‘Flying Saucer’ and Other UFO Sightings Reported over Wrexham

REPORTS of sightings of UFOs above the skies of Wrexham have continued to flood in to the Evening Leader. The Evening Leader has been inundated with claims of sightings of three strange glowing lights following a report in Monday’s paper.

One Wrexham resident now claims to have seen a ‘flying saucer’ in the sky over North East Wales.

The latest report comes from a 14-year-old from Rhostyllen and follows several sightings of ‘dazzling’ lights’ in the sky on a number of different evenings last week.

The ‘UFOs’ were spotted by a number of people across Wrexham – in Rhos, Johnstown and Borras – and were even caught on camera, the film of which is available to view on the Evening Leader website.

One reader claims he also saw three lights over Trem y Gardden in Penycae. He said: “They were in a straight line but one of them was further back than the other two. We could see them for about 10 minutes or so then they went higher and then disappeared.”

The report of a ‘flying saucer comes from a 14-year-old from Rhostyllen, who was doing a paper round in the village of Rhostyllen, last Thursday, September 18.

He was prompted to come forward after hearing that he was not the only one to have seen something strange.

He said: “I saw more than orange lights. I was out doing my paper round in Esless Park in Rhostyllen. It was quite cloudy and I turned around to see if there were any stars out but instead I saw two orange lights.”

At first the youngster thought that they were two aircraft flying under the clouds but realised that the lights weren’t flashing as they would on most aeroplanes.

“They were completely orange and moving too slowly for jets. I stood at the side of the road for a while trying to get a picture on my mobile phone but the lights would not show up on the pictures,” he continued.

“I watched until they slowly disappeared through the clouds. It was just after 7.45pm that I looked updirectly above me and the orange light pulled out of the clouds, the light turned white then went off and all I could see was a black disc, a black saucer.

“It made no sound and if I hadn’t looked up I may not have known it was there.

The teenager was so excited by what he was looking at he almost ran to the nearest house so that somebody else sould witness it.

“It was just there,” he explained. “Not moving, it was so still it was amazing.

“I was watching it then it and then it suddenly flew off so quick it looked like a black line.

“I quckly finished my papers and ran home to tell my brother and no-one else because they may not of belived me. Talking about it still makes me slightly edgy. I will never forget that disc that came out of the clouds.”

The Evening Leader has received a number of reports from people claiming to have seen strange objects in the sky last week, not just from Wrexham but as far away as Edinburgh.

But Gareth Hill believes the strange lights were nothing more than lanterns.

He said: ” I too saw these lights over Johnstown on a couple of occasions within the last week or so, but did not see anything unusual. They looked to me to fit the descriptions of the floating lanterns perfectly.

“The two I saw simply floated towards the north, flicking as a flame will tend to do, and eventually disappeared from view. There was nothing odd about their motion.

“As for “forming a triangle”, a set of three points of light in the sky, all floating in the same direction, provided they are not in a straight line WILL form a triangle!

“The lanterns are all released at the same time, so are subjected to the same wind, and hence will float in the same direction, so of course they will appear to float ‘in formation’.”

Last Updated: 24 September 2008 10:07 AM

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