Neanderthals Created Jewelry 40,000 Years Ago – Discovery At Grotte Du Renne Cave Reveals

– Ancient jewelry has been found in several prehistoric tombs all across the world, but who would have thought Neanderthals enjoyed and created jewelry as far back as 40,000 years ago!

Artifacts discovered at Grotte Du Renne, France reveal a number of bone fragments and ancient artifacts that have now been properly investigated and the results of the analysis are intriguing.

Scientists have determined that bone fragments were used to produce Neanderthal jewelry.

The Grotte de Renne was discovered in 1949 and the site is a treasure to archaeologists. Many of the artifacts discovered at the site are 40,000 years old.

It was previously believed that these ancient objects were created during the period when modern humans are believed to have been replacing the Neanderthals living in the area. Early evidence pointed to the Neanderthals as the makers of the artifacts, which included jewelry, but the consensus has been that Neanderthals did not possess the brain power to create such items, but new analysis indicates scientists were wrong in their assumption.

The bones did not contain enough DNA so experts conducted a protein analysis instead. This allowed them to determine whether the bone fragments were from a modern human or Neanderthal. The results showed the bones were from a Neanderthal.

These findings place the jewelry with the Neanderthal bones at roughly the same time and location, which the researchers suggest is strong evidence that the Neanderthal created them.

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