LIGHT TERRORS Mysterious blinking lights in the night sky could be ALIENS, new study claims

MYSTERIOUS flashing lights visible among the stars may be signs of alien activity, scientists claim.

Around 100 of the blinking red glow have been spotted by astronomers over the past 70 years and scientists still have no explanation for them.

In a new scientific paper, experts claim these lights could be evidence of an undiscovered space event … or ET.

There’s a chance they’re signs of alien structures or “interstellar communication lasers”, researchers wrote in the Astronomical Journal.

However, this is an outside bet, and the most likely source is “natural, if somewhat extreme astrophysical sources.”

The team based in Sweden examined publicly accessible images, such as old military records, dating back to the 1950s.

They compared these historical observations to modern sky surveys to find signs of blinking lights, such as stars that have disappeared from the Milky Way.

“Finding an actually vanishing star – or a star that appears out of nowhere! – would be a precious discovery,” said project leader Beatriz Villarroel, of Stockholm University.

“It certainly would include new astrophysics beyond the one we know of today.”

Stars typically die in one of two ways: Either slowly transitioning into white dwarfs or rapidly exploding as supernovae.

In total, 100 objects were found that fit neither of these categories. Instead, they disappeared from the night sky and appeared again later.

Researchers said they had no direct evidence the lights were caused by aliens.

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