Metallic Starfish-Shaped Underwater Object Still Remains An Unexplained Mystery

Some weeks ago, a metallic starfish-shaped underwater object was discovered off the coast of East Beach in Westerley, Rhode Island.

The heavy object has stainless steel legs and because of its shape, it’s described like a metal starfish.

It is located near the Niantic Avenue entrance, about 60 to 70 yards west toward the Watch Hill lighthouse. The harbor master says he has never seen or heard about it before. The circular object was not seen there last summer, so what is it and where did it come from?

To solve the mystery, a crew went in to remove the underwater object and it has now been taken to an undisclosed location. The problem is that we still don’t know what it is.

An archaeologist on the beach had his own theory.

“Well it’s not that mysterious it’s been here forever you know. It’s been marked by a buoy for the past several years. It’s a big piece of concrete and metal that they used probably as a buoy for rescue rafts when there were shipwrecks here back when,” said Stephen Carini, of North Stonington.

But many are still baffled and there still remains more questions.


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