How to Prepare for the Oncoming Alien Threat

Aliens are out there. The sheer number of planets in the galaxy makes that a virtual guarantee. But more than that, mounting evidence seems to suggest that they may already be here. And while we know they exist, what we don’t know is what they want with us.

There are many plausible explanations. Perhaps we’re the first civilization they’ve encountered and they want to study us pre-contact. Maybe we were put here by them in the first place as an experiment.

They could be planning to contact us at the right time or even planning our destruction. No one really knows for sure.

But what we do know is that they pose a potential threat that can’t be ignored forever. Much like humans, some may have incredibly harmful intentions. If you want to be prepared for the oncoming alien threat, there are some preparations to consider.

Prepare Shelter

When an invasion happens, shelter is one of the most important resources to have. You won’t be able to stay at your home since it’s easily accessible. The best shelter will be underground and in an area that is rarely inhabited by anyone else. Aliens who pose a threat to humanity will likely be focused on locations that have larger populations.

If you can’t afford an underground bunker, a well-built shelter in a remote area is a good alternative. Knowing how to grow your own food and stocking up on plenty of non-perishable items are essential. Don’t forget personal hygiene items, over the counter medications, gasoline, weaponry and of course water.

If it’s safe enough to go outside, you can harvest fruits and vegetables from a garden but using a greenhouse or growing your food hydroponically may be safer.

If you choose to grow food hydroponically, you can grow food indoors and use less space and resources.

Learn How to Live Off the Grid

Survival skills should be learned as soon as possible, and complete reliance on modern technology should be discontinued. Learn how to live off the grid so you’ll be able to take care of yourself without the use of electricity and other modern conveniences.

Electromagnetic pulses (and likely other alien weapons) can easily destroy any digital electronics, leaving you stuck using only the basics.

Some analog technology is immune to the effects of electromagnetic pulse because it doesn’t rely on a computer for control. Generally, this is going to consist of older technology; for example, old cars or other things that run on gasoline.

However, manual tools are always best since they don’t require any power source.

Books and how-to guides will come in handy and should be kept along with other supplies that will be necessary for survival.

Having books within your reach will ensure you’ll have something to reference in case of an emergency; most importantly, keep manuals about first aid and survivalist techniques on hand.

Do Your Research

Understanding what to keep an eye out for and exactly how aliens can pose a threat is just as important as preparing your supplies and shelter. There could be warning signs you fail to recognize if you don’t do your research. Remember to study in advance so you’ll be well prepared with the skills needed to stay safe in the event of an invasion.

Some have argued that not all aliens are a threat to mankind, but until we know for sure, it’s wise to become as knowledgeable as possible.

There is a growing amount of evidence of alien contact, some of which you can find information about in documentaries. Netflix, for example, has quite a few documentaries and series available on the topic (though depending where you live, you’ll need to use a Virtual Private Network to access everything they have to offer).

One documentary’ “Sirius,” sheds some light on what certain aliens might look like and what their technology is like. The information laid out in the documentary, along with the countless reports shared by witnesses throughout the years can help you identify what you might be dealing with when an invasion occurs.

Having some clues as to what you’re up against ultimately gives you a better idea of how to prepare.

Preparing for and dealing with the oncoming alien threat is best done as a team. Getting your family involved or anyone else who understands the potential risk of alien contact is beneficial since you’ll have help from like-minded individuals. Working together and building a support system also cuts down on preparation costs.

Sharing skills and resources will make preparation efforts much easier and quicker overall. Though you should learn as many relevant skills as possible, there’s always more to learn and it’s impossible to know exactly what you’ll be up against.

Having others involved gives you a better chance at staying safe during an invasion, as well as keeps you in a good state of mind if you need to stay hidden in a bunker for long periods of time.

Assembling a watch of sorts should be considered; alien technology may be more advanced than our own, but until we know more about them, we should still prepare as we would for any other battle.

Do you have any advice you’d like to share that’ll help others who are beginning to prepare? Let us know by commenting below. About the Author: Sandra is a writer who is on a mission to share the truth about topics that are commonly swept under the rug by mainstream media and the government.

Out of all the subjects she has researched over the years, she finds alien contact the most concerning and interesting.

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