Glowing UFO Videotaped over Maghull, Great Britain

Maghull, Great Britain – 04-21-17

My friend and I went out to take some pictures as I’m an amateur photographer.

So I set my Nikon D3300 on a tripod and set the iso to 100 and the shutter speed at 30 seconds to try capture stars, but instead captured this.

I first noticed this object as I was walking on a field I was going to take pictures on. This immediately caught my eye, but I thought it was just a bright star.

Then I decided to take a picture. I lost sight of the object when I returned home.

The close-up shows exactly what the object looked like.

Maghull is a town and civil parish in Sefton, Merseyside. Historically in Lancashire, the town is separated from the rest of the Greater Liverpool sprawl by a green belt which runs across the Switch Island. (wikipedia)

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