‘History and Utopia’: Hubert Czerepok at Arsenal Gallery Bialystok, Poland (VIDEO)

In this video, Polish artist Hubert Czerepok guides us trough his exhibition History and Utopia, a solo show at Arsenal Gallery in Białystok, Poland. Czerepok’s exhibition has multiple layers; one of them addresses truth and myth, reality and imagination, and conspiracy theories. See works like Neon Circle of Light Ends Here, Strange Tourists, and the mythical Haunebu. (Conspiracy theorists believe Haunebu was a powerful anti-gravity flying saucer, which was supposedly invented by Nazis at the end of WWII and transported to a base in Antarctica.)
Czerepok was born in 1973 in Slubice, Poland. The artist lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland.
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