Mystery Of Mirin Dajo – Superman Who Could Not Be Injured

Often referred to as a “superman”, Mirin Dajo was a living human enigma and his body baffled scientists. He became famous for piercing his body with all kinds of objects such as swords and daggers without getting injured. He could even swallow glass and razor blades.

No-one could understand how Mirin Dajo could do things that would kill any living human being.

Arnold Gerrit Henskes (6 August 1912 – 26 May 1948), known by the pseudonym Mirin Dajo, was a Dutch performer. At an age of 33, he became aware of that his body was “invulnerable.” He left his job and went to Amsterdam where he visited pubs and earned money by letting people pierce his body with “dagger-like objects.”

Mystery Of Mirin Dajo – Superman Who Could Not Be Inquired

Mirin Dajo: Wonderman From Wikipedia

Later he started to perform on stage and let his assistant impale his hypnotized body with swords and rapiers. People and scientists were astonished to see the weapons were penetrating his body, missing major organs somehow. He walked and even ran with swords sticking out of him, and all this took place with little or no bloodshed, even when the implement was removed.

To offer evidence that he was not a faking, Mirin Dajo asked to test his invulnerability. Doctors looked at his X-ray scans and could confirm that the sword passed through his right through his body. When the sword was removed, he pressed on the entrance and exit wounds for a short time and that was all he apparently needed to do to prevent any bleeding after the sword was removed. He even demonstrated that he could walk and jog both when the sword was in him and almost right away after the sword was removed as well.

Mirin Dajo also declared his invulnerability having been tested with burning irons, boiling water and having been shot through the head from half a yard distance on two occasions. He supported this by exhibiting two scars allegedly from the shots, one in the center of the forehead and the other above his right eye.

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According to Mirin Dajo, his invulnerability was a gift from God who wanted to tell people they should abandon the materialistic world view and accept there was a higher force. He claimed to heard voices from “guardian angels” that told him what to do. Dajo also said that he had several strange paranormal experiences as a young boy and that he was telepathic, and could heal people.

Some suspected he trained with Indian fakirs to learn the ancient art of body piercing, but as famed late magician Ali Bongo points out, no one in India was doing anything close to the feats Dajo was demonstrating.

Mirin Dajo was an extraordinary person, but eventually everything must come to an end. In May 1948, following the advice of his angels, Mirin Dajo swallowed a very large steel needle. He had it surgically removed two days later, and fell into a “trance.”

Just three days later, the “trance” was discovered to be “death,” and the case of Mirin Dajo, age 36, was closed. Cause of death: a ruptured aorta, though many of his followers deny that.

Today, we still cannot comprehend and explain how Dajo was able to pierce his body without getting injured. How could Mirin Dajo  develeop this amazing ability to withstand pain and physical trauma to his body?

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