‘I KNOW I SAW IT’ New witnesses emerge in infamous 1973 ‘alien abduction’ case of two fishermen ‘taken by creatures with lobster claws’

NEW witnesses to one of the most infamous «alien abductions» ever have come forward to tell their story for the first time.

Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were fishing on the banks of the Pascagoula River, Mississippi, in 1973, when they claim a UFO landed nearby and three alien creatures kidnapped them.

Police audio files obtained by Sun Online last year showed the pair were highly agitated by the alleged incident but they never wavered from their story — even when cops left them alone and secretly taped them.

And now, 45 years later, a couple have come forward to verify their story after seeing a strange UFO on the same night and location as the fishermen.

Maria and Vernon Jerry Blair were sat in their car looking out across the river when they saw strange blue lights in the sky.

Maria, now 69, said: «I thought was an aeroplane because of its bright lights flashing.

«And it just kept going back and forth across the sky. I told my husband there’s something wrong with that plane, it’s like he doesn’t know where he wants to go.”

They watched the strange lights for around 40 minutes before getting out of their car and walking down the pier towards a boat.

However events took a sinister turn as Maria spotted a strange figure emerging from the water.

She recalled: «We started walking down the pier and something came up out of the water. It was like a person. I told Jerry ‘There’s somebody out there’.

«They came up out of the water, then went back down. So I’m standing there waiting for this person and the water rippled out.

“He said ‘Come on — there’s nobody out there’. I know I saw it.

«I walked down to the boat and it was about 11.30pm to 12pm before I came back down the pier. I was by myself. I ran back to the car.»

Unbeknown to the couple, Charles and Calvin were on the opposite river bank having a terrifying close encounter with the UFO and its occupants.

They claim they were captured by three alien creatures, who came out of a door on the oval shaped «craft».

The men said the creatures had «lobster-like claws» at the ends of their arms, «carrot-like» growths for their nose and ears and their heads also appeared to connect directly to their shoulders, with no discernible neck.

The creatures’ skin was described as pale in colour, wrinkled, with no eyes and slits for mouths.


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