Mysterious Cochno Stone Unearthed For The First Time In 50 Years

– Ever since the 5,000-year-old mysterious Cochno stone was discovered, scientists have been scratching their heads trying to figure out its true meaning.

Today, they are not closer to solving this ancient mystery. It is one of the best examples of Neolithic or Bronze Age cup and ring markings in Europe, but the true meaning of the ancient signs and symbols are unknown. Is it an ancient map, symbolic portals of reincarnation, astronomical constellations, or ceremonial markers for sacrifice?

The ancient stone lies on land next to a housing estate near Faifley, in West Dunbartonshire. It is regarded as one of the UK’s most important, but also one of its most neglected, prehistoric sites.

Dr Kenny Brophy, from the University of Glasgow who specializes in urban archaeology, is leading the excavation at the site next to Cochno Farm.The excavation will provide the opportunity to use cutting-edge 3-D imaging technology to make a detailed digital record of the site, which should shine more light on the stone’s history, its purpose and the people who created the artwork around 5,000 years ago.


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