LIFE ON MARS Are aliens real? All the UFO sightings, evidence on whether extra-terrestrials exist and conspiracy theories

DO aliens really exist? This question has caused debate and controversy among humans for centuries.

From Roswell to Suffolk’s Rendlesham Forest, these are the sightings which UFO hunters have hailed as proof of extra-terrestrial life.

What was the latest believed UFO sighting?
Strange footage has emerged of a mysterious UFO moving and changing shape in the sky over Sweden.

The intriguing footage was captured by baffled motorists inside the city of Gothenburg which sparked rumours of whether the footage is conclusive proof of extra-terrestrial life.

The footage, captured by onlookers travelling in their car, shows an unidentified flying object move through the sky and appear to change shape.

Russian police have reopened a 60-year-old investigation into the mysterious deaths of nine students on a cross-country ski trip, and are linking the deaths to a theory which blames UFOs.

Known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident, the mystery includes a sliced open tent, bodies dressed in underwear in the snow, traces of radiation and a victim missing a tongue, reported ABC.

The lack of explanation for the deaths sparked conspiracy theories including yetis, UFOs and an attack by local native tribes.

How many alien and UFO sightings have there been?
The number of UFO sightings is currently flying at an all-time high, according to data cruncher and blogger Sam Monfort.

The alien expert reckons there have been more than 100,000 recorded UFO sightings in the past 100-plus years.

And Sam is far from the only believer on our planet.

From an “alien autopsy” video dating back to 1995 to a video of fighter jets apparently chasing a UFO over the M5, there are hundreds of videos which people have claimed to be proof of alien life.

There’s even a clip of a UFO supposedly attacking a Taliban compound, as well as “sightings” in Peckham and Warminster.

Most of the videos have been debunked by experts. In the M5 clip, for example, the motorway lorries look like models.

While the Peckham UFOs were “almost certainly Chinese lanterns”, former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator Nick Pope told the Sun Online.

He added that “true believers wouldn’t be dissuaded” by evidence the videos are fake.

Meanwhile, popstar Peter Andre claims to have seen “several UFOs” on a family trip to the Nevada desert.

The desert is also the site of America’s famous Area 51 – a highly classified military base at the centre of alien conspiracy theories due to scores of of UFO sightings in the area.

Artist Dave Huggins believes he lost his virginity to a busty alien called Crescent – and has fathered 60 ‘hybrid’ babies.

Some people even believe this picture of Jesus’ crucifixion – which hangs on the walls of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Georgia – is proof that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago.

In July 2017, new research was published that suggested “free-floating” earth sized plants could exist and that some of them may even be able to harbour life.

And at the end of August, alien hunters from the Breakthrough Listen project detected “fast radio bursts” coming from a mysterious cluster of stars – which may have been produced by “extraterrestrial civilizations”.

In October 2017, an Australian woman took a picture of what she believed was a “flying saucer” hovering over the Great Barrier Reef.

Far North Queensland is considered a UFO hotspot, with several sightings of mystery aircraft in the sky over several decades.

A UFO shaped like a tic-tac stalked a US Aircraft carrier for days before vanishing into thin air, according to a Pentagon report which emerged in May, 2018.

The object – which could reportedly hover in mid air and make itself invisible – bamboozled US Navy fighter pilots during a training exercise in the Pacific Ocean in November, 2004.

In July 2018 a secret dossier revealed that British spies spent at least 50 years hunting UFOs in the hope of stealing alien technology.

What is the Roswell UFO incident?
The Roswell UFO incident is a world-renowned conspiracy theory about the existence of aliens.

In the summer of 1947, a farmer discovered unidentifiable debris in his sheep fields just outside Roswell, New Mexico.

A local Air Force base claimed the debris came from a crashed hot air balloon, but many people reckon it’s really the remains of a flying saucer.

The debate rumbles on, with people continuing to make claims about “leaked US government documents”, which supposedly prove it was a cover-up.

In October 2017 a video emerged that was alleged to be of the “body of an alien carried away on a stretcher after the Roswell UFO crash”.

Another Roswell sighting was on February 24, 2018.

Two passenger jet pilots reported spotting an “object” shoot above them at 40,000ft – just 500 miles from the so-called Roswell UFO crash.

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