Mysterious UFO In Skies Near Area 51 Prompts Air Force To Scramble Their Jets

A strange UFO noticed in the skies close to a military base prompted US Air Force to scramble their jets to investigate the peculiar aerial thing before it mysteriously disappeared.
A UFO was detected flying through closely monitored airspace over Oregon state. Witnesses were left wondering where it may have come from and what it was doing there.
Military officials have not been able to identify the origin or even the destination of the UFO. The military was not able to trace it after it just disappeared all of a sudden.
Oregon borders Nevada, which is the subject of many conspiracy theories on aliens and UFOs due to the presence of the secretive Area 51 military base.
Conspiracy theorists believe the mysterious and top secret facility holds the remains of crashed UFOs and even dead aliens.
According to local news reports, Air Force F-15c interceptor fighters were launched in response to the sightings.
North American Aerospace Defence Command confirmed that the Federal Aviation Administration asked them to help track the UFO at heights usually used by commercial aircraft on October 25.
Fighter jets were sent from Portland to investigate the unusual flying thing but failed to find anything.
The craft transmitted no collision avoidance signals.
Air traffic control reportedly encountered difficulty following the UFO on the radar.
It is vital to note that the F-15C Eagle interceptors have some of the most advanced combat searches and tracking radars in the world.

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