GTA alien UFO mission hidden in Gunrunning update could solve the ‘Chiliad’ mystery

GRAND Theft Auto fans have spent years speculating about the existence of aliens in the hit game Grand Theft Auto V.

Now hackers have found a top secret UFO mission hidden deep within the “Gunrunning” update released last month.

This downloadable content allowed players to take on the role of an arms smuggler.

But it has now emerged that developer Rockstar has concealed an alien-hunting mission within the latest version of GTA Online.

A modding and hacking group called The Gurus managed to work out a way of playing the mission, fiddling with the code until they got it started.

In a video published on YouTube, the hackers filmed themselves driving and shooting their way through the mission.

The objective is to collect an alien egg hidden beneath a crashed UFO.

Once the egg is picked up, a host of aliens appear from nowhere and launch an attack.

After they are vanquished, players must journey to a military base and dump their mysterious cargo.

Players have spent years trying to crack a puzzle known as the Chiliad Mystery, which has remained unsolved ever since GTA V was first released.

The quest for answers was sparked by the discovery of a mural on top of Chiliad Mountain, which contained a picture of a UFO, an Easter egg and a jetpack.

Sadly, The Gurus do not believe they have finally worked out what this bizarre symbol refers to.

“That’s not all we’ve found and the mystery is not over,” they wrote.

There is a way of accessing the mission without hacking into the game’s code – but it’s not easy.

Players have to first make 600 gunrunning sales and then start a supply run mission between 21:00 and 23:00 hours.

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