Greifswald, Germany UFO Film

Recorded on August 24, 1990 from the Greifswald Nuclear power plant in Greifswald, East Germany.

East German and Russian personnel working at the nuclear power plant recorded these clusters of UFOs as they appeared to group in the sky over a very sensitive location.

The lights were alleged to have hung in the sky for hours on end, and were recorded by several different cameras from several different locations.

At times, the group is approached by other lights travelling across the sky until they join the larger group.

This case and other similar cases over power plants may be related to atmospheric conditions or even unknown conditions due to our limited knowledge of nuclear behavior in general.

Four amateur videos were taken from different vantage points: 1) Greifswald: Jürgen Luchterhand, 2) Greifswald, Mendeleyev-Str. 12: Ludmilla Ivanova M.D., 3) Greifswald, not far away from the address above: Valery Vinogradov, video underneath, 4) Harbour of Lauterbach (on Ringen Island): Irmgard and Ingo Kaiser. 

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