Nordic Aliens Encounters in Australia

For the first time in the history of UFOlogy was not only marked, but all the rules proved the abduction on Board a UFO, and its victim in a matter of minutes was moved nearly 800 miles from his home!

The first of the abduction was announced on 9 October 2001 the Australian broadcaster ABC, while not naming any names, exact dates or details. The note on their website contained little more so I decided to wait for the details. And only on 15 October there was a more or less coherent story about the incredible incident that shocked the whole of Australia…

It happened in the black, rainy night from 4 to 5 October near the town of Gundih. 22-year-old Amy Rylance was watching TV then I fell asleep on the couch in the mobile home-trailer installed on their property. Her husband, 40-year-old Kate Rylance has long slept in a nearby room. Stayed with them business partner, 39-year-old Peter Geller was also sleeping nearby. Kate and Peter were located very close to Amy — thin walls, you could say, was not in the bill.
About 11.15 the night Peter woke up from the bright light pouring through the open door. This door went into the room with Amy. When Peter looked back, she was breathless through the open window inside beat a powerful beam of light. Passing through the rectangle window, it was too rectangular, like in the trailer someone had hammered a red-hot, glowing beam. The resemblance was intensified by the fact that the beam did not reach the floor. He was smoothly cut off at the end. The inside of the beam was drifting slowly Amy spread in this position, as if still asleep. An unknown force was pulling her head through the open window. Under the body of Amy ray sailed small items, accidentally caught in a zone where gravity somehow ceased to operate.

Before you lose consciousness from fear, Petra saw that the beam had not gone to infinity. He poured from near hovering discoid UFOs. Peter was unconscious for a few minutes, but when she woke up, no Amy, no “plates” were gone. Only small objects, captured by the beam together with the body of the victim lying in front of the window. Only then she found the strength to scream, waking the still sleeping Keith…

Having seen the trembling and weeping Peter, Kate long doubted that there just happened something terrible. He ran out of the trailer, but never found any trace of the missing spouse. Realizing that he won’t find her, Kate called the police.

His call was registered at 11.40, but the police — Robert Marina and another officer from Maryborough, district center, came only about half an hour later. At first they thought fell victim to a stupid prank. but then, seeing the genuine excitement of Keith and Petra started to lean toward the idea that this couple pristuknuli prevent them wife, was buried somewhere in her body and is now telling tales about UFOs. Call for help from another colleague, officers have begun inspection of the trailer and the entire surrounding area.
To his surprise, the police saw that the window growing Bush bears clear traces of the intense heat, issuses only one side — the one that was converted to UFO!

When the officers still studied the plot, the phone rang. She was Kate. A woman called from Mackay, a town located 790 kilometers from Maryborough and Gundicha. She said that she picked up at the petrol station “BP” at the outskirts of the city the girl in a state of shock and apparently suffering from dehydration. The girl said her name is… Amy Rylance! The caller said that Amy was taken to a local hospital and is now reported about it to reassure family and friends with her, they say, will be all right.

Shocked Kate handed the phone to officer Robert Marina. After learning that Amy somehow was almost eight kilometers away from the abduction site, Robert contacted the police station of Mackay, and soon Amy took testimony under oath and warned that false she will answer on all severity of the law.

But Amy had no reason to lie. She stated that she remembers lying on the couch in the trailer. The rest of her memory gap. The next thing she lies on “the bench” in a strange rectangular room; the light is pouring from the walls and ceiling. She is the one. Amy began to call for help and heard a voice — it seems to be a male. The voice told her to calm down: she will not be harmed, all will be well. Soon the wall opened the hatch and walked into her “type” was over six feet tall, thin, but proportionally built, dressed in tight all body suit. His face was covered with a mask with slits for eyes, nose and lips. The creature repeated the soothing words and added that it will not return to the place where she was taken, “near”, as in the same place they appear dangerous.

Amy again “blacked out” and woke up on earth, somewhere in the woods. She felt a sense of disorientation and can not tell you how many time out from the bushes. Finally, she came out to the highway. Nearby was burning bright lights of a gas station, and Amy went there. Seeing the condition she is in, the workers without further words assisted her. She drank the water, I felt a terrible thirst. At first Amy couldn’t even answer the questions, and did not realize where he was, but gradually started to come to myself and asked the woman who helped her to get her to the hospital.

The doctors found mysterious markings arranged in a triangle on her hip and strange marks on legs.

In his testimony, Amy noticed it before, never had anything like that happen. However, when she was in fifth grade, she once happened to see a huge UFO, surrounded by smaller objects.
It ended no less suddenly. In the midst of the research, Kate, Amy and Peter… gone. Fortunately, the UFO left a mobile phone number Keith. He said on “cell phone” that all three of them moved because of a strange accident: their car was chased in a dark brown truck with obviously bad intentions, apparently, trying to push them off the road. Name your new address Kate refused.

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