Nasa finds Martian SPIDERS in startling new satellite pictures beamed from above the red planet

NASA has spotted several spiders on Mars.

Far from the creepy-crawlies we’re familiar on Earth, these infant “spiders” are actually a network of channels eroded into Mars’ surface.

They are one of the most characteristic Martian landforms and the mystery patterns have baffled scientists for years.

But these incredible picture taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show how over several Martian years (that’s 1.9 Earth years) troughs are emerging across the south polar region of the red planet.

Just one spider can reach several hundreds of metres in size and is believe to take more than 1,000 Martian years to form.

They are created by dry ice which bursts through Mars’ ice crust when the planet warms during spring, according to Nasa.

“We have seen for the first time these smaller features that survive and extend from year to year, and this is how the larger spiders get started,” said Ganna Portyankina of the University of Colorado, Boulder.


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