Locals Report A Suspected UFO Sighting In Turkey’s South

The unidentified flying object was observed in the sky over Turkey’s south from 8-11 a.m. The UFO reportedly traveled around 40 kilometers north and suddenly vanished. Witnesses immediately reported the sighting to the gendarmerie.
Local witnesses called the attention of their relatives living close to the area and urged them to check out the sky to see the strange event.
One of the witnesses said the unusual flying object was about the size of a minibus. The witness claimed to have been able to examine the UFO closely using his brother’s binoculars. He said it had a shape similar to a balloon. When he zoomed in, he noticed colorful particles, but still can’t identify the object.
Another group of witnesses informed the gendarmerie about the same flying object. The gendarmerie interviewed locals who claimed they spotted the suspected UFO, but the incident report has not been prepared.
Social media users posted photos of the unidentified object, with some theorizing that it was an unmanned balloon or aircraft.
Meanwhile, another local witness was able to capture the alleged UFO in the Aegean resort of Bodrum. She said two bright lights suddenly made an appearance in the sky on September 7. These objects reportedly made a turn and disappeared immediately.
The witness said that she had sent the video to a research center in hopes to shed light the identity of the UFO. She also claimed to have captured an image of a UFO in the same region.

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