New York Man Sets Up 24-Hour UFO Hotline

The latest immigrants to land in Brooklyn are little green men.

The borough where Ralph Kramden kept threatening to send his wife to the moon in “The Honeymooners” now has its first 24-hour UFO hotline, where new Yorkers can report their close encounters of the fuhgedda boudit kind.

Joe Capp, 68, a retired computer consultant in Sheepshead Bay, started the out-of-this-world hotline in February, and has so far fielded calls of nearly two dozen sightings from around the city.

“How is anybody going to report this stuff if everyone is discouraging them?” he told The Post. “I’m looking at witnesses as a resource rather than someone to slam around.”

So far, the most memorable sighting he’s received has been from a woman who spotted three lights moving in unison in the sky over Park Slope.

The hotline was an offshoot of a UFO meet-up group Capp has held at a Manhattan diner since 2007.

“It’s good to hear shared experiences,” said group member Julio Barriere, who said he sees UFOs any time the sky is clear.

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