Gulf Breeze contactee

More information on humanoid alien groups comes from an anonymous account titled, UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area: Contact Since 1955.The author was contacted by a blond man and blond woman in silver jump-suits. They introduce themselves and said they would be visiting periodically.

The author explains an important observation. The consciousness of aliens is very bright and energetic, while that of humans is very dim. But when a human gets close to an alien, the alien’s energy field activates the human into becoming consciously brighter.

Later in childhood, the Nordic aliens picked him up in a flying craft and brought him to a base built inside a remote mountain. In the base, he and other contacts were briefed on status of various alien agendas. He was informed that he and others like him would have descendants with enhanced abilities, who would populate the Earth when it became safe to do so. They also warned that Gray aliens had succeeded in producing human-Gray hybrids, and that their agenda was not in humanity’s best interest.


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