Orange Rugby Ball-shaped UFOs Seen in Winchmore Hill

By Hannah Crown

A STREAM of orange, rugby ball shaped UFOs making their way purposefully through the skies has been seen in Winchmore Hill.

Mystified Alison Moynihan, of Hillcrest, said she was watching television with her husband at 10.30pm on Sunday 10 when she first caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a procession of lights.

She said: “My husband saw this bright orange light. We ran up to the loft to have a look and it suddenly zoomed out and up. It was like a bright orange rugby ball and it had a sort of halo around it like a street light. It moved up and to the left quite swiftly.”

Describing the lights as being only about 300 yards away, she said it wan’t until about half an hour later that she and her husband caught sight of the second light which also appeared to be travelling from the south to the north and appearing on the right hand side of their field of vision.

She said: “It disappeared into the clouds. Then soon after another one did exactly the same at the same point in the clouds. There were four in all.”

Mrs Moynihan, who works for a city investment company, said she lived in a flight path but had never seen anything like that before. She said: “I got onto the internet after it happened and so many people have seen similar things. I don’t think it was a Chinese lantern because we would have seen a flame underneath it. We thought maybe it was some military plane. But we couldn’t hear any engine at all. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I hadn’t been drinking alcohol I promise! I am the first one to be sceptical of anything like that.”

Unfortunately the Independent has not seen any pictures of this baffling phenomenon. Do you have any or were you witness to it? Contact the newsdesk on 0208 884 7414 or email

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