Footage of UFO Captured as It Appears Near Jet during Chilean Airshow

By Rachel O’Donoghue

The Chilean high aerobatics squad – called Halcones Fach – were performing stunts above a crowd in Puerto Varas when the bizarre incident happened.

As one of the military planes zooms upwards in the sky, a high disc comes out of nowhere and appears to narrowly graze it.

Local reports have said that numerous witnesses at the show last week came forward to say they had seen numerous unidentified objects near the planes during the demonstration.

The footage has been viewed thousands of times since begin posted on video-sharing site YouTube.

Numerous people have speculated that it could have been a meteorite or some a near-miss event between the air force jet and another plane.

But ufologists are convinced it is evidence aliens have and continue to visit Earth.

One person posted under the video: “Yesterday I saw a UFO in the sky – this was incredibly similar.”

Another commented: “I actually think there are two UFOs if you look carefully.”

Last month, a stunning top secret video was finally released by the Chilean Navy years after it was filmed in 2014.

The amazing footage showed a black UFO streaking across the sky before leaking some kind of unknown substance into the atmosphere.


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