Massive V-Shaped UFO Witnessed in Lake Morena Village, California

This happened some time in mid-April of 1998. I don’t remember the exact day. I was living in a small town called Lake Morena Village, just outside of Campo, California. It’s along the Mexican border midway between San Diego and the Arizona border.

It was around 4:00 AM, and I had just left my house on a short walk to Lake Morena to do some early morning fishing. While walking down the street, I noticed what I first assumed was the moon between some nearby tree tops. It was very big, as the moon often appears here high in the mountains.

As I looked, I noticed it had an odd shape to it. Intrigued, I left the road and climbed a small hill with a rock pile atop it to get a better look. What I saw was a well defined craft. It was V-shaped and was luminous, the same color as the moon.

It was the most immense thing I have ever seen. I am guessing its distance at 20 miles and its height at 10,000 feet, and was in roughly the same flight path as that used by the commercial airlines that fly past. Comparing it to the commercial airliners, I am guessing it was as thick as 5 airliners stacked atop each other, and AT LEAST 1000 feet long.

Aside from being luminous, it had what appeared to be a luminous mist of some kind which surrounded it and tapered to a point maybe a half mile below it. It was like a classic tornado shape, which didn’t trail behind it, but moved along with the craft (very strange).

It moved very slowly from the west to the east, towards Arizona. It took about 20 minutes to cross the horizon, and was quite a sight to behold.

If it ever came down to it, I would be more than willing to take a lie-detector test. The next chance I get, I will be sending another report on a very close encounter I had in the same area in 1997.

Thank you for your time, and God bless.

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