Is Extraterrestrial Life Real

By Dennis Finn

The question has been asked for centuries, “Is extraterrestrial life real?” We find references throughout ancient texts, and wonder about anomolies such as crop circles and large geographic images that can be clearly seen – from space.

NASA has made recent announcements that stirred up the question: is there life that might be considered extraterrestrial? By definition the term extraterrestrial means “life outside of earth or its atmosphere”.

Why does the idea of Extraterrestrial life fascinate us so much? There are some people who feel that they did not “originate” on this planet, feeling as though their soul or spirit is more attuned to another place.

Others feel that there are more intelligent civilizations outside of earth who have visited us in the past, stating they will return. Another belief is that our DNA is encoded with extraterrestrial genetics.

Can we realistically track or prove that there is extraterrestial life? We certainly make a lot of assumptions, and those assumptions are based on our range of perceptions.

Life on earth exists within a very narrow range, as does our hearing, vision, and of course our consciousness. Does every instance of life have to play by our rules? Certainly not, but we can only measure based upon our own physical laws.

We have more to work with than our ability to measure, we also have perceptions on the meta level, or meta-physical level. These abilities hold open the doorway to our own growth and evolution, giving us those glimmers of insight that say there is more than what “meets the eye”.

With this thought in mind, it seems as though science should appreciate and respect the meta-physical world, not turn its nose upward for lack of “evidence”.

The interest as well as the fears of extraterrestrial life centers around our relationship. Since we have not developed our ability to travel in space beyond our moon and space stations it is assumed that the life that can travel to earth is more advanced, but the fears lie in whether or not that advanced life form is friendly or hostile.

We’ve all heard stories of alien abductions, but we also have psychics who claim to channel spiritual wisdom from places far away.

Whether or not there is life beyond our planet continues to be in question. From my perspective I choose to focus on my own world and the choices I make each and every day, being true to my own value system.

After all, you never know who’s watching. Oh, and that stirring of the extraterrestrial question at NASA? Here’s a link to the video, but it’s not about what they found, like another area 51 spaceship or body, it’s more about the question of how to look for life that exists outside our own rules.

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