Indirect Human-Alien Telepathy

Part 8

Frequently abductees report that they can “tap into” communication between two or more aliens and between other humans and other aliens. Although it is difficult for them to be precise about everything the aliens say, they generally comprehend the context of the discussions, which often involve mundane exchanges about the best way to go about performing a procedure upon the abductee, the nature of the next procedure to perform, or aspects of the abductee’s physiology. Sometimes abductees can be quite specific, detailing what each alien said. Therefore, aliens and humans in proximity to “hear” telepathic communication can receive at least some of it. It is not known if the aliens can “privatize” their communication by “whispering” or by in some way preventing others from hearing their thoughts.

As yet, researchers have found no evidence to suggest that abductees can hear or monitor alien thought processes apart from those specifically employed for communication. They cannot “listen in” on the private mental world of thoughts that the beings might possess. Abductees are unaware of the ideas that lurk behind the aliens’ conversations directed at them. Thus, the abductees probably have only limited abilities to “listen” to the aliens’ thoughts. But, testimony exists to suggest that the reverse might be true — aliens can understand what abductees are thinking privately.

For example, when one abductee was forced to hold a hybrid baby, she threatened to throw it to the floor. She said, however, that the aliens “knew” she did not mean it. Similarly, when an abductee is worried about another family member abducted with him, the aliens will tell him that the relative will be all right, even though the abductee did not directly address the alien about his fears. When abductees are becoming frightened just before a procedure is administered, the aliens will “sense” the anxiety and take measures to calm him. Abductees appear not to have these abilities and therefore the aliens might well have stronger powers of telepathic communication than abductees possess or they might have less emotional strength to allow the abductees to sense.

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