Inside the old mason

(excerpt) …I Have a step-grandfather — dollar millionaire, it is not Hilo density “Mason”. 2 weeks ago I went to visit him. And started the topic about higher civilization, mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. We discussed it the whole evening.

He also told me in the next 10-15 years, planned a huge technological growth in the space industry, that is, to 2030 people will be open space. All space technologies, “zakulisya” is. That is, even though tomorrow we may space a highly developed civilization.

All government institutions will have to give the people the truth about human origins, “they’ll have to,” said my grandfather.

Alien civilizacijas his mouth was said that our gods eat, drink, love, and give birth, then they have the hormonal system and feelings, only theirs hormones don’t kill them, and the fact that they look practical like humans, only taller, with very white skin and blue-green — grey eyes. And live as long as you want. And the fact that they have re boot the dream also as in humans, they are updated using this, rebooting of the body, and the fact that it is normal for organics. (And here comes the similarity with the movie “Thor”, where One fell into a lethargic sleep, remember ?)

And here’s the Anunnaki-nefilim supposedly from “the Pleiades” …. (pay attention to theirs noses, and the whole iconography of almost all religions ,the fact that the faces of the saints are written with a thin and long noses. This is an alien race.)

Told me that up to the 2035 plan the first official extraterrestrial contact with representatives of the race. This coming and prepared the masons, the Illuminati and others, improving technological civilization in preparation for a meeting with their princes.

This contact will be formal and expected, that is, about a month before their arrival, the people will be announced, the fact that the earth is approaching an alien ship with a goal and a signal of good contact. That is, the arrival of them will show and describe all media channels and “mass sources”, etc. they will Call themselves our creators, teachers, and mentors — ancient. Call us — terrestrial race, its a Grand successful experiment. And the fact that contact people officially reveal the truth about the cosmos and the world, etc. This is the most incredible sensation in the history of mankind. It will be the whole idea. They will look like smart, tall, slender , perfect body blond, white-skinned with green-blue-gray eyes, the men of the growth will be approximately 210 to 220 cm, the wives from 188 to 200cm (models) .

After this event, all countries will unite in a single state. Monetary financial pyramid will collapse.”

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