Lake Tiorati UFO Sighting In 1966

A week before Christmas in 1966, then 23-year old Vincent and two buddies went to a winter fishing when they spotted something unusual in the sky. In a temperate winter weather in December, they were enjoying fishing in the area along the Hudson River, estimated to be 40 miles north of New York City.
In their eastern side was the Indian Point Nuclear Power Station, and Harriman State Park in their western position. While enjoying their fishing, they noticed something unusual in the sky near Lake Tiorati and Harriman forests.
Vincent describes the aerial object as bronze in color and moving without noise. He adds that the size was around 6 meters in diameter.
Vincent managed to take four pictures of the strange flying object that night. Later, the Project Blue Book representatives from U.S. Air Force investigated the UFO sighting report and quickly considered the sighting photos as part of a hoax.
The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) also conducted a study about the sighting by examining the photos and interviewing the three witnesses. Investigators from NICAP found no trace of any hoax.

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