Mysterious UFO spotted hovering above Ayrshire snow-capped hills

A mysterious UFO has been spotted hovering above snow-capped hills in Ayrshire.

The foreign object was spied hanging in the sky over Galston earlier this week.

The man that captured the intriguing image, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the UFO was bigger than a drone.

Taken on Saturday afternoon, the man is now trying to find out what the unknown object is.

And at the time the picture was being taken, the man admitted that he didn’t actually see the object until he reviewed his photos at home.

The man told the Kilmarnock Standard: “I was taking a photo of the hills behind Galston, which were covered in snow, and never realised I’d snapped whatever’s in the photos until I got home and had a better look at the photos of that day.

“I never noticed it, at all, until then, it was late afternoon, say 3.30ish, and I noticed I put the post on here [Facebook] after 6pm.

“I never saw or heard it moving, as I said, never noticed a thing in the photo until I got home…fascinating.”


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