Japan UFO Video Mysteriously Deleted From YouTube

Images from a video are making the rounds, reportedly showing a large glowing UFO flying near a plane over Japan. But the lack of sufficient detailed information about this so-called close encounter raises a few doubts about the whole thing.
The UFO was apparently videotaped by someone from inside a private plane over the Chiba Prefecture Japan region outside of Tokyo. No date of the sighting has been given, even though it’s presumed to have occurred at the end of July, when stories began circulating about it.
And then, as quickly as the video was posted to YouTube, the viewing settings were suddenly changed from public to private, with no reasons given.
«The mysterious UFO is far in the distance to start off with. However, when the filmer zooms in, the video becomes more intriguing…the object seems circular with blinking light around it,» reports RealUFOs.net.
Readers chimed in to abovetopsecret.com with their opinions:

«Haha that’s burning on the ground; looks like farmers burning the fields like we do here in the south,» suggests commenter Cito. «My guess is it simply is the reflection of the sun on a glass building/structure through the low clouds. It really seems it is at ground level. The orientation of glass or reflective material…is directed towards camera. Simplest explanation often the best,» writes Logiciel.

«The video is several minutes long, with the second segment given over to some unfortunate musical overdubbing,» according to news.gather.com. «But the enhanced, slow-motion version, with the image enlarged, proves this is no ordinary aircraft.»
The true mystery of this incident is why it was taken down from YouTube so suddenly. Does that point to a hoax or was the videographer suddenly afraid of possible ridicule?
And for those who favor conspiracy theories, there are allegations that some UFO videos have been targeted for deliberate deletion.
What do you think?


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