NASA Mistakenly Confirms Nibiru at NEOWISE Conference

Sept. 29, 2011. NASA held a conference for updating information about the database of near-Earth asteroids in our solar system, tracked by Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) telescope.
But things got really interesting when a phone caller asked NASA to deny the danger of Planet X (a.k.a. Nibiru).
(Minute 4:12) Phone Caller: «Can you (…) reassure people that Planet X isn’t coming to get them next year?»

Not only that Amy Mainzer (NEOWISE Principal Investigator, JPL) did NOT deny its existence, but she actually confirmed it, after tangling in explanations:

«Planet X is not coming to get us!» she said, basically acknowledging its existence.

After dodging the question for some time, she eventually continued: «We think that this (Planet X) is just … huh … just a sort of … if there’s something out there…could be a LARGE BODY IN A ROUGHLY CIRCULAR ORBIT!» — WHAT???
During the 70s and 80s, it was common for NASA to mention the existence of a so called ‘Planet X’ and they have been openly discussing the gravitational anomalies caused by it. It was called ‘Planet X’ because it was hidden to their telescopes (brown dwarfs are only visible in infrared spectrum), but they mathematically knew it was somewhere close. According to them, Planet X is the sister star of our Sun, but it has an elliptical orbit around it.
(See my articles in the Nibiru section for more details about the scientific correlations). Without the mumbling and the ‘fix’ she basically says:

«Planet X is not coming to get us! … We think that this is just a sort of … a large body in a roughly circular orbit!»

But the phone caller pushes things even more, asking if there’s: «…anything else you wanted to say on that point?»

Amy Mainzer falls for the trap once again & begins speaking about brown dwarfs (basically acknowledging that Planet X is a brown dwarf — only visible with infrared telescopes):

«We were able to confirm the discovery of 100 new … huh … objects that are these very cool stars called brown dwarfs and … so … that’s very similar to what … huh … people are interested in looking for, so … we’ve actually found some of these are relatively close to the Earth.»

And this takes the acronym ‘Never A Straight Answer’ (NASA) to a whole new level.

For those of you who don’t know a lot about Planet X, please read my articles in the Nibiru section on my blog.

By Alexander Light,;


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