Man Behind 1947’s UFO Roswell Incident Linked to Alien Hoaxes

Do aliens exist? Thousands of videos and pictures of UFOs are taken every year and enthusiasts believe that many of them could be a hidden or proof conspiracy. While some people have demystified them as fake, there are still believers of alien’s existence, making our experts scratch their heads and have also been wondering if whether or not these UFOs are our visitors from another planet. Recently, the most controversial Roswell UFO crash “mystery” has now been solved. It was found out that there were no extraterrestrial spacecraft involved. The original report is quite interesting.
Jamie Maussan was one of the people involved in the release of a new ‘smoking gun’ image. He strongly admitted and claimed that the image shows aliens that died in in 1947 during the crash near Roswell, New Mexico. Today, the picture is widely believed to be one of the strings of alien hoaxes.
The Unravelling Controversy
Jamie Maussan, a man who supported shocking alien hoaxes, paid £15,000 just to obtain a squirrel skinned monkey as an alien corpse. The ears were taken out as well as the fluids and hair of the animal, and it was dried out to appear different from animals. When the Roswell incident has emerged, and has become the major UFO subject, he sold lots of tickets at an average price of £40 to the people since the release of the slides is considered to be a Roswell alien event. Mr Maussan and his co-organizers have taken at least £240,000. Roswell incident has long been seen and considered as the largest and the biggest alien mystery of all time ever since it has emerged. The photos were seen as promising, that even people who cannot attend the prepared event need to pay between £10 and £15 in order to watch it online. The photos were believed to be promising, historical, legendary and irrefutable proof of UFO crash of Roswell. The myth of Roswell during that time was an alien corpse found by the US military in a crashed space craft on a ranch that have been hidden from the public ever since it emerged.
Nigel Watson, the UFO investigator from Plymouth said that the whole scenario was a money making form of circus lead by Jamie Maussan, who has a record of promoting strings of UFO images and reports that have been concluded to be hoaxes. The photos which surfaced twenty years ago were later proved to be fake. The “alien” which Maussan is trying to show the world, is obviously a mummified human child. Mr Maussan, who was once a top ufologist in Mexico, has seen his well-documented aliens as one of the strings of hoaxes.

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