NASA Satellite Catches Massive Sized UFO Near The Sun

A mysterious UFO was spotted by an amateur astronomer while watching the Sun’s live feed from a NASA satellite over the weekend.
UFO bloggers have been talking about it after checking out Helioviewer, which broadcast real-time images of the Sun taken from Solar and Heliospheric Observatory or simply known as SOHO, a sun-observing satellite. UFO enthusiasts notice something that emerges from the Sun and most of them posted pictures to their websites.
Alien UFO skeptics would say that something could be a camera glitch, solar flare, or just about anything that is naturally happening on or around the Sun that even NASA scientists could not explain.
Since no clear explanation is given about the UFO, the possibility that it could be an extraterrestrial spacecraft can’t be ruled out, especially to the minds of alien UFO believers.
This is not the first time UFO was observed circling the Sun. In April 2012, there was similar UFO sighting caught by Sun-observing spacecraft. The object looked like a metallic, jointed spaceship with massive extension, speculated as a boom arm, fixed off its lower end.


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