Orb UFO Hovers and Moves At 500 Feet Over Pennsylvania

A man at Monroeville in Pennsylvania claimed to have watched and photographed an orange orb-like UFO that floated and traveled at 500 feet. According to Case 78094 from witness reporting database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the unnamed witness was with his co-worker sitting outside on a porch smoking cigarettes at 8:56 in the evening on July 31, 2016, when the unusual event took place.
The reporting witness stated that the UFO hummed through the air while changing colors. The mysterious aerial thing reportedly stopped fast in mid-air, flew right after a couple of seconds, and then shot west, hovered once again, and then shot off the rest of the way.
According to Pennsylvania MUFON State Director Sam Colosimo Jr., the witness, and his co-worker saw the light from the southeast and observed it as it moved toward a south direction. It stopped and hovered for around 20 seconds. The UFO flew towards the witnesses and stopped when it was around five houses away. It then moved away back to the southeast at a tremendous speed.
The reporting witness further claimed that they saw one flashing light in the object. As the object moved away, it produced a humming noise. The object was reportedly about the size of a house. Sam closed this case as Unknown.

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