Mystery of the Black Triangles

If there is a UFO reality, then why has no one blown the whistle? Informants in the U.K. have been talking about UFO’s and Flying Triangles because they see them every day. I have been a faithful subscriber to UFO rags from the U.K. for a long time. These magazines try to use a more down to earth approach as to which UFO’s are extra terrestrial and which aren’t. In the British UFO Magazines there is no question as to whether or not UFO’s exist. In order to understand what I am trying to tell you, you need to understand why Ufology in the UK is commonplace, you need to realize Britain’s UFO history.

Britain has always been the center of “paranormal” anomalies. From strange structures, to ghosts, to intricate crop circles. With all of these strange things happening you’d think that there would be unlimited investigations. There are your amateurs and then there are some that are appointed. One man in particular is Nick Pope, who joined the British Ministry in 1985 and was involved in policy making during the Gulf War, and the Bosnian-Serb conflict. Pope was then moved in the summer of 1991. He was appointed to a new post at Whitehall Secretariat Air Staff, Department 2A. I guess you could call it the equivalent of the “X-files.” As with any classic “I don’t belong here” story Pope did not believe in the UFO hysteria, and was very skeptical about the Paranormal. After dealing with the reports from the “UFO” desk Pope was slowly changing his mind on the issue. After 3 years at the “UFO” desk Pope declared that UFO’s were a reality. He concluded that there was plenty of evidence to prove their existence.

Pope was officially supposed to investigate whether or not these strange aircraft posed a threat to the UK’s defense. Unofficially He was expected to dismiss their existence. Pope decided it was up to him to tell the truth about UFO’s. Pope claims that his peers and the department labeled him a loose cannon and found him to be very suspicious. They lost trust in him. But Pope stood by his story, analyzing all the data, and claiming that it all added it up to a case for the existence of UFOs. A lot of the M.O.D. workers began humming the Twilight Zone theme when ever he would walk into the room, and after the X-files made it to the UK they called him “Spooky.” After all of the ridicule, and after claiming that he felt UFOs posed a major threat to our defense systems, Pope was moved in 1994 from the M.O.D. to the financial department. The thing that is most frustrating is despite Pope’s entire candor, he is still bound by Britain’s official secrecy act. So is what Pope saying fact or fiction? Apparently it’s fact. UFO’s are being seen in Britain Some say it can be explained, but Pope says that a technological threat of non-human origin exists. Some say it is Science fiction, Pope continues to investigate such claims. Even though it really isn’t his job any more.

Since 1990 there have been over 4000 sightings of what is known as the “Flying Triangle” or “Silent Vulcan” Over Britain. In the early 90’s there were a similar number over Belgium, France, Holland and Germany, with fighters being sent up to intercept this unknown craft. With people seeing aircraft “as big as a football field and hovering silently” to “hovering craft that shoot off silently.” Another claim was the sighting of “a huge black triangle rising out of the water” it is one of Europe’s most enduring waves of sightings. Nick Pope wrote a book about many of these sightings including one over several Army bases in one night. One of the more controversial cases is the Bentwaters -Woodbridge UFO case. The Bentwaters-Woodbridge bases are leased to the United States Airforce under NATO terms. The case is one of the creepiest ones I have ever heard. There were at least 30 witnesses who came forward to tell the story of what happened to USAF personelle and British Military in the Rendlesham forest between the two bases, in December of 1980.

The incident began when two USAF security personelle spotted unusual lights hovering over Rendlesham forest. The security staff was worried that a small plane was crashing in the heavily wooded area. According to Sergeant Larry Warren, who was stationed at Bentwaters, It looked like the plane hit and a fire was smouldering in the forest. A group of men set out to find the strange red glowing area. What the men came a upon was a triangular UFO. Airmen Steve Roberts and James Archer said that the UFO had a red light on top of it and blue and white lights at the middle and bottom. Archer then claimed he saw occupants inside the strange craft. He claimed that they did not appear human. There were also reports of Jeeps and several High-powered “Light all’s” abruptly died. Sgts. Larry Warren and Adrian Bustinza said that the energy just drained out. Animals were going crazy, and the men mentioned a yellow mist in the air. There was another strange anomaly in the area away from the clearing . It was transparent, elliptical like a see through aspirin tablet. It then filled with a bright pulsating mist and it emitted a rainbow of coloured lights. There was film shot of the incident. And audio tapes made. However it was later confiscated and flown to Ramstein Airforce base in West Germany. Pentagon officials later claimed that some of the photos but not all were fogged.

Then there were stories of strange shadows that were cast on the craft moving out of synch with the soldiers. They knew it was their shadows, and blue lights would flash above their heads like some strange video game. For some of the soldiers it was the last thing they remember before waking up. Larry Warren says that he awoke with mud caked up to his knees. Warren says he was tested for radiation and was forced to sign a secrecy oath. He and others were then shown High-quality gun camera film of UFO events. One included the downing of a soviet MIG fighter by a flying saucer. Thirty men went through what some likened to a drug-induced nightmare. Remembering sequences that were lost or forgotten. One memory was that of Commander Gordon Williams communicating with silver suited greys.

Official reaction to this case was that it wasn’t a threat to National Security. Which prompted British Investigators Jenny Randles and Ralph Noyes to call the reaction utter nonsense. If the collective testimony of thirty men were accurate then it would confirm UFO reality. It would also be nonsense if the testimony were false. It would mean that Nato security would have been entrusted to men who hallucinate. Either alternative would have been a severe threat to security.

Then a British science writer had a theory that what the men saw was the light from a Lighthouse on Orford Ness five miles away. This saved the day. Then residents reported that they had electrical interference and their animals were distressed, hardly any proof, Finally, documents were released in response to a 1983 freedom of information request. There were memos verifying the stories except for the Colonel Williams Alien encounter.

It was then suggested that it could have been the retrieval of Russian Space junk. But the compelling audiotape was released. The men were observing strange craft. The 18-minute tape is said to be edited, and spans through several hours. What happened between the edits is anyone’s guess. The case was taken to J. James Exon, of the U.S. Senate armed services committee. After an investigation Exon concluded that there was no cover-up. Maybe he saw something that frightened him.

The Black Triangles still fly over the U.K., and more stories are being generated. Nick Redfern released a book called “A Covert Agenda.” This book once again covers the subject of the British government’s knowledge of the UFO Phenomena.. Jon Dyton a UK Representative of the S4 database interviewed Nick. Redfern believes that whereas the vast majority of UFO reports are not of extraterrestrial craft, a small minority are. He also believes that while there is no collusion between alien species and our governments. “It is safe to say that the Governments are well aware of their (alien) existence. They know that something strange is going on, however it could be quite possible that a lot of Governments do not know exactly what it is. Only a few may know.” He also can state as fact that there is enough evidence to show that there have been two or three occasions in the UK where Roswell type events have taken place. Many times the RAF has attempted interceptions of UFOs. UFO reports of the black triangle type date back to 1964. Video has been taken, photos also, but we are no nearer the who what and why. One of the strangest things about it is the fact that if it is a secret stealth project, It should be labelled “hidden in plain sight”. The Triangle seems obsessed with hovering over Motorways, Nuclear Power Stations and graveyards. They often flash a brilliant light on the gravestones (or on empty fields) as if looking for something. Sightings quietened down last year but are now picking up and new video has been taken in daylight.

So the Black triangles are mysterious aircraft flying over Britain. Some may see them as a threat, even an extra terrestrial threat. However the new Ufology tells us that sometimes we should not always jump to the extraterrestrial conclusion with regards to UFOs. From the time of Kenneth Arnold until now Ufology has grown up. Colleges are beginning to accept UFO existence, but they will not go out on a limb and state that extra terrestrials are piloting these craft. There is still that small percentage that might lend itself to the outrageous. But we should not let that get in the way of a true investigation.

The Media will find ways to twist a UFO story. They will come to the conclusion themselves that when a person uses the word UFO that they are meaning, a craft with little grey or green men inside. New ufologists know that this is not the case. It is the old misconceptions that hurt a serious investigation. It is the holding on to old myths that jeopardise true science and analysis. Some will find a hidden meaning in the simplest explanations. To toy with a Freud quote “Sometimes a cigar shaped craft from another world is not necessarily a cigar shaped craft from another world.” Tim Mathews is the “Angry young man” of british ufology. He has upset the cosy state that the British scene had got into the post Bufora/Alien Autopsy film and has earned a fast reputation for straight talking and cutting through much of the malaise the scene found itself in the last year. He believes that many sightings can be explained by secret aircraft and suppressed military tests. Mr Mathews exposes a world of political manoeuvring by the authorities to protect financial and political interests. He has exposed the existence of secret planes from year’s back, which would be considered “cutting edge” today. Mathews believes that giving the label of an extraterrestrial craft to a UFO is premature, and has spent a lot of his time showing that Military Technology is the most likely answer behind the enigmatic UFO. His research has shown that a lot of flying disc and triangle technology comes from Nazi Germany. It has always been the objective of designers of aircraft to find a craft that can ascend and decend vertically. The craft would have to be circular without wings. Over time we have seen these craft and attributed their remarkable capabilities to some extra-terrestrial intelligence.

To me the very thought of an alternative to the extraterrestrial explanation is just as intriguing. We must be careful not to eagerly romanticise UFO events. Tim Mathews is correct in stating that it is premature to label an unknown craft an extra-terrestrial vehicle. Back in August of 1998 Ground Zero had a struggle in trying to get out a story of what appeared to be a UFO that may had crashed or was shot down over Tracy California. The overwhelming evidence suggested that this strange anomaly was quite possibly an aircraft of some kind. This aircraft threatened Los Angeles and San Francisco. The craft travelled at speeds topping Mach 60. If the mainstream media had done their homework they would have found alternative ideas as to what this “unknown” was. Since it was a UFO it was already prematurely labelled. This started the downplaying outright. A “meteor” was the verdict given. The words “probably” and “definitely” were used to describe the meteor. I have been somewhat unfair to the media for downplaying the event. What other choice did they have? The UFO was reported and soon people were awaiting the arrival of the space elders. Everyone wanted to downplay it without the facts, because a vast majority of people think that everyone in Ufology considers a UFO to be an extra-terrestrial spacecraft.

What if it was a missile heading towards Los Angeles. Or an as of yet unknown secret plane? What people forget is that missiles can be fired at populated areas and wipe them out. So while everyone is staring at the strange meteor coming out of the sky, they fail to realise that the “meteor” could have a warhead attached to it and that it would also deliver a mushroom cloud. I am not saying that the Tracy case was a missile, but look at the times we live in. Terrorists, secret governments, organised subversives, can get their hands on money and technology and create things that can only be dreamed of in the movies. Tim Mathews is correct. Use good judgement. The UK Triangles are very real. There is evidence and eyewitnesses to validate their existence. These are the times where the truth will be revealed. We cannot risk losing the ability to inform when a group we rely on for information still hangs on to speculation, without looking over all of the evidence. Remember, while the media can’t dictate how we are to think, they certainly can set the agenda on what we think about. For the majority of the media UFO’s will remain an issue to be avoided. The reason? No one wants to look stupid. Reporters consider themselves conventional thinkers. Ego machines that want to convince the world that their idea is the one true fact. I should know, I do it all the time. I feel however that I am justified in saying this. The facts are there, the witnesses will not keep quiet, and there is no mystery to a person with an open mind who uses wisdom.

by: Clyde Lewis

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