Nasa sparks alien conspiracy after Mars Curiosity Rover spots a weird shiny object… raising questions over who (or what) may have put it there

NASA has sparked an alien conspiracy after weird shiny object is spotted on Mars — raising questions about who or what might have put it there.

The image appears to show on unidentifiable object against the landscape of the planet.

Reddit user Prosaic Origin posted the picture on the sharing site with the catch-line «Uh nasa? UFO Caught on Mars Rover Mission? Is this real?»

The post attracted 79 replies, with some backing up the idea it could be aliens.

EdisonVonneZula said: «Looks like light glimmering off of a genuine spaceship on an alien planet in outer space.»

Though some were convinced the object was made by aliens — others dismissed the idea claiming it was merely a piece of the rover.

User whocares1234569 said: «I mean that thing is tiny. Are there aliens inside? It is probably a piece of the rover.»

Sataz appeared to agree and wrote: «Compared to the size of the tire tracks, the object must be pretty small.

«Some piece of the rover or other earthly object perhaps?»

There were those who saw something completely different.

Blue_eyed_sasquatch went for a very different approach and simply wrote «Looks like the old Batmobile» whereas Mrtrollyon said «it’s Luke SkyWalker on his Tattoine speeder with the roof up».

Elsewhere Youtuber Martian Archaeology has claimed the Nasa rover spotted a «thigh bone» on Mars.

The video shows a variety of odd objects which includes bones and lichen.

This week, hacktivist group Annoymous posted a video claiming Nasa believes humans are about to discover alien life.

The hackers published YouTube clip which claims a Nasa scientist made the announcement at the last meeting of the US Science, Space and Technology committee.

It comes after Nasa’s Kepler space observatory discovered 219 “potential new worlds” in other solar systems.

Ten of the planets are “rocky” like the Earth and fall in their systems’ “Goldilocks zone”– so-called because it is not too hot or too cold for life to exist.

In their video, Anonymous claimed head of Nasa Science Mission Directorate Professor Thomas Zurbuchen told the meeting: “Our civilisation is on the verge of discovering evidence of alien life in the cosmos.



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