NASA footage reveals large gold UFO… and theorists claim that it’s orbiting the Earth

EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL enthusiasts are convinced that a new NASA video is proof of alien life.

In the clip, a gold UFO can be seen hovering in close proximity to the Earth

Online space fanatic, who goes by the username Streetcap1, captured the bizarre footage.

Claiming that NASA had “cut transmission” to cover up the footage, the UFO watcher decided to upload the clip to YouTube.

They explained: “I thought I was seeing things at first then quickly started recording.

“To my surprise they cut transmission… anyway this has to be huge whatever it is.

“If it was a building it would be hundreds of miles long.”

Since the strange video was uploaded two days ago, it’s already racked up over 9,500 views and attracted a fierce online debate.

Some YouTube users were completely convinced that the clip showed an alien spacecraft.

One said: “They are here! I wonder when they are going to make their great entrance on a major city.”

Another said: “We are all so appreciative on the time you must donate to this topic.

“It’s work that needs to be done and you’re on the front lines of exposing the biggest secret kept from man.”

Despite this, not everyone is convinced by the extra-terrestrial footage, with one commenter speculating whether the golden flying object is merely a reflection of the sun.

Others debated whether the floating shape was a strange cloud formation, like one that appeared over the city of Foshan in China last year.

In October, UFO theorists were adamant that the clouds, which resembled a floating city, were actually alien colonies.

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