LIFE ON CERES? Nasa finds water on dwarf planet that could be home to ALIEN colonies

The discovery of water on Ceres makes it a prime destination for future human colonies according to space boff

NASA has found water on a planet in our solar system’s asteroid belt – and it could be home to alien colonies, scientists have revealed.

New images from Nasa’s Dawn spacecraft reveal the frozen water trapped in some of the craters where the sun never shines on dwarf planet Ceres.
Ceres’ poles could have been collecting ice over billions of years, scientists claimed.

And the ice in Ceres crust could point to a subsurface ocean, one of the key indicators of life.

It’s the third of its kind to get scientists’ excited.

Water ice has also been found on the dark side of the moon and Mercury, too.

Lead researcher Dr Thomas Platz said: “The icy craters we found show that there is a lot of ice-present in the crust of Ceres.

“Now we are investigating whether there could be an ocean under its surface.

“If this subsurface ocean exists, it is technically possible that it could support life.

“But personally, I’m skeptical.”

The discovery will help establish a permanent lunar base for humans as soon as 2030.

Dr Platz said: “The hope is by understanding water ice on Ceres, we could learn more about ice much closer to home, on the moon, enabling us, one day, to live there.”

It’s fresh hope for humanity, who according to top Prof Stephen Hawking, have less than 1,000 years to get off the face of the Earth before apocalypse strikes.

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