Former NASA Scientist Says UFOs Are Real And Many Governments Cover Up Alien Life Existence

There has been no concrete scientific evidence of aliens, but a physics professor and former NASA scientist believes the truth is out there and it should be studied scientifically.
A former NASA scientist published an article on June 28 calling for the scientific community to seriously look at evidence of the presence of UFOs on Earth. The article was posted a few days before World UFO Day on July 2.
A State University of New York physics professor Kevin Knuth describes two personal stories on the speculation of aliens. The first one came at NASA conference in 2002.
A participant said, “You have no idea what is out there!”
The second story took place in 1988 when Knuth was a graduate student. His physics professor back then said that UFOs were shooting down nuclear missiles from the Air Force. Knuth did not believe it, but he saw a recording of a press conference with officials from the Air Force describing events just like that years later.
Knuth believes there’s evidence to support the theory of the existence of aliens. He estimates that there could be tens of thousands of intelligent civilisations in the galaxy. He thinks many governments have been covering up the information and that there are pieces of evidence enough to open a scientific study.

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