NASA Picture Confirms Moon Structures Exist

If the following picture is real, and personally I have no doubt it is, then NASA has been caught red-handed once again.

The man in the foreground is Anthony Colaprete, a space scientist working for NASA since 2000.

From April to August 2003 he worked as principle investigator in NASA’s SETI Program, an abbreviation standing for ‘Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence’.

Evidence that Anthony found what he was searching for can be seen in a picture laying on his desk (original high-resolution picture). The picture has been taken at the NASA Ames Research Center.

Here is the highlighted version:
“NASA accidentally confirms what we have known all along, that there are indeed structures on the moon. In this picture taken at the NASA Ames Research Centre, we can clearly see two possible structures, one is quite clearly a square shaped building, the other to the right looks like a triangular shaped structure or maybe a bridge, its arched in any event.”

By Alexander Light,; | Reference: YouTube ADG;

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