Is Humanity Being Quarantined?

Humanity acts like a cancer up on the surface of this planet. Our population rises exponentially. We asset strip and pollute our environment. We do not exhibit a symbiotic or balanced harmony with the Earth.

Technologically, we now have the technology to visit other planets in our solar system, but lack of a scientific or technological breakthrough restricts us to only explore within the confines of the inner solar system. It is as if we were a small child who is not old enough to be allowed outside or out of the close supervision of its mother (the sun).

If we did have a breakthrough in science technology at this present time within our humanity, I have no doubt that we would spread so incredibly fast throughout our galaxy that we would seem like an untreatable cancer.

We would plunder the natural resources we encountered, taking whatever we required and leaving pollution and refuse wherever our trail spread.

The Malthus population theory [1] which plots growth in population against available natural resources would suggest that the population of humanity would exponentially increase out of control. Without the hindrance of barriers or a natural enemy, we could populate the galaxy within a relatively short astronomical timescale.

These are all reasons why I have always seemed to know that we are being quarantined.

The initial quarantine are the immense distances between each star which would take generational timescales to traverse even at the propulsion speeds of new conceptual technologies envisaged.

The lack of a technological or scientific breakthrough in deep space or inter stellar travel is the other main tool of quarantine. When we look at human history from a technological perspective, we see that life changing technological innovations came to us in distinct stages.

Metal working, intensive agriculture, navigation, steam power, engines, immunology, ACDC electricity, flight, rocketry, nuclear etc. Often these great leaps forward were down to single individuals who either had a eureka moment, or else they claimed to be inspired.

The genius Nikola Tesla [2] (1856-1943) was perhaps the father of our modern age. He was the inventor of AC electricity generation. Many of his other patented technologies were so prescient that we are only just understanding and developing them now.

What has always interested me about Tesla was his claim to sporadically hear voices in his head. He first encountered these voices whilst walking in a park in Belgrade, Serbia when he was a young man. He said that these voices gave him inspiration and direction with his numerous inventions.

In his day, he was known to be the archetypal “mad genius”. Nowadays, we would consider him to be suffering from hebephrenic schizophrenia.

Jack Parsons (1914-52) was a genius who was one of the early innovators in solid fuel propulsion.

He worked on the prototypes of jets and missiles. He was an occultist, and claimed to find his inspiration through this avocation. It is popular myth that the dramatic space age technologies that were pioneered by the Nazi scientists during WWII were assisted by alien technology which was channeled through occultists in the Vril and the Thule societies. [3]

Although the women occult channelers of the Vril insisted that the assistance came from the Aldebaran star system, later occult historians claimed that the Nazis were assisted by ‘hidden masters’ that resided in a hollow Earth which they called Agatha. [4]

Wernher Von Braun [5] who was the ex Nazi that built the Apollo space rockets, made some cryptic comments that implied that the Nazi rocketry scientists had some ‘external’ help. [6]

Claims have also been made that the immense sums of money which are internationally directed to the expensive particle generator projects across the world are an attempt to reproduce on a practical level, advanced scientific knowledge that has also been channeled.

Picture of actual Nazi flying disc, the Haunebu II My point in collating these stories is to suggest that humanity has often received inspirations from sources that are not human.

This either implies that we are being drip fed new technology by those that quarantine us, or else by some other entities or powers whom may also find themselves quarantined on this planet. Whichever theory applies, if any, it does not contradict my main thesis that we face a scientific brick wall that excludes us from interstellar travel.

The fundamental new technologies required to progress in space travel will only be released when we are deemed to be intellectually, mentally, physically, and spiritually ready to make that leap forward.

Our scientific community seems to understand that interstellar travel is not so much a matter of increasing propulsion but rather a matter for inter-dimensional travel by possibly bending the fabric of space & time.

How wormholes are supposed to work; Image ©Copyright Anderson Institute Our scientists understand the principle of space-time portals. They have considered wormholes and now are considering the possibility of magnetic based portals that exist at special nodes within our own solar heliosphere.

Some astronomers and scientists have even considered the validity of esoteric proposals that the portals for inter stellar space-time travel are located within special nodes within each Star and within living planetary bodies. [7], [8]

I personally believe that any breakthrough in inter-dimensional inter stellar travel will also be withheld from us. This is for the same reason of necessary quarantine. Humanity at its present stage is maybe being treated as a sick person that has been quarantined to stay within the hospital grounds for fear of spreading his infection.

Whether we are quarantined by God or by an alien fraternity, I don’t know. Although I can empathize that if I personally had the ability to quarantine humanity to the inner solar system, I would. This is because we are not ready yet to leave. We are not spiritually ready, emotionally ready, or intellectually ready.

If we were allowed to reach other star systems presently, we would most probably act in a similar manner to that of the Spanish conquistadors, rampaging and conquering and exploiting. Observing us as a biological entity, we would act and seem like a malignant biological cancer.

It has always surprised me how we portray living and exploring space in our science fiction. In film and TV shows such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Battlestar Gallactica, we are represented as humans similar in nature and evolution to how we are now. It seems to me that not much thought was put into how we might have changed or adapted in the future centuries.

We have not considered the physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual challenges to living and breeding away from our planet Earth.

Mentally and psychologically we humans have been much affected in space. Astronauts and Cosmonauts have struggled with feelings of loneliness and separation from an unseen interconnected human world down below. Many have had what they describe to be spiritual experiences. The astronaut Edgar Mitchell [9] envisaged a universal connection between humans and matter when he saw earth floating on space.

His belief is that reality is far more complex than what we actually experience. He went on to found the Noetic Science Institute in 1973. Leaving our planet behind is no small matter. Whether we like the fact or not, we seem to have a spiritual connection to the Earth.

Physically, we are a product of our gravity and are shaped as such. Our height is limited by the gravitational forces which act against the ability of our hearts to pump blood to the brain and extremities. So how would we shape up after many centuries of being born and living in environments with different gravity.

This begs the question about whether we can be conceived in space. Women rely on a menstrual cycle to ovulate and to be fertile. Their thirteen menstrual cycles are influenced by the thirteen lunar cycles a year. [10] The moon is known to control the tides.

So we assume that this is something to do with the high water content of the body and its blood. We also know that a woman’s menstrual cycle can change and vary.

When women live and work closely together such as in convents or communes, it has been observed that their menstrual cycles synchronize. In some cases they will menstruate on the same days and their menstrual cycles have been known to synchronize with the moon’s cycles.

I mention these known observations because it raises the question of whether women born or living in space would be able to menstruate. Would they continue to have 13 menstrual cycles or might that number alter if they were based on the surface of Mars with its two moons?

I would imagine that for the sake of avoiding unbearable pre-menstrual pain, that a woman’s menstrual cycle would need to be suppressed medically, or by drugs. I wonder then if this medical intervention might cause sterility or if all fetuses will have to be conceived outside of the womb if they can be conceived at all.

There is also a spiritual point to be made here if you believe as I do, that a human soul is bound to this planet earth.
“Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.” Whether you believe that humans were created or evolved, we still developed as a carbon based life form from the elements of this planet.
Gen 2:7 – ” And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. ” There are many humans who live in harmony and balance in a symbiotic and dependent relationship with Mother Earth and its flora and fauna. They believe that when the close relationship to the earth is broken, then humans become unbalanced and unhappy, both mentally and spiritually.

If this is true, how will humanity fare when if it is born or lives away from this planet. How would we cope mentally and spiritually? Can we be conceived outside of the magnetosphere of our own planet? Madame Blavatsky and the theosophists talked about a spiritual sphere that also surrounds our planet. This acts like a well of souls.

They would say that at conception, a spirit soul joins the material gestating embryo passing from this spiritual sphere that envelops our planet. If this is true, would conception be even possible between humans living beyond the pale of the Earth’s spiritual sphere. Even the book of Genesis in the Bible tells us that the Earth had to be created as a precursor to the creation of man.

Cymatic therapy is based on the notion that human cells, organs, and tissues each have a natural resonant frequency. The normal healthy range of the human body is 62-68 Hertz. Where illness is present the vibrational frequency falls. In the case of cancer cells, down to around 44 Hz. High frequency cells correspond with better health. It is an ancient but not a mainstream science. [11], [12]

The Earth’s electromagnetic field produces an extremely low frequency with a base value at around 7.83 Hz as recognized by Professor Winfried Schumann. The other planets in our solar system have various and different resonances. These vibrational resonances can be translated into sound.

Since they began to be measured in the 1950s, these planetary resonances have been found to be increasing, particularly during our most recent solar cycles. The magnetospheres of all the planets have been shown to be diminishing. This is possibly due to weaker magnetic solar winds. In the study of Cymatics, the average resonance range of the cells of the human body is thought to be related to the base Schumann resonance of this planet.

As this frequency of the Earth slowly increases, it suggests a related increase to the frequency resonance range of the human body. It is not known how this process might work if humans were stationed permanently on other planetary bodies or moons.

Kymotropic analysis of the frequencies of Saturn – Jupiter – Mars -Sun – Venus – Mercury – moon

In the ‘ascension’ beliefs held by many new age spiritualists, the increasing Schumann resonance is seen to be the harbinger of a shift to a higher base vibrational frequency.

They believe that this bring about ascension into a higher dimensional state for the earth and its population. This sounds like an unconventional theory based on little or no evidence. However if the human vibrational frequency is actually found to be increasing in range as well, and as a result of the Earth’s increasing frequency, then humanity is bound to experience some unknown changes. [13], [14]

Perhaps these changes might be to the physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual nature of humans. These might be the necessary changes required in order that we can live away from our planet Earth. They might be the precursor to the quarantine being lifted on humanity.

By Senan Gil,;

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