How Roswell UFO Crash Incident Fuelling Speculation on Alien Life?

It has been 67 years since the incident on UFO crash apparently took place on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, which started speculation on alien life that still exists today.
The incident is considered as the major landmark event in UFO history and provides inspirations to many books and films as well as museums. So, what really took place on that ranch in July 1947?
What was reported at that time?
On 8th of July 1947, a press release was issued by Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) saying that a flying disc crash landed during a strong storm on a ranch near Roswell. Later in the day, the story seemed to change as the government scientists arrived in the scene. A press conference was conducted and it was said that the crashed UFO was a weather balloon. Debris that said to be from the crash area was presented to the reporters.
What occurred in the 1970s?
Major Jesse Marcel Sr. was deemed as the first military officer to conduct an investigation on the wreckage. In 1978, nuclear-physicist and UFO researcher interviewed Marcel, who said that he had a strong suspicion that the debris recovered in 1947 was not from this world. He believed that they found an alien spacecraft but his superiors had covered it up. This claims were later published in the National Enquirer and contributed to the creation of the book “The Roswell Incident,” which was published in 1980, with more witnesses supporting Marcel’s story.
What other witnesses have said?
Many people claimed they had seen debris scattered all over the landing site and at least one person claimed to have seen an aircraft moving very fast across the sky before it crashed. Former mortician Glenn Dennis came out in 1989 saying that his nurse friend who worked at Roswell Army Air Field had accidentally passed by into an examination room where bodies of three creatures were bent by doctors. The bodies were apparently resembled to humans but smaller, with giant bald heads and spindly arms. In 1995, London-based entrepreneur Ray Santilli claimed to own a footage of an alien autopsy conducted in 1947 in Roswell.

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