Nebraska Police In Omaha Has Triangle UFO Sighting

An Omaha, Nebraska police officer, reported seeing a slow moving triangular UFO below 500 feet in the sky at a local Walmart store.
The police officer was on duty patrolling near Walmart when he noticed something strange above. He claimed to have seen a triangle-shaped unidentified flying object at 5:38 p.m. on 13th of January 2016.
According to the witness testimony filed as case 74492 in Mutual UFO Network witness reporting database, he knew right away that it was an unusual encounter when he first saw the UFO. The witness said the object, which has three bright lights, moved slowly for several seconds and then vanished in the night sky.
The witness included two sketches in his report, which was filed on 23 February 2016. The case is under investigation. It was assigned to Frederick Zewe, a MUFON field investigator in Nebraska.
One of the sketches shows a representation of the area where the police officer spotted the bizarre object. The other one is a detailed illustration of the triangular object that was spotted over Omaha.
Most UFO sightings can be something man-made or natural. The conclusion of the investigation will help the public weigh in the authenticity of the report.

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