the canopy on a B-26, rested on legs, and
               had very bright aft and forward lights. There was a
               door and a short stairway to the side of the object,
               and a man in coveralls appeared to be examining the
               craft which bore the identification "TL 4768" (see
               case 417). When the witness approached, the "pilot"
               went back inside, a sound resembling that of a high-
               speed drill was heard, and the object rose. No engine
               was observed. The witness was familiar with all con-
               ventional military aircraft. (Atic; Magonia)
Mar. 24, 1966  Sheboygan (Wisconsin). Two women saw a glowing
2215           object on the road. As they came near it, they found
               that it hovered and showed two intense white lights,
               as well as a green and red light. The object was bowl-
               shaped, and they lost sight of it when they drove
               away. They saw it again later, flying low on a south-
               north trajectory. (Atic)
Mar. 25, 1966  Bangor (Maine). John King, 22, working with the
               Bangor Police Department, suddenly saw above him
               a very bright object with a dark underside. He fired
               at it four times, hearing the bullets hit a metal surface
               as the object flew off. (LDLN 84)
Mar. 26, 1966  Attigneville (France). Jean Voilquin, 54, saw a
               strange "wheel" roll 15 m away at a speed of about
               30 km/h. It was about 80 cm in diameter, 25 cm thick;
               it rolled away and vanished. (LDLN; GEPA 8)
Mar. 26, 1966  Texahoma (Oklahoma). Two civilian women were
2400           driving back from Amarillo when they saw an object
               aproaching from the north. The engine died and the
               headlights failed. The object flew over the car and
               hovered 400 m away. After 10 min, the witnesses were
               able to start their car and leave. They reported the
               object had a wafflelike surface and glowed with an
               intense red light. (Atic)
Mar. 28, 1966  Fayetteville (Tennessee). A man driving at a speed
2000           of about 100 km/h suddenly encountered a large
               lighted object 1 m above the road on a hilltop. It flew
               off, as the car engine and headlights died. The light
               bulbs had to be replaced. The object was oval, 7 m
               long, dark gray, and showed about 30 lights along its
               periphery. (Atic)
Mar. 30, 1966  Pecos (Texas). An elongated object about 30 m long
               and 9 m high was reported to have landed near a high-
               way for 5 min. (NICAP Mar., 66)
Mar. 30, 1966  Lexisburg (Indiana). A civilian woman and her four
2035           children observed an oval object crossing the road as
               they were driving south about 15 km north of Lexis-
               burg. It came close to the car, and a pulsating sound
               was heard, increasing in frequency as the object came
               nearer, but it seemed to come through the car radio
               rather than directly from the object. The witness
               drove away in fear, but was followed for 13 km by the
               object, whose color suddenly changed from reddish-
               orange to bluish-white before accelerating out of sight.
Mar. 30, 1966  Mansfield (Ohio). An anonymous witness saw a
2200           round object with two lights land near the Ohio State
               University campus. A door opened and a very thin,
               child-sized figure was seen. The object then began to
               move torward the witness's car and rose rapidly.
               (Gribble Jun., 66)
Mar. 31, 1966  Vicksburg (Michigan). A man driving home saw
0200           lights on the road and discovered a gray,lens-shaped
               object hovering at 1 m altitude. It had one intense
               white light and three colored flashing lights. Driving
               within 2 m of it, he became afraid and backed up, but
               the object suddenly flew over and behind him. A noise
               similar to that of a swarm of bees was audible. It left
               at high speed toward the east. (Personal)
Mar. 31, 1966  San Francisco (California). Two women observed a
0600           large object with a pulsating bluish light on top, an
               orange light below, windows, and antennae, resting
               in a construction area. Silhouettes could be seen mov-
               ing inside, one of them gesturing as the craft took off.
               (Gribble Jun., 6)
Mar. 31, 1966  Hamilton (Canada). Charles Kozens, 13, saw two
2115           objects, 2.5 m long, 1.2 m high, with flashing lights,
               land near Hamilton. When he tried to touch an
               antenna on one of the objects, he received an electric
               shock. (FSR 66, 4)
Apr. 01, 1966  Tangier (Oklahoma). A civilian man, 34, was driving
2240           about 10 km south of Tangier when he reached a hill-
               top and saw a green object flying north at very high
               speed, emitting a shrieking noise and a "heat wave."
               The car engine died. The witness noted that the ob-
               ject was wider than the road. (Atic)
Apr. 01, 1966  Liberty (Missouri). Darlene Underwood and her
2400           mother saw two starlike objects land in a field. One
               of them rose rapidly when a train came into view. It
               went behind a hill, while the second one hovered at
               tree height with its lights off. When the train had
               passed, both objects landed again and two manlike
               shadows were seen. Voices shouting in a foreign lan-
               guage and what sounded like a pig being butchered
               were heard. Light signals. (IIR May., 66)
Apr. 04, 1966  Hague (Florida). A civilian man, 40, saw an object
0605           resting on the ground as he was going to work, less
               than 2 km southeast of Hague. It was an elongated
               craft, 2 m long, 70 cm high. When he tried to touch
               it, the craft left at great speed toward the west. It had
               six openings, 10 cm in diameter, and made a "turbine"
               noise so loud that the witness had to put his hands
               over his ears. After going away for a few meters, it
               vanished suddenly. Rain was falling throughout the
               observation, which lasted four min. (Atic)
Apr. 05, 1966  Wycheproof (Australia). R. Sullivan was driving to-
               ward Maryborough when his headlight beams ap-
               peared to "bend" to the right. He then observed a
               vertical, conical beam of light in a nearby field, very
               white at ground level and rainbowlike up to an alti-
               tude of 7 m. Top and bottom diameters: 3 and 1 m
               respectively. The object producing the light flew
               away. (APRO May., 66)
Apr. 05, 1966  Durhamville (New York). A woman was awakened by
0130           a flash, thought her heater had exploded, but found
               everything in order. The next day she was told that a
               pulsating, luminous object had flown at very low
               altitude over her trailer, circled and left. Three wit-
               noises. Low buzzing sound. (Binder)
Apr. 05, 1966  Lycoming (New York). A civilian woman, 42, went
0300           to get a glass of water in her kitchen and saw a spin-
               ning object, 3 m in diameter, 6 m above ground near
               her house. It departed very suddenly, leaving a trail.
Apr. 05, 1966  Kittery (Maine). A landed object was observed
1900           through binoculars by four persons. It took off,
               hovered for a while, and left. (Atic)
Apr. 05, 1966  Alto (Tennessee). Two civilian men stopped to watch
2400           an object hovering above a swamp, tried to follow it,
               but it flew awav. They observed that animals (cows,
               dogs, horses) were restless in all the areas that the
               object crossed. A photographic reconstitution by the
               U.S. Air Force showed an oval object, 30 m long,
               flying at 5 m altitude, between a high-tension line and
               a row of trees. (Atic)
Apr. 07, 1966  Daniels Park (Colorado). Six teenagers reported
2130           strange lights following their car as they left the site
               of a picnic in a state of extreme fear. An unknown
               man, 2.20 m tall, wearing black clothes, had been seen
               passing in front of the shelter entrance and walking
               on the roof. (Personal)
Apr. 08, 1966  Norwalk (Connecticut). Mike Dorsey and Gary
0805           Hunt, 12 were walking to school when they saw a
               circling object making the sound of humming bees.
               They ran for cover, trying to stop a car. The craft re-
               sembled an upside-down plate, very smooth, ap-
               parently metallic, with a black spot near the rim, a
               red light and an antennalike projection, and red and
               white lights spinning counterclockwise. Diameter-
               2.5 m, height, 1.5 m. Minimum altitude was 2 m, held
               for 5 min, with a slight rocking motion. The object
               then took off at great speed. (Lor. III 108)
Apr. 11, 1966  Greensburg (Pennsylvania). A civilian man, 43, saw
0000           a well-defined object 5 m above ground, 100 m away.
               It showed a flashing red light, rose, was lost in the
               fog, then came back at treetop level with a strong
               whistling sound. Its shape was that of a cigar, 15 m
               long. It had no wings, tail assembly, or wheels. (Atic)
Apr. 12, 1966  Dorchester (Massachusetts). During a power failure
1945           many residents, including Robert Moses and Robert
               McCambly, saw an oval object with a dome on top
               and lights (red to white to green) around the bottom,
               which appeared to land on the roof of the Oliver
               Wendelle Holmes grammar school after a series of
               maneuvers. (FSR 66, 4)
Apr. 17, 1966  Millersville (Texas). A person in a car saw an oval
               object the size of a car follow his vehicle, then cross
               the road behind it at 5 m altitude. The object reflected
               sunlight. (Atic)
Apr. 18, 1966  Battle Creek (Michigan). An egg-shaped object, 25 m
2210           long, 5 m high, gray-colored, was observed from a
               distance of 25 m by a 42-year-old witness driving a car.
               The object supported a cockpit with windows and
               three rows of lights, emitted red flames, and made the
               same noise as a heavy truck on wet pavement. The
               object followed the car for some time. (Atic)
Apr. 19, 1966  Bellingham (Massachusetts). Two women saw a
2200           cigar-shaped object, with bright, red lights at both
               ends, flying erratically. It made a whistling sound
               when moving, was silent when hovering. Minimum
               distance: 100 m, length, 20 m. The lights began flash-
               ing and the object went down behind some trees when
               five planes and a helicopter came over the area. Two
               of the aircraft circled the location, then flew on. The
               whistling sound was again heard, but the object was
               not seen after the departure of the planes. (Personal)
Apr. 19, 1966  Peabody (Massachusetts). A man saw what he
2245           thought was a crashing plane, then observed it was
               oval, had white, red, and green lights, flew low over
               him, circled, came down with pendulum motion, and
               appeared to land on Route 114. At midnight, two men
               driving along that route saw a beam sweep the road,
               stopped, and saw the object in a field. It was a disk
               with a white, a green, and three red lights. The two
               reports were independent. (Personal)
Apr. 22, 1966  Bagley (Minnesota). Several people were said to have
1530           observed an object fly at low altitude and land outside
               Bagley. Four dwarfs seemed to make repairs, then the
               craft flew away. (FS Mar., 67)
Apr. 22, 1966  Beverly (Massachusetts). A child saw a blinding,
2100           multicolored source of light making a buzzing sound
               as it flew over the road 15 m away from the house. It
               seemed to land in a field near the school. Three adults
               came out to calm the child and also saw the object
               circling and hovering. They called the police. Two
               officers arrived and saw the object appearing to
               "dance" with two other craft. All witnesses then ob-
               served the arrival of one helicopter and two aircraft,
               as the remaining object flew away to the southwest.
               Police described the object as plate-shaped when
               stationary above the school building. TV reception
               was blurred throughout the observation. (Personal)
Apr. 24, 1966  Pedernales River (Texas). Tom M. Lasseter, archi-
0330           tect, was camping near the river when he was awak-
               ened by a fluttering sound and observed a glowing
               white disk, 7 m in diameter, at treetop level 60 m
               away. It had a row of lights. (NICAP May., 66)
Apr. 24, 1966  Ashby (Massachusetts). Two men saw an object dive
1810           within 30 m of their car. It was silent, had a bright
               blue light on top, suddenly accelerated, and was lost
               to sight toward Mt. Watatic. (Atic)
Apr. 26, 1966  Follansbee (West Virginia). A young man saw a
2330           silent object shaped like two bowls glued together,
               30 m altitude, ahead of his car. Estimated diameter:
               10 m. He drove away without looking behind. (Atic)
May. 10, 1966  Marisela Caracas (Venezuela). A man observed the
1652           landing of an oval object and two beings, who ame
               out of the object through a system of light beams.
               They used strange instruments to examine a number
               of objects, especially plants. They were 2 m tall, had
               oversized heads, appeared bright and "transparent."
               Their eyes were slanted, their shoulders very broad.
               They wore no apparent weapon, but their belts were
               very wide and emitted light rays. They did not touch
               anything without first illuminating it with these
               beams. They went back aboard their craft "as if car-
               ried by the light." (Personal)
May. 10, 1966  Atafona Campos (Brazil). Approximate date. The
2200           crowd at a movie projection panicked, thinking it
               was an earthquake, as an unknown object exploded.
               According to police, a sulphurous odor and a trace
               25 cm deep, 35 cm wide, were noted at the site.
               (LDLN 84)
May. 16, 1966  Cordoba (Spain). Manuel Hernandez was coming
               back from the fields near Cordoba when he saw a
               disk-shaped object land 100 m away. Small beings
               resembling "green birds" came out for a few instants,
               then took off again. (162)
Jun. 03, 1966  West Point City (Pennsylvania). Two witnesses ob-
2145           served a stationary object 3 m above ground. It had a
               diameter of 7 m, lights on top and bottom and smaller
               lights at the rim. It flew away very fast to the east.
Jun. 08, 1966  Sandusky Road (Ohio). A civilian man, 43, driving
0645           west between Kansas and Toledo, saw an object ap-
               pear out of nowhere. It was cigar-shaped, bright
               metallic, and flew low to the northeast. Minimum
               distance: 30 m. The object was completely silent, and
               the size of an airliner. (Atic)
Jun. 11, 1966  Westport (Connecticut). A civilian who was going
0345           fishing saw an object dive toward his car and hover at
               treetop level, stopped and observed it for two min. It
               was shaped like two plates glued together, and had a
               smaller, oval object on top. It took a 45 (degree)
               inclination, rose, made a right-angle turn, and changed
               color (white to yellow to blue to green) as it
               accelerated. (NICAP)
Jun. 13, 1966  Milan (Michigan). The policeman who had observed
               an object over Milan on Mar. 17 saw an unidentified
               machine on the ground at a street intersection. He
               drove toward it with his headlights illuminating the
               object, which took off like an airplane, flying away to
               the southeast. Investigation by Selfridge AFB. (Atic)
Jun. 18, 1966  Bar-sur-Loup (France). The Mayor of Bar-sur-Loup,
0345           Leon Barbier, saw a large, round object with yellow
               and green lights on a hilltop. (LDLN 89)
Jun. 18, 1966  Le Rouret (France). A truck driver, Mr. Dugelay,
0400           saw a disk-shaped object over Le Rouret. It remained
               motionless for five min, then disappeared. Its lights
               were alternately red and bluish-green. (LDLN 84;
Jun. 18, 1966  Mount Mitchell (North Carolina). Four campers
2400           saw an object with three flashing red lights land on
               the ground 200 m away. It remained there all night,
               rose at dawn, was then observed through binoculars
               as a red-colored, bell-shaped craft. Broken trees and
               other traces were found. (Atic)
Jun. 23, 1966  Hamburg (New York). A 61-year-old civilian woman
2130           was reading when an intense red light illuminated
               the ground near her house. She went outside and saw
               a lighted object 20 m away 1 m in diameter, which
               backed up and flew away "like a bullet." Three other
               persons saw it from the next house. (Atic) <*>
Jul. 05, 1966  Chaclacayo (Peru). Several persons reported seeing
               a very small creature leaving a luminous trail, quietly
               walking along the streets, while children and adults
               panicked. (164)
Jul. 11, 1966  Union-Kirkwood (Pennsylvania). Two civilian women
               saw a red, luminous object 30 m away in a field. It
               had small openings and made a whirring sound.
               Length, 30 m; height, 6 m; duration, 90 min. (Atic)
Jul. 13, 1966  Pontedera (Italy). Camillo Faieta, 35, a lineman, was
               on duty when a light dazzled him, and he observed
               that it came from an object on a small island on the
               Emissario Canal. Two little men were seen briefly on
               the ground before the departure of the object. There
               are four other witnesses. (LDLN 86; FSR 67, 1)
Jul. 17, 1966  Rebouillon (France). Rene Pebre and two others were
0345           driving back from Draguignan when they saw a gray
               oval, metallic object, about 5 m long, hovering at
               low altitude, about 300 m from them. They noticed
               several window-like openings on the craft, which
               emitted a light beam. All the dogs in the vicinity
               were barking. (GEPA Sep., 66)
Jul. 25, 1966  Vancehars (North Carolina). A man driving between
0200           Greenville and Vancehars saw a glow in the woods
               and was followed by the light even at speeds of 170
               km/hr. He finally stopped to observe it, but became
               afraid when he saw that it came from a pulsating ob-
               ject that flew within 100 m of the car, 15 m above
               ground. The color changed in sequence, orange to red
               to blue to green, and the object wobbled on its axis.
               It came within 30 m, then suddenly left straight up.
Jul. 28, 1966  Montsoreau (France). A photographer, Mr. Lacoste,
evening        and his wife, saw a red, lighted object cross the sky
               and appear to touch the ground. It then rose, hovered,
               and disappeared. The next day a wheat field was
               found flattened over an area 3 m in diameter, and
               covered with an oily substance. (166; Magonia)
Jul. 31, 1966  Erie, Preque-Ile Park (Pennsylvania). Young wit-
2025           nesses reported an object flying erratically and land-
               ing 300 m away. It had the shape of a mushroom and
               swept the area with a light beam. A strange being,
               1.80 m tall, was seen. Police report. (167; FSR 66, 6)
Aug. 01, 1966  Rushville (Indiana). Several young witnesses reported
1945           seeing an unidentified object at low altitude. (Lor.
               III 109)
Aug. 06, 1966  Texas. A civilian man and his family observed a dark
1400           object hovering near their isolated house. It had a
               square "door" emitting a yellow light. Three children
               saw a dwarf through the opening. He was dressed in
               shiny black coveralls. The object left slowly with a
               soft humming sound. (Atic; Magonia)
Aug. 18, 1966  Barinas (Venezuela). Three hunters, E. Beucomo,
               J. Zapata and J. Ramos, observed a strange glow in the
               forest and discovered a very large, egg-shaped object,
               stationary 2 m above ground. It had large, circular
               openings emitting a multicolored light, and it made a
               whistling sound. The hunters ran away. (APRO
               Sep., 66)
Aug. 19, 1966  Donnybrook (North Dakota). A border patrolman
1650           saw a bright, shiny disk on its edge, 10 m in diameter,
               5 m high, floating down the side of a hill, wobbling
               from side to side 3 m above ground. It reached the
               valley floor, climbed to about 30 m, and moved across
               to a small reservoir where it assumed a horizontal posi-
               tion. A dome then became visible on top of the disk.
               It hovered for one min and seemed about to land less
               than 80 m away, but tilted back on edge and flew into
               the clouds at high speed. (Atic)
Aug. 20, 1966  Heraldsburg (California). Otto Becker, his son, and
early          daughter-in-law woke up to find the whole house
               bathed in bright light, and they observed a "six-story"
               object at treetop level 60 m away. It gave off rainbow
               colors which appeared to pour off its edges "like
               water" in a fantastic display. Distinct engine noise
               was heard before it took off vertically. Domestic
               animals had been greatly disturbed, and the witness
               had inflamed eyes for several days. (Gribble Jan., 67)
Aug. 20, 1966  Niteroi (Brazil). A woman called police to report a
               luminous object rising and descending on top of a
               high hill. When policemen climbed to the site they
               found the bodies of two men, electronics technicians
               Pereira da Cruz and Viana. The bodies had lead
               masks on the upper part of the face. An autopsy failed
               to disclose the cause of death. Investigation disclosed
               several earlier incidents and an organization to which
               these men belonged. (Personal)
Aug. 24, 1966  Minot Air Force Base (North Dakota). An airman
2200           observed and reported by radio a multi-colored light
               high in the sky. A strike team was sent to his location
               and confirmed the unknown. A second object, white,
               was seen to pass in front of clouds. At the radar base,
               an object was detected and tracked. The observations
               lasted nearly 4 hours and were confirmed by three
               different missile sites. Radio interference was noted
               by teams sent to locations where the object was some-
               times described as hovering at ground level. (Atic)
Sep., 1966     El Campo (Texas). A police officer was driving at
0330           nearly 200 km/h toward the north on Route 71 when
               he suddenly saw an object on the road ahead and
               another one following his car. The first one looked
               like a flaming car and was the size of a 3-story house.
               It flew away as the policeman was about to hit it.
Sep. 03, 1966  Texas. Two young witnesses went outside when the
1400           TV set became blurred. They observed a fantastic
               spinning light illuminating the house. It came from
               an object hovering at the same location as an earlier
               sighting (see Case 786). (Atic; Magonia)
Sep. 05, 1966  Texas. A civilian man observed a peculiar light
evening        phenomenon and a small figure that appeared to
               enter a bedroom. The figure was not seen again.
               (Atic; Magonia)
Sep. 07, 1966  Durand (Wisconsin). About 15 km east of Durand,
2000           Mrs. E. Bruns and her two children observed an
               elongated object, about 10 m long, with revolving
               lights, hovering 1 m above ground and making a
               deafening noise. After 30 sec, it tilted and took off.
               (APRO Sep., 66)
Sep. 9, 1966   Franklin Springs (New York). A man saw an object
2100           descend from a cloud bank, slow down, and land with
               a soft whirring sound. It showed three horizontal
               bands of light-blue, red and green. (Personal)
Sep. 13, 1966  Stirum (North Dakota). A child of 11 years saw a
0730           disk-shaped object land near a farm. It had a tripod
               landing gear, two red lights, two white and one green
               light, and a transparent dome. A businessman from
               Gwinner and an Air Force Lt. Col. went to the site
               and discovered three traces, apparently left by spher-
               ical objects, 18 cm deep, very compact. Radiation
               measured at 0.1 milliroentgen (normal). The child
               reported that the object "went away so fast that it
               vanished." (Atic)
Sep. 17, 1966  Cranes Beach (Massachusetts). Mr. and Mrs. Ron-
0445           ald MacGilvary saw a golden-white, luminous object
               resting on the beach, with two bright lights flying in
               and out of the craft. It went away after one hour.
               (LDLN 88; NICAP Oct., 66)
Sep. 21, 1966  Summerside (Canada). Eight members of the Royal
0630           Canadian Air Force saw a bright object that flew
               down at high speed, stopped abruptly, remained at
               ground level for 20 min, and flew away straight up.
               (NICAP Oct., 66)
Oct. 05, 1966  Potomac (Maryland). A boy saw a disk-shaped object
               with a transparent dome and a row of lights, at ground
               level. It rose at high speed, emitting a "heat wave,"
               and was lost in the clouds. (NICAP Oct., 66)
Oct. 14, 1966  Newton (Illinois). A adolescent first saw a bright
1845           light, then a plate-shaped object hovering near the
               house. It took off at high speed, causing static on
               the phone as the boy was calling his mother to
               describe it. When she came home, she found her son
               in a state of shock and the dog hiding in a corner.
Oct. 14, 1966  Fork (West Virginia). James Roberts saw two round
2230           pinkish-red objects on a hillside near his home. He
               fled when they took off with a hissing sound emitting
               streams of fire. (Gribble Jan., 67)
Nov. 02, 1966  El Campo (Texas). Mrs. Mark deFriend, 32, saw an
evening        object at ground level in front of her car on a rainy
               night. It would leave the road and fly over the fields
               from time to time. The greenish-blue object flew back
               in front of the car, then was lost to sight behind some
               trees. (168)
Nov. 02, 1966  Parkersburg (West Virginia). W. Derenberger, sales-
1925           man, saw a dark object ahead of him on the road. It
               was flat on the bottom and rounded on top. As he
               stopped, the object came within 20 cm of the road
               surface, and a man of dark complexion, dressed with
               a shirt and ordinary trousers, both a shiny blue color,
               came out, smiled at the witness who then thought that
               he received a message, although no word was spoken.
               The message described a hypothetical "other world"
               and suggested that the observation be reported to
               authorities. The man also promised to return. Several
               people who drove by the witness did report seeing a
               man speaking to him, as well as a strange vehicle
               nearby. (169; FSR 67, 1)
Nov. 17, 1966  Gaffney (South Carolina). Patrolmen A. G. Huskey
0400           and C. Hutchins saw a dark, spherical machine with
               a flat rim land near them. Estimated diameter: 7 m.
               An opening and a short ladder became visible, and a
               small man, dressed in a shiny gold suit, emerged,
               came within 6 m of them, and spoke in perfect English
               before taking off. (FSR 68, 2)
Nov. 19, 1966  Bavonne (New Jersey). Two local businessmen ob-
0750           served a dark, gray, metallic sphere, from the top of
               which projected a dozen "tentacles" over 2 m long,
               flying at about 40 m altitude and then coming down
               behind a house. It was assumed that it plunged into
               the bay, but a search by patrol boats was unsuccessful.
Nov. 28, 1966  El Campo (Texas). Two witnesses observed a dark,
               red object land by the side of the road, later follow-
               ing their car. (168)
Dec. 30, 1966  Haynesville (Louisiana). A physics professor driving
2015           through a wooded area saw a bright, pulsating glow,
               changing from orange to white, in the woods about
               1.7 km away. Coming back the next day, he located
               traces of burns, and called the Air Force and the Uni-
               versity of Colorado. (Personal; Magonia)
Jan. 17, 1967  Romieres (France). A woman walking home saw a
1845           beam of light about 1 m in section sweep the ground
               in her direction. It came from a circular, white object
               that turned off its main light. She then saw reddish
               spots before it vanished entirely. Another witness saw
               the phenomenon from a separate location, 2 km
               away (LDLN).
Jan. 17, 1967  Freetown (Indiana). F. Bedel, 23, driving on Route
night          135 about 8 km north of Freetown saw a plate-shaped
               object with red, yellow, blue, and white blinking
               lights, lost control of his car, and ran off the road.
               Less than 2 km away, Phil Patton saw an identical
               object that came within 30 m of his car. (Lor. III 22)
Jan. 19, 1967  Charleston (West Virginia) Tad Jones, 38, was driv-
0905           ing near Charleston when he saw a large, metal
               sphere, about 6 m in diameter, having four legs
               equipped with wheels and a very small propeller un-
               derneath. Two min later it flew away. (FSR 67, 3)
Jan. 05, 1967  Winsted (Minnesota). A civilian man, 32, driving
0430           to work in his 1964 Chevy truck, had to stop and
               inspect the vehicle when its engine stalled. Only then
               did he observe an intense light to his right, coming
               closer. He saw it land on the road, and locked himself
               inside the cabin. The craft settled on a tripod landing
               gear; it measured 25 m in diameter and was 10 m high.
               Something similar to an elevator came down from
               it, and a man dressed in blue coveralls "with some-
               thing like a glass fishbowl on his head," of medium
               height, seemed to check something and left. (Atic)
Jan. 26, 1967  Coffeen (Illinois). A Methodist minister was driving
2100           on Route 185 near Coffeen when he saw an object,
               flat on the bottom, rounded on top, cross the road
               silently 100 m away, at low speed. Length, 20 m;
               height, 3 m. (Atic)
Jan. 28, 1967  Studham (Great Britain). Children observed "a little
1345           blue man with a tall hat and a beard" that disappeared
               in a puff of smoke; they later saw him again, and
               heard "foreign-sounding" voices. (FSR 67, 4; Ma-
Feb. 01, 1967  Boadilla del Monte (Spain). Three witnesses inde-
2100           pendently saw a craft emitting light signals land a
               few meters away. (LDLN 93)
Feb. 05, 1967  Hilliards (Ohio). A young man heard a strange noise
evening        and a barking dog, and saw an egg-shaped object land.
               From an elevatorlike shaft came human figures that
               placed small spheres around the craft. A man walked
               to them and appeared to speak with the entities. The
               witness was seen, the creatures tried to abduct him,
               and then took off. (NICAP May., 67)
Feb. 11, 1967  Milford (Ohio). Miss Hildebrand, 19, and Michael
0145           McKee fled when they saw a large shiny object off
               the road. Returning to the scene with a policeman,
               the found broken branches at the site. (APRO Jan.,
Feb. 22, 1967  Chippenham (Great Britain). G. Grammond saw an
night          object with flashing red and green lights glide, circle,
               and land in a field. He saw it again spinning in the
               northeast when he came out with two other witnesses
               5 min later. (FSR 67, 4)
Feb. 23, 1967  Linstead (Maryland). Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Weston
1030           were talking on the phone when they were surprised
               to hear a very strong sound and saw an object flying
               low over their area. A third person saw the object, and
               many heard it. The snow was swirling under it. The
               object was mushroom-shaped, supported a dome with
               a fin, was greenish, and left toward the Severn River.
Feb. 24, 1967  Riachuelo (Chile). Approximate date. An engineer
               from Osorno, well-known locally, saw an object touch
               down and a strange being, 1.50 m tall, emerge, wear-
               ing a transparent suit. He had a very white face and
               white hands, a pronounced jawbone, and no apparent
               nose. Seeing the witness, he got back inside the ma-
               chine, which took off at great speed. (Lor. III 59;
Mar. 03, 1967  Red Hill (New Hampshire). Mr. and Mrs. Fellows
               were driving toward Sandwich when they saw a
               lighted object going up and down, turning from white
               to greenish blue, and following their car for 20 min
               until they reached Route 113. It left to the northeast.
               They reported feeling an "electric discharge" as it
               left, and their dog was very nervous during the ob-
               servation. (NICAP Mar., 67)
Mar. 04, 1967  Vilhelmina (Swedish Laponia). The Sodestrom fam-
2400           ily obsered two plate-shaped objects, one 30 m in
               diameter, the other smaller and gray in color. They
               hovered at 20 111 altitude for 15 min. The object left
               with a hushed whistling sound, illuminating the forest
               with intense light. (171)
Mar. 08, 1967  Leominster (Massachusetts). Two persons observed
0105           deep fog in the vicinity of a cemetery and saw a light
               in the center, coming from an object hovering 100 m
               above ground. Thinking it was a fire, the witnesses
               stopped. Paralysis and ignition interference were then
               noted while the object, about 13 m in diameter,
               oscillated and then departed with a whirring sound.
               It took about 20 min for the witnesses to recover
               muscular coordination. (NICAP Mar., 67)
Mar. 09, 1967  Follansbee (Virginia). Three witnesses observed an
2100           object as they were driving on Route 2. It was round,
               hovered at rooftop level, left suddenly at high speed.
               Its size was that of a car, and the underside showed
               several lights. (Atic)
Mar. 12, 1967  Rochester (Minnesota). A boy who had gone out-
               side to buy a newspaper saw an object resembling an
               inverted mushroom hovering 10 m above ground. It
               was not larger than a car, took a 45 (degree) orientation,
               oscillated, and left to the northwest. Three photo-
               graphs were reportedly taken. (Atic)
Mar. 20, 1967  Butler (Pennsylvania). A man and his daughter saw
2245           two lights that they thought were landing lights on
               aircraft, but they came to ground level, flew straight
               toward the car, and suddenly vanished. At the same
               time, five figures appeared about 3 m away. They had
               narrow, pointed noses, mouths and eyes like slits,
               blond hair, rough skin, and were dressed in loose
               "hunterlike" clothes. Witnesses drove away as fast
               as they could. (FSR 68, 5)
Mar. 24, 1967  Belt (Montana). Numerous reports came from this
               area, including one of a landing observation. At dawn,
               police and a Malmstrom AFB helicopter made a
               search, with negative results. (Atic)
Mar. 25, 1967  Iguala (Mexico). An intensely luminous object woke
dawn           up several residents. People in trains going toward
               Acapulco and people traveling by car saw the same
               phenomenon. It came to ground level with a blinding
               light, then took off. (177)
Mar. 26, 1967  Altona (Canada). Mr. and Mrs. John Dick and Mrs.
2045           W. Buhr were driving toward Gretna. Near three
               radio towers situated 3.5 km south of Altona, they
               saw a very bright object at ground level, illuminating
               the countryside with a pink glow. The object itself
               was dark, with a luminous band around it, was mo-
               tionless and pulsated, then suddenly disappeared.
Mar. 31, 1967  Hanley (Great Britain). Three strange objects, a
               bright, orange light emitting a shower of green
               sparks, and two smaller sources, were seen in a field.
               No details. (FSR 67, 6)
Apr. 01, 1967  New Westminster (Canada). Two boys saw an
2000           orange disk, less than 1 m in diameter, flying at high
               speed, stop and hover for three min, 20 m above
               ground. Chief of Police Peter Mehan confirmed that
               the sighting was under investigation. (174)
Apr. 05, 1967  Jonestown (Pennsylvania). Justice of the Peace John
1945           H. Demler was driving north on Route 72 when his
               car stalled and the lights went out. He then saw an
               object, 10 m in diameter, which gave off a smell of
               sulphur and camphorated oil, hovering low over the
               car, which was pulled and rocked when the object
               took off. Physiological effects (perspiration and peel-
               ing skin) were reported after 12 hours. The object
               gave off a sound resembling an electric motor, and
               emitted sparks. (NICAP May., 67)
Apr. 06, 1967  Crestview (Florida). An entire class at an elementary
1245           school observed an object 20 m above ground, 2 km
               away. It vanished suddenly as the children and their
               teacher, 33-year-old Robert Apfel, were watching it.
Apr. 07, 1967  Crestview (Florida). More than two hundred chil-
0945           dren and three teachers saw an oval object, with a
               light at each end, come to ground level. Several other
               objects also were seen, moving up and down with a
               pendulum motion. (FSR 67, 3)
Apr. 16, 1967  Boraure (Venezuela). Guillermo Roldan, his daugh-
               ter, and other persons saw a glowing, egg-shaped
               object fly across the sky at high speed, stop suddenly
               and descend to ground level. As the witnesses rushed
               toward the area, the object took off at very high speed.
               (Lor. III 60)
Apr. 21, 1967  South Hill (Virginia). Mr. Crowder was driving home
2100           when he saw an object on the road 70 m away. Sup-
               ported by four legs, it was a vertical cylinder, 5 m in
               diameter, with a half-sphere on top. It was gray and
               its base was 1 m above the pavement. When the
               witness turned his high beams on, the craft gave off
               a vertical light and vanished. The road burned for
               15 min. Mr. Martin, who lived nearby, also observed
               the light. Holes, traces of burns, and calcined matches
               were noted at the site. (Atic)
Apr. 26, 1967  Kitchener (Canada). Brian Dorscht saw a dark
2100           object, measuring 1 m in diameter and 1.5 m in height,
               with flashing green and white lights. When 1 m above
               ground, six legs came out, and it landed on a lawn
               near the National Grocers Company. The whirring
               sound the object was making stopped, and the wit-
               ness became afraid and ran away. Police found six
               prints at the site. (177; SS&S Summer, 67)
Apr. 27, 1967  Green Lake (Wisconsin). Four boys with binoculars
2200           observed an object come lower with oscillating mo-
               tions, illuminating the woods 1 km away. It was conc-
               shaped, with a blue underside, and a top that changed
               from red to orange to white. (Atic)
May. 06, 1967  Durango (Mexico). A mechanical engineer and his
1100           daughter saw a disk-shaped object on the ground off
               a highway. They stopped the car and took three
               photos of the object as it was taking off. The first one
               showed the object at treetop level, the second showed
               it in flight, and the third photo missed the object.
               (Lor. III 65)
May. 07, 1967  Edmonton (Canada). Ricky Banyard, 14, saw a
0200           strange object in the sky and followed it with a friend,
               Glenn Coates, through binoculars. It hovered near a
               cemetery, making a hushed whistling sound and il-
               luminating the ground with a vertical beam of light.
               The object left suddenly with a roar similar to that
               of a jet, and a series of "bangs." Stones were found
               calcined at the site. (178)
May. 09, 1967  Marliens (France). In a field which belonged to the
               Mayor, Mr. Maillotte, a depression was discovered,
               and blue powder was found in small trenches radiat-
               ing from that area. A formidable weight seemed to
               have rested at the spot. No radioactivity. (179)
May. 11, 1967  Saint George (Utah). Michael Campeadore, 25, a
0200           hospital employee, was driving to Salt Lake City when
               he heard a noise similar to that of a truck, but saw
               nothing. Then a yellow light became visible to the
               left, and thinking that it was a jet plane about to
               crash, he got out and saw it stop 30 m away at 30 m
               altitude. It was shaped like an inverted bowl with a
               dome on top and looked metallic. The witness became
               afraid and emptied his .25 Beretta in the direction of
               the craft. He heard the bullets hit metal and the
               object took off at great speed. When he told his story
               at a nearby service station, the attendant replied that
               about 20 reports had been made in the Saint George
               area recently. (180)
May. 16, 1967  Nieva-Segovia (Spain). Roman and Jose Arribas
               observed an object land in a pine forest north of
               Nieva-Segovia. They saw "people" enter the ash-
               colored craft, which took off straight up, at high
               speed. (LDLN 89)
May. 20, 1967  Falcon Lake (Canada). Polish-born Steve Michalac,
1213           52, industrial mechanic and prospector, saw two red-
               glowing objects flying at high speed. One of them
               blew vegetation as it landed, surrounded by a glow,
               and it was observed for 30 min before a door opened,
               showing a purple light. A high-pitched sound and an
               odor resembling a burning electrical circuit were
               noted. Approaching, the witness heard voices, and
               upon touching the craft, he burned his rubber-coated
               glove, and was "blown out" by hot air when the sub-
               ject started spinning. The witness felt dizzy, suffered
               minor face burns, second and third degree burns on
               his chest, vomited frequently for 4 days, and lost over
               10 kg. Diameter of craft, 11 m; height, 3 m, with a
               1-m-high superstructure. (Lor. III 60; Condon 316)
May. 22, 1967  Evillers (France). A teacher, 45-year-old Mr. Tyrode,
evening        saw a glow, then an object shaped like an inverted
               plate emitting a greenish-blue light. It flew less than
               20 m above his car, at 40 km/h. (LDLN 94)
May. 24, 1967  Arbonne (France). Remy Deneuville and his family
2300           saw a white light to the side of the road, but it was
               turned off when they drove within 150 m of its loca-
               tion. Minutes later, they saw a luminous spherical
               object fly away for several minutes. (GEPA Dec., 67)
Jun. 01, 1967  Richmond (Virginia). John Norton, 7, had to be
2330           taken to a hospital after observing a disk-shaped,
               buzzing object, the size of a Volkswagen, with green
               and red lights, which landed in a clearing and took
               off "like lightning." (NICAP May., 67)
Jun. 07, 1967  Itajuba (Brazil). A vehicle stalled in the vicinity of
0130           a brilliant, transparent, mushroom-shaped object,
               aboard which occupants with catlike faces were seen.
               Under the object was a quadrangular protuberance.
               (FSR 68, 6)
Jun. 11, 1967  Price Hill (Ohio). Two children saw a disk-shaped
2000           object 1 m in diameter and 25 cm thick, making a
               metallic noise as it hovered 10 m above them. They
               took a series of photos that show only a blur. (181)
Jun. 13, 1967  Caledonia (Canada). An object hovering 4 m above
               ground, and three dwarfs, were observed. Traces and
               an oily substance were found at the site. (APRO
               Nov., 67)
Jun. 20, 1967  Suomussalmi (Finland). Farmer Arvi Juntunen
1200           heard a loud humming sound and saw a round, shiny
               gray object 50 cm above ground, 6 m away. It had a
               domed top with a fin and measured 75 cm in diameter.
               As he was about to seize it, the object rose with a
               blast, circled and flew away. (FSR 68, 3)
Jul. 05, 1967  Clifton (Great Britain). One hundred persons claimed
               to have seen a silvery disk-shaped object, about 10 m
               long, land in the area. (FSR 67, 5)
Jul. 07, 1967  Milan (Italy). Antonio Brambila and another man
2330           saw a glow coming from a disk, 6.5 m in diameter and
               2.5 m high, with a dome on top and four telescopic
               legs, which emitted a strange vibration. (LDLN 91)
Jul. 11, 1967  Santa Clara del Mar (Argentina). Two persons saw
evening        a cigar-shaped object on the ground, 400 m away from
               the road, which took off, rising rapidly. It had window-
               like openings emitting a bright light. (183)
Jul. 17, 1967  Arc-sous-Cicon (France). Children were terrified by
1600           four dwarfish creatures dressed in black clothing,
               about 1 m tall, who moved very rapidly among the
               bushes. They were dark-skinned, had bulging eyes,
               and spoke among themselves in a strange, musical
               dialect. (182)
Jul. 17, 1967  Belfast (Northern Ireland). E. Browne, walking in a
evening        wood, saw a disklike, dull, blue-gray object with a
               rough surface, hovering about 2 m above ground. An
               opening became visible in the middle section and
               two men dressed in silvery clothes emerged, walked
               in the woods, then reentered the craft, which rose
               and vanished from sight. (FSR 67, 6)
Jul. 18, 1967  Boardman (Ohio). A minister was awakened by a
0130           strange sound and had the "impulse" to go down-
               stairs and look outside. Between his house and the
               next one, he saw a silhouette wearing a luminous suit.
               He thought someone was playing a prank, but the
               apparition was well-defined and looked real. It turned
               into a shapeless glow and vanished. (Keel; Magonia)
Jul. 21, 1967  Jewish Creek (Florida). Barbara Fawcett, 18, and
0230           her sister saw a yellow "jagged" object rise above a
               swamp and land on a hill. Air Force investigators
               found a very large scorched area at the spot. (APRO
               Jul., 67)
Jul. 24, 1967  Mareuil (France). Between Mareuil and Ste-Her-
2200           mine, Daniel Bonifait and his family saw a red disk,
               the size of a building, fall 300 m away behind a hill.
               Dark forms were observed on the disks surface, and
               the forest seemed to be ablaze as the witnesses drove
               away in fear. (GEPA Dec., 68)
Jul. 31, 1967  Churchville (New York). A guard, Sidney Zipkin, 50,
2215           was driving through a large parking lot when he ob-
               served a cigar-shaped object, 16 m long, with green
               lights under it, land on the pavement. He stopped his
               truck within 30 m of the object, with the headlights
               aimed on it, and was surprised to see two dwarfs
               dressed in shiny black uniforms rush by the vehicle
               and enter the craft, which took off straight up. (184)
Aug. 03, 1967  Conrado (Brazil). J. Vieira, a lawyer, and his driver,
2000           Amauri, at km 15 on the Miguel Peraira Highway
               saw two yellowish lights, then many others, about
               500 m away to the left. They blinked and faded.
               Similar lights were seen again at Conrado. When the
               driver blinked the car's headlights, the objects seemed
               to respond. An object which illuminated the whole
               area was seen resting in a woods. (Lor. III 17)
Aug. 03, 1967  Caracas (Venezuela). Two persons saw a luminous,
2330           whitish object, 10 m in diameter, resembling two
               plates glued together. The whole yard was illuminated
               and a humming sound was heard. A door opened in
               the base of the craft, and something similar to a light
               bulb lowered itself to ground level. This, too, had an
               opening, from which stepped a small man in silvery,
               luminous clothes, his head surrounded with vapor. He
               was about 5 m away from the witnesses, and was
               observed to pick up stones, examine them, look up
               and seem to communicate with the main object. He
               then dropped the stones and stepped into the "bulb"
               that reentered the craft, which took off. (Lor. III 44)
Aug. 04, 1967  Recife (Venezuela). Engineer Hugo S. Yepes was on
early          a beach 25 km north of Recife when he saw a disk,
               6 m in diameter, come out of the water. It was gray,
               looked metallic, hovered for a few sec at 1 m altitude,
               then rose slowly to the east and disappeared. (NICAP
               Mar., 68)
Aug. 05, 1967  Sawyer (North Dakota). Ronald Sherven and Robert
2330           Bodine saw a glowing, white object on a west-east
               trajectory north of Sawyer. The object was hidden by
               a hill at first but all of a sudden it appeared again over
               a cemetery, came to ground level, and sped away to
               the north. (NICAP Oct., 67)
Aug. 06, 1967  Hidalgo (Mexico). Antonio Neri Perez and several
               other people saw three glowing, red disks take off
               from a field near the house. (Lor. III 65)
Aug. 07, 1967  Caracas (Venezuela). In the San Bernardino section,
0200           Pedro Riera, of Avila Ave., was awakened by the
               shaking of his bed and saw a creature in his room,
               which "flew" out through the open window. Lights on
               the ground blinded the witness when he rushed to the
               balcony. Other people had seen a strange vehicle
               parked in the street. That afternoon, a strange dwarf
               entered the office of Dr. S. Vegas, who examined him.
               The being spoke perfect Spanish, had peculiar heart
               sounds, and did not understand the notion of "age."
               (Lor. III 74)
Aug. 08, 1967  Salina (Venezuela). Evangelic Pastor Estanislao
evening        Lugo Contreras was at the shore when he saw a disk-
               shaped object with a very bright orange glow emitting
               a buzzing sound, rise out of the sea, hover a few sec-
               onds then rise obliquely. (Lor. III 55)
Aug. 12, 1967  Ogema (Wisconsin). Mr. and Mrs. Miedtke, awak-
0230           ened by the barking of their dog, saw a large hemi-
               spherical object with a fluorescent glow and a short
               flash of light. Too terrified to go outside, they heard
               heavy footsteps around their trailer. At dawn there
               was a sound like that of a generator, and seconds later
               the object was gone. (Lor. III 27)
Aug. 23, 1967  Joycevi]le (Canada). Stanley Moxon, of Toronto,
early          driving to Montreal, was between Joyceville and the
               Glen Grove Rd. when he encountered a large, disk-
               shaped craft and two creatures, 1.20 m tall, dressed
               in white suits and helmets. They "flew back" into the
               object at once and it left silently at high speed. (Lor.
               III 32)
Aug. 23, 1967  Kolmarden (Sweden). A boy and a girl, both 15,
2000           noticed a red glow coming down in the woods. Later
               they saw a large source of light in mid-air and heard
               piercing whistling sounds, then footsteps, and saw a
               jumping creature, 10 m away. It was about 1.30 m
               tall, had an oversized head, made jerky motions, raised
               a tube in its arms, and had a "shimmering" appear-
               ance. (APRO Sep., 67)
Aug. 24, 1967  Sydney-Melbourne Road (Australia). A motorcyclist
1700           was suddenly engulfed in a bluish-white light so
               dazzling that he had to stop. He then saw a metallic
               object, 30 m away, its shape that of two saucers one
               on top of the other, with a dome on top, silvery, the
               lower half dark gray, about 10 m in diameter, and
               bearing a black mark or insignia. Near it appeared
               two figures about 1.5 m tall, wearing silvery coveralls
               and opaque helmets. A gesture from them scared the
               witness, who drove away but was followed by the
               object. (FSR 68, 2)
Aug. 25, 1967  Catia la Mar (Venezuela). Three disks of large
1700           dimension were seen to emerge from the sea by
               Ruben Norato, after he observed a "precipitous move-
               ment of the water." (NICAP Mar., 68)
Aug. 26, 1967  Maiquetia Airport (Venezuela). Esteban D. Cova, a
0200           private in the Marines, was relieved of duty at the air-
               port and returned to his quarters. Then he met an
               ugly dwarf, 1 m tall, with a huge head, bulgy eyes, and
               a body covered with "hairy stuff or wiry metal." It
               made a deep whistling sound, and Cova felt a prick-
               ling sensation in his body. In perfect Spanish the
               creature said: "Won't you come with me? We need
               one human being." Cova fainted. (Lor. III 79)
Aug. 26, 1967  Maturin (Venezuela). Saki Macharechi spotted an
               object in flight, which he thought was a heron, land
               near a bridge. He then saw that it was a dwarf, about
               1 m tall, with huge eyes. (Lor. III 78)
Aug. 29, 1967  Cussac (France). Two children saw a sphere, 2 m in
1030           diameter, and "four little devils." One of them was
               bending over, apparently busy with something on
               the ground, and another held a mirrorlike object.
               They hovered and flew around the sphere, then dived
               into it as it rose with a soft whistling sound. A smell of
               sulphur began to spread, and the object flew away.
               (FSR 68, 5; LDLN 90)
Sep. 02, 1967  Hato Viejo Farm (Venezuela). Nelson Gutierrez, a
night          salesman, saw an object on the Plains Highway, and a
               creature, of which he took several photographs. (Lor.
               III 78)
Sep. 03, 1967  Caracas (Venezuela). Paula Valdez, suffering from
               a headache, was suddenly aroused by a whistling sound
               and saw a small man, with a large head and prominent
               eyes, who said: "I want you to come with us, so that
               you'll know other worlds, and you'll realize how small
               your world is." The witness screamed wildly, and
               the apparition ran. (Lor. III 80)
Sep. 04, 1967  Valencia (Venezuela). Police Officer P. A. Andrade
0510           was on duty at City Hall when he heard a humming
               noise and footsteps in a garage. He met a dwarf, 1 m
               tall, with a big head and bulging, reddish glowing
               eyes, wearing a silver-colored, metallic-looking cover-
               all. Andrade pointed his machine gun at the creature,
               but a voice from a hovering disk said in Spanish that
               he should not harm the creature. The dwarf then tried
               to convince Andrade to come to "their world," adding
               it was "very distant and much larger than the Earth,
               and with many advantages for Earthlings." When
               Andrade declined, the creature flew back into the
               object, which left. (Lor. III 82)
Sep. 08, 1967  Caracas (Venezuela). A. Aguilar, 23, saw a creature
0230           outside her bedroom window and screamed. Her par-
               ents ran into the room in time to see it soaring over
               rooftops, surrounded by a bluish-yellow glow. It
               moved as if suspended from a balloon. A strong smell
               of "melted iron" was detected by all. (Lor. III 81)
Sep. 11, 1967  Villa Constitucion (Argentina). During a raging
2130           storm, an entire family watched a large, glowing ob-
               ject in a field 300 m away, giving off brilliant beams
               of light for 4 hours, after which it took off in seconds.
               Sootlike material with an unpleasant smell and tracks
               on flattened grass were noted. (FSR 68, 6)
Sep. 14, 1967  La Baleia (Brazil). Fabio J. Diniz, 16, was walking
1100           near a hospital when he saw a mushroom-shaped
               craft on a playing field. It had a cupola on top, and a
               guillotinelike door that slid up. The boy fled, but a
               voice told him in Portuguese: "Don't run away." He
               saw two men, 2 m tall, dressed in green tight-fitting
               clothes. They told him not to be afraid and to re-
               turn the next day, "otherwise we will take your fam-
               ily." They had greenish skin, and round eyes set wide
               apart. (FSR 68, 6)
Sep. 15, 1967  Alamosa (Colorado). The carcass of a horse named
               Snippy was discovered. Unusual radioactivity and
               strange traces were claimed to have been found at
               the spot. (Condon 344; Magonia)
Sep. 15, 1967  Winsted (Connecticut). Two teenage girls observed
2045           a large, glowing object, and three small figures, about
               1.25 m tall, witll oversized heads, running near a barn.
               From the object came a noise similar to that of "a
               power mower when it fires but fails to start." The
               object blacked out, and the figures hid while a car
               passed, after which the object pulsated between very
               bright white and dull red, and moved diagonally sev-
               eral times. (Lor. III 166; Condon 347)
Sep. 18, 1967  Nanton (Canada). Forestry employee Russell Hill
0100           heard a strange pulsating sound and saw an object
               giving off a green glow hover near his cabin. Radio
               interference. (Lor. III 34)
Sep. 22, 1967  Caracas (Venezuela). Near Caracas, a race track em-
night          ployee was attacked by a very strong creature that
               choked him, but ran away when a horse was heard
               neighing frantically in the stable. Thirty min later, a
               horse was attacked, and an employee saw a dwarf,
               1 m tall, "zoom" out of the building. (Lor. III 84)
Oct. 09, 1967  East Tucson (Arizona). A boy riding his bicycle saw
1740           an aluminum cylinder standing on end, 3 m high,
               80 cm wide, supported by two legs ending in round
               pads joined by a bar. He got within 12 m of the object
               before it rose vertically with a deep, low-pitched hum,
               but no smoke, flame, or haze. It left two impressions.
               (Lor. III 119)
Oct. 11, 1967  Oberhrendingen (Switzerland). Othmar Willi, 37,
0010           observed three cylinders, 10 m high, 5 m in diameter,
               with two rows of square windows and a small cone on
               top, hovering 50 m away and 5 m above a maize field,
               making a noise resembling a swarm of bees. A small
               object was dropped briefly. (FSR 68, 4)
Oct. 21, 1967  Duncan (Oklahoma). Four boys were driving east on
2200           State Route 7 when they saw three men on the road,
               who "almost flew off and disappeared." They were
               about 1.20 m tall and wore shiny blue-green clothing.
               Their faces looked human, but they had very large
               ears. The next day a small footprint showing four
               toes was found in the mud. (Lor. III 84)
Oct. 24, 1967  Newfield (New York). Donald Chiszar, 13, and Pat
2130           Crozier, 10, saw a bright object hovcrillg in mid-air.
               It tilted toward them, and they could see two big,
               square windows separated by a bar, and strange letter-
               ing under them. Two aliens, and control panels with
               lights and knobs, could be seen inside. It vanished on
               the spot. (Lor. III, 180)
Oct. 25, 1967  Malvern (Great Britain). Clive Robinson and Rich-
2045           ard Corben, 14, and a third boy, reported the landing
               of a dome-shaped object with a smaller hump on top,
               200 m away. It took off diagonally, leaving some
               traces. (FSR 68)
Oct. 26, 1967  Reading (Great Britain). A businessman driving
0430           north between Hook and Reading was puzzled when
               the electrical system of his car broke down. He then
               observed a dull object, 20 m in diameter, 100 m away,
               at about 15 m altitude. He made the rest of his
               journey in a trancelike state. (FSR 67, 6)
Oct. 27, 1967  Dympep (India). A spinning object, 7.5 m in diam-
               eter, emitting red and green lights, came down to a
               river, causing thunderous agitation of the water, and
               took off over a forest, with a heat wave. (LDLN 92)
Oct. 30, 1967  Boyup Brook (Australia). A businessman was driving
2100           toward Boyup Brook when his car failed completely
               and stopped, although he did not recall feeling de-
               celeration. He found a strong light beam aimed at
               him from a mushroom-shaped craft, 10 m in diam-
               eter. He had no recollection of starting the car again
               after the departure of the object. (FSR 68, 4)
Nov. 02, 1967  Ririe (Idaho). Will Begay and Clyde Soccie, in their
night          early 20's, said that an object landed on top of their
               car, forcing them to stop. Two dwarfs spoke to them,
               but were not understood. The object left. (FSR 68, 1)
Nov. 03, 1967  San Jeronimo (Argentina). Carlos Spini and another
               man saw a luminous, blue, circular object land nearby,
               as they were examining some cows. It took off when
               they came near. (Personal)
Nov. 05, 1967  Fordingbridge (Great Britain). Lorry driver Karl
2330           Farlow told police that as his lights and radio blacked
               out, although his diesel engine continued to work, he
               saw an egg-shaped object, 3 m long, 15 m away.
               Moments later, a white Jaguar coming in the opposite
               direction also stopped. The object, emitting a green
               light and showing a whitish dome under its lower
               surface, hovered between the two vehicles for 2 min
               and left at high speed. (FSR 67, 6; 68, 3)
Nov. 14, 1967  Barinas (Venezuela). Orlando Gonzales and two
               other persons saw an oval object, 1.5 m high, resting
               in the middle of a highway 80 m away. It left straight
               up. (APRO Nov., 67)
Nov. 16, 1967  Storrington (Great Britain). Mrs. Quick and another
1700           woman saw a flickering light and a deep-red, glowing
               object at ground level, with a dark figure, slightly
               larger than a normal human, approaching it. The
               object disappeared suddenly. (FSR 68, 2)
Nov. 16, 1967  Yerecoin (Australia). Farm manager Alan Pool, 43,
1830           saw an object, 6 m in diameter and 1.5 m high, with
               round and square windows, land in a field with a
               whining noise. It took off and vanished, leaving no
               trace. (FSR 68, 1)
Nov. 24, 1967  Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Technician Ugo Battaglia,
1430           39, and a boy, heard a high-pitched sound and saw a
               bright, metallic, disk-shaped object come down, hit a
               tree and hover, while three tall men in white cover-
               alls walked around. The boy later suffered severe
               headaches. Traces. (APRO Nov., 67)
Nov. 29, 1967  Yarmouth (Canada). Percy McBride saw a flashing
0200           object, the size of a station wagon, with two aerials,
               arrive from the east and land in a woods for 15 min.
               It made a clicking sound and a noise similar to six
               radio receivers tuned on different stations. It had a
               square, boxlike protuberance supported by a pole
               underneath. (APRO Jan., 68)
Dec. 03, 1967  Ashland (Nebraska). Police Officer Schirmer observed
0230           a bright, aluminum-colored object just above the road
               and approached within 14 m, when the object rose,
               emitting a shrill beeping noise and a red-orange beam.
               Under hypnosis at the University of Colorado, the
               witness reported that a small human form, about
               1.30 m tall, came from under the craft and approached
               him to communicate a message stating that "they"
               came from space and would meet him again. (FSR
               68, 4)
Dec. 22, 1967  Holmes County (Ohio). Six teenagers observed a
               silvery, disk-shaped object with a pointed projection
               on top and multicolored lights, 100 m away, and felt
               a heat wave when it hovered above them. (FS Jun.,
Feb. 01, 1968  Criacao do Cabrito (Azores). Serafim Vieira Se-
               bastiao, a watchman at the Azores Air Station, saw
               "an oval object with a metallic gleam, topped by a
               glass tower with a small balustrade on which two
               beings were standing." There were two other figures
               inside the tower. When he shone a light toward it, a
               cloud of dust surrounded the witness, the craft van-
               ished, and he fainted. Investigation by American mili-
               tary authorities. (FSR 68, 5)
Mar. 03, 1968  Syracuse (New York). Nick Sgouris, while driving to
0615           work, observed a luminous, cigar-shaped object, about
               20 m long, showing numerous multi-colored lights.
               The car almost stopped as the object flew low over-
               head, and the witness was briefly paralyzed. (APRG
               Bulletin 67)
May., 1968     Chascomus (Brazil). Gerardo Vidal and his wife
2400           were driving along Route 2 when they were caught
               in "a dense fog" and lost consciousness for 48 hours.
               When they came to, it was daytime, and the car,
               whose paint was badly scorched, was parked in an un-
               known road. They spoke to local people and found
               that they were in Mexico. (FSR 68, 5; Magonia)
Jun., 1968     Carlos Paz (Argentina). Pedro Pretzel, 39, motel
0050           owner, observed an object 50 m away on road 20,
               showing two powerful red headlights. Arriving at his
               room, the witness found his daughter unconscious.
               When she came to, she said that a blond man, 2 m
               tall, wearing a blue, bright suit, and holding a pale-
               blue sphere in his hand, had appeared and spoken to
               her. (LDLN 95)
Jun. 14, 1968  Mendiozaca (Argentina). Jorge Yaru, 35, saw a
0300           strange light outside and a bright object, the size of a
               bus, 30 m away. It had yellow, green and red lights
               at the bottom. As he approached, the object rose sud-
               denly, hovered for 40 min, and left at high speed.
               (LDLN 95)
Jun. 16, 1968  El Choro (Argentina). Chief of Provincial Police
night          German Rocha and Police Major Niceforo Leon ob-
               served a round object with a vivid blue light. It landed,
               left a strange, powerful odor, and burned grass and
               shrubs. (FSR 68, 5)
Jun. 19, 1968  Cabreria (Argentina). A settler, Romulo Velasco,
night          25, saw a bright object land. From it emerged a
               strange "tall, slim being" who came toward the wit-
               ness, who fainted. (FSR 68, 5)
Jun. 21, 1968  Miramar (Argentina). A man riding his bicycle en-
               countered a large object, 50 cm above the ground. The
               top part was spinning, and it cast a vertical beam of
               red light toward the ground. Calcination traces were
               found by police. (LDLN 95)
Jun. 25, 1968  Bouchard (Argentina). Jorge Ribles, electrician at the
105            Carmal Chemical Plant, noticed that the engines
               were at a standstill, while the countryside was lit up
               with intensive reddish light. Another man, 52-year-
               old Jose J. Rociski, fell unconscious as a vivid light
               enveloped him. He was unable to move his left arm
               for three days, and suffered from pain and extreme
               nervousness. (FSR 68, 5)
Jul. 01, 1968  Ricardone (Argentina). Raul Calcedo met two giants,
0400           almost 3 m tall, in Ricardone. He fled in terror, in
               spite of a strange power that tended to make him
               stay. (FSR 68, 5)
Jul. 01, 1968  Botucatu (Brazil). Three boys saw an object, about
1230           8 m wide, 350 m away. It had a large tripod under
               carriage and a ladder reaching down to the ground.
               These devices were retracted, and the object rose a
               few meters, then flew off at high speed. (FSR 68, 6)
Jul. 02, 1968  Cofico (Argentina). A boy, Sola, saw, a few meters
0815           away, a strange being, about 2.10 m tall, hovering in
               the air, his body emitting a peculiar glow, near a
               bright, unknown object. (FSR 68, 5)
Jul. 02, 1968  Sierra Chica (Argentina). Oscar H. Iriart, 15, saw
1125           two men of normal height, with short, white hair and
               red clothes, semi-transparent legs, motioning to him.
               Near them was an elliptical, silvery machine, 2 m
               long, 60 cm high, with three 50 cm legs. The men
               gave him an envelope with a childish message and
               flew off. The witness's horse and dog were paralyzed
               for several minutes. The boy arrived home "like a mad-
               man." (FSR 68, 5)
Jul. 31, 1968  Plaine-des-Cafres (La Reunion Island). Luce Fon-
0900           taine, 31, a farmer, was in a clearing when he suddenly
               saw an oval object, 25 m away, less than 5 m above
               ground. It had a clear center, dark-blue ends, two
               protrusions on top and bottom, and measured 5 m
               in diameter, 2.5 m in height. In the object stood two
               beings, 90 cm tall, wearing coveralls. A violent flash
               and a blast of hot air were noted as the object van-
               ished. (LDLN 96)
Aug. 27, 1968  Lins (Brazil). Maria Josa Cintra, who worked at the
early          Clemente Ferreira Sanatorium, was awakened by a
               noise. At the front door was a "foreign-looking"
               woman of normal height, wearing light-colored
               clothes, and a headdress exposing only her face. She
               spoke in an unknown language, and handed Marie a
               mug and a glass bottle covered with beautiful en-
               gravings. Maria filled them. The woman said some-
               thing such as "Rempaua," and went out to a pearl-
               shaped, bright object that took off with the sound of
               wings. (FSR 69, 1)
Aug. 31, 1968  Mendoza (Argentina). Three witnesses, among them
early          two Casino employees, stated that they observed five
               dwarfs, with oversized heads, who emerged from a
               landed craft and traced undecipherable signs on the
               ground. (Le Figaro Sep. 2, 1968)
Oct. 09, 1968  Lins (Brazil). Doribio Pereira, 41, municipal em-
0620           ployee, suddenly observed a golden, cigar-shaped
               object, and a figure armed with a flashing weapon that
               immobilized him. Three beings were standing on a
               platform under the craft, and another figure appeared
               to be using a keyboard inside the transparent top part.
               The object took off rapidly, leaving the witness in a
               state of shock. (FSR 69, 1)
Nov. 02, 1968  France. During a thunderstorm, a medical doctor was
0355           awakened by his crying 14-month-old son. He saw
               two luminous objects outside his house, and observed
               them coming close together and merging about 180 m
               away. A vertical beam of light was aimed at him for a
               second as the object tilted, and then the display
               vanished with a flash, leaving a slowly dissolving
               cloud. Persistent nightmares and various physiological
               phenomena were later recorded. (1)
Nov. 20, 1968  Hanbury (Great Britain). Mr. and Mrs. Milakovic
1730           were driving to Hednesford when they suddenly saw
               a brilliant object rising from a held to the left and
               hovering above a house. It appeared to "quiver like a
               jelly." Several figures were seen on the deck of the
               craft for about five min, then it left with a jerky
               motion. (FSR 69, 1)
Nov. 22, 1968  Fleury-d'Aude (France). A dozen witnesses saw a
2100           lens-shaped object surrounded with a blue glow, mak-
               ing a noise similar to that of a jet and emitting flashes,
               which landed in a field briefly. It suddenly took off
               and was lost to sight at the horizon. (France-Soir
               Nov. 24, 1968)

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