For the First Time – Images Show Aliens Inside A UFO

Unbelievable images have surfaced of what is thought by many an alien inside a real extraterrestrial flying craft.
The black and white images apparently show the inside of the UFO wherein you can see the cockpit with seating, control panel and among other things.
An apparent being wearing sunglasses can also be seen. It is said to be a real alien visitor.
Flying Disk Press first published pictures of the human-like alien on February 1.
The book titled UFO Contacts in Italy claims a flying saucer landed on the Adriatic Coast in Francavilla.
Two men reportedly took the photos. They were allegedly allowed into the spacecraft, according to author Dr Roberto Pinotti, 73.
Dr Pinotti said that the UFO had a diameter of 24 metres and the control cabin had 10 metres.
The unusual incidents are claimed to have happened in Italy in October 1957, but until now, the story has never made it out of the country.
Dr Pinotti said that much of the information in this book is being published for the very first time in English.
The book features a different variety of UFO and alien contact cases from Italy, and one of the strangest events is the one from 1957.
It is the only case that includes photographs of the inside of the unidentified flying object.
The now called “The Friendship case” started close to Pescara between 1956 and 1957.
A group of residents is believed to have been making periodic contacts with the human-like alien friends.
He added that these aliens built underground bases on Earth and the most important one in Italy would have been the central zone of the peninsula, near Pescara, along the Adriatic coast.
It is believed that the contact in the area lasted for 20 years.
Sceptics say the case and the pictures are just another hoaxes.
However, publisher Phillip Mantle came into defence saying that Roberto Pinotti is an author, an aerospace journalist, and top Italian scholar in ufology with a degree in sociology and politics at the University of Florence.
Mantle added that Dr Pinotti is the only alive founder of Centro Ufologico Nazionale in Italy, one of the oldest and authoritative private UFO study organisations.
The book UFO Contacts in Italy is scheduled to be published on the first day of February.

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