Irish Aviation Authority Launches Investigation After Reports Of UFOs in Northern Ireland

Social media users have been ecstatic about the footage of what some think to be a UFO above Northern Ireland.
Resident Sandy Laverty recorded the UFO sighting video on a dash-cam as they drove to work on the Cloyfin Road in Coleraine on November 9, Friday at 6:44 am.
The footage seems to show a bright object shooting across the sky.
A few minutes later on the same day, a pilot of British Airways flying over Kerry, Ireland reported observing a very bright light at 6:47 am.
Flying into Heathrow from Montreal, Canada, the pilot reported seeing an object that had come up along the left side of the airplane and then quickly veered to the north. She further revealed that the object was approximately moving at astronomical speed like it was Mach 2, which was twice the speed of sound.
The Irish Aviation Authority said that it was investigating reports of UFOs and bright lights observed off the southwest coast of Ireland.
The IAA has filed a report following reports from several small aircraft on November 9, Friday of strange aerial activity.
According to the IAA, the report will be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process.

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