Museum Exhibit Features Extraterrestrial Life Research and Artificial Intelligence

People who want to know more in detail about the search for alien life can check out a touring museum exhibit titled “Alien Worlds and Androids,” by Global Experience Specialists. Focusing on the question whether humans are alone in the vast universe, visitors of the exhibit will get a chance to join scientists in their search for extraterrestrial life within and beyond the solar system. Visitors can also learn more about alien-like creatures discovered on Earth, as well as know about the technologies used in exploring remote solar systems and extreme Earth’s environment.
The exhibit displays content from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA, and features some of the methods used by scientists to explore space and search for ET life. It also presents robots and artificial intelligence with the display of C3PO, Iron Man, and other popular Hollywood robots.
While this kind of exhibit isn’t new, it only shows that museums from around the world continue to pique the curiosity of visitors and encourage them to imagine the limitless immensity of the universe and its potential dwellers.
Alien Worlds and Androids exhibit will be held in Davenport, Indiana at the Putnam Museum & Science Center starting January 31, 2015 until May 25, 2015.

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