Footage shows a mysterious ‘craft’ racing past Jupiter captured by man filming the night sky

A BIZARRE video of what seems to be a mysterious UFO racing towards Jupiter has emerged online and excited the space enthusiast community.

YouTube channel SecureTeam10 uploaded the footage which appears to show the unidentifiable ‘space craft’ hurtling through our solar system.

The amateur astronomer, who captured the clip, managed to track the unusually huge object zooming past Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.

The host of the channel, Tyler Glockner, explains that the recording was sent to him by the owner of the YouTube channel TakeBackSpace.

«This amazing footage was recorded and was a four hour long video of a full moon captured in HD,» says Tyler.

«But at one point in the video he switches over to the Jupiter system and you see him slowly focusing onto Jupiter and when it comes into view wee see this what looks like a massive object.»

Tyler reveals that the channel actually had to edit down some of the video because the recorder had tracked the object for almost 10 minutes before the craft disappeared.

They made a compilation of the best moments, including when «at one point you can see the object passing a star».

The images have since sparked a massive debate among viewers — some believe the object is a UFO, while others say it’s an asteroid or a star.

One YouTube user wrote: «I think we are getting a little to excited about that object.

«If it was close to Jupiter it would not only have to be huge, it would have to be travelling at close to light speed. 

I think it was more likely a satellite going over head, but only way to know for sure if by the direction it was travelling.»

But another sceptic said: «Looks like a satellite, It could be a number of things, there is absolutely no way you could judge the distance of this object via camera focus.

I’m more inclined to believe it’s small and close to earth, rather than extremely large and moving at incredible speeds out in our solar system. Nice footage though.»

To which one YouTuber replied: «Just a thought, after reading some of the comments, that this is just an ordinary earth satellite. If this was a satellite, I think the guy running the telescope would know



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